It’s the end of 2012!  Really!?  A full year of podcasting nonsense in the bank!?

On this episode of the Joy the Baker podcast, we learn things:  Tracy has a crazy brain, Joy might need a brain scan, resolutions are daunting, and a 19 year age gap in the dating world can make you question your fiber intake.

It’s a journey.  Join us.

Garfield Minus Garfield.  It’s an existential mind game.

Fact:  Tracy’s brother Ryan has really amazing green eyes.

Fact:  Tracy’s brother Ryan wears glasses.

Opinion:  Joy thinks that Tracy’s brother Ryan’s glasses hide his amazing green eyes from the world.

Fact:  Ryan should share his green eyes with the world.

Fact:  Ryan should get new glasses and stop sending Joy pictures of his middle finger.


Joy’s first cookbook came out this year, and she went on book tour.  You know… no biggie.  (Aaaahhhhhh!!!)

Tracy took this picture after the book signing in San Francisco.  Joy’s dad is skiing in the background.

Joy finally went to Europe!!!  2012 took her to London.  It was so so gin-tastic.

Tracy has an entire photo diary of her year:  My Everyday Life.

Cooper.  He’s just too good.

What’s that!?  You want to throw a New Year’s Eve party!?  Take it easy… for real.

Tracy suggests Profiteroles!

Joy likes these Prosciutto Dijon Gruyere Puffs.

But really… just buy some doughnuts and fried chicken… and make a fancy cocktail punch.

We hope you have the most wonderful New Year!  Thank you for spending part of your 2012 with us.  We love you, sincerely!  Happy New Year from all Joy, Tracy, and Michael!

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51 comments on “Super Superstitious

  1. Kelly Dec 28, 2012

    Hey ladies – just want to say that I always enjoy your podcasts – they’re awesome & you both are awesome! Was looking for the Myers Briggs link but didn’t see it. Congrats on your 78th podcast – keep em coming! Happy New Year!

  2. You ladies had me in stitches yet again, best way to spend a Friday night in my book!

    Also for Tracy, you should try Bach Original Flower Remedies, Rescue Sleep (p.s. I don’t work for them or anything but thought I should just share). It’s the only thing that works to calm my crazy brain at night, my crazy brain likes to do things like think of a cookie recipe then think about how many cups of flour I’ll need, that leads to how many grams is that? How many ounces? Then I feel the need to get up a write a list of what I’ll need for the recipe, I’m NUTS! But very happy to know I’m not the only one who’s brain doesn’t shut off at night!

    • Tracy Dec 31, 2012

      I take melatonin almost every night, but I’d like to switch it up!

  3. I like Tracy’s wedding date, 3.18.06, because three goes into 18 six times, six goes into 18 three times, and three times six is 18. That’s how my crazy brain works!
    Also, if I really start to think about dates like this, I start doing things like: six divided by three is two, times six is 12, divided by three is four, times six is 24, minus six is 18!

  4. I don’t have Tracy’s severe crazybrain for numbers, but I do have a touch of it. For example, anytime I deal with the volume on something (tv, car radio, etc), it must be on an even number. I can listen to the volume on 8, 10, 12 … but not on 9, 11, 13 … If I’m watching with my husband and he turns it up to 9, I turn it up to 10 or down to 8. It’s nuts.

  5. i had pretty bad acne during my teens and all the way to my late 20s, and like joy, seeing a dermatologist didn’t do anything. then about three years ago i started seeing a naturopathic doctor to deal with other health/stress/anxiety issues in my life, and when we started to treat those things, my skin started clearing up, like whoa.

    and tracy – i also learned from my naturopath that there are so many natural remedies (teas and herbs) you can take to help you sleep. i’ve always been anti-sleeping pill, so having something natural to calm my mind when i’m trying to fall alseep has been a game-changer for me.

  6. Dude, I’m an INFJ too! No wonder I love you guys!

    Tracy, not only do we share a love for carbs, but we share a love for numbers EXCEPT I love odd numbers. When I get gas, I wait until ALL the numbers are odd (cost, amount of gas, etc.) before I stop, I set all my alarms for :01 and I do the same thing when I bake. CRAZYBRAIN.

    Regarding the acne situation, I’d recommend a few other things: first of all, green juicing and yoga changed my skin, completely. I try to juice spinach/kale/other greens plus a few lemons and apples every day and that cleared my skin. Yoga also helped dramatically. Secondly, a Clarisonic is the best $100 I ever spent on my skin. It’s about the cost of a facial and you can use it daily. Peter Thomas Roth acne products are also amazing.

    Happy New Year, friends!!!!!

    • INFJ here too, ha! Maybe we’re all part of some secret club..

  7. P.S. One of my 2012 highlights was meeting you both and being so inspired by you!!! Life-changing, for realz. xoxo

  8. My best friend from college is totally like Tracy with the number/dates thing. She was super excited when we rang in 2012…and has told her boyfriend that he had better not think of proposing/getting married/having children in odd numbered years because that’s just asking for bad ju-ju to be placed on their lives.

  9. You pretty things are the best! Thank you for the weekly laughs and delicious thoughts.Thanks for sharing your favorite parts of of 2012! I, like Joy, had the best year of my life so far. I’m doing a four-part post about it on my blog / Here’s to a 2013 full of friendship, bourbon, travels, horizontal stripes, and cookies!

  10. I love it when you girls get dating age range questions, You’re so clearly split on the subject that it makes for funny to listen to awkward conversation.
    You ladies are so fun!

  11. On confidence:

    I just saw this talk last week and it’s seriously amazing…changing your body language consciously can affect your confidence subconsciously, to great effect.

    Love you ladies, love the show <3

    P.S. CRAZY BRAIN and numbers! I like odd numbers, repeated numbers, special times (12:34, 11:11, 2:22, etc.) and numbers whose digits are multiples/add up, like Elizabeth's comment!

    • Sarah Jan 1, 2013

      I just watched that too and I was going to put it in my comment but you beat me to it. :) I already stand like Wonder Woman whenever I have to stand still. Not sure exactly what that says about my subconscious. Haha

  12. Nicole Dec 31, 2012

    You both have been such an inspiration to me (as a young twenty-something) in 2012. Thank you for your words of wisdom and laughter. I hope that in 2013 I can get to meet both of you at a Homefries ‘U’ event. Happy New Year!

  13. Great episode!

    Tracy–I am inspired by your photo blog…am going to try to do something similar this year I think! I NEED to use my camera more!

    This question is for both of you: I have a DSLR, Pentax, but have not yet gotten into the world of lenses….and don’t really even know where to start…

    Are there any general rules of thumb when purchasing your first lens?

    Thanks much–love you guys,


  14. A reason that 2013 is interesting:
    “2013 happens to be one of those numbers with three prime factors …

    And here’s where is gets more interesting. 2014 is also a year with three prime factors, because 2014 = 2 x 19 x 53. And get this: The same is true about 2015, which equals 5 x 13 x 31.

    There won’t be another three consecutive years that are the products of three prime numbers until 2665 — more than half a millennium from now!”


    Happy new year, ladies!

  15. Loved this episode–listened to it while I made enchiladas with mole for the first time. Low key NYE and reminded myself that this year it’s not resolutions, it’s re-establishing good routines. Hoping you both had a great NYE!!

  16. Sarah Jan 1, 2013

    One of my 2012 highlights was celebrating my 27th birthday by trying flying trapeze for the first time. I’m really afraid of heights, so this was a huge challenge for me and it was such a blast.

    I don’t really do new year’s resolutions, because I try to make changes all year long, whenever I think of something I want to improve on, but one of the things I’d like to do that I’m not already trying hard enough on is to stop putting my foot in my mouth so much and to just keep my mouth shut more often. It’s a tough one.

  17. The Flirt skinny jeans from Old Navy are pretty magical. I am a larger lady and I wear them and get a lot of compliments everytime. Plus I discovered that four other women at my office have them and look good and we are pretty much the most mixed bag of body types you will ever see. Could it be they look good on everyone? Worth trying especially as they are like $20.

    • Tracy Jan 2, 2013

      Fantastic! Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it!

  18. @Tracy, I wear size 12 or 14 jeans and looked forever for some skinny jeans that support these hips of mine because, let’s be honest, they are not going anywhere. But, I have been sporting the 917 fit from The Limited with great success and lots of compliments. I hope that they can bring you the same skinny jean joy in 2013. Check out item #8848719 at

  19. Happy 2013. Tracy you and your brain make me smile, and Joy your honesty
    Is so lovely. Can’t wait for another year of smiles with friends.

  20. Karen Jan 2, 2013

    Can Michael please come on the show and talk about his enterprise? A picture would help, too=) He is like the Phantom of the Homefries….

  21. Hey Tracy! Based on your thing with numbers, you might really like the book called Born on a Blue Day…..

    Happy New Year!

  22. Tracy, the LOFT curvy skinny jeans are great!

    -another INFJ : )

  23. Andrea Jan 3, 2013

    Just finished listening to this episode and let me put this out there. Johnny Depp is turning 50 this year so hell yeah I would date a 50 year old if he looked like Johnny for sure!

  24. Joy and Tracy: y’all are awesome!
    Podcast ideas:
    Craft ideas/inspiration;
    Travel destinations (where would you go if money was no object?);
    Grocery shopping (or other everyday stuff);
    Skin care faves;
    Apps or music faves.

    Looooove the podcast!!!

  25. Man! I tell you, I took a break from podcasts and I’m so glad to have you guys in my ears again! You are awesome. Also just wanted to say that I’m an extrovert, (ENFJ) but my boyfriend is an introvert and that can sometimes be challenging. However the more I get to understand introverts the better things go. I heard about this book I’m going to check out called: “Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” by Susan Cain. Thanks for being you!

  26. Lizzie Jan 4, 2013

    I have a handwriting thing, too! There are certain letters that I don’t like writing- k and p bother me. I would write things down as a child/teen and throw my papers away because my handwriting wasn’t right, and then do it over. I also practice handwriting/fonts in my head… I loooove the act of writing!

    • I really have problems with my capital G & N. You can imagine how hard that is when I want to write GIN.

  27. Yentl Jan 4, 2013

    (offtopic – me again bringing weird questions)
    Was michael inspired in the “blossom” tvshow opening song when he created yours?

    I have just listened to it on YT and started singing your theme song hahaha
    At least it is a happy and let’s-shake-our-shoulders one :)

  28. Angela Jan 4, 2013

    Hi Ladies,
    Happy New Year to you both.
    Tracy- I wanted to suggest the SF Levi store for skinny jeans. They make skinnies for all body types and they will do a “fitting” to find the proper cut for your body. I was really impressed with the helpfulness of the staff and walked out with a great looking pair of skinnies.
    Keep up the amazingness! I actually look forward to long-ish drives when I can giggle along with you two.

  29. Just have to say that I love you ladies! I may or may not stalk your blogs on a daily basis to make sure I don’t miss anything awesome…

    Tracy, you should check out the mid rise skinny jean from GAP. I have thighs on the larger side and these look great. I was scared of skinny jean before I tried these but now I wear nothing else :)

  30. Love your podcast!! This is my first time commenting but I have been a long time listener/reader of both your blogs. They seriously make my day!

    Some of my New Years Resolutions:
    -drink more water (for real this year)
    -wake up earlier for work (translation: stop hitting the snooze button 10,000 times a morning)
    -bake homemade bread
    -be positive
    – read James Joyce’s Ulysses (starting last year I decided I would read one intimidating book a year- last year it was War and Peace)
    -work on developing a repertoire of recipes I love and can cook without looking at a recipe since I tend to always make new things

  31. Just listening to this podcast and, as always, love it! I, too, have been dealing with adult acne for the last 6 years and, like Joy, found that losing the dairy cleared things up. I thought it was just my weird body that didn’t like dairy but recently read an magazine article that talked about the dairy/acne connection. I also recently went gluten-free, and my skin seems less oily. Also–skinny jeans dilemma: Last week, I took a chance and bought a pair of Lucky jeans (Lola skinny jeans) and, to my suprise, they look AWESOME. I never thought a curvy girl could rock skinny jeans, but these look great, and my thighs don’t look like sausages. Great podcast Joy and Tracy!

  32. Alexis Jan 7, 2013

    To Tracy and Joy – i love you girls, its so fun to listen every week! Joy, thanks for opening up about the acne thing. I struggled with acne in my teens and did Accutane when I was 19. It cured me for about 5 years and now I am 34 and am having a bad bout of it again, the worst ever I think. It’s true though about diet and lifestyle being the main factors. A few months ago trying to deal with stomach issues, I did an elimination diet where I cut out sugar, grains, legumes, dairy and my skin looked amazing (and my stomach issues went away). But unfortunately I have a huge sweet tooth and started eating cookies and cakes or anything sweet that comes my way, which I think may be what’s causing this latest round. It’s so frustrating that doctors wont even talk to you about diet when you go see them for acne.

  33. Emily Jan 8, 2013

    Love the podcast! I just have to say…I totally know Michael is not involved in the singing of the JTB podcast theme song, but in my head, every time I hear it, I picture him singing it.

  34. ezzie Jan 8, 2013

    I have a question and I absolutely NEED your lady wisdom! What’s the podcast email, slash how can I send me question in?

  35. As a lady with thicker thighs, I’ve found that a “straight cut” looks better without being too skinny. I love my modern rise straight cut levis.

  36. Rachel Jan 10, 2013

    I think it’s crazy how many of us are INFJ’s! My husband is definitely an extrovert, so there are many times where he is just itching to go out and be around a lot of people and that is the last thing on earth I feel like doing.

    I struggled with acne in high school and into my 20’s as well. I also have rosacea, which makes my skin especially aggravated by exposure to sunlight. I was on some pretty heavy duty perscriptions to treat both when I was in highschool, but I stopped taking them after that because I didn’t feel like being on that much constant medication for just my skin was good for the rest of my body.

    What I found really helped was switching to an oil free moisturizer with a good amount of SPF in it (I think it’s by Neutrogena) and I switched to the Bare Minerals makeup. I have to say, Bare minerals honestly changed my life. Before I almost always had a pimple somewhere on my face, but when I switched to the Bare Minerals makeup my acne almost disappeared. My skin is clearer now than it’s ever been. This may be too personal, but I also know that birth control pills can definitely aggravate acne.

  37. Tracy, you should get Paige Denim skinny jeans. They are made by a lady so they fit normal sized people fantastically. They are a bit pricey but last a long time. I have had mine for over a year now.

  38. Tracy… I always do the cross on the 7. Always. For the exact same reason. If I’m writing myself a sticky note and my handwriting is lousy, I rewrite it. Joy… don’t worry, between my best friend and I, I’m the brain dead one and she notices every single detail of the world around her. :)

  39. Hey Ladies!!!
    Tracy…. I am also weird about my numbers! My wedding date was planned around even numbers. I am not fond of odd numbers, and I look at addresses as well when I pull up to a new place. Also, I am not planning to get pregnant until the due date is in 2014, I just can’t do 2013…ick! Sorry, I judge numbers lol!
    I’m loving catching up from a few weeks ago of the podcast, thanks for keeping me company throughout my day ladies! You both are so much fun!!

  40. really enjoyed the acne talk in this podcast. I have zero confidence when I am breaking out but lately its helped a little bit. I have cut down dairy which helps significantly. Also, changing pillowcase, not touching face and experimenting with different products (cetaphil, oil free origin moisturizer) has helped me tons. Also, washing face/cleansing everyday before going to bed!

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