Welcome to another Joy the Baker podcast! This week, we spend a ridiculous amount of time figuring out how to say NEW ORLEANS because Joy is moving there next week!  Here’s how robots say New Orleans.  This is Joy’s LAST episode from her bungalow in Venice (sad face) and celebrate with one last plane flight overhead.

What’s Joy going to take on her road trip besides her cat and piddle pads (not really?) GOOD SNACKS.

We start with her Honey & Mustard Roasted Cashews. 


Tracy drank the Soul Cycle kool-aid and LOVES it. Apparently if you work out hard enough you’ll see cats & tigers.


Joy and Tracy are going to see their favorite podcasters- UHH YEAH DUDE perform in LA.


Packing Tips & Tricks Part 1

Packing Tips & Tricks Part 2



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We also get on the topic of YOGA POSES! Tracy can’t do Camel. It’s a no go. Michael loves child pose.


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18 comments on “Piddle Pad

  1. Holly Mar 12, 2014

    Ok not to be a jerk to Sam, but that guy isn’t available. Don’t waste your emotional energy wondering whether his drinking would make him bad for a relationship because he is not an option for a relationship! Start looking for an available option! Or focus on family, school, and friends.

  2. My mom used a pod company in her move from California to Florida and it worked out really well. She and the truck kept passing each other along the way :)

  3. How come only some podcasts are available on iTunes? It’s like every third or fourth one :(

    • Joy the Baker Apr 3, 2014

      when i looked into this i found that this was the only episode that didn’t upload into iTunes! so weird. looking into it now! sorry about that!

  4. Nicole Mar 13, 2014

    The majority of people here say New Orlins or sometimes as one word “Neworlins”. N’awlins is for songs and New Or-leans is for people who’ve never been here. NOLA is ok, especially written. Best of luck with your move here :)

  5. Heather Riley Mar 14, 2014

    Please don’t say “New Ore-leens”. You will be immediately targeted as a Yankee/outsider. It’s just wrong. It’s just New Ore-lins. Period. :) And in one year’s time you will be saying “Y’all” and “all y’all”.

  6. Your Dad is right! Joy–we say “New Oh-LEE-ins” or if you’re real country “Na’walins.” “New or-LEENS” and “N’awlins” lets you everyone know you’re not from there. Good luck! Eat poutine at Capdeville.

  7. Emily Mar 14, 2014

    I am a native New Orleanian and everyone I know jokes that the only people who say “New Orleeens” are tourists! Both “New Orlinz” and “New Orleee-ins” (Joy’s Dad’s pronunciation) are extremely common among the locals.

    Joy, you will notice that there are a few strange exceptions to this rule:
    1)Orleans Parish (we have parishes instead of counties) is actually only pronounced “Orleeens” Parish not “Orlinz” or “Orlee-ins”
    2)the song “Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans” in which “Orleans” obviously rhymes with “means”

  8. Aileen Mar 16, 2014

    Your imitation of Pinot flipping out on a car ride just made my kitty fall off the banister he was napping on and tumble down several stairs before regaining composure to frantically run around to see what was awry. Just FYI.. you must be really, really good at replicating cat noises.

  9. Caitlin Smith Mar 20, 2014

    y’all are killing me with the New Orleans pronunciations! DO NOT say New Orleeenz. Emily (above) is completely right–your Dad has a Garden District pronunciation–he’s not wrong! But just stick with New Orlinz or NOLA and you’ll be fine. (native New Orleanian here, too–I think you need to do a NOLA meet-up!)

  10. I always enjoy you two! Now that Joy is in NOLA, how about a great recipe for a Muffaletta sammie? Or a Muffaletta panini by Tracy? My favorite and I can never quite make it right.

  11. Duh, guys. This is how New Orleans is pronounced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXlssQJJXL8

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