Hello friends!

Happy New Year!  We’re in the game with a new podcast for the new year.  It’s the first episode of 2015.

Can you believe we’ve been recording this podcast since 2011?  That’s a mini mind blower.

On this episode we’re talking about our New Year’s intentions.  They’re this way and that.  Take comfort in the fact that we’re figuring it all out as we go.

Thank you for being here with us!

•  Journal52.  It’s manageable and good brain-food.

•  I fell down a Blaze Foley youtube hole.  It felt good.

•  Tracy is reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up.

•  I loved Tracy’s link about building a capsule wardrobe.

•  Do you have a word for the year?  Tracy : FOUNDATION.  Solid.  I still can’t talk about mine.  Too raw.  Too real.

•  That time I went to Uganda with Compassion International and layer on a conference room floor and yelled obscenities.

•  The Kitchn is bringing it with the content lately:  Why We The Foodies Don’t Talk About Weight.

New Year / New Us!

Thank you for joining us for another podcast.  We love that you’re here.  Find us on the internet:  @joythebaker @shutterbean @homefries

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25 comments on “New Year New You

  1. Trouble is, we still use all those ‘keep your shirt on’ type expressions in the UK 😉 p.s re. the Compassion swearing thing? I’d have been ‘effing and blinding right with you, Joy (hope that expression makes sense in the US)

  2. frankie Jan 9, 2015

    I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise last year and I ended up getting norovirus. Whatever you do make sure you bring hand sanitizer and imodium!

  3. mariah Jan 9, 2015

    Ok. So I saw your New Years post referencing Journal52, Joy, and at first I was like- yeah, that’s something I need to do, but then it looked complicated… I’m the kind of person who marvels at those art journals, but have no idea how to get THAT into journaling to make those beautiful pages…so I wrote it off. But then in the podcast you made it feel so casual- like..’whatever, write it down-maybe I’ll use some crayons… no biggie…’ and I was like… yeah, me too- it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Thank you. I subscribed to journal52 the night I heard the podcast.

  4. GREAT podcast ladies! and so good to have you back :) We all appreciate you so much!

  5. So happy you had a show this week! I got to listen to the podcast, drink my morning coffee and make a list all at the same time!

  6. new podcast always makes my day! i hope you ladies have a wonderful/hilarious time on your cruise, looking forward to the captains log! i think being captains of the podcast definitely counts.

  7. Joy – as a former Peace Corps Uganda volunteer, let me tell you that you were lied to – THERE IS WINE!!!! It’s stupid expensive and not that awesome, but definitely there! I found it at Nakumatt in Kampala and it was also in the larger towns outside of the capital (I lived in Masaka town). Uganda has a surprisingly good selection of boxed wines as well. Instead of wine, you could totally go for Warigi (I think it might be gin????) and soda! It’s sold in clear “single serving” bags. We would buy a bottle of Coke (shopkeeper empties the Coke into a plastic bag) and you add the Warigi to the bag of Coke, sip from straw – simple mixed drink! Also, totally get some Nile and Tusker beer! So freaking good and I miss it!

    I feel you on the swearing thing. I definitely had to learn a better way to express frustration and anger. I used to say a lot of “Dang it!” and “Son of a biscuit!” and an occasional “Bananas!”

  8. Jackye Jan 12, 2015

    There was news someone fell off the oasis of the seas off the coast of Cozumel – a Disney Cruise ship picked him though. I hope this wasn’t your cruise!!! Good luck ladies. Ive always had a great time cruising!

  9. 2015 totally feels like a year that needs extra reflection before it has even started. Not sure why. I love Tracy’s word of the year Foundation. So real. I felt the need to document my days through my art this year, so that is what I have been doing. One day at a time I reflect on how I am feeling and create a new paper cut art based on the intention for the day. It is like your 52 journal project, in case others are seeking something similar for inspiration. http://cutoutsstudio.com/

  10. Rhonda Jan 13, 2015

    You can say Happy New Year to me as long as you like :)

  11. Cayla Friedli Jan 14, 2015

    Similar to “hold your horses” (which is too Dad-like for me), when people need to chill out/calm down/stop hurrying, my favorite saying is, “Put it on ice.” It’s all about the delivery–you have to say the first word very forcefully and you have to say the words together quickly. You say it with a sardonic tone that conveys, “I acknowledge that you’re fretful but you’re throwing a fit for nothing, just shut up right now.”

    • Tracy Jan 19, 2015

      another way to say CHILL. :)

      • Jenna Feb 5, 2015

        Mine is “Slow your roll!” Although to be fair I really only say it to my cats when they’re being demanding :)

  12. Maggie Jan 16, 2015

    1. I say “keep your shirt on” all the time!!

    2. What’s up with the Download option?? The past few episodes, it hasn’t worked for me, it just takes me to a different screen to stream. Since I listen in the car and my commute is shorter than the episodes, I can never find my place again when I try to resume from streaming. I always prefer downloading :(

    • Tracy Jan 19, 2015

      Oh! I am not sure about that (I’m not the technical one around these parts) but if you haven’t you can subscribe on iTunes or a podcast app on your phone and it should download from there (in the meantime!).

  13. Rachael Jan 17, 2015

    tracy & joy – hello ladies. thank you for the podcast and making my grocery shopping trips, my walks around town, and my drives to the airport so much more pleasant because of your stories. you crack me up and make feel like i’m hanging out with my sisters. keep the podcasts coming!

    i wanted to share my newest love in 2015. i’ve gotten really REALLY into broad city recently and it has both your names written all over it. get into it. i think you would both enjoy it if you’re not watching already.

    • Tracy Jan 19, 2015

      Oh yes! I saw a few episodes at my friend’s house. It’s hilarious!

  14. Stephanie Marie Jan 17, 2015

    Most excellent podcast as usual. This past year I got of track with working on my art (that word seems not right but whatevs) and in the last month I’ve been trying to get back to it. The journal52 project is on point. Thank you for mentioning it. Fuh reels. And unrelated to this podcast but wanted to mention it: Tracy, I made your lemon chicken recipe…aaahhhmazing. Oh manowitz. Most definitely my favorite. And now all other chicken will be inferior. Haha… But no seriously. Thank you.

    • Tracy Jan 19, 2015

      If you replace the oil with all butter…it’s like the most amazing chicken ever. Just saying’

      • Stephanie Marie Feb 16, 2015

        Oh snap. Game over. **inner squeals of excitement** (err…maybe too much excitement… nah it food)

  15. Alexis Jan 31, 2015

    Here are a few of my favorite old timey phrases. Some include swearing, one of my favorite pastimes.
    Shut your pie hole!
    She’s got a bee in her bonnet…
    Go shit in your hat!
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
    Oh, go piss up a rope!

  16. April Jan 31, 2015

    I always think it’s interesting the whole obscenities/Christian conversation… and the labels “good Christian” and bad Christian” always throw me off even when said in jest, and I do get the point you were trying to make…. but, sometimes we- all of us get confused and seriously believe that there are good and bad Christians. Nope. There are only Christians. A Christian is someone who believes in Jesus and has accepted his saving grace in their life/has chosen to follow, trust him with their life. Christianity is not a list of things that you now need to do to be a “good one” and a list of things to make sure you need to now do to avoid being a “bad one”…. no. Christianity is a relationship with a perfect savior. As far as the yelling obscenities — wouldn’t we all want to be aware of the people around us, if we know them well enough to know they would be offended, well- try not to for their sake because we would be serving them well to do so, or apologize after seeing the shock on their face because everyone sees things differently. A good Christian is someone who knows they are loved by a perfect Savior and nothing can separate them from that love. A bad Christian? I wouldn’t even put those two words together ever…. We are all in this journey of learning … but at different places, so …. I have anger issues…. am I an angry Bad Christian? Or a girl with a struggle? We are free to struggle…. but not struggling to be free.

    love your podcasts… your recipes… your blog. :)

  17. Brian Feb 3, 2015

    Seriously, enjoyed hearing from you guys again on this episode, and REEEALLY jonesin’ for the next episode of goodness, along with an update about the cruise and the tour!

    Here’s my idea for speeding up the process. I hope you like it:

    1. Turn your iPhone Voice Memos program.
    2. Just stream-of-consciousness rant for an hour, audio quality be damned!
    3. Post to iTunes.


    LOVE the show, and I miss ya!

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