This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy talk about juggling.  We’re not talking clown business… we’re talking about our busy schedules and how we toss in short cuts to make it all come together.  They also discuss phones from the 90’s, the fine art of Internet stalking, and Tracy’s criminal mind.  Do you steal things just because people tell you to?  Yes… just yes.

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Joy’s Dad got an iPhone, and immediately went all in on texting.  This is lunch.  This is technology!

Nothing makes it past Tracy’s paper station.  Not even cards from Mom.  It’s true!

Tracy also has major travel and packing tips.  She’s good!

Tracy totally stole this… but it’s cool, because some dude said she could.  These things happen.

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38 comments on “Pretending to Juggle

  1. I would have totally taken it too Tracy, Hello?! It’s Black Truffle Salt! He/she offered it!

    When I heard that “May or may not be Whole Foods freebie” story, I thought of this Ikea commercial with that crazy lady screaming “start the car!…start the car!” when she thought she was getting a crazy good deal.

    And Joy, those pics of your dad is so cute. I remember the first time I got a text from my dad and I thought it was a joke cause I was in shock that he was capable of even sending one. Aaaand..and it probably did take him like half an hour to type a sentence.

    Btw, can’t wait for the photo workshop! Keep up the good work ladies :)

  2. Chelsea Jan 12, 2012

    I have what I think is a hilarious story about Sandra Lee and her infamous tablescapes… One time I was watching the show and the entire kitchen was done up in red and white (Valentine’s Day maybe? Can’t remember). Anyway, Sandra went to put some stuff in a blender and around the base of blender she had wrapped a red and white checkered napkin. Just barely I could make out that the blender was actually blue, totally not fitting in with the red and white theme. Then she proceed to make up a story about how she had lost the cover for the blender, but lo and behold she had a red plate that she could use instead. She totally lied about losing the cover because it must have been blue! I wonder if her head would explode if she was forced to look upon a mismatched tablescape… Also, did anyone see the episode when she decorated her Christmas tree with cocktail glasses? No joke.

  3. mamasfamily Jan 12, 2012

    Alright Ladies,
    1st have to say love the podcast :)!
    Joy really? Give Tracy a break, 1 up for us
    Consumers ( when does that ever happen?) I can’t tell you how many times
    I’ve been overcharged for something or better yet not gotten charged the sale
    price! Usually they win. Who has time to go back and fix it after the fact.
    Well that feels better ,Shoo.
    Enjoy your salt :) You earned it!!!!
    Keep up the good work ladies.

  4. Meggie Jan 12, 2012

    Ok, not to do exactly what Joy said by leaving a comment defending the salt incident, but I have to. I think it was not confirmed that this happened at Trader Joe’s, and if it didn’t, my comment is worthless. I work at Trader Joe’s and if it happened there, it was unquestionably a legal and not even problematic thing to take the salt. Employees are totally allowed, at times encouraged, to help customers out in cases like this. Obviously, they wouldn’t have given a case of wine or something and they can’t do it a lot, but this employee wouldn’t have offered unless it was really ok. They record it, so it’s not like it disappears. Great podcast, as always!!

  5. Megan Jan 12, 2012


    Don’t sweat it! I work at Whole Foods and our sampling policy is awesome. We love giving away products for you to try with the hopes that you’ll share your feedback with others! We’ll even open up jars or packages of things in the aisle for you to sample right in the store. Truth. so dig in. Get your samples on, ladies. Its like CostCo but with a way better cheese island.

    • Does that mean I can have them open ANYTHING?!! Thank you for this gem. I’m totally going to exploit it!

  6. you win again tracy!

  7. I’m with Tracy on the Truffle Salt! Last week I had the exact same thing happen with an orchid at Ralph’s but the ONLY reason I didn’t take the plant when they handed it to me is because I thought I might be on camera. And that it would have been stealing? Even though 2 different checkers were like ‘Excuse me, Miss – you forgot your orchid!’ as I walked out of the store. Anyhoo, another great show, ladies!

  8. Joy, when I saw the pictures of you helping your dad on instagram I felt like I was watching someone try crack for the first time. You’ve created an addict! Tracy you should totally get on instagram because it is (obviously) addictive and awesome. Way to juggle, ladies. Let’s get on this Homefries U situation, I’m waiting on the edge of my seat!

  9. I’m totally with Tracy on this one. It was given to her by an employee, not stuck in her purse, therefore I think it’s fine! I’m also on her side with the $60 but I guess I would have prenegotiated some price with her parents first (does that sound a little Fiddler on the Roof?).

    You know what I can’t agree with either of you on? Being too cool for the Disney cruise. I’m not taking a Mickey Real Life doll (too weird, even for this weirdo), but I’m going to WDW this October with friends (and no children). As Joy might say, it hurts my heart. and my soul. CRUSHED!

  10. maija Jan 12, 2012

    Confession: one of my online stalking things is I look at people’s wedding registries (even if, or especially if, I am not attending their wedding) and judge what they register for (especially on the kitchen items or if they register for really expensive or tacky things). I like to see whether they go with fancy china sets or Fiestaware, if they go for the Kitchen Aid (usually do), and what stores they register at.

    • Emily Jan 16, 2012

      Oh man, my very young cousin registered for a bunch of household objects like contact solution and toilet paper when she got married last summer. Then she registered for super expensive things like a sofa and a dining table set. There was nothing normal in between, like dishes or baking supplies. It was the strangest wedding registry I’ve ever seen and I just thought, why didn’t your mom help you with this? Wedding registries are fun to stalk.

  11. OH my gosh Tracy I TOTALLY do the creepy birthday search! You are not alone. It’s almost like I have to know what sign people are before I get too attached to them/ surprised by their crazy antics. And if for some reason they don’t have it posted or they never talk about their birthday UGH! It drives me crazy!

    • Tracy Jan 16, 2012

      YES!! It drives me CRAZY when they don’t talk about their birthdays too!

  12. Oh man…tough call with the truffle salt. I get major guilt if I accept freebies that aren’t someone’s to give. I stayed at a hotel a few months ago, and every time I went to the little hotel convenience store for a water or soda the guy working there gave it to me for free. I felt totally guilty, but also kind of enjoyed not paying $4 for a diet coke.

    I am a fellow stalker, and my recent favorite stalking resource is If you scroll halfway down, on the right side there is a place to search for people’s wedding websites. You know, the ones with a bajillion photos, personal details, and “how we met” stories. Yup, I just outed myself as a total creeper!

    • I should clarify that I’m not stalking strangers. Mainly former high school classmates who I don’t like enough to be facebook friends with, but am still curious about their lives :)

  13. Christine Jan 13, 2012

    I know how easy it is to poke fun at Sandra Lee, but she is practically New York’s First Lady now (she is the partner of Governor Andrew Cuomo). So those tablescapes are gracing the halls of the Governor’s mansion and maybe someday…the White House?!

  14. Jessica Jan 13, 2012

    Hey Tracy!
    I think its great that you are consistent with your blog and still manage to balance your family roles and day to day dinner prep! In the past year I have been trying to overcome the need to complain about too little time and in reality not really doing anything consistently except worrying and moving around frantically and doing things half-heartedly. I know it was just a small part of the podcast but it was an “insipirational anecdote” for me. So great to hear of someone else slowing doing (even if at times reluctantly) and making a habit of cooking and prioritizing their family!
    ps. enjoy the salt 😉

    • Thank you so much for that, Jessica!

      I spent the first two years of Cooper’s life soo frustrated because I didn’t have time. No time for me, no time to relax no time to do it all….Then I realized that I did have time– I just needed to use it in a smarter/more productive way! And when that happened, I became happier! xoxo

  15. I love that you hated on Sandra Lee! Her perfectionism drives me insane.

    Pretty sure all the free advertising on here more than covers the Truffle salt. I love that I am compelled to capitalize Truffle because it’s so fancy.

  16. maggie. Jan 14, 2012

    Hey Tracy!

    On the truffle salt giving-away/stealing issue, I used to work at a big box hardware store (not exactly the same thing, but whatever) and we would give things to people all the time. Employees are often given the freedom to use their discretion with that kind of stuff. So I think it was totally fine for you to accept it!

  17. Aw, come on, ladies. It’s not about winning and losing. It’s that you both had valid points. :) No really, I would totally have taken the salt, just like Tracy, but then felt guilty about it for years and years because Joy’s points would be in my head.

    Maybe Tracy should take the money she saved on the truffle salt and donate it to a good cause, or use it to buy something nice for a friend. Maybe she should do a truffle salt giveaway for the truffle saltless masses.

    Oh and I can top Tracy’s shame. I once got an expensive ski jacket for free because the cashier (he was the manager too!) didn’t ring it up with the rest of my purchases. I didn’t notice until later, but I never went back and fessed up. I always say I’ll be going to hell for that one. But at least I’ll be toasty warm in my ski jacket! 😉

  18. Emily Jan 16, 2012

    When I was listening to the show I thought it was very strange to take the truffle salt, but I just asked my husband who has worked a lot of years in grocery stores and he said that is totally normal. They do things like that because it’s good customer service and will make you more likely to return to the store. Just making you a happy customer will make them more money in the long run than the dollars lost on the salt.

  19. I’m with you on the hummus dilemma. I agree that you get used to how hummus taste and if you make it, it never tastes right. I’m glad you buy store bought hummus too!
    And I’m glad you’ve found a way to balance working, being a mom/wife and doing things you like! It’s helpful to see!

  20. Kirsty Jan 17, 2012

    Taking the truffle salt is totally cool, but recycling the thank you note?! Harsh!

    Love the podcast ladies!

  21. Two Requests:
    #1. Can you please explain how to make Toffee- the candy? I am having heaps of trouble perfecting it.
    #2 Can you discuss your favorite music? Or make a Joy The Baker Playlist? I am curious to hear what y’all are listening to.

  22. Tracy I’ve refrained from ever commenting because…well…I have no idea why. But after last week’s podcast I felt I had to. From podcast #1 I’ve felt that you are the twin I didn’t know I had. Most of the things you have said I’ve agreed with, have done, want to do, will do, well you get what I’m sayin’. Reading the in-flight magazines and looking to see where they fly to? Me every time. Not making hummus from scratch because I’m used to a certain taste. Yup that’s me. $10 for putting out cat food?!?! And yeah I so would have taken the truffle salt!

    Love, love, love the podcast. Really love how humble you are too!

  23. So I have a friend who works at a certain organic grocery store, and apparently the staff is authorized to give away something like 100 bucks worth of merchandise every day… to keep customers happy.
    Hope this helps Joy feel better!

    Love you guys!

  24. Stephanie Feb 15, 2012

    Dear Joy the Baker and Tracy,

    You made me fall down. Just sayin.

    This morning I was cross country skiing before work (I live in Alaska) and I was listening to this podcast. When you guys started talking about Sandra Lee, I started laughing so hard I FELL DOWN. In the snow. In a big pile of ski poles and puffy clothing. And it isn’t easy to stand back up in cross country skis.

    Tell me you have seen the video of Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake. As Joy would say, “Bless her heart and her soul.”

  25. Michelle Mar 29, 2012

    I just found your podcast and I. Am. In. Love. Anyone who finds Sandra Lee ridiculous and has no qualms stealing truffle salt is a rad girl in my book.
    Off to Amazon to buy your book Joy.

  26. I just listened to this for like the third time – I can’t even handle Tracy’s salt thievery – so excellent.

  27. TRACY!! Make some hummus. You can do it. I have faith in you.

    I’m just going to casually leave this for you…

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