Hello friends!  We’re back with another podcast for you!  This week we’re talking about my trip to Uganda with Compassion International, the Olympics, Tracy’s love of Matthew McConaughey, and finger-knitting.  Let’s hop right into this thing, shall we?


These days are busy busy days!  I was in Uganda learning about the wonderful work on Compassion International.  While I was away Tracy sponsored a little girl in Togo!  That’s pretty incredible!  Thanks, maj!

You can totally sponsor a child too!

You can find my posts on Uganda here, here, and here.

I also traveled with some really wonderful, kind, hilarious, and insightful people.  Check out Shaun Groves, Jeff Goins, Emily FreemanBri McKoy, and Myquilyn Smith.

Emily and Myquilyn can also be heard on Tsh’s podcast The Art of Simple.  This holiday episode features both Emily and Myquilyn.  It’s so great!


Speaking of Tsh, Tracy read Tsh’s book Notes From A Blue Bike.  It’s so great!  I’m listening to the audiobook because sometimes my eyes are lazy.  Not literally.

Are you watching the OLYMPICS???!

We’re just watching Johnny Weir’s Instagram. That’s all we really need isn’t it?

jonny 379


Sometimes TV shows feel like real life. Like…you mean to tell me that House of Cards isn’t real? We certainly hope that True Detective (OBSESSED) is all just make believe. Good- Solid -Well-Written-MAKE BELIEVE.

Tracy can’t get enough of the Bullet Journal. It’s all about the INDEX!


Thank you for writing in Carrie!  It’s cool that you still live at home!  Get down with Suze Orman!  She’ll tell you what to do with all that money you’re saving.  For real.  Be rich!

Brian!  Thank you for listening and writing in to proudly tell us about your finger dexterity.  That’s cool!  Stephanie from Figs In My Belly, we thank you for writing in!  Also Sara of Cake Over Steak is absolutely killing it with her illustrated food blog!  Check it out!  Thank you for calling in Robert!

We love you and we thank you for listening.  It really does mean a lot to us!

Feel free to leave us a voice message at (817) 82-fries or emailing us at contact at homefries dot com.

We love to hear from you!

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35 comments on “Step Into A Slim Jim (Cat Harness)

  1. robertcorneliusphotography Feb 21, 2014

    AAAAAaaahhhhh! Joy and Tracy thank you SO much for playing my silly message. I was so nervous and that was seriously the first time I ever attempted to do “The Oprah Voice.” It just seemed like the right thing to do haha. Sara is FREAKIN OUT! So mission accomplished 😉 Thanks for making this a super special anniversary, and for your epically kind words about both of us. I appreciate your stalking of my photography Tracy! I actually take all the photos for Cake Over Steak (but obviously the drawings are ALL Sara). If anyone wants to check out my pictures that aren’t of food, feel free to put your eyes on my Facebook page.

    K thanks bye friends!!!

    • cakeoversteak Feb 21, 2014

      You guys are all THE BEST!!!! I’m so honored to be featured on here! Thanks Future Hubby 😉 xoxoxoxo

  2. Monica Favre Feb 21, 2014

    Listening to you talk about Compassion International really moved me. My husband and I are going to pick a child to sponsor tonight! I think this will be a wonderful experience for my kids as well. My heart feels full!

  3. Monica Favre Feb 21, 2014

    It’s me again! I shared your story with my department at work and my boss just sponsored a little boy in Ecuador with her sons same birthdate and year!

  4. Hilary Feb 21, 2014

    Have y’all seen Mr. Lucky?? In it, Cary Grant learns to knit, loves it, and ends up teaching all these other fellas. I couldn’t help but think of it during Brian’s question! I think it’s awesome he crochets!

    Glad to have you back, ladies!

  5. Heather Feb 21, 2014

    Great podcast, Ladies! I live in New Orleans and am very excited about you moving here, Joy! My friend runs Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard here in New Orleans so I wanted to pass the link on to you. I love that you want to contribute a bit of your heart and soul to your new home and thought Edible Schoolyard NOLA might be right up your alley. Cheers!


  6. heather Feb 21, 2014

    So, this is my 2nd comment of the podcast, but I wanted to say that my husband worked on True Detective. He’s a location scout, so he found all of the wacked out- crazy locations for the show! I’m so glad y’all like the show!

  7. Brian Feb 21, 2014

    YOU READ MY LETTER! I am so happy! You guys made my day! You gave great advice, and you thought the “implications” comment from my friend was as bizarre as I did at the time. I was just glad that she made a positive comment rather than a negative one, so it was a WIN for me.

    You didn’t read my P.S. so I will put it here

    “P.S. Joy, I am making your “Sharp Cheddar Cheese Crackers” as I write this, and I was very touched by your blog post about Uganda this week. You really remind me of my awesome sister and I am pretty sure we could chat for hours about all you have learned in your life. You have a GREAT story and I would love to meet you both some day! Would you ever consider a book signing in Portland, Oregon???”

    • thank you so much for writing in, Brian!
      and thank you for adding the last part of your letter to the show notes. your letter was a little too long for us to read in entirety.

      i’ll definitely be in portland this fall on book tour and we’ll have coffee. of course!

    • Rachel Feb 23, 2014

      Men are the minority in the fiber arts, but there are plenty of mail knitters and crocheters. Check out Ravelry.com to connect with other male fiber artists!

      If you are Portland, there are lots of open knitting groups at the local yarn stores where anyone can come and knit & crochet together.

      • Hi Rachel,

        I was just gonna suggest Ravelry, too! It is definitely THE social network to go to for knitters and crocheters. One of the cofounders is male, and I’m sure there are other men on the site. Brian would also be able to find plenty of pattern inspiration there, as well!

    • Emilynn Mar 2, 2014

      Crochet dudes are awesome! http://drewemborsky.com/the_crochet_dude/

    • Meghan Mar 3, 2014

      Brian, I just wanted to tell you you are awesome and you-do-you! My 84 year old Koren War Navy Vet Grandpa knows how to knit, and though he doesn’t do it often now he did when he was young. His mom was an awesome lady who believed that all her 6 children, including her 4 sons, would know how to knit since there was no way she’d be outfitting the entire family in mittens. Needless to say Gramps has scored some major bonus points with all my young cousins who know how cool it is to knit/crochet, plus if you’re ever having trouble casting-on he’ll handle that for you.

  8. Tracy, I was hysterical when you read your comments from your art critique from undergrad. Im a current art grad student at UO and listen to similar commentary frequently. That was great!

  9. Tracy? You went to Univ of Oregon? What?! I’ve been listening to you ladies forever, how did I not know this!!!! (I was at UO in 2001, too!)

  10. I listened to this today while out walking and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud (especially about the cat harness) because there were too many old men with dogs looking at me weirdly! Love you ladies so much, and I’m gonna try this bullet journal thang and see how it goes….

  11. I am a long time listener, first time commenter, I strongly urge you to check out both Tara lapinski’s and their shared Instagram account too: Johnny fashion videos!!!! The two of them together are the best.

  12. Love this episode! Have a comment for Carrie… I think you have some really smart, well-thought-out reasons for living at home. However I think Joy & Tracy are too nice to say this but it’s probably a reality, so here’s my two cents: living with your parents will be considered negative by many people in the dating arena. You do sound independent and have your reasons for doing it, but at first glance, it won’t appear that way to someone. Most people would rather date someone with a little bit of physical distance from their parents, it just makes dating logistically a little harder.

    So you just need to go into the dating world understanding that for some people, the fact that you live with your family will be a dealbreaker, regardless of your smart reasons for choosing to do so. It will narrow the dating pool for you a little. If dating is really important to you and you find that living with your family is making it impossible, you’ll want to consider at some point which is more important to you: living at home or having a boyfriend? But I expect there’s probably a guy out there for you who won’t mind that you live at home :)

  13. Inspired and excited. Our family is sponsoring Oscar a 4 yr old from Uganda that loves trucks and cars as much as my 4 yr old. We have talked about out new friend and about Africa. It had been a delight so far.

  14. Hmmm….I’ve actually got to say, regarding Carrie and the living at home/dating situation: in my experience, I have not seen it be an issue at all. I lived at home for a little while this summer, I have several friends who live at home, and it has never been a problem for anyone we’ve dated. I think so many people are living at home again that it isn’t too much of a taboo anymore. In fact, if my parents lived closer to my work, I would definitely totally be living with them right now. Good luck, Carrie!

    • i really appreciate that we have listeners with such varying viewpoints for carrie (laura and christine above). i think that’s really cool.

  15. haha oh man, the woes of traveling with cats! i actually wrote a post about it not too long ago. http://ohshellsbells.blogspot.com/2014/02/owning-dog-versus-owning-cat.html

    by the way, it took my cat a while to get used to his harness. The best way i’ve figured out how to do it is wrangle it on him once (maybe wear some gloves and long sleeves!) and then once its on him keep it on him for 2 or three days until they get over it and it’s not bothering him anymore. then the next time you go to put it on him, it wont be such an ordeal.

  16. so excited for you joy and the adventure of settling into a new city! i love, love new orleans, my sister lived there for a long time and i would often go down to visit hoping to one day move there.

    my sister worked with urban impact (http://www.urbanimpact.org/), if you’re ever looking for a place to volunteer where you get to hang out with kids that would be a good one. :)

    tracy, thank you for the bullet journal info. i’m a little obsessed now.

  17. Regarding traveling with loose cats in your car… I’ve done it a couple times back and forth between IN and PA and my cat cried more in the carrier than out! I decided listening to him whine for 7 hours was not worth it, so I let him out and he just curled up on the backseat in between my suitcases and we were fine! I think you’ll be fine.

  18. Hey girls! I just listened to your latest podcast and was moved to go to Compassion International where I picked out three kids, each with a birthday of my three, to sponsor. Thanks for nudging me to action! Good luck with your move, Joy- it sounds very exciting indeed.

  19. After living on my own in various cities, I lived with my parents for a few years before getting married. It was a situation we were all happy with b/c we’re close and it allowed me to save mad cash, which then allowed me to pay for our wedding (Big fat wedding). If your man doesn’t appreciate it, then kick him to the curb and find a better one, Kerry! 😉

  20. I just want to say that your podcast is awesome… it really truly is. If I’m ever down in the dumps, I just put in the earphones and press play. You guys cheer me up from across the pond!

    Also… Tracy- this bullet journalling… it is fantastic.

    The now-highly-organised American in London

  21. Nicolette Mar 6, 2014

    Tracy! I would love if you did a HS post on how you use the Bullet Journal. I am getting into it, and would love to see how you have adopted it.

    Love the ‘cast. Keep it real.

  22. Sue M Mar 9, 2014

    I too am interested in hearing your thoughts (Tracy) on your Bullet Journal-ing.

    Adoring your podcast from Canada-land xxoo

  23. Just listened on our road trip yesterday. @Brian, there’s a guy in Santa Barbara that breaks yarn bombing records all the time crocheting… yarnbomber.com. I follow him on instagram @yarnbombs…it’s AWESOME! People mail him contributions to make his yarn bombs collaborative and memorable!

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