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Sexy In Sexy Out

Joy the Baker Podcast 39

In This Episode…

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Alrighty!  Another week, another happy podcast coming your way!

This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy open up about their ‘unplugged Sunday’.  How did they fare without Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and email?   It was Joy’s big idea to unplug, but did she even do it!?….  this could get awkward.

Tracy got a Clarisonic.  It’s a sonic boom to the face… in a good, clean way!

This week we talk about dreams!  Dreams.  Nightmares.  Hopes and goals.  Tracy dreams of a vacation home with a shed.  Joy dreams of a working in her very own photo studio like White on Rice Couple.


And!  Online dating!

When it comes to online dating profiles, keep it real.  Be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for.  If you see your friends on a dating site… run and hide.  If you want to meet a quality man, aol and Third Eye Blind worked wonders for Tracy.  Remember… Sexy in.  Sexy out!


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