Joy and Tracy realize it’s a crazy and hectic month.  There’s holiday shopping, holiday travel, holiday parties, gift wrapping, and work on top of work.  Tack a family Disney cruise and you’ve got the makings of one stressful month.  Joy and Tracy say… take it easy!  From shower cocktails to glitter nail polish top coats, they’ve got all (ok… some) of the tips you need to power through December!

Tracy just wanted to say log a lot.  No biggie.  Sun Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Log 

Fruit baskets and ranch dressing.  Really Joy?  These are your holiday suggestions.  Hm… maybe the stress really is getting to you.

How about a pretty pretty Cranberry Pavlova?


Perhaps you’d like to destress with a cocktail in the shower like @dauria and @lilveggiepatch.  Joy and Tracy, however, forbid driving after said luxury… and you should also be cautious of any shower dance moves.  Safety first.  Duh.

We found this carrot facial on PetitElephant.  It could be a de-stress winner! (photo from PetitElephant)

Perhaps you’ll consider taking it easy with a festive cat-in-a-scarf sweater?


Tracy’s High Straitenence Gift Guide.  Zap out those last minute gifts!

If this Table Set Christmas photo were any more perfect… Santa would fly into a jealous rage.

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12 comments on “Take it Easy!

  1. Jenna Dec 15, 2011

    Yes Joy, Tracy is correct–there are people out there that love Disney so much that they would go on a Disney Cruise without children!
    My mother in law goes to one of the Disney Theme parks at least once a month–she has time shares at both and goes on at least one Disney cruise a year.
    Ask me how many times she has brought my kids to Disneyland (we live in SF)… go ahead ask me….once! She live 30 minutes from us and she only sees her grandkids once a year on Thanksgiving. That mean my 5 year old has only seen his Grandma, who lives the the next county, 5 times in his life. Yet she has been to to Disneyworld (in FL) 7 time this year!
    It is a strange mousekateer cult!
    Have fun on the cruise–see if the room stewards can babysit for you otherwise you will be stuck in that tiny room from 8pm on each night.

  2. Maybe your shower is bigger than mine, but how do you keep the shower water from getting in the cocktail?? I think I’m going to have to enjoy my cocktail post shower. And thanks to you, Joy, I’ve been chipping away at a bottle of bourbon since Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about making a pecan pie with the rest of it. Love.

  3. That cheesy festive log looks awesome and so easy to make, I’m totally bringing that to one of our three xmas dinners next weekend.

    Joy, I LOVE seeing pics of your kitty, my cat is also an orange tabby and the image above is how he greets me when I get home from work. He’ll flip back and forth on his back…I “think” it means he’s happy to see me…or he has an itchy back..Not sure which one.

    Tracy, that may have been THE BEST Oprah impression you’ve done on the podcast to date. I will NEVER get sick of hearing that voice, so awesomely entertaining. You’ve got mad skillz :)

  4. As always, I am more and more in love with you ladies after listening to your podcast. You got me through the longest Thursday of my life at work. It may have taken me 3 hours to finish the podcast with all the interruptions I had, but I’m ok with that because it didn’t end nearly as fast as it usually does!
    Joy, what a simple but GREAT idea to give a fruit basket as a gift! I’m sure it was very welcome after all the heavy foods we consume during the holidays.
    Great tips you two!

  5. “I hated every minute of it, but I felt good afterwards.” That describes too many things in my life. Ha! I supposed that’s better than loving it during and feeling terrible after? Like drinking.

  6. My dad got my mom a paper shredder for one of their wedding anniversaries…she was not too happy.

  7. This came at the perfect moment! Thank you ladies!

  8. So much pressure at the holidays, I am so happy that I married a man who never celebrate Christmas until he met me, so we have been able to make it as stress free as I want it to be! This year is even more stress free as I am now 37 weeks pregnant and using it for an excuse to do as little as possible, even going to a friends house for Christmas dinner, who has insisted that I do nothing!!

    Love the podcast more every time I listen!

  9. Shannan Dec 20, 2011

    My husband does that shaving-at-the-last-minute thing. It drives me mad! Besides getting dressed it’s his only grooming activity before we go out. Grrrr.

  10. I’m only 20, so I might still be considered a kid to many, but I WOULD TOTALLY GO ON A DISNEY CRUISE. The teen rooms sound so much fun, I wish I was still 17 and could go on one.
    But I’m about 16 in my mind though.

  11. Arianne Dec 25, 2011

    Tracy – It is perfectly acceptable to eat strawberries and potato chips for dinner. Anyone that tells you differently is just wrong. At least you had the fruit in there. I can count many nights in my past where I had just the chips for dinner. Salt and vinegar kettle chips are my serious weakness!

  12. Love “multi, no bigs”

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