Thank you for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast!  This episode we’re catching up on our summer bucket lists, we’re still talking about our feelings on the Internet, we discuss what to wear to  Beyonce concert, and how to eat nachos in a pool with a house.

Don’t worry.  It will all come together in the end!

We’re working on our summer fitness!

Tracy is all the way into Bikram Yoga.  It’s hot and sweaty and hard and awesome!

Joy is newly obsessed with the Nike Training App!  It’s free and packed with all sorts of work outs to lean out and get focused!


In other summer bucket list news:  Tracy wore shorts and read Delancey while Joy…..


Made hamburger buns… finally!!!

that looks like a dick

If you want to stalk the people we follow on Instagram, you’ll find ThatLooksLikeADick among on the list.  Sorry/NOT SORRY!

Dooce went to South East Asia with The Exodus Road and shares some of her thoughts here!  Also interesting in this post from Jaime of The Very Worst Missionary.  It’s all about saying the wrong words on the Internet.  Inevitable, really.

What should you wear to a Beyonce concert in San Francisco?


image credit: Viva Boutique

Leggings // Booties // Tunic // Scarf // Light Jacket // Sass

What should you cook for a bachelorette weekend in Napa?


Taco Salad // Nachos // Penis-shaped everything!?

What should you buy from Trader Joe’s?

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds //  Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels  //  Dolmas  //  Coconut Oil Cookie Butter  //  Gingersnaps

Thanks for listening to another podcast!  We love to hear from you so feel free to email us at contact (at) homefries (dot) com or find us on twitter @homefries @joythebaker @shutterbean!


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15 comments on “Pool With A House

  1. I am telling you. listening to your podcast just always get my week back on track. sincerely, THANK YOU (and thank you for your podcast!)

  2. heatherjean Jul 15, 2014

    I love your podcast! Especially keeping your internet priorities “in-check”.

    Keep in mind when you are creating a new to your blog recipe – even if it has been done a thousand times over the internet (chocolate chip cookies for example) that people who follow your blog – want to cook YOUR recipe, because they trust it! If i am looking for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe or cake recipe – I’m not going to google it – information overload! I am going to go to Joy the Baker’s website and search. If I am looking for a good chicken recipe – I am going to go to shutterbean and see your suggestions, because your recipes are always good! Remember that next time you think twice about a recipe!

    Thanks ladies – you keep my work travel enjoyable!!

    • Amanda D Jul 15, 2014

      I so agree with your comment about recipes coming from someone you trust. There are sooo many recipes out there nowadays that the best way to sort out the good from the bad is to find them on a blog that I trust. Sometimes I can even get upset when my favorite blogs don’t have a recipe for something basic because ‘how am I going to find a good recipe now??’

  3. Ladies- never worry about posting stuff that could be elsewhere on the internet in some other form. First off, we want to see your take- second, I’m sure many like me barely read any blogs at all. Since the death of google reader I never got my subscriptions switched over so you guys are pretty much my main blogs I read. So…I probably haven’t seen whatever you’re posting. Point-in -fact, right after you posted that Lemon Chicken recipe on Shutterbean, I totally made it three days later. I had never made a lemon chicken recipe before, and I appreciated how simple it was for a weeknight meal. So keep up the good work ladies!

  4. (Michael) Can you add a link to download directly. I don’t have iTunes on my phone. I don’t know how to do it from the new site.

    • Yep. We will get on it.

      • Maggie Aug 1, 2014

        Belatedly want to throw in my request for this as well… Also not an iTunes user (and don’t plan to be) so I always used to download the podcasts and play them in my car. Streaming from my phone is wonky and hard to pause/resume for some reason – also harder to see what I’m doing when operating said vehicle.

  5. I’ve read both of your blogs for a long time, and have subscribed to the podcast for a while. But it was only recently (last week!) that I started listening regularly. I’ve been catching up on the old and new podcasts, and I love them!

    The discussions on how people use the internet and view blog posts really hit home. I’ve been meaning to start food blogging for a while now, started a site a few months back, but couldn’t find much motivation to post. Everything felt so tired and overdone, and I didn’t want to be the hundredth person to make the same recipe. Hearing that two people who are so incredible at what they do, and so well-versed in food, struggle with the same thing is such a relief– I thought it was just me. I’m finally starting to feel inspired to cook again, and it feels great. Thank you for talking about that!

  6. Just am catching up on e podcast. Tracy, I love love Love your lemon chicken recipe….just saying. Love both of your blogs and your amazing podcast. Thank you for feeding my stomach heart and mind.

  7. Susan Aug 6, 2014

    Hi Ladies!
    First time listening to your podcast and I’m in love! Thank you so much for this podcast! I just moved to a new city and you both remind me of my best friends back home. Banana pops to come ;0 #thatlookslikeadick ….really though

  8. I love it where you say summer is too short! Ha, I live in a part of Northern BC Canada where it has happened that we have had snow in every month of the year. Albeit, in June, July and August mostly in higher elevations. But seriously we have snow from October to April for sure. Constantly on the ground and falling from the sky. And of course coupled with that -40F and much colder. You think your summer is short?? Don’t get me wrong…during the summer we can have temperatures that are hot…35F. But indeed July and August, the really dependable months that it will mostly be warm.

  9. I don’t mind recipes that are repeated because I don’t trust everyone’s pallet. Sometimes I want to know how Tracy makes lemon chicken because I may trust her pallet more than another cook.

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