This week we’re saying Buck It to Summer!  What’s on our summer bucket list?  S’mores.  Crafts.  A summer dance spectacle.  We also take your calls about unwanted emails, siren songs, and kooky child traits.  We also play just about the best song EVER about this very podcast!

Let’s get crafty this summer!

Honestly WTF has THE BEST tutorials.  Let’s make pretty things!

Tracy wants to rock some MAJOR bright nail polish.

She wants to be a Nasty Girl… although Joy’s going to try and make her a Party Girl.

Let’s go, TRACY!

Erin’s siren song is to run her fingers through a stranger’s beard.

This is weird, terrifying, and totally awesome.

Oooh man!  Thanks for tweeting us @homefries!

Tracy doesn’t have any beards in her life.

Maybe one of these BEARD HAT will help.

We’re connecting new friends all the way in Hawaii!

Find out how Gwen and Kelly met, here!!

Don’t forget your ‘Summer Styling’ homework!  Show us what you’re workin’ with this summer?  New hair?  New lipstick?  New kicks?  Awesome summer margaritas?!  What’s going on in your world!!  Tweet us @homefries or find on on Facebook!

The Joy the Baker Podcast has a song!

Thank you, Michael!  Thank you Jonathan Mann!

Baller status.  On the reg.

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84 comments on “Shuck It in a Bucket

  1. Ahhh I loved this one! I live in Spain, and Miguel’s accent is sort of typical. The kids learn British English here, so as an English teacher, I’ve had to adjust and not find it weird to say words like trainers, rubber (aka eraser), “at weekend,” etc. Most Spaniards don’t have the accent down quite as good as Miguel though!

  2. I keep replaying that song. It’s totes maje! You’re right, Tracy – he DOES giggle when he said you can take it too far – too funny. “Cutting up underwear so they have room to breathe” is my absolute favourite part. I laugh every time I hear it. Question: Who wrote the lyrics? Michael or the singer? Props to him!

    “Never there have been more entertaining ladies” is too right. Love you blazin’ ladies!

    • I just gave him the jokes and stories behind them. Jonathan arranged them into magical lyrics. He’s pretty amazing at doing that.

  3. Dustin May 31, 2012

    Tracy, I agree with you, briquettes is a funny word. Maybe it’s because it sounds like baguettes and those things are hilarious (and delicious). I think someone should bake baguettes on briquettes…

  4. Oh my gosh, as far as the spontaneous laundry dance goes – you need some back up dancers and this needs to be a Joy and Tracy music video. If this happened and we didn’t get to see it in video format, you’ll be put on my dunzo list.

    I want to help!

  5. Smiles for days! Great podcast. I have to get real and figure out my homework. Tracy, my toddler, Calvin, is also very particular when things change. I blame my OCD. Enjoy Seattle and the bright nails. BOOM BOOM POW!

  6. OMG! I sound TERRIBLE! What’s with my accent? LOL – It’s really true that it does sound very Spanish at times.

    Anyway… Probably it has to do with the fact that I wasn’t drunk. Because when I am drunk I’m totes Brit. LOL

    Awesome! xxx

  7. best song about a podcast ever!

  8. Loved this episode. I especially loved the advice about email forwards, because man, my grandparents love to bombard me with horribly offensive emails. Spam folder, here we come!

    Also, one of my summer bucket list items is to make Baked Alaska. Do either of you brilliant ladies have a recipe you’d recommend? I wanna light some things on fire!

  9. What a fun song! It was like a “best of the best”… nice work and thanks, yet again, for the smiles!

  10. Tracy! My favourite nail polish is Essie – Jamaica Me Crazy, it’s a pretty pink/purple that’s not too bright, with a tiny bit of shimmer but is girly and perfect for summer toes!

    Also those bracelets are AWESOME! I can’t wait to experiment!!

  11. Lyndsey M. May 31, 2012

    Alright, Joy! If the laundry dance spectacle made it to your bucket list, we must do this! A montage is a fantastic idea. Hamburger buns and all. And Tracy, you can definitely throw in that cartwheel.

  12. Lauren May 31, 2012

    Guysssssssss. Loved the pod today. Loved, loved the song. Made my day!

  13. this episode is hilar. i’d like to meet someone in my little tiny town who listens to the podcast! is that too much to ask (says the girl living in the tiny tiny theresnowaythatspossible town).

  14. Hi guys! Just listened to your podcast and happy to see you are coming back up to Seattle, cause we just loooovvvve you. I’ve got the perfect polish for Tracy’s nails, it will look so amazing on her, I promise. It’s not cheap, but well worth it, and it’s most def bright! I’ve only been able to find it at Neiman’s, but here it is. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about–I do this for a living! Sorry about the long address, but check it out.

  15. Mercy Azarcon May 31, 2012

    omg. the song is awesome. love listening to your podcast. highlight of my day for sho!

  16. Jenny Jun 1, 2012

    I took an uncooked egg to work yesterday because I was going to make cookies at my boyfriend’s house afterwards and he almost never has eggs around. Weird? You betcha, but it totes makes sense considering. So after work, I was walking to my car with this egg in my hand, and a security guard from my building was passing me. Out of nowhere, I had this unbelievable urge to just chuck the egg at him. Where did that even come from?! Pretty much the only thing holding me back was the thought of cookies that evening. So yea… That’s my siren song.

  17. kayleigh Jun 1, 2012

    that songg. oh ladies,i just about died at the joe the baker and that’s not a rolling pin. i had totally FORGOTTEN ABOUT THAT. ahh,awesome start to my day. love you guys!!

  18. Love the song!

    Love the podcast!

  19. You should sell some Joy the Baker merch so all the fans can find each other out in public. I have a t-shirt from the WTF podcast and you wouldn’t believe how many other WTF fans I have found from wearing the shirt around. Maybe a tote bag that says “Totes Maj”? I would carry that around every day.

  20. Vanessa Jun 1, 2012

    OMG the “beard hat” TOTALLY made me LOL!

  21. Alison M Jun 1, 2012

    That song made my day!!!! My week actually! Love it.

  22. Sarah R Jun 1, 2012

    I have what I may humbly suggest to be the *perfect* laundro-dance song: “Let Her Dance” by the Bobby Fuller Four. 1.The title says it all. 2. It’s imminently danceable. I’ve been straight up addicted to it lately and having improv dance parties by myself. 3. There’s a sound that runs through the background of the whole song that reminds me of the clanging of change coming out of the dollar bill changers at laundromats.
    For your listening consideration:–QsJrxQ

  23. Rashmi Jun 1, 2012

    Love the song and this podcast ! It is seriously! Listening to this podcast was a great start to my 30th birthday weekend.

  24. Melanie Jun 1, 2012

    Hi Joy, I thought you might like to borrow some dance moves from this dude for your laundromat dance. (Black Keys – Lonely Boy)

    • hahahhahaa!!! this dude knows how to get those hips going!!!

      and i LOVE the ‘look at my watch’ move.

  25. Kendra Jun 1, 2012

    Greatest. Song. Ever.

    Also? Stayin’ Alive would be a fabulous laundry room song. It’s so head-bobby, but you could have some sassy moves with that one. And it would pay homage to the recent passing of Robin Gibb.

    Wait, is that creepy? That could actually be remarkably creepy. Never mind. Better idea. Whitney’s “I Want to Dance with Somebody.” And on the “I wanna feel the heat” line, you can hug a dryer. Wait, is it too soon for her, too? Geez.

  26. This was so much FUN to listen to!! My husband does not listen but recognized almost every reference in the song because I tell him about the funniest parts……which in THIS one is mos def the mile high club. And while a montage is a fab idea, my vote for the dance song has GOT TO BE “It’s TIme” by Imagine Dragons. you would rock this!
    I agree with Michael – the highlight of my week! love you guys!!!

  27. I so very much will be a laundrimat back-up dancer. I live in LA, I dance, and I do believe we have a dancer friend in common who maybe would dance too. Email me!

    • we have a dancer friend in common!? i know dancers!?

      • You do know dancers:) I was having a cooking party and we were discussing our favorite blogs, I mentioned yours and my friend Alice Ngo says she goes to church with you…

  28. Love the song, it almost made me cry with happy tears. Love the podcast! You girls are the best. Oh, and I have to tell you… I’m older than both of you – 34! Haha! I’m your elder.

  29. I was so happy to hear you’re in Seattle, but bummed that they’re aren’t any public appearances where someone like me could shake your hand/buy a book. Is there? Or will Blogher take all your time? If so I hope you’ll come back soon!

  30. i think this should be the new JTB podcast theme song! it super catchy! the bridge is killer! “MIMES! RED FLAG BING BING BING!”

  31. Whoa. You guys should totally have that song available for download. I love it! It’s totes maj.

  32. I am an English Teacher from Brazil and I´m loving all your podcasts.
    I´m using it as homework, so they can learn new words and laugh a lot as I do!
    Thanks a lot for making my week more sweet!
    Oh Joy, I think you should dance Toxic, as tracy said once in a podcast. Spy song and very nice for the bucket list.

    • wait… you’re MAKING people listen to us!? people who are trying to learn english!? but we don’t even use real words! people are going to thing that ‘totes maj, i ate a burrit’ is english! oh no…

  33. Great episode! Can’t wait to hear how your summer bucket lists are going. I’ve jumped over to the bright nailpolish bandwagon this summer with bright orange! Quite a change from my usual plum or blue. Love it! You can do it Tracy!

  34. I don’t have a twitter, so I did the homework on my blog!

  35. i really think that the only people who are members of the mile high club are big ballers with private jets. are regular everyday people really having sex in those tiny, smelly, airplane washrooms? with a line of people waiting outside?

    the things this podcast has me pondering…haha

  36. Jayne Jun 3, 2012

    Ack.. The video of your song made me tear up. I don’t know why? It’s just so sweet. Your friendship is precious and the whole thing you both created here, unbelievable.

    I thought about the unwanted emails part. I explicitly told friends that I delete every email that starts with FWD: and so they should save their time and refrain from forwarding stuff to me. It’s been years since any has sent me those. I think it tells you who your real friends are. Acquaintances merely click all and send out mass spam but true friends sit down and craft out 2 sentences to saw they are thinking about you. I’m glad I narrowed down to those who truly care. And yes, I have some people in my filter list and I don’t think they know. Whatever.


  37. That song is the Bomb Diggity.
    BTW, late at night when I’m going to bed, my phone will ping and I”ll check it, it’s an email. Hubby’s all “who’s emailing you so late?” I check… my 77 year old g’ma sending jokes and political emails. Oh, yeah, she also sends all those don’t get into your car without your car keys in your hand defensive like emails. Geez. She’ll email straight up until 1am sometimes. *argh* I really need to tell her how to check her emails with snopes, cause half the crap she sends me is inaccurate.

  38. So excited to see the Beard Hat on here! I’m definitely a new fan and will keep on following!!!

  39. Elizabeth T Jun 4, 2012

    For the caller who had spam issues, I may have a solution. One of my friends once worked as an Avon rep and I’d get emails every week which quickly got bothersome. I didn’t want to completely cut her off via email, so I set up a filter instead. I use Gmail, but I’d imagine other email providers have similar features. I basically set filters to “Skip Inbox” and “Delete It” and now those emails never cross my screen!
    Of course sending it all to spam would work as well…

  40. That song totally made my life. Well done, Joy, Tracy, Michael, and Jonathan!

  41. May I suggest Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” for Joy’s laundry dancing escapades? And Cooper should make a playlist and share it with us!

  42. Leslie Jun 5, 2012

    That song makes me smile so hard. And random orange kitten montage. And cutting underwear reference. Perfection.

  43. Sarah Jun 5, 2012


    You could always do something like Jackson 5…it might be nice to be able to lip sync if you get a little shy or run out of dance moves…(loved the idea someone had of Whitney-I wanna Dance with Somebody…that song is the business!)


    love as a theme might be nice, who can’t relate to that and then they’d leave feel all warm and happy that shiz is contagious. For real.


    OR!! (sorry-last one!)
    You get in and get out. do your laundry like it no big thing and then you and the people doing laundry around you BUST OUT dancing for like two minutes and then all go back to doing laundry like-no biggie.
    (flying lotus)

    Any way you cut it-YOU GOT THIS.
    (and who knows?! you might do this on the regular!! haha. awesome.)

  44. Sarah Jun 5, 2012

    Hmm…I may have gotten a bit out there.

    Pardon me : )

  45. Much love for you ladies! I was driving down the road yesterday and realized what my siren song is. There is a shady section of town that I have to drive through in order to get downtown. There are a few roads known for drive-by shootings and I always get the urge to turn down them to see if anyone shoots at me… I live on Cape Cod. Who does that?!

  46. maggie n. Jun 6, 2012

    I just have to tell you that I’m currently on a 10 hour bus ride from DC to Boston and I could barely supress my laughter and goofy grin during that amazing song. It makes me want to go back and listen to all the podcasts again! Thanks for keeping me entertained on the road :)

  47. I think briquette sounds funny because it sounds like Rockette. Also that song was amazing, you have such great friends to do something like that for you! I’m glad Michael was pleased to get some shoutouts, he should definitely make more appearances on the podcast (or have his own!) I wish I could come to BlogHer and see you guys but it might have to wait until next year. The only thing on my summer bucket list so far is to make quilts for all three of my kids for Christmas. I guess that’s a summer/fall bucket list. I just don’t know how to make a quilt so its been pretty rocky so far!

    • Tracy Jun 6, 2012

      I’m so glad there are at least two other people who thing briquette is funny. Joy’s reaction did crack me up though!

  48. OMG, best bday present ever, Michael! I laughed out load at that song. It’s good! Not just because he got all the jokes in, but it’s catchy too. :)

    Those bracelets are so cute and doable-looking. Arg! I might have to get crafty too!

    And my summer style is filling long pants, sweaters, and jackets. Because even though I live in San Diego. Even though it can be in the hundreds some days. It’s ALWAYS 65 in my office. Brrrr.

  49. Hi Joy and Tracy… you are both so much fun, and such an inspiration to me!!!
    So much so that I posted my own bucket list …. at
    and my summer accessory i this lovely dress: /Users/judisetzer/Desktop/273569_4019_D1_alt.jpg

  50. heather Jun 9, 2012

    love the show….love the blogs….and i love love love love the song.

  51. Marilyn Jun 11, 2012

    Joy! You have to, have to, have to get this laundromat dance party get done DID!!!! We have to get Tracy, Cooper, and Casey dowm to Venice to make it happen! Let’s get to talkin’ and doin’

  52. Oh my gosh that song and video was awesome! Must.Watch.Again.

    Thanks for the summer bucket list ideas, I never thought of making one before, but now I must :-)

    Love the podcast!

  53. BreAnne Jun 25, 2012

    As far as quirky kid mannerisms. My 3 year old has started finishing her stories saying,” true story”. She also groans exactly like I do when I don’t want to do something.
    I adore the song!

  54. Melissa Jun 29, 2012

    Love the song!!!! Laughed out loud and had to get straight on the computer and watch the video.

  55. heidi Jul 12, 2012

    Just catching up… and LOVED the song! I smiled the whole way through!

  56. LOVE the video. Just finally watched it, although your theme song has been stuck in my head for awhile. Also, I FINALLY made my summer bucket list. Thanks ladies!

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