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Let’s just get down to it…. TRACY+OPRAH = same room, same time, big deal!  This month, Tracy celebrated her birthday with a tent a lots of family, and she went to Chicago with our friend Amy to take a Life Class with Oprah and Dr. Brene Brown!  Vulnerability and shame is a lot to discuss.

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Dr. Brene Brown has some diamond quotes:

“Shame corrodes our abilty to trust other people because it corrodes our ability to trust ourselves.”

“When failure is not an option innovation is not possible.”

“When perfectionism is driving, shame is always riding shotgun and fear is in the backseat.”

“Perfectionism is the shield we carry to keep us from being hurt but it only keeps us from being seen.”

photo 4


oh, HEY!


It feels like we might have to say goodbye to summer and I’m just not ready.  Tracy’s go-to summer feast is BEYOND!

Tracy’s KILLER Garlic Bread 


Always a hit,

Mom’s Green Salad .


Let it be messy!

Sticky Balsamic Ribs 


Thomas Keller style Creamed Corn.

Yes, please!

We’re way into Breaking Bad.  Have you read this op-ed in the NYT by Anna Gun?  I Have a Character Issue.  Good.

Speaking of the New York Times, some really challenging things are going down in Syria, and we should be paying attention.  It’s important.


Thank you for joining us for another podcast!  We really do appreciate you.


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25 comments on “Oprah Occasion

  1. I want to be friends with you ladies :)

  2. Awww what a sweet story about the tent! Tracy you are so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

    • Tracy Sep 1, 2013

      Thank you!! I am grateful for such a wonderful husband!

  3. Is it weird that I’m obsessed with stories about my own vacation? I hope not. Loved this. Grateful for you both, my friends! xoxo

  4. Good podcast. Missed hearing you ladies a lot over the summer. Glad that you are back on pace with the new school year.

    • Joy the Baker Sep 4, 2013

      back in the game! thank you for listening Greg!

  5. Hi Ladies, as always I love the podcast and get excited when I see another one is up.

    Joy – I thought it was pretty brave and impressive of you to get talking about the situation in Syria – but I feel like you missed some important points and it made me a bit frustrated. You talked about how surprising it was that the Syrian “rebellion” was as far reaching to impact “international” websites – but the ones you mentioned are just websites from the USA, a country that is planning to bomb Syria in the near future. I can see why people in Syria would target them, though you didn´t mention this.

    Anyway, sorry to get all snarky and debbie-downer when you are sharing your opinion, I just wanted to add mine. Love you both and thanks for all your hard work!

    • Joy the Baker Sep 4, 2013

      i certainly don’t claim to have touched on all of the points of this very nuanced, very delicate, and very troubling situation. there’s so much going on there, i was just try to get across my understanding. i was also trying not to insert my actual opinion into my mentioning of Syria… because I actually have very strong opinions about it, but didn’t want to alienate people or make our podcast political. you know what i mean?

      thanks for listening and thanks for taking the time to comment. i appreciate both sincerely.

  6. You ladies talking about the weirdness of eating chicken and eggs together reminded me of how much I love a salad I jokingly call ‘before and after salad’, involving both grilled chicken breast and hard boiled eggs.

  7. Tracy, i had the opportunity to hear Brene’s vulnerability and shame lecture at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit last month. That quote about judgment and help was spot on – it hit me right at the core. My other take-away was about being in the arena… “if you’re not in the arena getting your butt kicked. i’m not interested or open to your feedback or criticism.”

  8. Lizzie Sep 3, 2013

    Oh man, the question about the green card elopement gave me the feels. Mad props/congrats to Maya and Henry! My husband and I kind of eloped last winter, only we told our parents and siblings in advance, meaning it wasn’t a true elopement. Of course, they were, as Tracy sang, “piiiiiissed!” But we had a “wedding fiesta” a few months later for all our friends and relatives, and included a ring warming ceremony for our families so they could feel involved with our union. I think they got over themselves, but it was hard on them (and us). In the end? Still worth it.

  9. I love the “catch up-edness” (real term) of this podcast because it really does feel like catching up with friends you haven’t talked to in a few weeks
    Tracy, I made that corn Monday! I was going to make the scalloped corn, which is amaze, but I ate my way through a 4-day weekend, so decided to take it a little easy on the calories and fat yesterday. Although, that didn’t stop me from having ice cream for dessert. Oh well.

    Your next Netflix binge should be Top of the Lake. It’s only seven episodes, so you can blow through it. It’s similar (I’ve heard) to The Killing.

    • Joy the Baker Sep 4, 2013

      i’m checking out this Top of the Lake situation! thanks Ronni!

  10. Wow Tracy! I am so excited for you that you got to see Oprah with your very own eyes, that is bucket list stuff! I feel like I could really do with a bit of life coaching at the moment so I am looking forward to reading about the things that resonated with you as you process them.

    I think I welled up a little when I heard about your birthday tent. That is just about the most thoughtful present ever, you have a good one there!

    I have finally signed up to Netflix here in London so I can finally find out for myself what all the fuss is about re this Breaking Bad malarky! And Orange is the New Black for that matter! I’ll let you know what I think…

    Thank you for doing what you’re doing X

  11. Alison Sep 4, 2013

    I just wanted to let you guys know that getting to listen to your podcast at work is the only thing getting me through having to return to work from maternity leave and leaving my little guy Grady with my Mom.

    You guys are awesome. Thank you.

    • Joy the Baker Sep 4, 2013

      That’s awesome, Alison! We’re so happy to be with you! Love to you and Grady (and your awesome mama!)

  12. Mollie Sep 4, 2013

    Tracy, next time you’re in Chicago Lou Malnatti’s is the ticket for deep dish. Giordano’s is technically stuffed. It’s good, but a little too bready… if there is such a thing. Also we have some serious doughnuts in this city.

  13. Jillian Sep 5, 2013

    I mean, aren’t you eating the lifecycle of a chicken every time you eat a breaded chicken cutlet???

  14. Monika Sep 6, 2013

    Ladies! I truly enjoy your podcasts. I fee like we are all sitting in the same room just chatting away. except i am not partaking. but i am really. thank you. you rock.

  15. Heather Mullin Sep 9, 2013

    Omg! Just listened to the latest podcast and Tracy kindaaaa sortaaa mentioned me…I thiink!! I wrote the comment about the whole life cycle of the chicken on Instagram hehe! :) love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  16. Sarah R Sep 11, 2013

    “I’m not a cow” = priceless!

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