Red Flag: BING!

This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast Joy and Tracy revisit the time-honored internal system… the red flag.  Let’s discuss Niki Minaj, shopping lines, boys and their shirts, and maternity photographs.

If you think this is just the same old nonsense… not true!  Except, well… Joy does make Tracy break up with her again.  Practice makes perfect!

In the food realm, Tracy suggests a Roasted Spaghetti Squash w/ Mushrooms for a mother-in-law encounter.  It’s not a carb.  Which is weird.

In the technology realm, Tracy gets an iPhone tomorrow.  Let the Emoji BEGIN!

Thanks for playing along with another podcast!  We love you, we do.

(hamburger, strong arm, american flag, american flag)

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43 comments on “Red Flags Part Duex

  1. Oh my gosh. Have you guys seen Awkward Family Photos .com? SO funny and uncomfortable to look at haha

  2. Oh Chloe. Such a red flag! Life’s too short for bad sex.

  3. Tiffany Sep 27, 2012

    I definitely laughed more than once 😉 Love it!

  4. Totally weird a lady referencing Nikki. I don’t think anybody should ever do that! Joy, I am one of the five people that gets that monster reference. You’re welcome!

  5. sashaanne Sep 27, 2012

    Thanks for answering my question! I love the mother-in-law advice too. The low-carb diet is a total red flag, but what can you do? I’m sure she thought the same thing about my vegetarianism when we first met :) Now, when I visit their family, she accommodates me and I totally appreciate that… add spinach… <3

  6. question..when you read questions from readers on the podcast, where are they submitting those from? here, or on itunes, or fb, or email? thanks!

  7. ~3 months is pretty much make or break time for me… It’s enough time to feel things out, but not so much time that it feels impossible to say “I’m just not that into you.” By then, you’re for sure picking up on red flags (or not!). And mushy hashbrowns are totally a red flag!

  8. joy! my dental hygienist is SO CHATTY too and it drives me so nuts I think I may change dentists. like, how can you ask me a question and expect an answer when you’re shooting water into my mouth?

  9. I love literally every episode, but this one made me laugh so hard. I have a lot to say about engagement/maternity photos (namely that a family member’s engagement photos looked like they were about to bone down in a field and looking at them made my whole family uncomfortable, or that a girl I know painted her belly like a pumpkin) but the ultimate WORST thing I’ve seen is this new trend where a photographer takes the wedding rings of new parents and puts them on the baby’s toes. I MEAN.

  10. I have not listened yet, but the I can not tell you have much the emojis are. Matt and I text the dancing girls all the time. That and the poop with eye balls and the VHS tape. Can’t wait to listen tomorrow on the way to work. You two make me smile. (thumbs up)

  11. I just have to add…one of my tell-tale red flags is when I’m hoping for bodily injury to happen to me so I can get out of some prior commitment. You know, nothing horribly debilitating, but something along the lines of a broken arm or something. I think that’s pretty much a sign that I shouldn’t be doing said prior commitment.

    • oh my goodness. i so feel you on this! please don’t break anything!

    • Emily Oct 2, 2012

      Ha! That was approximately how I felt before every cross-country skiing race in high school. Red flag? Yep. Never happened though, which is good! I think?

  12. Elizabeth T Sep 28, 2012

    A gpoy is a Gratuitous Photo/Picture of Yourself… maybe that’s what you lovely ladies were thinking of before?

    And regarding couples/new parents taking over Facebook, I am only in my mid-20’s but I’m seeing so many posts about my friends getting engaged. I’m single, too, so it feels like Facebook is intentionally stuffing this down my throat. I KNOW I have so many single friends, too, but how is it I don’t ever hear about them? Single people can live exciting lives!

    I saw a post on some techy blog about how you can filter out political posts due to the upcoming election (in case your News Feed turns into a debate forum). Well, I may just do this but instead target couple-y words like “engagement,” “wedding,” “baby.” Not that I have anything against couples getting married or having kids. Just… give me my space! It was either that or I quit Facebook… yeah right 😉

    heart heart slice-of-cake watermelon ocean-wave

  13. Nicole Sep 28, 2012

    Alright…I just got married on Saturday and we took pictures of our rings on a donut hole (we had 300 donuts instead of a cake). I’m feeling a little awkward now.

  14. Courtney Sep 28, 2012

    Ok, so you totally joked about making a Friend’s Diet app…but my company seriously makes apps and I think it’s an awesome idea! Let me know if you want to pursue it!

  15. “Christmas newsletters”…THAT was awkward {emoji #21, 58, 97, 105}

  16. Oh my goodness. I saw the name of this podcast and all I’m pretty sure I was hyperventilating….it doesn’t help that I am a university student and sleep does not exist! I totally loved the first one, I”M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW, I CAN”T CONTAIN IT (p.s. my hands are on top of my head right now, I just don’t even know what to do with myself)!

  17. on the bread red flag…. I worked in a restaurant once where a woman kept sending her coffee back because it was too strong. Eventually we sent her a cup of warm milk and she thought it was perfect!

  18. where where where do people submit questions to you?

  19. I completely agree on the awkward engagement and pregnancy photos. I teased a friend of mine on her staged, matching shoes, kissing in an empty photo frame engagement photos, but she threw the tease back in my face saying that my carefully placed food photos are equally awkward and staged. She has a point. I had no retort. We hurt each other a little and then hugged.

  20. Diane Oct 1, 2012

    I was driving down the street and I hear my 8 year old daughter in the back seat say “Ew disgusting shirtless guy riding his bike”. Inside my head I hear “bing”
    I’m glad to know her red flags are up and running.

    • Tracy Oct 1, 2012

      That happened to us yesterday! Cooper asked me “why is that guy not wearing a shirt, Mama?!” HAHAHAHAHAHA

  21. Ladies,
    A-The dental assistant at the office I go to is also overly chatty and she touches me a lot. Since having a baby my teeth are crap, so I’ve had to have a lot of dental work done in the past 2 years, and every time I am getting numbed she “soothingly” rubs my arm. I’m anxious enough already and her unsolicited touching only puts me more on edge.
    B- Red flag at the store – I was checking out and the choices were either long lines, or a well-kept and talkative woman. I made the wrong choice and stood behind the lady who was talking the ear off the poor cashier. During my wait I learned that two of her kids used to work at that particular grocery chain closer to her home and she used to have one of them shop with her to avoid being picked up on because she’s SO pretty for a woman her age and after her kids stopped working there she was solicited by an older gentleman because she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and the creep followed her out to her car! So now she always wears her wedding ring even though she’s a widow and she shops at this other store now so she doesn’t run into that creep, and she always ALWAYS has someone accompany her out to her car with her groceries because she’s so good-looking and doesn’t want to get picked up on or violated. By the time she left I wanted to punch her in the hoo hah.
    C- Thanks for being my Thursday friends!

  22. Torey Oct 1, 2012

    hi joy and tracy! i just wanted to let you know that i adore your podcast. i just started listening i think last week and am all caught up — im still savoring this one and havent listened yet… but i may have to give in! i also wanted to say that i just tried washing my hair with baking soda, something i would’ve thought was horrible until you (joy) talked it up so much. i love it! also i went to trader joes today… no cookie butter! thank you so much for the podcast! keep it up!

  23. OMG… Was listening to this episode today (OK, for the 3rd time, no biggie), and your discussion about pregnant bellies reminded me of this old commercial.
    Don’t know if anyone outside of Australia has seen this, but it’s for the chocolates, ‘Maltesers’. It’s even better than balancing your drink!!

  24. Oh my gosh, Joy! I just found the BEST emoji: a speech bubble saying “…”

  25. Chloe Oct 2, 2012

    So, Tracy, you’re very right – I am a night shift nurse (ps loved the sly true blood reference). I still haven’t done it. I don’t knooooow why, but things have been good. For some reason I need more time for him to prove himself one way or another. I still can’t believe you guys read my entire letter! I am keeping your advice close to my heart. You guys are the best. If I could post an emoji on here it would be heart, worry face, crinkled mouth face, heart. Totally reflects my feelings haha Thank you both from the very bottom of my little pink heart!

  26. Bing!
    Haha, I totally like my toast barely toasted! I actually take it out of the toaster after like 20 seconds or so for the perfect not-crispy not-soft texture. So funny to hear that as a red flag.

  27. Annabel Oct 5, 2012

    joy and tracy there is an emoticon for doughnut now! look at this on your iPhones…

  28. i’m totally late on sharing, but here a red flag from my vacation that my husband and I definitely neglected to notice: missing a “road” twice in a row when looking for a shortcut in Santorini Greece. As it turns out, said “road” was not a “road” after all, unless you were walking or maybe driving a scooter. But nonetheless, my husband trusted google maps and insisted we carry on up said “road”. It got uber skinny and we practically got stuck. a nice lady moved her scooter for us, and we managed to whittle the car up the curvy narrow “road”, scratching the hell out of it along the way. in the end, we were very LUCKY that the rental car agency’s contract stricly listed a MAX damage payment of 400 Euro (~$515 buckaroos US). we happily paid and moved on with one crazy memory! 😉

  29. Just listened to the podcast tonight, I’ve been catching up for weeks. Anyway, the photo thing, with posed booties, with rings on random ‘artsy’ objects, aaaaaaaarrrrgh! Drives me crazy!!! I work with someone who sends the whole extended team these aggravating photos, we work at a university and she sends them to the students!! No one cares! I care less because you’re shoving your posed photos down my throat! Arrgh. Sorry, just needed a vent and very pleased I’m not alone in not liking the photo overshare.

  30. Hey Joy and Tracy, just wanted to say that your red flags podcasts are my favorite! Joy, thanks for mentioning the “excessive photos of himself on facebook” flag. That’s a big one in my book. I should write you all about my dating problems. Dating, UG.

  31. is my new friend diet app. Except, it’s not with a friend, just with me. I’m way too lazy to calculate my caloric intake and all that… so I just photograph everything I eat and write little notes about it in this app. It’s awesome. :-)

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