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On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast Joy and Tracy discuss work holiday parties, elephants, gifting, and how to get pot-lucky.  This is real life!  Get into it!

Also, please enjoy this little gem from Jezebel.  Anthropologie:  Holiday Shopping For People You Hate

Joy loves this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.  Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms.

A baked pasta dish is totally the way to go!  This is Baked Orzo (again from Smitten Kitchen).  The eggplant and red peppers make it feel wintery and thoughtful.

Just the best Chocolate Bundt Cake EVER!

Tracy likes to bring some sort of fruit  salad to the sitch to a potluck. Imagine this one with pomegranates! Mind blowing!

Get your friends obsessed with this salad. It’s got Persimmons (seasonal!) goat cheese, butter lettuce & almonds!

Alyssa’s Thanksgiving diptic whoa!

Andy and the family getting ready!

Sarah’s turkey is done!

Diane’s Friendsgiving.

Amy knows how to live right with Apple Crisp and Tracy’s Bourbon Pumpkin Milkshakes!

Here’s Tracy’s feast!

Thank you for joining us for another podcast!  We sincerely love you!

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32 comments on “Pot-Lucky

  1. Lizzie Nov 29, 2012

    Wii-wise! I appreciate you gals giving us a fun podcast every week. THANKS!

  2. My best friend always invites me to her family’s holiday party, which inevitably ends in a white elephant sitch. Her family is very competitive so its hilarious to watch all the good and bad gifts get passed around. I think one of the worst gifts I’ve seen was a dollar-store-cheap, white pitcher with a sticker claiming that it was toxic that this guy got, while one of the most popular gifts was a $20 iTunes card. I may have to give the lottery tickets this year, that sounds fun. Oh, but an amazing gift would be a package of nail polish!!! Thanks again for the great podcast!
    Could you put that Anthropologie link in the notes?

  3. Thank you producing such great content and an entertaining gathering of moments in my ears so often!!

  4. Awww, thanks for posting the picture from my Friendsgiving, guys! Tracy, I made your scalloped corn for the party and everyone raved over it.

  5. Kayla @ Tiny Inklings Nov 29, 2012

    Worst white elephant gift I’ve ever received? Two words: female urinal. I was NOT very potluck-y that year. :/

  6. Thanks for posting my dessert pic! That combo was the best part of BFF Thanksgiving!

    My worst gift ever at a white elephant exchange was a really weird used nightgown from MY GRANDMOTHER. So inapprop!

  7. Whooo! My two Thanksgivings made it in the show notes! Thanks guys! :)

  8. I looved the white elephant gift part! Weirdest gift was a creepy snowglobe someone didn’t want in their house anymore, ugh!

  9. This comment is meant to be inspiration for the woman that asked how to make her Christmas special as she and her husband had recently moved and they would be away from family. Cindy did a great job making their 2 person Thansgiving really neat:

  10. I just made the mushrooms for a christmas party tonight and they were awesome. Everyone loved them. Thanks so much,

  11. claire Dec 2, 2012

    worst white elephant gift would be a giant (like the size of my head) sized cotton candy lollipop. In my white elephant experience there has never been such a thing as a “good gift” just a “well it’s not as bad as last year” gift.

    My extended family does themed white elephant gift exchanges, this year is “local” I’m hopeful that people actually bring good stuff. I was pulling for a “favorite things” theme modeled after Oprah obvs

  12. Haha, I felt bad for the caller who asked for rum ball recipes. Don’t worry, I am a rum ball supporter! I like this recipe also known as “”You Are Lucky I Didn’t Rip Your Rum Balls Off” Hope that helps.

    • Awh I felt bad for her too…(I also was secretly hoping to hear of a killer rum ball recipe.) Thanks for the link, those look amazing!!

    • Hollye-Faye Jan 13, 2013

      Thak you both, ladies! Rum balls were always a staple at our Southern Christmas parties. Now living in DC, I think I’ll make these for Inauguration next week. I’ll start a new tradition!

  13. oh… all the food pictures! Is it bad that I absolutely crave for EVERYTHING I see on my screen now? Also, the worst gift I ever got was an old baby angel decorative thing that was chipped and all. It had farmer’s twine for hair and I couldn’t deal with those googly eyes. It was gone the moment I got home. ummm… no thanks.

    • Also, for that girl who would be having a 2 person Christmas:
      Bring Chinese, we do reunion dinner the day before Chinese New Year. It’s pretty similar to how family gathers for Thanksgiving. Lots of food, laughter, good time. Last year, we didn’t have anywhere to go so we were home, just the 2 of us. I was a little sad but then, realized that it could be a nice time for just the 2 of us. I made my hubs dishes that he loves and we enjoyed a really restful relaxing day in. It was good. :-)

  14. Worst white elephant gift ever…obama chia pet. And yes, I do mean that someone gave me a clay pot that looks like Obama’s head and was growing a plant out of the top.

  15. Lisa V Dec 3, 2012

    Worst white elephant gift ever: a home enema kit.

  16. Those mushrooms look divine! I must make them for Christmas. Plus, we’re doing a White Elephant gift exchange at our work party coming up, so this gave me some good food for thought!

    PS: All the rum ball talk kept making me think “Let’s get ready to Rum-ball!” But in an Oprah voice. I can’t even explain. :)

  17. Best/worst White Elephant. My grandfather would always put a roll of quarters in a wrapped box. Me and my cousins would come to blows every year.

  18. Epic podcast!

    Great potluck suggestions – that Orzo dish from Smitten Kitchen was one of the best things I ate all year – my husband and I ate an entire pan over two days. You can’t skip the lemon zest though or it just isn’t as good – I learned that the hard way the second time I went to make it and was too lazy to go out and get a lemon.

    Re rumballs – Martha Stewart has a good recipe – basically you make a pan of gorgeous brownies, let them cool and then throw them all in the food processor. That Martha – so cruel. Pulse and then add dark spiced rum in a stream with the processor running until it makes a dough. Roll into balls and then roll in sanding sugar. Or you could just make delicious brownies to eat and then drink a rum cocktail – whatever.

    Finally we used to go to an annual friends party with a ruthless white elephant. We had a $25 limit and mostly it was all booze gifts – and one time a copy of the movie Christmas Vacation was hotly fought over. But them some friends in the group felt that the focus on alcohol was too much and fought to make it more wholesome (we were all in our mid 20s) word got out in advance of the party that this group wanted to make the white elephant more wholesome so the rest of use hit up some of Toronto’s finest sex shops for videos and toys. Needless to say the next year they welcomed back alcohol……

  19. Emily Dec 4, 2012

    My worst gift exchange gift ever was a big, frozen mackerel. They wrapped it up in bubble wrap and put it in a nice-looking basket and totally duped me. It wasn’t even edible – it came from their lab. Smelly. But my dog was always very interested in the basket!

  20. Melissa Dec 5, 2012

    Hey Joy and Tracy!
    Could you guys squeeze in a “Favorite Things” into one of your podcasts? I would like to know about you favorite kitchen item, cookbook, podcast, books, websites and anything else you guys wish to throw in. Thanks!

  21. lindsey Dec 5, 2012

    My worst white elephant was a whole tote bag full of sex education DVDs. The worst part is that I was swapped it on the last turn, and my previous gift was an adorable Charlie Brown Christmas tree!!

  22. My husband’s family has a white elephant exchange every year on Christmas Eve. They are almost all gag gifts, with a couple cheap but fun things thrown in for the kids like coloring books. For the past few years there has been a recurring gag gift, which we were happy to give away last year. It’s a decorative pillow with embroidery, and on one side it says “TONIGHT” and on the other it says “NOT TONIGHT.” Wha-whaaa. The best part is how the pillow was originally acquired…when my sister-in-law was getting married a few years ago, it randomly appeared in the mail with a note saying it would come in handy after she was married, but she had no idea who sent it. We later found out it came from a strange aunt we don’t see too often.

  23. L Squared Dec 7, 2012

    We had mushrooms last night as a trial run. Per your cheese/bread tip I paired it with this bread.

    I want to take the combo to a New Years party but wonder about keeping it warm – do I intrude on oven and broil/ warm it there. We will be driving about 30 minutes.

  24. This is late, but I had to comment about the worst white elephant gift OF ALL TIME.

    The party was at a bar (Taco Tuesday!). Everyone had funny gifts, until one of my coworkers brought a HAMSTER. Complete with bedding and food in a cardboard box. At one point, someone was holding him and he jumped out of his hands…onto the bar floor.

    We all work at a high school, so the hamster was pawned off safely on a student.

    Who bring a freaking HAMSTER to a white elephant party?

  25. Natalia Dec 11, 2012

    In Spain we call White Elephant the Invisible Friend, and the worst “invisible friend” gift I got was a dried zucchini for decorating… the worst was that I thought it was a joke because of its phallic shape, so I started laughing and the person who bought that was pretty upset….

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