Happy Rut-tober!  We’re in it to win it!  On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast we’re humbly asking for your help.  There’s homework and we’re springing it on you early.  We need your podcast topic ideas.  We’re in a rut and we need your brain-tanks.  Help?

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We’re answering your questions about expensive bridesmaid dresses.  Oooh geez.

Let’s just order our bridesmaids dress online, mmmkay?

Tracy real-talks the heck out of parenting.

This is Cooper’s first EAster.  The plaid.  I just can’t even deal.

Josie!  Thank you for doing your homework!

Your kindness is just incredible.

Rachel and Derek.  We heart you major!

Thank you for listening to this, the 69th episode of the Joy the Baker podcast.  Sorry about all the 69 jokes… but seriously…. let’s be real.  Stay off the bottom.

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92 comments on “Rut-Tober

  1. Carolyn Oct 18, 2012

    I haven’t listened yet, but I had to leave a comment right away. When I scrolled down the page, I thought the podcast was called “But-tober!” Hahaha!

  2. Melissa Oct 18, 2012

    Lol@ stay off the bottom… Ain’t that the truth!

  3. Liked the parent/child talk part, and I don’t have a kid.

  4. I have suggestions for topics!
    – Long-distance friendships and/or how to maintain friendships when you’re an adult
    – Life lessons in your 20s. Life lessons in your 30s.
    – Dinner party dos and don’ts
    – Clean/healthy eating

    • Ooooh great suggestions! I want to hear shows about all of those!

    • Yep, good ideas! Ladies, take note!

    • Totes amaze! I love all of these suggestions, Ronni!

      • Maija Oct 23, 2012

        Please def do on on friendships as adults. I know i keep having to rebuild my friendship pool. My BFF are still from when I was 10 with one exception of my VBFF who I met six years ago. YA KNOW WHEN YA KNOW! I struggle w/ friendships as an adult and can’t find the energy between being a full time single mum w/ a full time job and all the other things that go on in my world. I YOLO’d a set of friends and cut them loose because the friendships were no longer viable, supportive and fun.

  5. Kayla Oct 18, 2012

    Joy and Traci,
    Wow, that mom talk came at quite the opportune time. I’m 29 and part of me wants kids, but part of me loves my life the way it is: just me and my husband. So thank you for the real talk. I can’t tell you how refreshing it feels to know I’m not alone in feeling ambivalent about the whole situation. Love the podcast!

    • Claudia Oct 21, 2012

      I second that! I’m in my early thirties and love life the way it is, just me and my husband. Still don’t know if I want kids, so it’s nice to hear that there are other ladies out there that feel the same way.

  6. You guys are adorable. Ideas for the podcast (more Michael??) Why does his name look odd, probably my spelling. As for homework, all I can say is I helped an old lady at TJ’s by lifting her shopping cart up about 12 stairs. ( Don’t ask why, please.) I also help old people die at home, and even though I get paid for it, I feel like it is a gift to be part of their life during this time.

    Have not made the pound cake yet, gonna get on that.

    Joy, no worries about babies and eggs. Just live and you will figure it all out. Tracy, your words about being a momma and about your son, just made me tear up. Eat more “tia” that is what Calvin calls Quesadillas.

    Podcast ideas: How about what you guys splurge on or favorite vacations. Maybe more stories about growing up, more high school and college stories. Some sort of blast from the past. Throw in some 90’s jams and you have one heck of a show! Acutally, anything you ladies talk about makes me happy. Thanks for all the company during my long drives.
    Loves! See ya Sunday!

  7. Oh man, this killed me. SO FUNNY. Also, loved the baby real talk — I’m 29 and have a boyfriend that I’m pretty sure wants to marry me in the next year-ish and while I know I want to be a mom, I’m also so freaking scared. Tracy, you made me cry with all that (in a good way) because it made me really excited about eventually being a mom.

    Things I’d love to hear about: how do you make a long distance best friendship work (my best friend lives far away, too)? What was your college experience like? Relationship talk: best/worst parts of marriage, how you knew it was the right time, etc. from Tracy and Joy, more about the mysterious HC :) I also love all the health and hippie talk. I’ve lost 70+ lbs and I miss baking and drinking alcohol and all that but I still have more weight to lose so I’m not sure how to balance the joy of actually living my life with being healthy. I miss cheese and carbs, guys. I’d love to know the best and worst meals you’ve ever eaten slash prepared, anything about family and traditions around food, your daily makeup routines, the best books you’ve ever read and the people who’ve inspired you and changed your life. I also love hearing about whether or not people have Life Lists and what’s on them.

    Okay! Sorry for the monster comment.

  8. taryn Oct 18, 2012

    Faves podcast- foods, cities you’ve visited, dates with boys, clothes, time of year, candies/treats, subject in school, time of the day, gifts to receive

    Health/weight- balancing healthy choices and splurges, past diets you’ve tried, fave healthy foods and snacks, etc

  9. Suggestions!

    Cocktail party snacks/appetizers ideas (ideally easy and tasty)
    Current faves from Trader Joes!
    What kinds of baking ingredients do you buy online?

  10. Natalie Oct 18, 2012

    I’ve had some podcast ideas brewing for a while now. YOU’RE WELCOME. No, really though, I’m so happy to help.

    First, I’d love it if you two talked about some of your favorite cities. Maybe places you wish you lived, or somewhere you used to live and have fond memories of. Or maybe a good city for a 20-something to start anew?

    Going off the 20-something mention, I’d love to hear how you two made the transition from post-grad to “established adult”. I just graduated from college and feel like a hopeless bum moving back in with my parents, so it helps to hear how you two lovely, successful ladies managed to work your way to where you are today!

    Lastly, how about an episode on how to manage stress, anxiety, sadness, etc? Because I like where you two always are, mentally. Hahah. That sounded quite creepy but i’m just gonna go with it.

    Hope that helps!

    • Natalie, I too am feeling the post grad pain (I tried to put it off and did a second degree and I still got here)! Joy and Tracy, I would also love to hear tips on how to set yourself up for grow up land (what do you need to have?!)

  11. Hannah Oct 18, 2012

    How about a Holiday Season Bucket List for an upcoming podcast? (I loved the Summer Bucket List podcast, inspired me to try a couple new recipes, buy some skirts, drive less, walk more, and enjoy more sunsets.)
    Love listening to you two, and really look forward to each week’s new episode. xo

    • Nicole Oct 24, 2012

      A holiday bucket list makes me giddy just thinking about it. I love the holidays and just love hearing what other people do to make them special.

  12. Jackie H Oct 18, 2012

    Some ideas:
    -Fav/Dislike food trends, kitchen tools, special ingredients
    -Where do you find inspiration…I never you have found Pinterest without you Tracy
    -Fav Apps…I’m getting an IPhone soon and I would love come recommendations for Apps
    -Gift ideas and food ideas for the holidays coming up
    -Beauty product favs…Again, I wouldn’t have found my Clarisonic without you Tracy
    -I second the request for more Trader Joes recommendations

  13. Thanks for answering the question on when to have kids and how great is. I’ve been married for 3 years and it’s a question that spoke my heart out. People have asked me when and I worry about a million things. I get the good parts but the scary bits.. sigh. But I want a kid eventually. And I know I’m going to enjoy it all the way :-)

    Podcast ideas:
    1. Good foods, Bad foods (what certain foods do to you)
    2. Holiday destinations
    3. Being an adult
    4. Why mom and dad are the best (or not).. 😛
    5. Hobbies
    6. Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars

  14. Megan Oct 18, 2012

    Real talk: what about once you decide you are (terrifyingly) ready to have a baby, but realize that getting pregnant doesn’t happen as easily as you thought it would? yeah.

    ideas: loved the episode where tracey talked about exercise and how her last mix tape had Tiffany on it *hilarious!!*- revisit? also, have noticed other bloggers have been loving the Happiness documentary and talking about integrating it into their lives, very cool. perhaps…day in the life of you two? and oooh, have you ever heard of those book of questions?

    you two just need a conversation starter (“ah’ll give you a twwwaa-pic” -SNL reference?) and then can go for an hours, you know it.

  15. for the suggestion box that is hopefully not the garbage:

    – Michael should have a feature. We legit love him and wish we heard more from his GENIUS. no more ranting from me.
    – guilty pleasures part 2 – guilty pleasure music. Like what is that one song you totally still love and cry/shout all the words to when it comes on ya know? Mine is totally Ya Gotta Be by Des’ree. Totes maj forevs
    – however many dating questions you get save a good amount for one dating themed podcast. Like dating + the holidays which is also kind of a red flag at times haha
    – same for mom advice – save up a lot of questions for one podcast that makes Joy suuuuper uncomfortable
    – have a legit cooking/advice podcast. This is what we love about you! Give us wisdom pearls! Can these pearls be eaten? Please say yes.


    • YES. These are such good ideas. Instead of answering questions as soon as they come in, save them up for themed podcasts to keep things more cohesive. This will also make it easier to navigate past posts when looking for a specific call/recommendation/etc. Plus then you can focus these on things you know are really popular with the audience, and people can skip them if they aren’t interested.

    • Marilyn Nov 14, 2012

      Michael! YES!

  16. Really enjoyed the kid talk. I would love to hear more on this, nice having the two different perspectives. I would love to hear Tracy’s thoughts on being a working mom. I have a 21 month old and work fulltime and it is hard not to sometimes feel like you are doing a crappy job at both. Also dealing with people who think you couldn’t possible be as hard/dedicated a worker as others because you have a kid.
    You could also do something on homemade holiday gift ideas. Maybe have a couple guests on the podcasts, like T-Flo. Honestly, you ladies could talk about anything and I would listen!

  17. Julie J Oct 19, 2012

    Ladies, thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering my question on this week’s podcast! I was listening to it while I was eating breakfast this morning and almost choked on my coffee when I heard Joy read my question because I was so surprised. Tracy, thank you for your insight. Joy, thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    As for future podcasts, I would love to hear both of your thoughts on making a weekly meal plan or other eating/cooking tips. Also, I’m down with a cat podcast. I have a cat that likes to rip paint off of the walls. For real.

  18. i really enjoyed this podcast. good real mom talk.

    also, i would LOVE a craigslist podcast. I actually, uhhhh, met my husband on a craigslist personal. whenever I tell this to people I feel the need to immediately issue about a thousand disclaimers: It was seriously like 10 years ago! Before Craigslist was creepy! I posted a really wholesome ad! Baaaaah.

    another fun way to spend time on craigslist is looking at the Missed Connections for Burning Man. just search “black rock city.” it’s great.

  19. Sarah Oct 19, 2012

    Podcast ideas!

    *Firsts! (First dates, first kiss, first quesadilla, first time on an airplane, first job, first pair of heels, first alcoholic drink, first breakup. fun!)

    *Biggest mistakes (Biggest mistake in the kitchen, biggest mistake while traveling, biggest mistake in the workplace, biggest mistake while driving…)

    *Day of Perfect Meals (Spilled Milk Podcast did this and it was awesome! http://www.spilledmilkpodcast.com/2012/08/23/episode-72-day-of-perfect-meals/ )


    *Christmas Part II (Everyone loves a Christmas episode! You can talk abotu your favorite Christmas episodes of other things like TV Shows or Books.)

    *Thanksgiving Part II (Same! Talk about the FRIENDS Thanksgivings episodes or something. Also, the Felicity Thanksgiving episode. Good one.)

    *The Crush + Joy The Baker Podcast Remix! You guys should podcast with Whitney and Christina. You can talk about food/wine pairings and do the Crush Quickfire.

    *Moms! You should interview your Moms about things like their first loves, their first jobs, what exactly they were doing when they were your age. And what they thought you guys would grow up to be, things like that.

    Okay, aren’t those great ideas!? I love your podcast and want you to keep going and to get out of Rut-ober! Turn it into Shocktober! Yes.


  20. Loved loved loved this episode. Even when you’re in a rut, you two are still so entertaining! I would love to hear more about blogging! How you come up with post ideas, where you blog, when you blog, any tips and tricks you have for blogging…you get the gist. Or you can just shoot the breeze as usual and I will happily listen :)

  21. Karly K Oct 19, 2012

    Dear Joy & Tracy,

    Here’s a podcast idea – Talk about your chef inspirations. (Tracy, maybe your photog inspirations.) And I don’t mean subjects, I mean artists/people. Do you have famous or historic icons in either field that have inspired you? Many chefs look to Pepin or Julia Child, photographers to Annie Lebovitz or Ansel Adams. Feel free to segue into role models, other inspirational ppl, etc.
    I think it could be a really great discussion to hear about how you channel your greatness :)

  22. Krystina O. Oct 19, 2012

    I totally second some of the podcast ideas above! (Making friendships as an adult, all the firsts, biggest mistakes, holidays part deux) These are all topics I would love to hear you two chat about.

    Also – Making much out of little (when budgets are low, all you have is a can of diced tomatoes, dressing/designing like it cost you a whole lot more, when you can only see a friend once in a short while, etc.)

    And – Parties! Dinner, brunch, movie/game nights, etc! How to genuinely feed and entertain people well, while still remaining present. Shortcuts? What’s worth the effort/what’s not? Favorite go-to recipe that everyone devours! That sort of thing.

    On a more serious note – Self esteem! How you girls deal with the lows of insecurity, what gets at you and how you conquer it, how to pick yourself up, etc.

    But, honestly, you could podcast about camels and I’d be right there, all ears.

    Totes love you two.


  23. Just finished listening to the show… thanks for the smiles :) I have to get on my lemon poundcake… I’m thinking for a picnic this weekend. As a former foster child (in and out of more homes than I can remember), I think volunteering time to help others is major and what a wonderful gift to honor the memory of Tim’s wife. I feel like in lots of ways I was raised by strangers and am humbled by their generosity … Anyway, before my daughter was born I used to volunteer at the Laura Dester Shelter (where kids in crisis situations go before being adopted or put in foster homes)… but had to stop because I had a baby and you can’t bring your child with you… . This homework was the impetus to get back on track… now that Ava is 3 I can get out there more easily and need to! Thanks for the push to return to my heart’s calling. I’m calling them as soon as I click submit.

    As for the show ideas

    – How to achieve the big goals in life… write a book, buy a house, world peace (!!).

    – How to get out of ruts. Maybe you could also share tactics that other people use to get out of ruts, because it seems like every other month I get into one, too. I tend to like things routine and orderly, but then the predictability gets to me after a while. I’d love some ideas on how to shake things up, too… with the house, with the relationship, with dinner, etc.

    – How to be our best selves – with tips on how to overcome the pesky things that get in our way like jealousy, insecurity, self-doubt (maybe that’s the same thing…), bad fashion, generally being oblivious to others feelings, political crap-drama, etc. There’s so much negative out there… how do we sift through it to be our best selves?

    As always, love the show. Thanks ladies!

  24. Heather B Oct 19, 2012

    I love the podcast and now that I am caught up on old ones, I can’t wait for Thursday nights…
    Topics – you guys do so well on this its kinda funny you are asking for our help…I would love to hear about staying in hotels/ traveling alone…maybe how to deal with recipes that don’t turn out, like do you throw them away try to change them…talk about kitties and life and taking care of a home! What to do when people start fights on your social media posts…Anything everything you guys rock it!

  25. Dawna Oct 19, 2012

    Everyone has left really great podcast ideas, but I’d especially like to second the “Day in the Life of Joy and Tracy” idea.
    Another good theme would be “If Money Were No Object…” Where would you live? What would you drive? What would you eat, drink, wear, etc.? How would you spend your days? How would things be different, and (even more interesting) what would stay the same?

  26. My friends and I get together every few weeks for app’s, desserts and cocktails. We try to come up with themes like “spring fling”, pinterest recipes etc. I would love a podcast on a variety of themes that could be used for dinner and/or cocktail parties or tried and true potluck type recipes.

    As mentioned above by another poster, I also live far from my best friend. She lives a 14 hour drive from me and we only see each other once or twice a year. We are always looking for fun things that we can do to stay connected.

  27. Jessica Oct 19, 2012

    Thanks for all the new mamma advice! As a mom-to-be, it was great to hear. :)

    I’d love to hear more “themed” episodes and maybe just one call or two. It seems that the podcasts have mostly centered around calls lately. I wonder if you might find some value in taking a survey of your listeners to find out their demographics. Young House Love does an awesome job at this every year: http://www.younghouselove.com/2012/09/blogiversary-5-charts-graphs-tina-feys-face/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+YoungHouseLove+%28Young+House+Love%29

    I think your best podcasts are when you’re just being yourselves–2 awesome ladies rocking their 30s!

    All the best. :)

  28. You guys should totally do a Google Auto-fill podcast. You type in the first half of a question, like “What happens when… or “Why do boys…” and then you let Google autofill the rest of the question, and then you answer it! I think that would make for a rad cast. Loving the show as always, ladies! blessings!

  29. Joanna Oct 20, 2012

    I’ve been listening since the very first episode but never written in. Full disclosure: I’m currently 6 months pregnant. Still, since you weren’t sure if the segment about deciding to be a parent was interesting to people, I felt like I should finally pipe up. My husband and I both have demanding careers that we love. We have full lives outside of work, too. So when 30 years old came around (and 7 years of marriage), we were suddenly sort of finally staring down the barrel of the “kids or no kids” shotgun. I think most women can probably think of people who seem (although it’s probably not at all this simple) to have kids when they need a project or because it’s the appropriate next social/family step or to provide some kind of new self-definition or who have been waiting for decades to be a mom. But since we couldn’t relate to any of that, where does that leave those of us who are fully content and happy in our lives? Why rock the boat so substantially and permanently? For once in my life, the grass didn’t seem so much greener.

    People with kids generally told me that my priorities would change and that I wouldn’t mind not caring quite so deeply about my job or going to see the band playing in town that night or flying for a weekend to visit an old college friend. But I like(d) my priorities! What if I didn’t want them to change?

    My husband and I agonized through our ambivalence for over a year and, at the end of the day, we thought about our lives in ten or twenty years. In the end, this is what helped us: when we imagined our future lives, we had kids. That sort of made the decision for us. Because as much as we try to avoid thinking about it and seems to fly in the face of modern day gender equality and superwoman-dom, Tracy is right. There is a time pressure on women’s fertility once you start hitting the thirties.

    We still worry about how our lives will change and the things we will lose, conscious or not, after our kid arrives in a few. short. months (gah). I sometimes wish I could be a little more blindly idealistic about having a kid. I, like the other listener, worry about the impact it will have on our 14 year long relationship. So far, however, experiencing this together has only made us fall more in love and feel closer, which I didn’t think was possible. I’m sure there will be sleep-deprived nonsense arguments to come. But as each day passes, I am less concerned that the worst case scenarios that play out in my head will happen to my life. I’m still exercising and working hard and enjoying the childless life while it still exists for me. Yet I also can’t wait to meet this little person.

    I do worry about having to conform to a mid-day nap schedule and losing friends who are in a different stage of their lives. But, Joy and Tracy, this was Real Talk I think probably hit home for many listeners. Thanks for that. Keep up the good work. I look forward to listening every week!

  30. Dear Joy and Tracy, here are some of my podcast ideas:

    1. Favourite/inspiring/go to books: cookbooks, but also classics, novels, and so on. The same thing could be done for movies, the best food movies ever, for example :-)

    2. How to get into the “job world”. I’m 22 and I’m now beginning to look for a job and it would be helpful to hear your advice on how to keep looking for something that you like and that you’re passionate about, how to live the change between studying and working, but also on how to make new friends at work and how to do your best and… get paid (especially in creative fields: I love writing and I’m currently doing an apprenticeship in a creative writing school) 😉

    3. Health: how to eat healthy, how to find time to keep your body healthy.

    4. Breakfast: how to give ourselves time to have a good/healthy breakfast, how to change things up and do not get stuck in a tea rut.

    5. How to get better at cooking/pastry skills and learn more about how to make puff pastry and soufflées in our real talk/busy lives.

    6. Sex. I know that it can get awkward, but nobody talks about it: any advice could be helpful, and funny, I guess :-)

    P.S. I’m making the lemon pound cake this weekend. I will send you the picture.

  31. Hey Joy & Tracy! Doin’ my homework:
    1) Visions & dreams (opportunity to riff on a general theme)
    2) How to be a best friend (you guys are so good at it)
    3) Building your “personal brand” (another thing you each do well)
    4) Milestones (and how to mark them)
    5) Dealing with families (siblings, parents, grandparents etc.) Real talk.

  32. Danielle Oct 20, 2012

    I would love to hear about what blogs and podcasts you read and listen to!

  33. Tanashati Oct 20, 2012

    The 69th episode on my birthday, hmmm wonder what that says about me

  34. I’m going to be 30 next month and I’m ambivalent to having children, too. While I do eventually want children, they’re just not in the cards for me right now. I’m still trying to straighten out my finances, my career and I take care of my disabled parents. When the time is right, it will happen.. but right now, now.

    Also… don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. I hate it when people tell you I’m getting old and the chances get smaller once you hit 30. I don’t care. If I can’t have children that come from my body, then I will adopt. I’ve never been closed to that idea. Ignore the haters. It’s your life!

  35. Lauren K Oct 20, 2012

    Hey ladies great episode! I first would just like to say how much I love you both for being such wonderful people and making our AWESOME podcasts. Secondly I think that a great podcast would be baking skills, so like explain some tips and tricks of the baking world, I am an aspiring baker and always love love learning new ways to go about icing cakes, making healthier ingredients choices, etc. I also would like to tell you that I did make a lemon pound cake with a different recipe i’ve been waiting to try for a while and it did taste good but was certainly not picture perfect. Anyways thanks for being great and keep on makin podcast.

  36. Wow, looks like you have enough suggestions here to get you out of Rut-tober!! I won’t overwhelm you with any more because there are tons of awesome ones here, but I wanted to say — the talk of a Craigslist podcast reminded me of this artist who draws pictures based on the Missed Connections section. http://missedconnectionsny.blogspot.com/ (You may have to go back a bit to find some of them – it looks like she recently published a book about it!!) My sister once put up ads on Craigslist looking for friends… She found some, but I think they all came with a lot of red flags.

  37. Tanashati Oct 20, 2012

    Oh and maybe you can do a “splurge and save” segment for ingredients in our kitchens! Including tools and gadgets

  38. Becky Oct 21, 2012

    I did my homework :) Here are my suggestions, hope you like them:

    – CHANGES. I would like to hear you two talk about how you’ve changed through your life and the things that triggered those changes. Love tomatoes -> hate tomatoes? Plan to be a journalist -> go work on a farm? Read awesome novel -> change personality? Big, small, as teens, as adults. And, equally important, how do/did you deal with change at different times?

    – As somebody already suggested, I would love to have an episode on LITTERATURE, ranging from cookbooks to fav picture books as kids, to self-help books (we’ve ALL been there) and novels, poetry, journalism – anything you read, want to read, have read, would never read.

    – I did LOVE the “Inner hippie” episode and would totally adore a follow-up on that one.

    – LOSS. Even though it’s not a “fun” topic I would really like to hear you talk about the things you’ve lost, how you dealt with it, what it taught you, what it didn’t teach you. I’m currently in the process of re-constructing myself after having lost two family members and one close friend (not all at once, but within a year), and I think we’ve all had times of loss/grief in our lives that can be looked back upon and talked about with warmth and humor. And of course less severe types of losses as well – loosing a game of Pictionary, loosing a job opportunity to someone else, loosing weight, loosing your keyes.

  39. Carrie Daukas Oct 21, 2012

    For podcasting ideas… I love the podcast, and I think you guys are at your best when you’re just talking about whatever. Like when Joy just happened to tell the story about “Put your plate on the table, you hippie!” or when you were just talking about celeb crushes, and the “Mos Def” moment happened. If you think about it, some of the best moments on this podcast happen when you guys are just talking about whatever, and because you’re friends and because you both have the best personalities, these great moments happen. I think that’s why you hear from us, your listeners, about how much we love you guys and how it feels like we’re hanging out with our own friends, and how your podcast is a bright spot in our day. I don’t think that comes from taking a specific topic and talking about it, but just talking about whatever.

    And, side note, I’ve noticed these awesome moments in the podcast are usually followed by one of you like apologizing for being so rediculous or something. I just think you guys should know that we LOVE your crazy moments, and the rediculous things that you say. It’s what made Seinfeld great, a show about nothing, and I don’t think you should shy away from being a show about nothing.

    Sorry if that’s not totally helpful, I know that’s not exactly an idea, but just wanted to give my two cents for whatever it’s worth :)

  40. Emily Oct 21, 2012

    I would also love a post on post-grad talk. I am a senior in college-and am not sure yet what I want to do when I graduate-and am not sure what I’m supposed to do to support myself while I figure things out once I’m done with school in May. Any advice on the post-college to real-adult transition would be awesome. Love the podcast you guys!

  41. Hey ladies love the podcast!
    Tracy, loved the mom-kid real talk, I have a four year old and a nine month old and you are spot on with finding the balance between what you want and what your family needs from you,

    Future podcast ideas- I love your make up fashion podcasts because you are both so different so you cover a wide range of possibilities.
    Parties- planning, throwing, hosting, cooking for, hostess gifts, themes etc
    Free time- what do you do then? What would you do if you had more?
    Books- some others suggested, I like the idea too.

    Really anything you talk about is great! I love listening!

  42. Hey, Joy and Tracy!

    Love your show and your blogs. I have a blog as well and love the support I get online from my readers. One problem I have, however, is whenever I mention to people in “real” life that I have a blog, people don’t react. They either ignore it or say “oh really?” and I never hear any thing again. This makes me not want to tell people about my blog, but it’s such a part of my life. Any insight on this? Did you guys experience this at all early on? I know it sounds funny, but I can’t be the only blogger who feels like they have a double life.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome podcasting. You guys are amaze.

  43. -Hair? I like learning about what people did as teenagers to what they do now… and all their little tricks.
    -How to make more time in your days.
    -The little things that are maj awesome
    -Book club? Favorite books and maybe starting one?
    -Cleaning tips. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like as soon as I clean my apartment, it gets dirty the next day.

  44. What about making a podcast about family traditions and recipes? Like the one which are handed down from generation to generation. And Joy, I would love to hear more about your kitten 😉

    Sending love all the way from Finland to California,

  45. Maria Oct 22, 2012

    I would love to hear about:

    1. bruch with friends!!
    2. cooking lessons/ tips from your mom/ grandmom. Also cooking WITH your mom!
    3. lunch and snack tips&tricks for people that work aaaall day, to save money but eat well.
    4. why people from completely different industries love the podcast (i am in architecture/design)- how does it inspire them? what does it mean to them?
    5. coulda woulda shoulda- real life talk about the things that could have been!

  46. Melissa Jensen Oct 22, 2012

    JOY – I loved your blog post on “Mamma Says” and I think that would be a GREAT topic for the podcast. All the things you and Tracy have learned from ‘yo mammas’. (ps – would HATE a podcast all about Craig’s list… just sayin!)
    Love the podcast, love both of you…. thanks! Melissa Jensen, Providence, Utah

  47. Lyndsay Oct 22, 2012

    I think you ladies should do a podcast where you pretend to be on different TV shows and talk about what you would do in that situation.

    For example: If you were on Master Chef and had to make your “signature dish” what would it be?
    Or if you were on Chopped what are some of the ingredients you would desperately hope would NOT be in that basket? (Maybe Michael could even pick 5 ingredients and then tell you when you’re taping and you’d have to say what you’d make).
    What type of girl would you be on the Bachelor? Which Housewife are you most like?
    If you were on Survivor would you eat that bull testicle? Or would you rather just go home…

    You could also talk about ceremony etiquette (like, when one person is about to get cut from the show). Is it ever okay to throw someone under the bus to save yourself? (I’m looking at you, Top Chef).

    Would you ever consider trying to become the Next Food Network Star and who would you want to be your sponsor?

    Or you could simply discuss the Food Network Hosts & whether or not their food is realistic. (I mean, Barefoot Contessa… Lady, I don’t have a personal relationship with my cheese guy.)

  48. So, this may sound SUPER dull, but it really can affect all aspects of your life:
    Discipline (no, not THAT kind).

    You two seem super disciplined and get so much done so I’d like to hear about…
    1. what you do to keep your buns productive–any self-talk, self-motivation stuff you do to keep cranking
    2. what you ARE disciplined about
    3. what you are NOT disciplined about
    4. do you have any discipline buttons: what particular things drive you nuts when you see other people NOT getting it done
    5. what are your next big things that you want to conquer (but SO have not yet…), and how you’re going to MAKE IT HAPPEN.


    Thanks for all the inspirasch! xo

  49. I love the show!!

    – Pot luck dishes for this holiday season – all varieties, desserts to savory for all types (young people parties to more family style events)
    – how to transfer said pot luck dishes
    -holiday cookie party exchange – NEED IDEAS (i have to go to several)
    -Surviving work holiday parties
    -homemade gifts (need to start now)
    – what to do about negative friends
    – how to plan blog posts ahead so you dont go WEEKS without a post



  50. That picture of Cooper is to die for. I nearly squealed out loud when I saw it.

    When I saw “Rut-tober” I thought you guys would be talking about rutebegas. Haha.


    1) Before Joy mentioned it, I thought a pets-related episode could be kind of fun. I totally have a dog problem I’d love to get feedback on.

    2) What about a “button pushers” episode? What pushes your buttons? What do you do that pushes other people’s buttons? (Come on, admit it, we all push people’s buttons on purpose sometimes!)

    3) Sometimes the things you guys mention as reasonable or affordable are so far outside my real-life price range that I wonder if I’m more broke than I think. I would love a “bargains” episode where you talk about your favorite free and really inexpensive things.

    4) What about a truth or dare episode???

    5) A “go to” episode. What are your go-to dishes for when someone is coming over who is: low carb, or gluten-free, or diabetic, or vegetarian. Then you could also talk about your go-to outfits, go-to shoes, go-to friends, go-to places to go to (ha) when people visit from out of town… and so on.

    6) Disasters and how to manage them: kitchen disasters, relationship disasters, parenting disasters, parent (as in YOUR parents) disasters, natural disasters (Tracy’s in SF – she must have an earthquake story!), fashion disasters (show notes with 80s outfits!)

    7) Gifts – you guys always do great gift episodes, but you tend to mention alcohol a lot and I have several people in my family who don’t drink so I don’t/can’t bring liquor to parties or give it as gifts. I’d love another gifts episode in time for the holidays that is both budget (hello economy) friendly and liquor free.

    8) A charitable holiday bucket list – i.e. list items include stuff like donate a coat to a coat drive, bake cookies for neighbors, go to church with your parents (you know they ask all the time), take a kid to see Santa (tag along with a friend and his/her kid if you don’t have one), visit your local big city’s holiday display (ex. Rockefeller Center), go ice skating (where weather appropriate), and so on…

  51. Isabella Oct 22, 2012

    I would love to see a confessions podcast! I’d enjoy hearing what immature things that you did that I can learn from! Although I think I’ll grow up to be like you two, I want to develop from other’s experiences!

  52. Speaking of ruts and ideas for podcasting, I would love to hear about what kind of cocktails you’re drinking right now. Any Holiday cocktail ideas? Punch maybe? I write about cocktails and sometimes all I want to do is drink Rye Manhattan’s for a month- cocktail rut. I think with the holidays coming up maybe there are a few holiday inspired cocktails you ladies might want to mention?

    Also, PS, the idea above about a truth or dare podcast is outstanding. Do it!

  53. I love your real talk – always! Topic ideas I would love to hear about: 1) how you manage your time and 2) favorite blogs you follow as readers! (Tracy I know you balance blogging professionally with a “day job” and motherhood. And I’d love to hear how Joy maintains her focus and intensity and HER days job if she’s doing on “on the down low”.)

    And, a question: how do you two entertain yourselves when in the car/traffic? I spend a LOT of time in the car and am always looking for ideas. (My Friday morning commute with your Podcast is a highlight of my week!)

    Thanks much and keep ’em coming please. :-)

  54. OH – I forgot to add: more kitty talk please!

  55. I would love shows on the following:
    ***Hippie beauty tips (part II)
    ***We love the 90s – your favorite memories (fashion, music etc) – for us ladies in our 30s, the 90s were a big time in shaping who we are today!
    ***How to live your best life, ala Tracy & Joy (with lots of Oprah voice!) – what are your best picks right now for fashion/food/music, etc? What should be on OUR Christmas wish lists? (do the gift guides later). I have a birthday in November, followed by Christmas, so I’m always stumped on what to ask for, yet can think of a million things other times of the year.
    *** “I’ve never….” – make a list of crazy things & discuss what you’ve never done (or have done). Or like the podcast you did before – have each other guess if you’ve never done it.
    *** how to create your own traditions as a single lady or as a new family or couple. What are traditions you’ve started or would like to start? Example, my fellow & I usually go out for a really nice & somewhat splurge-y dinner on New Year’s Eve (we’ve also stayed at home with crabs, yum!). We like to watch spooky tv shows & movies in October.
    ***what got you into cooking/baking. who inspired you.

    (oh, and sidenote – it’s so funny, you now have at least TWO fans named “Maija”! I keep seeing another Maija posting comments here, and it’s too weird, as it’s a pretty unusual spelling!)

  56. Elizabeth T Oct 22, 2012

    Revisiting old topics (like the red flags podcast) is an idea (but that could be overdone very quickly)… Fortunately others have posted great ideas!

  57. Sofie T. Oct 22, 2012

    Loved the real talk about mom’ing! Have you heard of Caitlin Moran’s witty and hilarious book “How to be a woman”? She has sections on why and why not to have kids. Like Tracy, she talks about that special love connection you can only have with a person that came from you. Moran also writes that having kids gave her perspective on what matters in life.
    Keep the ear candy and real talk coming! :)

  58. Podcast ideas: Interviews with other people who love food? Kitchen tips? I’m years away from being a mom, but I also appreciated that real talk. I’d love to hear more about how you host dinner parties. Also, about these weird 20-something years after college where you’re figuring life out; tell me more about that, please. That includes choosing which city/neighborhood to live in, figuring out the right haircut, and finding a job you like and new friends, too.

    (p.s. you’re right, Joy; no one likes it!)

  59. ashley Oct 23, 2012

    i just wish your podcasts were longer!! :) i have a long drive to work and 30-45 min is so short. podcast idea would be to just talk about best/worst/funniest/most embarassing/etc things that happened that week for you guys.

  60. A big roundup of your favorites & bests (stores (clothing, grocery, gift shops), coffee drinks, movies, things about fall, things about each other, places to travel/visit, all-time favorite foods/dishes, makeup/beauty, candles, flowers, clothes, shoes, books, drinks, tv shows, hobbies, things about California, etc!)

    Also, I went and saw Argo Friday night, and during some of the intense scenes, I just kept thinking to myself that one of the characters favors Joy. “Hey, it’s Joy the Baker! And because she’s Joy the Baker, she’ll be ok!” Here’s the actress- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0245112/ (In the movie she has glasses and looks more Joy-ish.)

  61. Claire Oct 23, 2012

    Some things I would love for you awesome ladies to talk about on the show (in no particular order)
    -movies and weird things that make you cry
    -more gift giving ideas with the holidays coming up
    -what you wanted to be when you “grew up” when you were kiddos
    -awkward phases in your life (I mean a middle school themed episode would pretty much be amazing)
    -maybe tracy could interview cooper (he does say the darndest things after all)
    -the topic of whether ladies become their mothers
    -songs that are the soundtrack of your life

    that’s all I have for now. I am positive you will get out of the rut and let’s be honest even the rut episode was still pretty great!

  62. I’d love LOVE it if you did a little more food styling talk. I live in Atlanta and sadly, can’t make it to one of your amazing classes. I feel like I get some great shots, but what if the wall behind your delicious plate of awesome is white and boring? Any way to spice that up?

  63. Smith Oct 24, 2012

    You are both so accomplished! How did you “make it happen”!

  64. realtalking parenthood is so CRUCIAL! love it, especially from such a rad lady

  65. Ideas for topics? More talk about the behind the scenes of your blogs! How did you guys go about finding a graphic designer to redo your blogs and what are some things to keep in mind when doing a blog makeover (can you tell I’m in the middle of one right now?)

  66. Oh so many fantastic ideas! I would especially love to hear something on friendship, specifically about meeting your “tribe”….I haven’t met mine, still, and I’m not totally sure how to. I would also love to hear you guys talk about burn out (on life, work, even the stuff you’re passionate about)….what you do, how to get un-burned, stuff like that.

    Thanks, for the podcast, ladies!

  67. Love all the ideas! Everyone has such interesting, creative suggestions. I also liked the kid talk on this week’s episode, and I’d like to hear more about maintaining friendships you move into different life phases. Once you have kids, how do you stay connected to your childless friends? If you don’t have kids, how do you relate to your friends who do?

    I’d also like it if you regularly revisited topics you’ve covered before, like hippie beauty tips, products you’re loving, books you’re reading… It’s awesome that you guys put together something new and different each week, but I think it would be cool to have some regular segments, too!

    Finally, these are a few ideas I had for specific episodes.

    Games: Literal and metaphorical. What games (or sports) did you play as a kid? What games have you played in relationships? I’d love to hear you guys play MASH on the podcast!

    Best and Worst: Share the best and worst things you’ve had or experienced. Best/worst vacation! Best/worst job! Best/worst birthday! Best/worst sandwich! (Now that I’m writing this, I feel like maybe you’ve done something like this before? Sorry if you have!)

    Home: You’ve both shared peeks of your homes on your websites, and I love getting a sense of where you each live. I think it would be fun to hear more about your homes – what you love, what you hate; your favorite place you’ve lived; where you’d live if you could; what makes your house a home; the first thing you do when you move, etc.

    • Oh! I was having a glass (i.e., plastic tumbler) of wine in the shower and I remembered another idea!

      Now and Then: This is kind of a spin on stuff other people have suggested (and you’ve done before) but it might be fun. Pick a year (preferably mid-90s) and cover your life then and now. Who did you have a crush on then? Who do you have a crush on now? What was your favorite TV show then? What’s your favorite TV show now? You get the idea.

      Thanks again for all your podcasts – you guys are definitely make me laugh/smile more frequently than any other podcasters out there.

  68. katelyn Oct 27, 2012

    With the holidays coming up, I am in need of a cute little gift to get a bunch of people (my girl cousins and I give each other little $5 “titta” gifts as part of our Christmas exchange). I love Joy’s pancake idea (http://joythebaker.com/2012/06/buttermilk-pancake-mix-presents/) … but do you have any other ideas for cute and unique gift ideas?

  69. i second the “Day in the Life” theme idea.. also Spilled Milk podcast recently did an episode describing their perfect meals, and it would be fun to listen to you ladies discuss something similar.

  70. Here is my JTB & Shuttz wish list:

    1. I love christihaha’s idea of a round-up of favourites!

    2. My everyday life: simple pleasures you try and incorporate into your daily lives, morning routines to get ready for the day, evening routines to unwind, dealing with stress, organising yourselves, etc.

    3. More modern-day etiquette please: in relationships, in friendships, in the workplace, when hosting a party, when one is a guest at a party, general lady-like vs non-lady-like behaviour, etc. Things people do that drive you crazy!

    4. Favourite recipes/meals for: summer BBQs, movie night in, girl’s night, breakfasts, work lunches, weekday dinners, romantic dinners for two, cold winter nights, etc. Most memorable meals for both good and bad reasons!

    5. Five things I’ve learnt so far… about blogging, about careers, about love, about photography, about food, about life, etc.

    6. I love Becky’s idea about changes

    7. Taking chances: When have you taken a chance and it was the best thing you’ve ever done? When have you taken a chance and it did not work out? How did you cope with it? What chances are you afraid to take but would like to?

    8. 2013 bucket list

    You guys are amazing and I’m so happy I discovered your podcast and blogs this year… keep up the great work!!! Sending love from Australia :)

  71. frankie Oct 28, 2012

    My significant other and I want to know how to make coupled friends. Friends we can go out with on dates and just do fun things together. Where would we meet and/or make these friends and how?? We each have our own friends. But not friends that we both share.

  72. Ana G Oct 29, 2012

    A Missed connections podcast and a Mommyism slash Daddyism podcast

  73. A few show ideas:
    –What I want(ed) to be when I grow/grew up
    –Travel (fantasy getaways)
    –East coast vs. west coast (I love getting your west coast take on east coast things)

    LOVED this last episode. Tracy’s views on parenting are always refreshing and spot on. Joy–would you chat more about your beau? Keep the chatter coming!

  74. Emily Oct 29, 2012

    Oh have you both done posts about goals or habits? I think that goals that you have and have reached, and bad and good habits that you have would make interesting podcasts!

  75. Andria Oct 29, 2012

    Joy & Tracy,

    I love homework assignments, I am an unabashed nerd like that.

    1. Parents. I love when you talk about your parents Joy. So how about a podcast on this crazy relationship: the navigations of relationships with parents now that everyone involved is an adult, of legal drinking age and sets their own bedtimes. Also how we are either alike or different from our parents, how they have influenced us for good or evil, etc.

    2. Comfort items; the things that make us feel better when we are sick, food that makes us feel better when we are sad, songs we listen to when we are feeling broken hearted.

    3. Irrational fears and pet peeves, this stuff always gets awkward and funny.

    4. Kittens. Joy we need one entire podcast on your kitten.

    5. Painful moments and how to survive them. Like meeting an ex in an elevator unexpectedly. Or when you say something really unfortunate to your boss in front of others, you know that kind of stuff, how to get out that type of thing gracefully. I just know you would have awesome advice on that.

    6. Cooper. Tracy we need many more clips of Cooper singing. Gjepper Depper Doooo made me laugh so hard.

  76. Rebecca in STL Oct 30, 2012

    Possible Topics:
    -Eating well and living well in tough economic times. I know I’m not the only one who still likes to make schmancy meals, entertain friends, dress well, and at least fantasize about travel even though I don’t have much expendable income for any of it.

    -Maybe you could do a David Sedaris style podcast for the holidays. In other words…all the embarrassing, awful, crazy holiday experiences you can share…or ask others to share. I love when Joy talks about her eccentric aunt. I’m sure she’s provided some nice holiday entertainment. Use ‘Holidays on Ice’ as a reference. Hilarious.

    – More Michael? I feel like he’s Gelman to your Regis and Kelly. Have you already made this comparison? Question is…which of you is Regis and which is Kelly…or Kathie Lee?

    -I also like the idea of a 90’s throwback episode. Man, I miss the 90’s. But I hear the dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland.

  77. Emily Oct 31, 2012

    So many ideas up there! I finally listened to this podcast and wanted to throw out to the caller who was wanting advice on having/not having kids – I’m sure you’ve seen it, but there’s a book that just came out called “Why Have Kids?” which might interest you. I’m in the middle of it right now and can’t say for sure how I feel about it, but as a almost-30-year-old who doesn’t have kids yet, but wants them someday… it’s appropriate reading.

    Podcast ideas!? Sometimes Dan Savage, who often has people call in with questions, has people call in with stories about crazy holiday times. Maybe having people call in with stories instead of questions for an episode would be fun! Or calling in with their favorite holiday stories and recipes? Hmm… Some sort of book-club type of episode could be fun too.

  78. Tanashati Nov 1, 2012

    ah I have another idea. recipe writing? i probably can’t make a whole episode, but I would like to know how you ladys do it

  79. Jessica H Nov 4, 2012

    How about a show about big dreams? Maybe through the decades? Wait, it already sounds lame. I don’t think it would be though! I want to hear what you dreamed of becoming when you were 10 (or teens), what you dreamed of becoming or doing in your 20s, and what you’re dreaming of now. What are the crazy goals you have had and have now? Which ones have come true? Which ones are you glad never came true? I’d listen to that.

    P.S. I secretly dream that you’ll have a TV show. Not a cooking show…because that seems to ruin amazing blogging personalities (I’m not naming any names) but I would love a little reality show action about both of your lives. That probably sounds like a nightmare to you…but I’d watch.

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