It’s that time again!  Time for another ridiculous episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast!  This week we’re talking about Facebook etiquette!  How do you properly cancel a friend date?  Facebook messaging is not the answer.

We go down the rabbit hole discussing Facebook pet peeves and  Real Simple weighs in.

We also discuss what to do when friendships fizzle, and how to not eat cheese at a party.


The podcast UHHYEAHDUDE is one of our favorites.  Podcast co-host Seth doesn’t have an email address or smart phone.  He’s the one that should probably be telling us about Facebook etiquette.

We wanted to know where you listen to the Joy the Baker Podcast from and we were BLOWN AWAY by your response!!!  Finland!?  Iceland!  Estonia!!?  You amaze us and we’re so stoked that you’re on this journey with us.  Thank you!


Happy Birthday to the one, the only, the best podcast listener of all time:  JOE FRIEDMAN!  We hope you enjoy this 88th podcast on your 88th birthday!

Thank you for listening!  We’ll be back next week with another episode!

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35 comments on “Scrolling & Judging

  1. Facebook what is that?! I only had an account for a week, don’t miss it at all.

  2. Thursday Morning are the BEST when I have a new podcast to listen to!
    I listen from good ol Calgary Alberta, Canada. :)

  3. Listening to the podcast while working (making jewellery) at my shop (have to pause it when a customer comes in..) I paused it now because I had to comment. What?! No talk about sex life with girlfriends?! Who do you talk with about it then? Your doctor? I mean… Sex and the city! What are girlfriends for if not sharing stuff and helping each-other? I wouldn’t call it a frienship if I wasn’t comfortable enough to talk about things (any things… including sex). No judgment.. just amazement.. (ok maybe you’re not talking about a Friend but an acquaintance)

  4. Oh, and I’m listening from Greece

  5. Here’s why I like my personal Facebook account—because we have family and friends all over the world. It’s the most effective way to communicate with everybody, because—well, everybody’s there. But I don’t strategize. No thinking, no worrying whether I’ve posted in two weeks, I just… randomly post. Then again, my blog isn’t really about ME, so I can’t really tell everyone just to look there for info about my family. FB is easy for me because that’s where the majority of people are. I don’t stress it.

    Now, my blog’s FB page? That stresses me out. I hate dealing with that kind of strategizing. Zuckerberg changes the algorithm daily, it seems. I’m more of a Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram kind of girl.

  6. happy birthday, joe!!

  7. Oh… And we’re totally talking about you gals in our next podcast. :)

  8. The “tetris with diamonds” is Bejeweled. It is addictive! I deleted FB from my phone and it’s been GREAT. I spend less time with the scrolling through that black hole now.

  9. Happy birthday, Joe!!!

  10. New JtB podcasts make my day. I’ve been listening since episode 1 and take you two wherever I go—including the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro! Just the boost I needed to make it to the top. These days, I’m listening from Vancouver, Canada.

  11. Jolisa Mar 22, 2013 called my name and my country. You have made my day really have!!! #totaldork

  12. Greetings, Joy and Tracy! Happy Birthday Joe. Listening to your podcast in Greece. ; )

  13. Lauren Mar 22, 2013

    When you guys were talking about the guys taking full body pics, I kept waiting for Joy to say “hot bod”!! I couldn’t stop cracking up when you were talking about the fetus profile pics and I’m at work with my door open :)
    I just deleted Facebook from my phone too. I need a break, it tends to make me feel bad – and who needs that? I’m too cool for Facebook!

  14. Alexis Mar 22, 2013

    I love listening to y’all! I listen every Friday afternoon from my little office. It is the bright spot of my week and fab way to end the work week.
    It too me a really long time to sign up for FB, it was summer of 2011. I think I lasted maybe 6 months before I deactivated my account. I couldn’t deal with it! It was a weight off my shoulders once it was gone.

  15. Bah facebook… I use it like Tsh to keep in contact with family and friends all over the world, but I have to say: I do tend to hide people from my feed a lot so that I don’t have to deal with the humble bragging and the craziness. I find it’s a good compromise :)

  16. Raizi Mar 23, 2013

    Forgot to leave a comment last episode… I’m listening from Jerusalem, Israel!

  17. Pink Stripes Mar 23, 2013

    Montreal, Quebec!

  18. Listening in from Ottawa, Canada!

  19. Happy B-day Joe! You are great!

  20. I laughed and cringed at the Facebook pet peeves, I agreed with them but also have to admit that at some points in my life have done some of those things myself…*supercringe*.

    I’m listening from from Sydney Australia, but just decided to move to Greece *eeeeeeeps!!!* so soon I’ll be listening from Greece. You gals could do international polls of totally important unimportant things! Basically a poll of all the cool kids that listen to you gals every week. Throw a question out and you’d have hundreds wanting to weigh into the debate.

    Keep up the good work Joy and Tracy.

    Also – Aussies would call Tracy “Trace”, not “Tray”.

    • You did?!! People from Greece are moving to Australia…. But it’s still nice here, even with all the crisis on our heads

      • Yeah it’s a pretty crazy time to move to Greece, but my life needs a pretty crazy shake up. Luckily I’m taking an extended break from work to be more creative and don’t have to work while I’m there. It’s only for a year. I’m also excited to study the language too!

  21. I use facebook to tell my friends and family all the wacky things that my kids do. I figure if it gives someone else a laugh, then it’s worth it. Like the other day when I found my four-year-old feeding his little sister (7 months old) her own boogers (yes, he picked her nose for her and then tried to feed her the booger). That was totally facebook-worthy.

  22. Anyone else having an issue with the podcasts not showing up on the iphone podcast app? : (

  23. Hi girls,

    Thank you for your podcasts and your hapiness; I ve been listening to you since the very beginning in the US first and in Paris now. I love the podcasts and I can practice my english while baking :)
    I might be wrong, but I have a friend who cant eat dairiy products because he is allergic to the milk protenin (called Caseine in french) and actually he can eat beef neither veal. not a big deal but maybe the girl asking about the beef was thinking about that.
    Anyway, thank you for your good work and enlighting our days.

  24. Caitlin Mar 28, 2013

    Congrats on your 88th podcast and Happy Birthday Joe!! I, like Tracy, love a good “8” as I was born on 8/18/88. Keep it up! <3

  25. Courtney Odle Apr 1, 2013

    are comments where I post a question? I’m gonna have to do it.
    So, speaking of Facebook B.S…. I have this first cousin who is a year older than me and I love her dearly and we have (had) maintained a long distance friendship. However, truth be told, she’s pretty much a spoiled brat. She was basically an only child until she was 18 and is rather self-centered, extremely dramatic, and has a flair for exaggerating the truth and playing the helpless victim. She has recently taken to posting suicidal Instagram snaps and FB updates. She routinely bashes people (with extreme vulgarity) on Facebook and calls out her “haters”. .. She doesn’t support herself (She’s 27), she doesn’t respect her mother (who is having a hard time of her own), she is flat out RUDE to any and everyone who crosses her. Not sure why we’re friends, actually. To the point, she FAKED HER DEATH on Facebook! She created a life event, she used her mother’s phone to comment on her own death, her friends were posting “RIP” comments. I mean, WTH!? I live out-of-state and had to activate the phone tree to get the real deets. Now that we know it’s all a sham my mother (her aunt) has called her out on it and this girl, in response, completely bashes my mom, my aunt, and myself. publicly. She has threatened to “expose” and “slap” us… Expose what, puhlease. GIve me a break. I have since asked her not to contact me, removed her as a friend, and blocked her. Am I turning my back on a cry for help? It is soo more like the who cried wolf. To quote Tracy, “my commentary starts with an F”.. hah. I laugh, sorta, but for real.. this sucks.

  26. Happy (Belated) Birthday, Joe!

  27. Sarah Apr 4, 2013

    Happy Birthday to Joe!
    I normally listen to this podcast on my bus ride home from work in Washington DC (not very exciting or cool). But a few months ago I listened to you guys while riding on a bus in Israel and the West Bank (which I think was pretty exciting and cool!) Even better, I wound up making friends with a guy in my tour group by bonding over your podcast. We spent the whole ride sharing one pair of headphones and laughing hysterically.

  28. To the girl who wrote in about friendships:: You are SPOT ON.
    I don’t even know Joy & Tracy in real life but because of the things they talk about and how relate-able they are, they make me feel amazing!
    If these virtual friends are capable of that, just think what actual friends could and should be like! Friends are seasonal and it helps a lot to remember that.
    Also, one of my favorite quotes, by Rumi:
    “Be with those who help your being.”

  29. I know I am so behind but I just listened to this one. Tracy inspired me to remove the Facebook app from my phone and I feel free, like I have my life back!

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