On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy are talking about LISTS (not lisps)!  We’re talking about how we deal, and all the lists we make.  Food lists.  Cookbook lists.  Music playlists (see below).

We also go on a major tangent about leg candy, large bread products, and The Bachelor.  It’s everything and nothing you ever asked for.

JoytheBaker podcast

Joy has endless amounts of paper and card lists.

Tracy uses Evernote!   List technology.

Joy’s Playlist – where Fleetwood Mac meets Kanye West and The Cults.  It’s weird and awesome.  Welcome to my world.

Tracy’s Playlist – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs meet Ladytron!  Get motivated!

JoytheBaker podcast

Joy’s Book List:

Desserts from the Famous Loveless Cafe.


The Mozza Cookbook 

JoytheBaker podcast

Tracy’s Book List:

 Bi-Rite Market’s Eat Good Food

Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating

Tyler Florence Family Meals

Joy’s Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake recipe in Sunset magazine.

Tracy wants to add Homemade Amaretto!

Also!  Breakfast Cookies!!

JoytheBaker podcast

JoytheBaker podcast

We talk for waaaay too long about The Bachelor.  Side boob!

JoytheBaker podcast

Leg Candy!… Ok, so it’s not candy… sometimes it’s a batard.

Tracy may not like it… but Joy wants IN!

Betsy Johnson Legwear–  ok… some of this stuff is straight craaaazy.

Urban Outfitters Legwear–  keep it cool and classic with a bit of edge.

Anthropologie Legwear–  as classic as it gets.

Apparently I dress like Punky Brewster.  Whatever!

Ps.  Don’t get locked in the fridge.

Pps.  Thanks for the leg inspiration Andrea.


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73 comments on “My Legs Are Not Candy

  1. Sergio Jan 26, 2012

    Today i am working listening to your playlists, Awesome.

    Greetings from Slovakia.


  2. HI! I’m from Australia and I love your podcasts and both of your blogs. I am obsessed with leg candy and lists too! My sock collection is getting a little out of hand. I kinda feel like I’m going to be like you two when I grow up. You’re kind of amazing. I was also wondering if you would mind doing like an advice-y type podcast about life when you’re going out into the world… because I’m turning twenty one soon and you guys seem to have stuff together (not completely together, because you’re human, but yeah…)especially for the single girls out there! Also, I LOVE having a beverage in the shower, thanks for that tip! (been meaning to tell you that for a little while.) You guys rock!

  3. I have saved this podcast for my morning commute tomorrow. It helps make an otherwise boring/frustrating trip more bearable!

    Love from Singapore

  4. Thank you for the music playlists! I just subscribed to both and can’t wait to listen.

  5. kmarie Jan 26, 2012

    looking forward to listening to this while working!

  6. Caitlin Jan 26, 2012

    Thank you SO MUCH for putting your playlists on here.. tomorrow is my bestie’s birthday, and every year for the past 10 years we’ve made each other birthday playlists. They started out being burned on colorful, decorated homemade CDs, but we’ve since upgraded to utilizing iTunes. Anywayzz.. I’m not quite done hers for tomorrow, and desperately needed some music inspiration! Thanks ladies! Love love the podcast and have spread the word to many people!

  7. barbara_daisy Jan 26, 2012

    you guys rock. that’s all :-)

    love and peace from austria

  8. I’m totally buying those sheer red tights with the hearts. I just have to!

  9. Have either of you watched Bachelor Pad? I’ve never watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, but Bachelor Pad was a MAJOR guilty pleasure last summer. You know what happens after people fail on those shows? They meet up and date each other. It’s disgustingly incestuous, but I can’t help but watch!

  10. This American life is my Mad Men and Joy the Baker is my 30 Rock. Thank you, once again.

    1. Love Evernote. note like, “for blog or whatever” & “book recommendations” come in handy.
    2. Astrid task / to do list app is great because you can flag how important it is.
    3. Love dat leg candy. I just never know how things like that look on a short gal like myself.
    4. I created my Bachelorette Dream Team. Possible topic for the podcast next week: who would be in your fantasy league and who would be the top two for the season finale?


    • Joy the Baker Jan 26, 2012

      oh my gosh! that’s amazing Becky. but where’s ryan gosling and mos def?

      • That’s a great questions, Joy. I didn’t choose Ryan partially because he is too cliche and mostly because he has the same name as my brother. What if I texted something flirty-cutesy to MY BROTHER and not my very very very serious boyfriend, Ryan Gosling? Yeeesh! Sully and Noel Crane have me covered anyway.

  11. BeccaLeah Jan 26, 2012

    Hey, if you like thigh high socks, the BEST website would be http://www.sockdreams.com/products/socks/

    Trust me, they are awesome!

  12. OMG, I definitely have an obsessive problem when it comes to lists! Ever since I got my first agenda in elementary, I feel inclined to jot down random lists of anything and everything. I use TeuxDeux on my phone and have a moleskin agenda too (I find I remember better when I physically write it down). Sticky note pads can be found everywhere in my house.

    I have the Bi-Rite Market Cookbook on my bedside table too right now! I bought it in San Fran this past October, its such a great resource. I read Food Matters last year (good book) and Tender is on my amazon wishlist of books I want.

    Great podcast as usual ladies. And Joy, I’m with you, rock that leg candy. I have been into fun leggings and thigh highs too:)

  13. I always fast-forward through the singing on Glee–I can’t handle it!!

    Leg Candy–into it! A note for thrifty spending: I’ve gotten some amazing “gam glam” at stores like Filene’s Basement and Ross, etc (five dollar packs of amazing Betsey Johnson rose socks… polka-dotted tight wonders…). It’s a good deal if you want to try out a bunch of fun stuff and see how it works.

    Thoroughly loving you guys. Woohoo!

  14. I believe Ben’s exit line on the Bachelorette was “Nothing good ends unless it ends badly.”


    • Joy the Baker Jan 26, 2012


      • P.S. Love the playlists! Listening to Tracy’s right now, and am really suprised to find that many of the songs she has on there overlap with the ones on my “get pumped” running mix!

  15. Olena Jan 26, 2012

    Just love the fact that you have The Cocteau Twins on your playlist! Amazing :)

  16. I saw Joy’s article in Sunset magazine today and was super excited! Definitely looking forward to the cookbook. :)

  17. Sydney Jan 26, 2012

    Dear Joy, Your sunshiny mix really turned my blue day around. Thanks!

  18. Pumpkin Bear…so close! Wikipedia, which of course never lies, says:
    “Oliver married former model Juliette Norton. The couple have four children: Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver, Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver, Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver and Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver.”

    I tried so desperately to convince my parents to name my sister Rainbow Heart Star. I was six. I’m fairly certain Jamie Oliver is older than that. Fairly.

    • Joy the Baker Jan 26, 2012

      Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom!
      oh my word… that’s amazing!

    • Buddy Bear?! That’s what I call my sister’s dog, who happens to be named Buddy. It’s totes appropriate…for a dog.

  19. okay, so i am flying solo for dinner tonight…. looks like I am having a single serving of chocolate cake. Thanks for the great podcasts ladies!

  20. Joy- I loved your playlist. It’s totaly amazing. I didn’t finish it yet so I couldnt start to listen Tracy’s but I am sure that it is awesome too.
    Loves from Turkey.

  21. Thank you for explaining meta to me! I was in the same boat as Joy in that I knew how to use it but didn’t really know what it meant. The other day I ordered the Bi-Rite Market book to come with my Joy the Baker cookbook! I can’t wait. I love the shout out to Cherry getting locked in the refrigerator. Next podcast you guys should play “Are you a Tracy or a Joy?” Contrast your sense of style, music, tv, etc. Kind of like 20 questions but highlighting ways you are different from each other. Loved the playlists!

  22. Cristina Jan 27, 2012

    Adding meta to a word just means that it is about the thing itself: meta-data, as in Tracy’s example, is data about data, i.e. who made the webpage, what language it is in, etc. Meta-theater is a play about an aspect of theater itself.

    A real-life example would probably be a meta-argument, which is when you are arguing with your SO and you start arguing about how the other person is arguing!

  23. Caitlin M. Jan 27, 2012

    Joy, i totally get what you’re talking about with the leg candy. I am obsessed with tights and knee highs and thigh highs! go for it girl. i love the playlists and the really long podcasts! keep up the good work

  24. I love the Punky Brewster reference. That episode where she got locked in the fridge is the only one I remember! I think it scarred me for life!

  25. Katie Jan 27, 2012

    Your podcasts are my favorite part of the week. Thank you!

  26. Caitlin Jan 27, 2012

    Tracy… pretty happy to hear/see that you’re into Morrissey (LOVE the last of the famous international playboys) and also the Arcade Fire… especially that album.

  27. Rebecka Jan 28, 2012

    I’m listening to you two while unpacking millions of boxes of things in my new apartment and it’s like your sweet aura is spreading through the rooms and giving this place a good atmosphere from start. Some day soon there will be baking done too. Lots of love from Malmoe, Sweden.

  28. Rebecka Jan 28, 2012

    Ok, I’m sorry for posting again, but i HAVE to tell you, Tracy, I do the SAME THING when I watch Glee! *high five for wierdness*

  29. joy! i was just thinking this week about wearing some over the knee socks with boots and a skirt. so i’m totally down with your fashion choices. plus “grown up punky brewster” sounds like an awesome style to me.

  30. Joy, The best socks and tights website out there is http://www.sockdreams.com. They also have cute ruffled petticoats and other treats. Check it out. Love the podcast,
    p.s. – I’m with you on thigh highs, plus it’s easier to go to the bathroom. Just saying.

  31. Check out Beverly Hills Hosiery! Located ironically downtown. They have every tight you could imagine. 7th and Los Angeles I think?

  32. 1. I just got hooked on Evernote! I’d heard about it, but that was a good sell, Tracy. Well done.
    2. I have one pair of nice knee-high socks that I wear to death.
    3. Lists are my best friend. I don’t know if lists like me that much though.
    4. Love the podcast!

    • 1. awesometown. so glad yer in the club now
      2. what will happen when you wear them out?
      3. lists are totes my best friend too
      4. love you for listening!

  33. Nicolle Jan 29, 2012

    I think I just fell a little bit more in love with you two!! (Not in a creepy way)….

    Tracey I absolutely love your playlist! Goldfrapp! Yeah Yeah Yeahs!! Arcade Fire!!!

    Joy you inspired my latest nail polish obsession and I am SO into tights right now!!

    I love both your blogs and the podcast! Thanks for continuing to share !!

  34. Just so you know, I couldn’t get my bluetooth to connect in my husband’s car but I had downloaded this episode just for the trip I made yesterday. I was in the car by myself- wasn’t going to waste that opportunity! So I turned it on and propped my iPhone on my shoulder to listen as I drove. (I think that officially makes me a JTB podcast dork.) It was totally worth it, and those melty peanut butter cakes are on the list.

    Oh, the other fabulous thing about Evernote- attaching pdf’s. I can attach knitting patterns and have them on my phone. Yes, I am a dork. Officially. :)

  35. can’t wait to try out Evernote!
    Great Podcast, as always!

  36. Aha! I found the show notes you’re always referencing. Joy, I hope you are using Evernote. I organize my personal life and my blog on Evernote. It’s the best thing ever.

    Also, thank you for linking to your single girl peanut butter cake, because this girl is so single. I think I will bake myself one on Valentine’s Day.

  37. I totally fast forward through the singing on Glee. Hey-ooooo!!!

  38. emilynn Jan 30, 2012

    My sil’s sister was on the Bachelor a few years ago. From the things she told me I swore I would never watch it again! But….alas, I am hooked for yet another season on it’s pure ridiculousness!

    P.S. I love lists

  39. There IS accountancy software that will accept a photo of a receipt on an iPhone, check out http://www.xero.com. New Zealand company, now expanded into the US :)

  40. Tegan Feb 1, 2012

    Joy! – Got a tad excited when I saw Little Dragon, Fleetwood Mac + Florence all on the same list… amaaaze!

    Tracy! – LOVE Evernote… but even more, love your “I love lists, Friday!” posts on your blog – I don’t know how, but you always find so many sweet websites!

    Always super stoked when a new podcast comes out from you two so thank you from little ol’ NZ!!

  41. I am a huge fan of both your blogs and listen to all your podcasts (and many of the other podcasts on Homefries too). Two things: 1) Tracy, in the Hippie podcast you talk about using coconut oil to shave your legs. I have tried this but it gunks up my razor too much to actually shave the hair. Any tips for preventing or dealing with this? Also, I wanted to share that I just reviewed and rated three of the Homefries podcasts on my blog! Tracy, don’t take what I said about your style of talking negatively because I find it super unique but in a good way! http://www.iamamess.com/top-5-podcasts/

    • wow!! thanks for the love. Weird style of talking!!! Explain!

      • oh i forgot to type. USE A VERY THIN LAYER of coconut oil. and rinse the razor repeatedly in hot water.

      • You talk very deliberately and sort of hold on to parts of words before you let them out of your mouth. Like, if there is an X in a word it seems like you almost bite it before you let it out. Wow, that made no sense. It’s hard to explain but I find it compelling. Maybe it’s a California thing? I’m a NH girl so…

  42. Phoebe Feb 1, 2012

    …..Oh my god. Tracy. You’re playlist is BOMB. I’ve been listening to it for like an hour. I will never listen to anything else.

    My sister and I are totally addicted to both of you–this podcast is basically never not playing somewhere in our house. When we don’t have new ones to listen to, we just, re-listen to the old ones….it’s a little embarrassing.

    Except now it’s going to have to compete with this playlist. It’s gonna be rough.

    • Thanks Phoebe!
      So glad you love our podcast and the playlists.
      We’ll hafta make you more!

  43. Team leg candy!!!

  44. Hey ladies! I’ve made condiments, my boyfriend loves to make mayo also and it’s suuuper good (he recently made a sesame oil mayo from Paula Deen for Salmon Burgers-awesome!!). My ketchup didn’t taste like Heinz, but it was very good. We are on my second batch of mustard, it’s Red Wine Stone Ground mustard from Martha Stewart. Making condiments is strangely satisfying… like in a total provider for myself kind of way. Also I make english muffins and Alton Brown has a very good recipe, but I recommend getting the rings they say you need because you do need them. My bagels are a work in progress however :/

    You guys make me laugh, I listen to you to de-stress.

  45. I LOVE that you mentioned the episode of Punky Brewster where Cherry gets locked in the refrigerator! It is the only episode where I actually remember the full story line.

    There was a 90s PSA episode that definitely stuck with me.

  46. Tracy, love your playlist! I listen to Home over and over. Amy, too.

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