This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy get down with some RealLifeRealTalk.  Tracy has a cold and Joy is scared of a book tour.  Will anyone show up?  Are there M&Ms in the green room?   Wait…. is there even a green room?

They also discuss Valentine’s Day, shucking, cards, and unplugging… unplugging for real.  Why is unplugging so hard?  We need to get a grip.

Tracy’s cold remedy involves ginger, garlic, butter, and bread.

Sooo yum.

A Hot Toddy will help too.  Stay hydrated!

Joy is nervous about her mini book tour.

Seriously.  There’s no fancy green rooms.  Only Southwest flights and Sharpie markers.

And YOU!  You’re totally the best part.

Come say Hi!  Book tour information is here!

Valentine’s Day was an utter success!  Tracy got a card and had fancy lunch.

On Valentine’s Day, Joy learned how to shuck.  No biggie.

This is about where the shucking jokes get outta control.

We’re About to Be Friends with Sarah Gim of Tastespotting!

Also… Joy and Tracy are reluctantly unplugging.  It’s our challenge for the week.

Sunday there’s no texting, no twitter, no facebook, no instagram, no blogging, no email.  NONE OF IT!

We’ve been inspired by Shauna, and The Joy of Quiet.

…let’s see how this goes.

We’ll let you know next week.

Maybe you want to play unplug along with us!  Alanis style.

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46 comments on “Shucker

  1. Hey Joy and Tracy!! Loved this podcast!! I just wanted you to know, Joy, that if you came to Jacksonville, FL on your book tour I would hug you and bring you chocolate peanut butter pretzel brownies with ganache frosting. It’s called love in a brownie pan. I know you’ll be a huge hit everywhere you go!!

  2. Tracy Feb 16, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy!
    Joy my sister and I are totally there at your Chicago book tour!! We are super crazy excited!!!

  3. Love when I get the notice of a new podcast…such a treat! Love what you do. Hey, the book tour will be a great adventure. Wish you were coming to Minneapolis! I’ve got to get the book ASAP.

  4. Hi guys,

    I’m a big fan of the show. Huge fan. I listen to it while I bake.I tried listening to it at work, but it just didn’t fit as well. This podcast is for the kitchen or the car. Anyway, I have a question for you guys.

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for eight years. Eight. My parents and friends keep asking me when we’re going to get married.People keep asking me when I’m going to, “lock it down”. And it’s awkward. It’s awkward cause he doesn’t want to ever get married. And I’m fairly indifferent.

    But everyone keeps treating me like I’m failing in some way. I feel like I’m not taken as seriously as my married siblings. And a good married friend of mine has told me (so many times)that she wouldn’t stand for that and that I should be pushing for a ring.

    Also, my boyfriend and I are both twenty-five.

    Are they crazy (they being the marriage pushers)?
    Or am I for not caring about the security of marriage?
    Do you guys (or have you) ever felt pressure to be married?

    Thanks a million!

  5. Amanda Feb 16, 2012

    Joy! I will be at your signing in Pasadena (God willing and the creek don’t rise). I am slightly freaked out to meet you (and freaked out that I’m freaked out about such a thing… because despite being awesome you’re really just a person, right?!) but after reading Tracy’s post today about what she learned at the alt summit (e.g., GET OVER IT) I feel better. Ack! Excitement!

  6. Hey Joy and Tracy! I love your podcasts :) I am coming to the one in Portland and….I’m kind of super excited to meet you! I’m sure you’ll be great, just be yourself and everyone will love you!

  7. Linda Feb 16, 2012

    As always, thanks for making me smile! I recently moved to Austin (add BookPeople here to your book tour if you can, Joy, they do a great job!) with my husband after raising a family in the SF bay area and it has been a huge adjustment, though we do love it. Listening to your weekly chats has been great during this time. Thanks!

  8. Well I’ve already planned to be at the book signing in Huntington Beach and I’m bringing a friend! I can’t speak for your other signings, but hey worst-case scenario you get to go see a whole bunch of new cities, right? Good luck unplugging, the only times I’ve ever done that are when I’m sick or on a vacation where I have no reception/don’t want to pay enormous fees. It is wonderful though when you can finally put down your phone and forget about the internet.

  9. Oh, Shucks!
    You ladys rock my world.

  10. OMG! You guys crack me up!! Listening to you at work right now and everyone is wondering what in the heck I am laughing at!

    And Joy I will see you in Huntington Beach :)

  11. Joyyyyyy – I’m gonna come see you in Pasadena!

  12. Kathleen Feb 16, 2012

    Joy, don’t be scerd. I’ll be at Brooklyn Kitchen. No big. Just “bonkers” excited to meet you.

  13. Kathleen Feb 16, 2012

    Also, I’m sure you have tons of friends in NYC you will want to see but if you find yourself lonely from all that solo travel and nervous before your signing, I’d totally be down for an awkward stranger lunch with you. I’m totally normal and *bonus* I love to eat delicious food (split a salad?). Lemme know.

  14. I love you guys and your words :) I so want to come to Chicago and see you, Joy! Wouuuld it be ok if I brought you a little present? It’s just so very much you, and I want to give it to you. It’s small, and it’s jewelry. Or would that be awkward for you and all the other people…?

  15. You two are hilarious. I look forward to listening every week!

    Joy, I’m SO excited to meet you in Portland.. can’t wait!

  16. Annabel Feb 17, 2012

    i love your podcast!! and i can’t wait for your book, Joy! i’m counting down the days! hehe 10!!! and in fact, I just stalked the “sneak peak” on amazon! read the whole index! soooo excited! also, i’ve been thinking about this alot (don’t laugh. i am so serious.) is there some kind of book signing etiquette i need to know about? lolz i am just wondering… would it be okay if i hugged you? not in the creepy stalker kind of way, but in the “i’m your biggest fan and i love you!” type of way… hopefully you can answer this here, so i am not a total embarassment to you and myself! anyway, can’t wait to see you in NewYork! wooooo!

  17. Amy S. Feb 17, 2012

    The shucking comments made me giggle at my desk! You girls are fantastic! Joy, try not to be nervous. There are lots of us that just want to meet you and say hi! Just think of it as a house party. In a bookstore. Without the booze or food. OK, maybe that’s not a good analogy, but just try to think of it as FUN!

  18. Joy, I was planning on traveling to Chicago for your book tour but I’m planning on going to LA in April and can’t afford to travel twice. We should meet up while I’m in LA! I’ll buy you lunch and you can sign my book. :) People think I’m rude because I’m shy all the time… not that they’ll think that of you! It will be fine and fun, people can’t wait to meet you! If it seems like its not going well just buy everyone cookies and they’ll love you. Great podcast!

  19. I’ll be there in Seattle! Me & my “tuesday girl’s night” crew are coming to Book Lauder!

  20. Melissa Feb 18, 2012

    Joy! Schveet! So glad you included St. Louis on your book tour. You are on my calendar. I look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to see what you share on the 22nd. Good luck… you’ll be great!

  21. Tracy you should totally come to the Seattle book signing with Joy! I’ll be there for sure and would LOVE to meet you both! Joy don’t worry. People will definitely be at your signing!! Can’t wait to meet you!

  22. Joy! You are going to rock this. I’m so bummed you’re not coming to Austin. I would make your hand sting from my very very powerful high five. Remember, you don’t have to impress people because they are so excited to meet YOU.

  23. Seriously, the “shucking” jokes were CRACKING me up. I had the hardest time not lol-ing at work. You guys made my morning GREAT! <3 you both!

  24. Elizabeth T Feb 22, 2012

    Ohh Joy, listening to your podcast, I almost wanted to scream “I’ll be your personal assistant and help you get all that you need on your book tour and track expenses and be all personal assistant-y and even pay my own way” but I wouldn’t want to impose and I’m a total stranger but I hope you do well on your book tour!!!

    Don’t worry, people WILL show up :)
    Sorry for that random outburst :]

  25. Amanda Barkey Feb 22, 2012

    Joy! I will SO be at your book signing in Huntington Beach on the 3rd! So excited for you!

  26. Melissa Marie Feb 23, 2012

    Boo. Beau. *bangs head on desk* or *blushes that my dorkery made the podcast*

    Once again… carry on… And thanks for making Thursdays awesome.

  27. I love your podcast. I was catching up on a few episodes while baking/cooking up a storm on my day off and I nearly snorted into the mixing bowl several times. Love it! Keep it up and the bit that made me laugh the most was about the male baking/mime stripers…hilarity my friends, hilarity.

  28. Oh Joy don’t be nervous we will love you! Can wait to see you in SF!

  29. Hi Joy and Tracy!I loved this podcast! You two are so funny! And Joy, no need to be nervous about the book tour! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to meet you when you come to Seattle! :)

  30. Joy, you could not have been more relevant when you started talking about how guys don’t ask girls on dates anymore. I got all fired up last week after a sour dating experience and wrote a whole post about it (along with a recipe for blood orange curd). Anyway, thank you both for keeping me entertained while I work today. You make designing web images so much more fun!

  31. Ayris Mar 1, 2012

    Joy I really cannot wait to see you this Saturday at your book signing in HUntington Beach. I got your cookbook, made s’mores brownies, and now all I need is an autograph for everything to be right with the world!

  32. Carrie B. Mar 10, 2012

    I cannot wait to meet Joy in St. Louis! See you March 22 :)

  33. I’m listening to this podcast while I work today (i’m a little behind on my podcast listening…sorry), but Joy! My husband tells the Unique joke ALL the time! And he tells it with a little extra special ending…

    How do you catch a unique bird?
    -Unique up on it.
    How do you catch a tame bird?
    -Tame way.

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