Alrighty!  Another week, another happy podcast coming your way!

This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy open up about their ‘unplugged Sunday’.  How did they fare without Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and email?   It was Joy’s big idea to unplug, but did she even do it!?….  this could get awkward.

Tracy got a Clarisonic.  It’s a sonic boom to the face… in a good, clean way!

This week we talk about dreams!  Dreams.  Nightmares.  Hopes and goals.  Tracy dreams of a vacation home with a shed.  Joy dreams of a working in her very own photo studio like White on Rice Couple.


And!  Online dating!

When it comes to online dating profiles, keep it real.  Be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for.  If you see your friends on a dating site… run and hide.  If you want to meet a quality man, aol and Third Eye Blind worked wonders for Tracy.  Remember… Sexy in.  Sexy out!

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26 comments on “Sexy In Sexy Out

  1. Omg! Haven’t even finished the podcast but that recurring dream about not going to class all semester is my recurring dream/nightmare except it’s always a math class and I’m so behind! So stressful!

    • megan Feb 24, 2012

      That is EXACTLY my recurring dream too, but the subject of the class is usually science. What does it mean?????

    • Emily Feb 25, 2012

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has this recurring dream. It would make so much more sense to dream about forgetting one assignment or one test, but the dream is always about realizing at the end of the semester that I forgot the class all together. So weird. I wake up in a panic!

  2. Sleep…you’re doing it right Tracy. Science says so:

  3. Nadia Feb 23, 2012

    Sssoooo… I listened to the funny podcast this morning AND when I got home 5 minutes ago, what did I find in my mailbox: Joy’s cookbook! So stoked! Guess what I’m doing this weekend?!

    The layout and the pictures are so pretty. Thanks for sharing your amazing recipes!

  4. I’m glad I have this podcast. ‘Cause Thursdays are hard . . .

    1. I have that same nightmare-school-dream, also!
    2. I’ve been wanting a Clarisonic the worst . . . but I got one of those Olay Pro-X Advanced things instead (hope it works).

  5. Gillian Feb 24, 2012

    I’ve listened to and loved your podcast since episode one and have on occasion caught myself humming your theme song. So imagine my surprise when I was watching Ellen, and during a commercial break an ad came on using the same music! Holy cats! I nearly got whiplash as I looked up in excitement thinking I was going to see you lovely ladies, but I was greatly disappointed to instead see a tile store. Where did this music come from??

    • We are using music from a stock library. So, yeah, you’ll hear it out in the world occasionally. We hope to get some original theme music written and recorded for the shows sometime soon.

    • Tracy Feb 29, 2012

      that’s Hilarious! We were flipping through the channels the other night and the opening theme for The Office came on and Cooper blurted out THE JOY THE BAKER SONG!! Hahaha. It’s not…but it sounds kinda similar. :_

  6. joy and tracy – this is awkward to tell you, but i know you love awkward. i have had dreams about you guys. i remember one very well where i was visiting california and we were making friendship bracelets together – i guess that was my subconscious working out its jealously of not going to homefries u!

  7. Joy, I also feel dead to the world when I sleep. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I am out! Part of me is jealous of people who have awesome, exciting dreams, but then on the rare occasion that I do have a dream, I wake up frustrated because I don’t feel as well rested.

  8. LOVE Tracy’s (?) red sandals! Who makes them?

  9. Kelley Feb 27, 2012

    My dream is for Tracy to also write a book so she and Joy can do a book tour together! (and visit my city, of course!)

  10. I LOVE Tracy’s (?) red sandals! Who makes them?

    • Tracy Feb 29, 2012

      They’re saltwater sandals! I have two pairs and they are SUPER comfy.

  11. Tracy, I spent a large chunk of being 15 looking up AOL profiles of other people who also liked Third Eye Blind (or 3eb for the super fans).

    Joy, your book arrived in the mail today (from the pre-order) and I can’t wait to try some recipes.

    This podcast always makes me laugh outloud. I literally LOL. Thank you both.

  12. Lots of love for your podcast. Definitely one of the silver linings of my week. I wish I had listened to the latest podcast before I joined Match a couple of months ago because I definitely broke all the rules of online dating that you guys had described.

    I am now obsessed with podcasts thanks to you two. Other than the ones on Homefries, what other podcasts would you recommend?

  13. Oh AOL, I wish I could meet a boy that way now. Because eHarmony and POF suck and most of my female friends don’t have male friends to hook me up with . . . Tracy, how you met your husband is super cute.

  14. @Amber – those are Salt Water Sandals! I had them as a kid (and have a white pair now as an old), and you’re supposed to be able to wear them in the ocean and such.

  15. I’m behind on my podcasts, so I was just catching up today. I so miss those old AOL days when searching for common interests in profiles was an awesome way to meet people.

    I met my husband on MySpace (ha) and I have a ton of friends who are married to people they met online – either through dating sites or common interest forums and games. It’s so the norm now. It’s a bit crazy to think about.

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