Just another awesome episode of the Joy the Baker podcast!  This week, Joy and Tracy discuss summer shortcuts… mostly because they’re feeling lazy.  How to sneak around spending tons of time in the kitchen making dinner, and in the closet trying to decide what to wear?  Get out there in that sun!  It’s almost July!  Let’s live it!

Tracy’s summer shortcut dinner includes fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, naan, shrimp, sausage, and store bought Greek salads!  Smarts.
Tracy loves Donna Hay even though they always use Self Rising flour.
Tuna salad with White Beans  out of pantry staples. SHORTCUT. Bing!

Just turn every dang thing into a taco.  Canned white beans, roasted kale, and tortillas!  Add hot sauce and everything is a dang taco.  That’s real.

I called these tacos ‘Tostadas’ because the tortillas with exceedingly crispy.

Joy and Evan and aaallll about brown sugar.  Here’s some legit lumpy/crusty brown sugar tips should you need them:  pro-tips!

How do you feel about rompers?  Are you in?

Let’s just wear jumpsuits for life.

Loose jeans… make em work for you!

Joy is 100% obsessed with this Nars lipstick called Schiap.  It makes any outfit.  It’s the zone.  For sure.

Sometimes hair is totally dumb!

Wear a turban!!!  Honestly WTF will show you how!  All it takes is some confidence…

Styling Short hair with scarves!
Tracy has got one thing off her bucket list!
Cooper is rocking coral and pinks!

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83 comments on “Taco-fy

  1. Hey girls! I have a new morning shortcut inspired by Joy. I can’t function in the mornings without coffee, so I’ve started to bring my giant mug into the shower with me. It feels so wrong, but tastes so good. In the end, best decision I’ve made in months. Thanks!

    • Joy the Baker Jun 28, 2012

      Isn’t it so great!!? Glad w can share a morning routine! Creepy? A little…

    • omg. wait. this is genius. GENIUS! Will do tomorrow morning.

    • I’m sooo trying that tomorrow! it’s so GENIUS!

    • My issue with maxi dresses—they look ridiculous on my short, 5’2 frame. Don’t you gals think? I don’t remember you being tall, Joy. Are you? Tracy, you seem short-ish like me, but maybe you’re not.

      Either way… Do you think maxi dresses work on short people? ‘Cause I haven’t figured out how to make them work, as much as I’d love to. I feel like it looks like I’m dressing up like a kid.

      • Tracy Jul 3, 2012

        I’m 5’7″ and I used to think that they made me look short. BUT! I wear them with wedges and now I’m a fan. I think it’s all about keeping weight off of the top of your frame. Like…Hair UP (which you can totally do a top knot since you’ve got long hair!) and bare arms. DO IT!

  2. Can’t wait to listen after reading the show notes. Just wanted to tell you that the hair scarfs totally are great. Especially when you have curly hair and need to cover the mess up fast.

    Tracy, way to go bright…way to go!

  3. I just bought Nars Schiap lipstick on Tuesday! It’s amazing! I did some research because I felt silly not knowing how to pronounce my lip color and it’s got to do with Elsa Schiaparelli’s signature color. This is how she described it: “life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together, a color of China and Peru but not of the West.”
    whoa! major power!
    Jumpsuits can be wonderful, except when they are complex and you’ve gotta get to the bathroom!

    • Joy the Baker Jun 28, 2012

      I LOVE the description of that lipstick! I’m going to think of that every time I wear it!

  4. Rando things that have made me think of you girls this week:

    1) I was having dinner with some friends and friends-of-friends, and this girl asked if I was a dancer! Oh man. Then we shared an arugula salad.

    2) I had a friend staying at my place last week, and she brought me a Clairsonic. So good.

  5. OOOh I totally want a corally orange Nars lip crayon. I can’t find what it’s name is right now, but it’s a pretty one.

    And my summer shortcut for meals is to cook veggies like zucchini, tomatoes, and corn with olive oil and salt and pepper and then stir pesto into it. Boom boom pow in your mouth, for realz. Or! Roast broccoli and such and then stir into orzo and pesto. I mean, it’s so nice when stuff is good warm or cold, right? Pesto, guys. It’s just thoughtful about getting your dinner goin’ on the quick.

    P.S. Thanks for making my Thursday!

    • Joy the Baker Jun 28, 2012

      Love your shortcuts for real! And show us that Nars when you get it!

  6. Meredith Jun 28, 2012

    Hi ladies!
    I’m an aquarius too…so you have two! that rhymes. holla! :)

  7. Love the taco-fication, it’s what I grew up eating: anything + flat bread + hot sauce = taco = dinner = delish. Also, forgot to tell you my sign last week: I’m a Capricorn (represent!).

  8. Melissa Jun 28, 2012

    I’m another Aquarius listener!! I so look forward to Thursdays and listening to your podcasts! I thought it was Wednesday when I woke up and then the BF told me it was Thursday and I was super excited to come to listen to the new podcast! Thanks for making my laugh it really brightens my day!!

  9. 1. I really appreciate the question re: wearing what we call field clothes, and not looking like a homeless person/dude. =) Great ideas.

    When I do fieldwork, I’m running around WAY off trail, in giant all-leather boots, long jeans (rattlesnake and thistle country), long sleeved shirts and a safari-looking hat (essential!).

    I have a co-worker who ALSO does fieldwork, but wears real lady sweaters to stay warm (SO CUTE), and lovely floral scarves for warmth (vs. my fuzzy fleece ones), and a giant sun hat w/ another lovely scarf to affix it to her head on windy days. SO femme and lovely. I swear it’s what Audrey Hepburn would have worn if she was a wildlife biologist.

    I’m trying to take pointers from her. No law against wearing a pretty sweater to be warm vs. similar weight fleece gender-neutral top.

    Another pointer that would REALLY help can be to fork out a LITTLE $$ (quite affordable, usually) and get your field shirts tailored (unless it’s crazy hot where you work) so if your waist goes in, your shirt does too. That can really help you feel less like a construction worker, and more like an awesome field chick.

    And, of course, invest heavily in MAJOR sunscreen, ’cause you want that indoor-lady skin for as long as possible. =)

    2. Re: jumpsuit. Never.

    I am 6′ 1″, and learned even in childhood that my body is NOT what people design for when creating jumpsuits. For the same reason I will always wear bikini/tankini vs. one-piece. And 100% agree re: Joy’s observation re: when you must powder your nose, it’s a TOTAL drag to have to take off all of your clothes.

    3. LOVE YOUR podcast (just found it 2-3 weeks ago, and have already started re-listening to them, as I’ve played them ALL) and all your collective blogs. YAY!! And any time I read about cleaning, my husband gets happy. =)

    4. NOT trying to be an obnoxious self-promoter (so feel free to delete this one if you like), but learned some freaky factoids about rhubarb when I was searching for a bio-geek reason to post a photo of the strawberry-rhubarb pie I baked (http://biobabbler.blogspot.com/2012/06/mmm-petioles.html). I had NO idea how important that plant was in days of yore. Pie history!

  10. 1. I’m soooooo glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t necessarily think of a cute dress when I hear the word “Maxi.” I only just got a maxi (ugh) dress because I hated (haaaaated) that it was called a “maxi” dress.

    2. I cannot ever wear rompers, but I have a friend who looks amazing in them. She’s a dancer. For reals.

    3. Additional cute outdoorsy clothes: REI! They’ve got some awesome stuff if you need outdoorsy clothes that can get dirty. (www.rei.com) Also, a ton of other stuff! Like camping! And bikes! And tents! But also, cute outdoorsy clothes.

    • Joy the Baker Jun 29, 2012

      i want to be your friend more and more, Christine!

      Maxi = kinda gross.
      Rompers = i wish….
      REI! you’re totally right! this option slipped my mind. my sister just got some really cute clothes there and i was happily surprised!

  11. Omygosh, Joy. I’m doing the different nail colors on each hand thing. TRENDING! :)

    • Joy the Baker Jun 29, 2012

      YESSSSS!!!!! do it! i have to get someone to take a picture of my hands! i think it’s super cute! and it feels crazy to text with two different color thumbs!

  12. I tell my daughter (Gemini)how important it is to compliment others. I told her to ask them if they are dancers (LOL) or if they just got their hair done and one friend told me the other day that she likes my kid cause she always tells her she has great hair. LMAO!
    I didn’t tell her that I told her to do that….
    My daughter totes gets into it.

    • Joy the Baker Jun 29, 2012

      THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! last night a friend told me that i looked tired (and I TOTALLY WASN’T EVEN TIRED) and i was like…. who are you!? why are we friends!? why on earth would you say that to me!? ask me if i’m a dance, dummy!!!

      i say all of this to say: your daughter is bonkers awesome.

  13. emilynn Jun 28, 2012

    I read the other day that you can use marshmallows as brown sugar softeners which is exciting! I haven’t tried it yet.

  14. Joy! I’m only 7 minutes into the podcastio… but I needed to tell you that I used to make ghetto toothpick/icecube-tray popsicles when I was a kid too!!

  15. I had my first Push Pop the other weekend. I. Am. In. Love! Rainbow Sherbet reminds me of my childhood summers. We’d eat it sitting on the back porch on hot evenings. We didn’t get many packaged treats, so this was a big deal (my parents were the kind who made us eat carob when we were little, and wheat bread and home grown veggies and non-sugar cereals… they are awesome – the kind of parent I want to be… maybe minus the carob…). Memories.

    On a different note: I followed the directions from the WTF site and ended up looking like I had a huge bandage around my head. Not flattering. I tried a different version with a non-white scarf and tried to take a photo to show you guys, but ended up sneezing instead. Oh well. It made me laugh, so I’m Ok with it. Here’s a link: http://instagram.com/p/Mbv1HEkcld/

    • Joy the Baker Jun 29, 2012

      bandage head is not a cute look… but this tie is GREAT! you have good hair. and bless you.

      i love my hippie parents. they’re totally the reason i’m a baker and obsessed with butter and sugar. deprivation!

      • Thanks! :) It’s still making me giggle today.

        I forgot to mention that my parents used to make us popsicles by pouring lemonade into one of those plastic popsicle moulds. Yum! I can taste it in my mind! I think I need to invest in one of these… or just use my ice cube tray. 😉

  16. Michele Jun 28, 2012

    NARS Roman Holiday is an amazing bright pink that I wear CONSTANTLY! And I’m a huge Audrey girl, so it makes me feel like I stepped right out of the 60’s in black capri pants lol Love you girls!!

  17. Dearest Tracy & Joy,

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s podcast and so did my dog because she got a 50 minute walk while I listened.

    For next podcast, the maintenance spectrum, I think that my maintenance levels have changed as I have… matured and have varied greatly depending on where I have lived. For example, when I lived in Wisconsin I went indoor tanning (I know, I know remember this was over a decade ago..), but never took time to accessorize, say with sunglasses–ironic. Then I lived in Seattle in my early twenties and well it’s Seattle. I felt there was a lot pressure in Seattle to not be high maintenance–like looking cute was a crime. There is this big anti-girlie scene there and more of a wear North-face everything scene. One day I came into the office wearing jeans, a purple sweater and pink chucks and someone said, “You are always getting all dressed up for work.” WHAT!? Then I moved to Hawai’i. There I just felt more beautiful without a lot of maintenance prolly ’cause I had a year round tan and my hair was naturally lightened by the salt water and sun. THEN California happened to me–lemme be clear, San Diego. This was the highest maintenance point in my life. I was constantly changing my hair, dressing up and just generally looking my cutest at ALL times. I am not sure if it was because generally women are expected to look cuter in SoCal or because I was just feelin’ more like getting ready everyday. Lastly, I now live in the bay area. I have not cut nor colored my hair since moving here two years ago. That being said–I do feel like I am more fashionable now that I am in the bay! I like to go thrift and find those clothes, etc that no one else has and that is a lot of up keep for the wardrobe. So maybe you two could talk about how geographic location affects a lady’s maintenance spectrum?

    Head to Toes,

    April Mae–The only commenting Aquarius

    • Joy the Baker Jun 29, 2012

      This is such a good point April Mae! My maintenance has totally changed over the years too! ooooh I can’t wait to talk to Tracy about this.

    • Barbara Jul 4, 2012

      Hey now! I’m a commenting Aquarius…go back and look! :) There was a guy too, so that made three of us last week commenting. Plus a couple more so far this week. We Aquarius people are really starting to represent!! :)

  18. Maxi dresses are totally where its at. Comfy and they hide all sorts of stuff . . . like leg hair and bloat. But, they’re so DANG expensive!

    BTW, where’re all the Saggitarians?

  19. Maggie Jun 28, 2012

    HA!! I laughed so hard and so often. LOVED IT! Thank you!! And btw, I love it when Michael pops in!

  20. Jayne Jun 28, 2012

    Michael does sound handsome. 😛

    I love shortcuts in the kitchen. I marinate meats before freezing them so it cuts marination time when I have to thaw them out before cooking. I also like to just put everything on a pan and into the oven to roast for a quick dinner.

    Btw, whenever the song comes on at the end of your podcast, it makes me giggle.

  21. The cheese bumper sticker made me LO to the L!

    My summer shortcut is (not that original, but it helps!): brew a strong pot of coffee, let it cool, slap it in the fridge, then pour over ice, almond milk, cinnamon, and vanilla each morning (putting it in a cute glass helps!). Take that, sleepy head!

    Also, I’m a cancer :) … 31st b-day comin’ up!

    Double also, I totally want to try that lipstick! Don’t think I can pull off the turb action tho. Thank y’all for being awesome!

    • Joy the Baker Jun 29, 2012

      thank YOU for listening! ooh! 31 is awesome! happy almost!

  22. Emily Jun 29, 2012

    JOY! Your nails are super on trend (and Cooper is totes maj for mixing up his pedi). Another fun way to use two colors is to paint the whole hang a “work/life appropriate” color and then paint your pointer finger something really outrageous. It is kind of like blazing with cut off shorts; classy with a hint of real talk craziness.
    Also, Tracy – I think we need a viddy of you and Coop playing some Zumba.
    BTW – if you guys make “TOTES MAJ” bumper stickers, we will all buy them!

  23. Cecille Jun 29, 2012

    Joy, when you described making orange juice popsicles with toothpicks, I was rocketed back to my childhood in the 80s because I TOTALLY DID THAT TOO! And, like you, I was always disappointed in the results because orange juice is not the same as the stuff they make real store-bought popsicles with. Anyway, I remember getting the idea from an after-school programming special called Time for Timer…maybe that’s where you saw it too? :-)

  24. Beth! Jun 29, 2012

    Hey guys!
    I just listened to this podcast and I feel like I could maybe be of help to the person who was interested in a guy she met at church who was 12 years older than her.
    Four years ago I met my current fiance when he was 35 and I was 23 and I had the same “is he too old for me?” thoughts initially too. That all changed when I just decided to go for it and to get to know him as a person rather than focusing on his age. I figured that a couple dates in and it would be obvious if 12 years was too much of an age gap. It turned out that its not even remotely a problem at all. We are at similar stages in life now, I am 27 and wanting to get married and start a family and he is 39 and he is wants the same things. If I was able to somehow magically make him younger I don’t think we could have ever met at the right time as far as life stages go, when he was my age he wanted nothing to do with marriage or children. The only time his age is really noticeable is when he is able to recall events from the 1980s that I can’t but that’s really a non issue and can be amusing. When I was introducing him to my family and friends I think everybody had a bit of a shock at first but once they saw us together and got to know him they saw that it was no big deal. To quote the late Aaliyah, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”. (But then again she was 15 when she got married to R. Kelly who was 27 at the time so 12 years was a huge age gap in her case!)

  25. I love the idea of getting to see some of the behind the scenes of making the podcast! I love listening to you guys every week, and hearing about your process would be fun.

    Also, I may or may not have had your new podcast theme song stuck in my head a couple of times this week.

  26. Ellen W Jun 30, 2012

    @ Keely (sp?) – I say go for the older man. I met my husband (we’ve been married for 10 yrs and have 2 boys) at church when I was 22 and he was 30. For me it was refreshing to date a “grown-up” who didn’t play games.

    Another Aquarius

  27. Jessica W Jun 30, 2012

    I would def buy a “totes maj” bumper sticker.
    Working my way to brighter lipstick…nice starter bright pink is Nars Niagara.
    Hate the name maxi dress, but just bought my first one.
    Totally agree on the bathroom issue with rompers…it’s just inconvenient.
    Thanks for the laughs!

  28. Winter Jun 30, 2012

    My hubs is 7 years younger than I am and I was super worried about that when we first were dating, but I found that all the stuff we had in common was more important than the age difference. The only thing that we don’t see to eye to eye about is about music…he loves the stuff from “my generation”. I wasn’t paying much attention to the music back then!

    Michael, I vote for a behind the scenes podcast sometime!

    Love the podcast, ladies! And I’m with Emily and Jessica, i would buy a Totes Maj bumper sticker.

  29. Cynthia Jun 30, 2012

    For starters, LOVE the new theme song – had it stuck in my head for 3 days!

    Next, I have developed a new siren song since I’ve been pregnant. I’m 7 months along so things are getting pretty crowded, and there are times when I think if I took a pin and poked a small hole in my belly that it would relieve some of the pressure – like water squirting out of a pinhole in a balloon or bag. I don’t stab myself in the belly, so we’re all good. And I can’t wait for Jossalynn to get here. She’s been listening to y’all with me ever since she’s been able to hear, so she’s going to be armed with great information as she starts life!

    I am a Taurus – judge that as you will.

    I also had a tip for Sarah as she’s trying to feel girlie in a not so girlie job. Dickie’s makes women’s pants that are intended as “work pants” and not just fashion pants. So that would keep her looking girl-shaped. Also, if she has to wear a certain shirt (as part of her uniform), she can wear a colorful undershirt or cami. And I second the motion that accessories are a great idea. I work in healthcare so I have to wear “professional dress” but I have to wear a lab coat over it so no one gets to see my swag. So, I’ll make sure I wear something that shows on the outside of the lab coat (like popping the collar of my button-up blouse out of the lab coat, and no low cut tops or it looks like I have on no shirt). This is also where I sport my headbands and big gaudy earrings and bangles and costume jewelry (but not all at the same time – I’m a pharmacist, not a gypsy!)

  30. Just listened to the show on the way to Trader J’s and had to get basics to taco-fy!

    Late in the day, had no clue what to have for dinner – in come taco-fying! Corn tortillas, grilled corn, arugula, black beans, some cheese and sour cream. And of course, hot sauce.

    I’m taco’fying everything now! Genius!

  31. Keri Pegram Jul 1, 2012

    When I was little we would put juice in dixie cups and peel the paper at the top for popsicles. On another note, I’m the romper queen and just bought a denim one today from Anthro. Plans to rock a head scarf with it!

  32. I’m an aquarius that didn’t comment on the previous episode. Maybe all the aquarians are in the same forgetful boat like I am…?

  33. One of my summer shortcakes is to make homemade mixes for pancakes, waffles, strawberry shortcakes, and so on so all I have to do is add the wet ingredients. It saves time and allows me to cook from scratch even when I feel like enjoying a lazy summer day. For example, I combined all the dry ingredients for these blueberry-cornmeal pancakes ahead of time: http://www.thedesertabode.com/2012/07/02/blueberry-cornmeal-pancakes/

    Piece of cake! Er, pancake :)

  34. i was having myself a little nora ephron film fest last weekend, and there is totally talk of the maintenance spectrum in ‘when harry met sally’! how could i have forgotten that? harry explains to sally the difference between high and low maintenance, then tells her she’s the WORST kind of high maintenance, because she’s a high maintenance person who THINKS she’s low maintenance. so good!

    • Barbara Jul 4, 2012

      LOVE that movie! Nora Ephron film-fest…good thinking! I’m going to do that too!!

  35. Thanks to the crazy weather in Ohio and widespread power outages, I had to wait until I was at a restaurant in another county to get Internet access to download this podcast! I wish I had this to listen to during my entire weekend in the dark…it would’ve helped save my sanity.

  36. I like the prepackaged garlic from Costco. We use it so fast that it makes it worth having in the fridge. :) Love that Joy is covering kitchen basics now too!

    Coconut water is how I hydrate faster!

  37. My summer short cut has to do with shaving…..when I know I’m wearing capris I will only shave my legs up to that point! I’m not gonna shave more than I have to!!!

  38. I too was a big fan of the toothpick slash ice tray popsicles with orange juice. Once in a while, I even convinced my mom to buy Tang, and I would mix that up and freeze in the tray. It was a lot sweeter than OJ.

    Thank you for such a fab podcast. I have a self-imposed rule that I’m only allowed to listen to you if I’m cleaning my kitchen, so it makes the chore much more bearable.

  39. Natay Jul 4, 2012

    OMG. When I was in high school, I found this puke gray shirt at the thrift store that said “Age isn’t important unless you’re a cheese.” I wore it all the time. I was just thinking about that the other day, wondering why I ever thought that was cool. No wonder I never dated in high school.

    Also…I attended college in a small farming community and there was nothing I loved more than seeing a cute guy on campus wearing Carhartts. Now that I live in DC, Carhartt spottings are a rarity. Just bought my little nephew his first pair a couple of months ago.

    Thanks for another entertaining podcast, Joy and Tracy!

  40. Sharon Porcaro Jul 6, 2012

    Is this the turban look you’re thinking about, Joy?


    Totes burrite,


  41. LaneM Jul 8, 2012

    I wore a romper while getting my hair done on my weddin’ day about a month ago! It was pretty great. I’d love it more if I could wear it to summer camp but ya know, you have to wear sleeves at least 2 fingers wide at camp! : )

  42. Sarah Jul 9, 2012

    The Self Rising Flour thing was interesting. It is totally standard as ingredient in UK baking and the rise is totally consistant. However I wouldn’t know where to begin with making my own.

    Sigh! Such is the pain of cooking an overseas recipe – the whole stick of butter thing is confusing for us Brits. How many ounces is that? And dry cups? Wet cups? Cups at all to be honest. I haven’t ever really managed to cook a US recipe successfully. I have your book Joy, so perhaps I will give it another try.

    Also when you were finding a suggestion of a non-melting frosting for a cake a couple of episodes back – In the UK, we just make an icing (don’t say frosting here)for cakes which is icing sugar (oh that’s powdered sugar to you I believe. Crikey it’s whole new language isn’t it!) mixed to a spreadable paste with either water or lemon juice. It is the cake topping of childhood birthdays here. Info here:

    Keep up the good work. Sorry this post is so boring. Sarah x

    PS Don’t get me started on freezer paper – craft projects online are mad for it, but not available here.

  43. Hi friends! Thanks for answering my question…waiting seems like a good option, we’ll see, maybe someone else will come around :) I may have also friend-zoned myself, who knows!

    Carhartt is great! I work on a home construction show and we get Carhartt donated to us and my host totally rocks them and looks HOT. They have a lot of great female options that are super hardcore and sexy, so go out and rock your Carhartt’s, they’re winners :)

  44. Your response to the caller about wearing utilitarian clothes and style inspired this post: http://seattleseedling.com/2012/07/sass-and-style-in-the-garden/

    This is how I’m bringing my sass to the garden. :) xo

  45. Lauren Jul 20, 2012

    Joy, that picture with you and Evan—you look exactly like Lucy Lawless (who is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, so yay you). As always, great pod cast. I have to wait several weeks for a few to build up, as one at a time is just never enough for me. Can’t wait for the next two this afternoon!

  46. I was listening to this today and I feel the same way about rompers. Those things are so inconvenient! They’re kinda cute but I definitely don’t like having to disrobe entirely to use the bathroom. Not sure about the hair turban thing though. I need to go back and bookmark that self-rising flour post Joy said she was gonna make though. This was fun to listen to~

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