Leave your expectations at the door.  Let’s just live.

Welcome to another Joy the Baker Podcast!  We’re talking about expectations… we all have them.  We expect that people work as hard as us.  We expect people to understand our expectations.  And we expect our favorite culinary gardener to be where we think he’s going to be when we’re ready for a visit.

Sometimes (seriously, most times) our expectations don’t  hold up.  Let’s discuss.

Oh!  Also… we’re going to get into some real-life ghost stories, because… yea.

joytracy 041

This week Tracy and I were able to spend a few days together.  It was like a friend-date and sleep-over.  We went to Yountville for an afternoon to visit with Lena at Cup4Cup and make some awesome gluten-free pizza!

joytracy 040

We were also hoping to reconnect with our favorite culinary gardener, Tucker Taylor.



Should we take some time to talk about Sparkle Horses?  Tucker is our favorite Sparkle.  It’s the eyes.  My clothes are moments from flying off (not really/ maybe/ kinda/ oh geez/ help).

If you need to see magic sparkle eyes in motion, there’s a video here.

Ok!  Back to expectations.  Tracy found some handy-dandy tips!  Tips for Lowering your Expectations,  think on em.


Cake.  I expected Tracy’s cake to be bonkers delicious and IT WAS!  Tracy’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake


We expected this French Bread Pizza to be insane!  It was.  French Bread Pizza. Two Ways! Tracy’s interpretation


Joy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread.

An A.  Not a B+.

We’d like to eternally thank you for listening to our podcast.  Thank you for being a part of the madness.  We love hearing from you!  Call us at 817-82-fries or email us at contact at homefries dot com.  You are supreme!!

Big love from us to you!



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24 comments on “Sparkle Pony No More

  1. mmm, I am not sure I share your opinion on expectations. I don’t think we should lower our expectations. I believe that having high expectations is good. It’s great to have high expectations on a trip, to have high expectations on people, those are our highs and lows in life. I really enjoy the time when I’m really excited about something ( a trip, meeting someone, a movie) and that’s a fun time that you lose by lowering expectations….We end up living in a flat line so that we no longer get disappointed or hurt? I prefer to get the best and the worst, to get hurt and to feel great because that’s life and life is painful and wonderful and I think that we should not avoid feeling it

  2. Can I just say, Joy, you’re looking lovely in that photo with Tucker! Also, he’s sorta kinda hunky. Every girl needs a gardening man in her life, right?

  3. I think I need to start calling and leaving you two messages…

  4. April Mae Apr 18, 2013

    I am–AMENing this expectations podcast. I am a really good listener–outward brag and I used get upset when people did not remember something that I said.
    One other thing I like to say, “I can’t be perfect, but I can B+ perfect.”

    April Mae

  5. love the podcast ladies! have to disagree with the book tracy quoted though, seems like “B+” expectations could lead to a lot of mediocrity.. i say expect the best from every day and keep hope alive. if it’s a crappy day, start the next with the same attitude. lowering standards just to avoid disappointment may be less stressful but it’s a boring way to live

    • Tracy Apr 19, 2013

      I think it serves as a nice reminder not to be so dang hard on yourself….which I’m incredibly guilty of. :)

  6. Love the tips you guys offered today. My face literally turned red when you read my question about AM routines, I’m such a dork! I just took 5 minutes and typed out an am schedule for myself. I’m pretty excited. I can do this. I WILL do this. I’m going to tape it up everywhere.
    That real delia post is a great find. I like the ideal of setting B+ expectations. There’s really nothing mediocre about a B+. It makes me think about that quote that says something like you can have it all, just not at the same time. If I can figure out how to do everything I want to at a B+ level, I think that is pretty darn good. I also think that it still leaves plenty of room for lots of A+ moments.
    Once I get the schedule down, I’ll have to get working on ridding myself from that imaginary “panel of elders”. That’s totally a real thing.

  7. Heather Apr 20, 2013

    I kept singing lowered expectations a la snl during the whole podcast! I love lowering the bar all day long!

  8. There was so much sexual tension in that video I felt awkward watching…

  9. So, when I was little, I was obsessed with Bloody Mary. My family is super religious and not okay with that sort of business at all. One time, I had two friends over to stay the night and my mom caught us doing Bloody Mary in the bathroom and warned us to stop. She told us she was headed to bed, so where do you think we went? Right back in the bathroom. As I got through my second “BLOODY MARY” something in the shower moaned and the doors moved…and MY MOTHER GRABBED ME. Obvs I didn’t know it was her because it was dark, but I was HYSTERICAL and peed my pants. In front of my friends.

    I never did Bloody Mary again. Most terrifying. Also, well-played, mom.

  10. It’s kinda funny the whole story with Tucker… The first time I ever watched that video last year, when I first started reading your blog, I THOUGHT you two seemed to hit it off. Iiiiinteresting.

  11. Lizzie Apr 20, 2013

    Priscilla- me too! I totally sense the sparkle eyes in that video.

  12. Dear Joy and Tracy,

    First of all, I’m a big fan, but I had to speak up on this subject!!

    I listened last week and shook my head when the topic of celebrating a 35th birthday with a bounce house came up. Really?! Then again, you dished out the same advice to ‘Rachel’ this week. Noooooo.

    Guys, I’m turning 35 in August. I need to look forward to something more than a rebound!

    Hoping you can bounce back from this one and give some really great suggestions for ways I can usher in my ‘official’ mid-thirties.

    Much love. xoxo

  13. Right after Joy says hi to Tucker in the video she make an adorable tiny squeal of delight. Worth a rewind.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 24, 2013

      i just rewatched the video and you’re right. geez. that’s totally embarrassing.

  14. Anna S Apr 24, 2013

    I kind of liked the one with no-one-cares. It sounds hard but is so true to many things. I grew up with a friend, who´s family was suuper cleaners. Clean, clean, clean! They would litteraly make their 3 kids sit on a blanket on the couch along with their dog, so that they didn´t ruin the super fancy, white, unwashable couch. They never really had other grown-ups visiting, because then they would have to go crazy-cleaning. But no one cared! My house was always full of guest, but it was never ever that clean, and my house was known as the fun house with all the awesome people :)

  15. Nicola Apr 28, 2013

    That video is charming! And I’m in two minds about the expectations angle, there’s nothing wrong with aiming high, but you’re right about not beating yourself up afterwards if you didn’t quite manage what you were aiming for. A spot of healthy reflection and move on!

    For the ambitious young lady needing tips on how to get the management position at the coffee shop: have solid, real life examples of when you’ve demonstrated the skills you’ll need for the position. They can be from your personal or professional life, if you’ve coached a sports team for example, or if you’ve travelled independently. If you can think of examples when you’ve shown great time management, training someone out of a bad habit/attitude, persistence, turning a bad situation into a great one (an example of great complaint handling skills is good here), setting goals and the outcomes (good or bad), and examples of when you’ve taken on jobs outside your job description (rotas, ordering, training). And don’t forget: enjoy and learn from this process no matter what.

    I just got a great new job, moving out of hospitality into travel consulting, and taking the time to sit down and think of times when I’ve shown the right skills – in any situation – really helped me go into the interview process with a clear head and answers that clearly demonstrated my skills. And if you don’t succeed this time: get feedback. Find out what areas you need to develop and form a plan to attack those!

    Good luck!

  16. Hi Joy and Tracy!

    I’m a listener from Hong Kong, and let me just tell you how much I LOVE listening to you guys laugh and talk about silly random topics. You brighten up my day, and I even made one of my friends become another fan of your podcast.

    Here’s a question, I really want to go to University in either Canada/America because I feel trapped in HK and can’t venture out as much. Can you guys give me and advice in picking Universities/University life?

    OOH JOY, I just bought your cookbook on amazon and I can’t wait for it to be in my arms!

    LOVE YOU BOTH. You guys are THE BOMB, and totes my role model <3

    Hugs from Hong Kong,


  17. I’m re-watching the video looking for magic sparkle eyes…his hat is always covering his eyes…OP! There they are! Teehee.

  18. Andria Apr 30, 2013

    Okay I haven’t ever seen the video before. What is wrong with me? Not only did you have me tearing up at the end Joy, but I fully appreciate the sparkle pony-ness of Tucker Taylor. Now I need to say something Tracy – I am obsessed with the striped ensemble of glory you were wearing in the video in the bookstore. OBSESSED. I paused the video on your dress, your flower, the gorgeous fullness of your dress. And I was just wondering Joy, Tracy and Michael can I borrow the term sparkle pony and use it everyday in my life?

  19. Jill P May 3, 2013

    Joy and Tracy!!! NEWS ABOUT TUCKER TAYLOR: He is now working at the Kendall-Jackson Winery and Gardens in Sonoma!! OK, so I love you guys so much that I researched, stalked, and researched a little more. That’s totally normal, right? Well, now you know where he is, so go ahead and raise those expectations!!

    One more thing Joy…the way TT looked at you during that video should trump any lingering Spin the Bottle awkwardness…YOWZA!!

    Love you guys as always!!

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