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That’s right, folks!  We’re back with another Joy the Baker Podcast!

This week we’re talking about all the important things:  summer camp, growing up with trundle beds, and why it’s nice to have a baseball bat in the house.

•  Calzone or no calzone? Stromboli or no?   (Sorry Giada… it was too easy.)

•  Video conference calls.  Tracy is a whizz.  Consider your background.  Consider your lighting.  Don’t sit on the bed.  Definitely don’t pick your nose.

•  Tracy is sending Cooper off to summer camp where he will learn age-old skillzzzz like coding and animation.  Can’t we just play Red Rover, sing John Denver songs, and call it a day!?

•  Let’s go to Camp Wandawega!

•  Now we’re going to make all of our furniture out of cinderblock.

•  Joy is going to find herself a uniform.  One dress.  Everyday forever. Here’s the inspiration.

Thanks for joining us for another podcast! Find us and say hello on Instagram!  Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean.




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14 comments on “So Much More Room For Activities

  1. I’m listening to the podcast right now and I had to pause it and write. Joy.. you are totally talking about the Ina Garten uniform!! Ina had a seamstress replicate a shirt she loved in like 100’s of different materials and colors. Please start this trend.. I need to know have a mini pani every morning trying to figure out what to wear.. and I work for a clothing retailer, so it’s some stiff competition with these gals! I’m not ready to go full comfy lady wear, but how nice is a uniform. Love it!

  2. Stephanie Jul 15, 2015

    Listening to you two talk about Conference Calls made me laugh and think of a video that you may enjoy. It’s called A Conference Call in Real Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYu_bGbZiiQ. Super funny and something that anyone who has been in a conference call would enjoy!

    Love both of you ladies and I was super pumped to have a new episode to listen to today. Not sure why it says May? But I’m cool with it.

  3. Jenna Aug 4, 2015

    I really enjoyed this episode! It was up there with some of my favourites (like Boozy Susan & the summer bucket list eps). Are you planning to do any more? I keep checking iTunes hopefully, just in case. If it was the last one though, I just want to say I think you finished on a high note (and I’ll miss you!)

  4. Megan Aug 20, 2015

    Joy and Tracy – why can’t I find you on iTunes anymore? Not even the old eps… I feel like I’m missing my friends on my drives.

  5. Elyse Harvey Aug 21, 2015

    It’s awfully quiet around here :( miss you girls!

  6. When will you podcast again? I miss your podcasts!

  7. laura bradshaw Oct 12, 2015

    Joy and Tracy! I miss your podcasts!!! You guys have been my long lost soul sisters when I had…. well – not that many friends in my new home city of San Francisco. I listened to you on my way to work, on long walks in the park with my golden retriever Barkley and during my new baby’s naps (to recover my sanity after long sleepless nights). I miss you guys and I wish you decide to continue podcasting, you are such a breath of fresh air in this crazy crazy world we live in. By the way, your Giada Laurentis impression had me peeing my pants from laughter. Love that bobble head. Please do more podcasts soon!!! Love you both dearly.

  8. Bryan Oct 20, 2015

    Hey, I have really been missing the podcast lately. Will you be starting it up again?

  9. Tracy Oct 29, 2015

    Are you girls still doing this podcast? I’m going through withdrawals!!

  10. Catherine Nov 12, 2015

    Why haven’t you guys done any since this?

  11. Really miss you guys. Did I miss an official announcement or something? Why did the podcast end so abruptly? Going through major withdrawal.

    Did life get too full?

  12. Elyse Harvey Dec 2, 2015

    Can we pretty please get an update on the Joy the Baker Podcast? I miss Tracy and Joy! Is the podcast done? :(

  13. Katie Jan 25, 2016

    seriously so depressed that you guys haven’t posted. I’m stressed out that you two are not friends anymore. Can you two work things out? Pretty please!

  14. I miss the podcast! I always felt like I was on a roadtrip with old friends when I was listening :)

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