Yes… it’s already time to talk Valentine’s Day.  Tracy’s married, loving holiday celebrations vs. Joy’s single, awkward conversation holiday celebration.

We’ll talk about how to have a Valentine’s Day celebration with two babies at home, and how to send a big bunch of flowers (or edible underwear)to your friend’s office job.

Tracy tries to order Joy a Joe the Baker stripper, and Joy tries to order Tracy a mime stripper.

Believe it or not, it’s even more ridiculous that it sounds.

Heart Dipped Krispie Treats.  Easy love bites!

Homemade Almond Joys.  Want now!

Chocolate cake! With a Heart on it!   Sweetheart!

Shop at Best Made Co.


Joy is obsessed with Marlies Dekkers bras… no biggie.

Ooooh boy.  Here we go.

Big, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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58 comments on “Some Breathing Room

  1. “That’s not a rolling pin”!!!
    You ladies had me in stitches with that one, and that was before you moved onto the mime stripper. That’s when the tears of laughter started. . .and then the strange looks from the cat who clearly thinks I’ve lost my mind.
    Keep up your fabulous work! Even though we’re on opposite sides of the globe, your perspectives on life have me laughing with joy and familiarity.

  2. I would live a mime stripper solely for the purpose of avoiding the typical cheesy stripper dialogue. Unless he fake cries, that would get awkward.

    We have drafted a list of gifts that men wouldn’t hate to get for Valentine’s Day: I think you both would approve!

  3. I think I nearly died when Tracy said “mixed nut”.

    I’m not even done with this podcast yet and it’s already turning into one of the best ones.

  4. Laura Feb 2, 2012

    Needless to say that I totally love this podcast – and this episode is one of the funniest ones ever, lots of tears of laughter here on my part, too.

    And then – completely unexpectedly – I got a personal Valentine’s Day wish from you guys via my awesome fiancé Florian (from Vienna)! Thank you so so much! Also, dorky fan that I am, it totally made me blush, when you said my name :) Thanks again!

    (P.S.: I think both a Joe the Baker and a mime stripper would be so much funnier and nicer than a “real” one – this stuff never looks sexy in movies/on TV.)

  5. Yep. Still got it.
    Also, I too hate the p-word. Gross.

  6. My husband and I had dated for ten days before Valentine’s Day last year. Obviously it worked out, he took off work early with me and went on a walk in the rain at a park, played on the swings together, and then went out for Indian food. It was great and for this Valentine’s Day we’re married, I get to have him for my Valentine forever! Yes, we’re still very mushy…

    This year though, we’re having a Minute to Win It Valentine’s Day party for friends single or not.

    On ladies gifts…if you’re a dude who wants to give a girl jewelry for Valentine’s Day and it’s not an engagement ring…PUT IT IN A BRACELET BOX. Make sure it’s clearly not ring box shaped-even if it’s pearl earrings or a necklace.

    Oh and Tracy, I have cut off underwear at work before to avoid taking off my pants entirely! I hear ya.

  7. Cassie Feb 2, 2012

    Without question, your most hilarious episode yet! Fortunately, I was in my office with the door closed, so that my co-workers (all boys) didn’t hear me giggling or see me wiping away tears of laughter.
    As a show of sisterhood solidarity, I feel the need to say that I too hate the “p” word, and agree that male strippers (eew!) should have to wear boxers, even Joe the Baker…Ha.

  8. Ashleigh Feb 2, 2012

    Hi Joy! Where do you buy your Ransom? I’m near you in West LA and need to track down a place that carries it.

    Happy Valentine’s day, ladies!

  9. Valentine’s day is really not a big deal to my husband but a holiday I kind of love. So I put candles out at dinner and make him a card. It makes me feel good to have a special day for love even though we love each other everyday.

    p.s. we need pics of Joy’s nails. stat.

  10. In College, we celebrated Singles Awareness Day, and all the single ladies went to dinner and then to a rom-com. We made shirts: “Happy Singles Awareness Day” on the front and “Accepting Applications” on the back. I still celebrate that way with whatever single ladies I can find. However, I have been on 3 dates with this guy lately, so I am unsure if I will have other plans this year…

  11. I’m listening on headphones at work and stifling so much laughter. “That’s not a rolling pin” and mimes pretending to take their clothes off. ROFL (Btw, a stripper who only pretended to take his clothes off would be my kind of stripper. lol)

  12. I don’t like the ‘p’ word either! Thank you!!! The stripper flapping comment made me seriously laugh. My husband always says he’s not going to get me anything for Valentine’s Day because he shows me he loves me every day of the year, but then he breaks down and gets me something last minute because he’s afraid of how it makes him look. I am happy to be married though, that I don’t have to worry about the politics of dating on a day about love.

  13. Courtney Feb 2, 2012

    Best. Podcast. Ever. Seriously, you guys, this make me crack up. This was by far my fave episode. Thanks for being real awesome.

  14. Another hilarious stitches-in-your-side podcast, ladies! A jewel in my otherwise un-notable day. Yay!

  15. I am SO glad that I listened to this podcast at home and not in public, because I just about died laughing when Tracy talked about cutting off her underwear…

  16. Jackie H Feb 2, 2012

    Thank you so much for today’s podcast. I’ve been sick at home the past 2 days and thought listening to your podcast would help, and boy did it ever! I can’t get the image of Joe The Baker wearing a frilly little apron patterned after Joy’s website out of by head. When Joy came back with the stripper mime I just lost it. Thanks for a hoot of a podcast ladies.

  17. You guys are too much! Joe the Baker and his undulating apron not to mention the mime made me die laughing (probably the only mime that will ever make me laugh). Being a single lady I appreciate how you’ve covered all the angles hahaha!

  18. I should know better than to listen to this podcast at work. I’ll have to listen again when I’m driving home so that I can laugh out loud without shaking while trying to hold it in.

  19. STOP. Just stop. This episode was too funny!!!

    I have been working in Tanzania for the past three months, and I’m so glad I committed myself to this podcast. In my battle to thwart a slow Internet connection, I have taken to downloading episodes while I’m sleeping. 8 hours (haha, who am I kidding??) later and a short commute to the office, I am in pee-pants heaven.

  20. I agree with a lot of the above comments– one of the funniest podcasts yet! I wish one of my friends listened to this podcast JUST so that we could joke about mime strippers later.

    Looking forward to next week!

  21. Wilma Feb 3, 2012

    This was my favorite episode yet! Completely hilarious, & I was glad to be alone in my home office since I was laughing out loud so many times! Best line – “that’s not a rolling pin!” :)

  22. Nikki Feb 3, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy,
    I have Fridays off of work, so I always listen to your podcast while cleaning up my apartment. This episode was hilarious. I was laughing out loud all by myself. Loved it! I also have to add that my boyfriend (of 5 yrs and who sits patiently while I watch the Bachelor on Monday nights) just started listening to your podcast too. We totally make inside jokes about it. Thank you ladies! :)

  23. Oh. My. Goodness.

    That was the first time I’ve laughed outloud at work, by myself. I’m so glad no-one heard me. I was freaking in tears! Love the podcast. Love how it’s like chatting with my girlfriends.

    Thank you for that. Really love Joe the Baker.

  24. Jennifer Feb 3, 2012

    I’ll probably wear my “sexiest yoga pants” – awesome, Tracy!

  25. Agnes Feb 3, 2012

    Oh man, how has noone commented on Tracy being in Joy’s bush! With a stereo!

    ARGH. Lolz. Haha. and eesh at embarrassed hilarity. Well done ladies. X

  26. Traci Feb 3, 2012

    Oh, man! This was the BEST! Reading all the comments and laughing all over again…great job!

  27. Megan Feb 3, 2012

    I decided to bring you ladies with me to the gym today to get me though my workout with a smile on my face. Tracy shearing off her underwear had me snickering, but by the time we got around to ‘Joe the Baker’ and ‘Stripper Mime’ I totally lost it. We’re talking tears, giggles, gasping for air, everyone thinks I’m insane ‘lost it’. In public.
    I have no regrets. Joy and Tracy, thank you for making this my best night EVER at the gym.

    • I have to reply to this comment because I was about the leave the exact same one. I love to listen to the JTB Podcast while I run. Today was a gorgeous, sunny day here in Boston, so I was running around our town pond a very crowded walking path. When I got to the part about the mime stripper, I was literally doubled over with laughter, while still trying to keep up my running pace. I can only imagine what I looked like, and was getting A LOT of very strange looks from the public. Thanks ladies. This was truly awesome. “Just pretending to take his clothes off” totally did me in. Love you both!


    “I’ll pretend to give a crap about the Super Bowl if you pretend to give a crap about Valentine’s Day”

  29. i was listening to your podcast while running and i had to stop several times to catch my breath from laughing so hard. thanks for making life bearable in small town appalachian georgia.

  30. [In regards to the Bachelorette Dream Team I posted on My Legs are Not Candy]

    Phone convo is as follows:

    B: “Tracy linked me and Joy the Baker thought I was funny!”
    Mom: “Ooo! Joy Behar!”
    B: “Is that the Joy from The View?”
    Mom: “Yes!”
    B: “No, not that Joy. Very different Joy.”

    She still doesn’t get my blog.

  31. vanessa Feb 6, 2012


    wowohwow this one had some major tears rolling down my eyes. joe the baker dusted in flour, stripping mimes, joy holding babies upside down with diapers on their heads? what what?? too much goodness for one podcast. so happy to get some serious laughs every time i turn you guys on; keep it up ladies!!

  32. Elizabeth Feb 7, 2012

    I was listening to your podcast this morning, and by the time I got to work, I realized I had put on a purple shirt and a pink blazer in my sleep-deprived stupor. As far as color combinations go, at least it doesn’t clash? I also hid it with a pink scarf.

    Regarding the chocolate-dipped rice krispie treats, what if you sprayed a heart-shaped cookie cutter with nonstick cooking spray or laid a square of plastic wrap over it, and pressed the rice krispie mixture into the cutter? It’d probably be rather labor intensive because the treats would be molded one by one, but if Tracy’s fear is that the sheet of rice krispies would be too hard to cut into, this could be an alternative.

    Keep up the funny!

    • Elizabeth Feb 7, 2012

      P.S. (Sorry about the double posting) Tracy, where did you get those cute cupcake liners for the homemade Almond Joys in the second picture? I’d love to know!

  33. OMG. Axes + ransom + mime stripper = scary movie waiting to happen!
    Tracy, I’m totes with you in the “cutting undies off in the office cube” situation :)

  34. Thanks for the Marlies Dekker tip. Any suggestion for seductive platform shoes?

  35. You guys, I just found the worst/best thing ever in the arena of edible panties….BRIEF JERKY:

  36. Ladies, I made the mistake of listening to this podcast while pounding the pavement on a heinous-number-of-miles run. There I was, running uphill, totally out of breath, looking not-so-hot, when you start in talking about Joe the Baker and his rolling pin. BWHAHAHA! Do you know how hard it is to try and laugh and run and breathe all at the same time? I think this podcast needs a hazard warning!

  37. The Joe the Baker comment made me think of one of Mike Rowe’s dirty jobs:

  38. Seriously that is not a rolling pin had me rollin on the floor..Still loving the podcast ! it makes my commute totes better…My fave thing is that listening to your podcast is like listening to friends.

  39. Carrie Feb 10, 2012

    Hi-lar-i-ous! I was laughing so hard and I needed to laugh. Thanks so much. Love your show!

  40. Melanie Feb 16, 2012

    CTFU….The dopest episode yet… I adore you Ladies!!!

  41. This episode was hilarious! LOVE “Take your expectations, slam them on the ground, and leave them there.” It’s my new job-hunting mantra!

  42. Caitlin Feb 20, 2012

    that mime picture at the end of the show notes is totally disturbing…

  43. Joyce Apr 30, 2012

    I realize I am waaay late commenting on this episode, but here’s why.

    I’m a new Joy the Baker podcast fanatic. Just as I was getting used to listening to the weekly podcast routine, you two took a (well deserved) week off from the podcast. At your suggestion, I started going through and listening to all of the old episodes, which is why I am commenting on a Valentine’s Day podcast in April.

    And now for the actual comment:
    The best place for single ladies to go on Valentine’s Day is Chuck E Cheese. You know, the awesome restaurant where kids eat pizza, play skee ball, and jump around in ball pits. If you went as a child, I’m sure you have many fond memories, much like me.

    Chuck E Cheese is guaranteed to be a couple free zone on Valentine’s Day night – it’s not a place for a romantic date. So, grab your girlfriends and enjoy recreating some awesome memories from your childhood. Who doesn’t love playing arcade games while indulging in gooey, cheesy pizza? No one.

    Also, if your server is as stellar as mine was this year, he will not only bring candles to put in the cake you brought to the restaurant, but will sing happy birthday to any and all of you (birthday celebration or not). Hey, it’s someone’s birthday somewhere.

  44. Jasmine Mar 27, 2013

    Ladies. A little over a week ago I started listening to your podcast from the beginning. In less than ten days I have listened to almost a year of the Joy & Tracey. Even though I often have something to say at the end of an episode, (Tracey, I for one think you were VERY generous to your young cat-sitter) I have been resisting because I am so far behind, but on this one I just couldn’t resist.

    Last night when I couldn’t sleep I decided to listen to an episode in hopes that it might help me drift off. what a GLORIOUS mistake that was. Not only did I not fall asleep, I laughed SO HARD the whole time Tracey was talking about cutting underwear off, my stomach started to hurt. I felt like a girl at a sleepover, laying in the dark listening to her friends talk about the boys they like and giggling about underwear.

    This is my favourite episode so far. Keep up the great work.

  45. Jasmine Mar 27, 2013



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