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We hope you’re having the most lovely and relaxing Christmas holiday!  Hopefully you’ve got happy grateful family town, and plenty of orange juice in the fridge.  On this episode, we’re talking about what it means to have new holiday traditions, real-talk about entertaining houseguests, and we’re talking about the last episode of the Serial Podcast (and I misspeak a lot of things…).

Thanks for joining us! Happy Holidays!

We’ll be back next week with some cheery talk about the New Year!

Here’s that Innocence Project interview Tracy was talking about.

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We love you, BYE!


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25 comments on “That OJ wasn’t FREE

  1. Tell me you’ve seen this “Man Cold” clip… http://youtu.be/VbmbMSrsZVQ

    “…poor little bunny…”

  2. Yeah, you pretty much moaned through the whole thing but it’s real and it’s very entertaining :o) Love to you both! xx

  3. Sonia Dec 27, 2014

    You are not alone. I’ve had my share no thank you and all the vodka gone. We even had the fill the vodka bottle with water trick once. Worst than not saying thank you is when you get up the next morning after your company is gone and realized that your favorite cookbook that your mother gave you as a birthday gift before she had passed away was taken. Yeah that is real life.
    That was a long time ago but thankfully now I’m surrounded by friends and family that are truly grateful and always say thank you for what I do for them. I’ve since replaced the cookbook though it wasn’t easy to find.
    Sometimes starting new family traditions are a good thing. I’ve had to over the years but my one advise would be whatever your favorite thing is from an old tradition bring and add it to your new one. It helps with the sadness that sometimes come from remembering the traditions of old.
    Can’t wait to hear what 2015 brings.
    Thank you for what you do and the real talk you share.

  4. Jessica Dec 27, 2014

    Omg tell me you saw the SERIAL sketch on SNL last week! You will love it! Thanks for being a highlight in my week ladies!

  5. Heather Dec 27, 2014

    Uh yeah please say THANKYOU or at least “that was good, thanks for cooking!” Thank you ladies for helping me vent!

  6. You ladies crack me up! I listened yesterday after leaving my parents house, where my dad’s mom and stepdad were, per usual….interesting houseguests. I was doing most of the cooking with my mom shooing them out of the kitchen (constantly) becuase kitchen breakfast bar = Peanut gallery. Protip: When your grandchild is moving the 700lb Beef Wellington to a serving platter…don’t talk to her or offer advice. 😉

    Just so happy you are back to podcasting – Merry (belated) Chrismas and Happy happy New Year Joy and Tracy!

  7. christina Dec 28, 2014

    I wish I listened to this before Christmas, because I totally know what you mean about the thank you situation!

  8. carrieloveskeith Dec 28, 2014

    One time, I hosted a dinner and fed about 15-20 people. Since one of the guests was gluten-free, I made sure to provide ample gluten-free options. However, the spaghetti I was serving was not made with gluten-free noodles, and the girl walks up to the spaghetti and exclaimed, “This isn’t gluten-free?!?!?!” and when I tried to offer her something that she could eat, she started complaining to her husband in a loud whisper that she assumed everything I was serving would be gluten free. She was one person out of like 20! Arrgh!

    • Ellen W Dec 29, 2014

      As someone with celiac, I don’t expect people to have an entire gluten free meal for me. I may (politely) ask about the dishes, but if you don’t eat/cook gluten free on a regular basis it is challenging to make sure everything is “safe”.

  9. Ellen W Dec 28, 2014

    I have felt underappreciated when hosting family meals. I like entertaining but it still stresses me out. My husband is no help cooking wise, but he handwashed all of the dishes at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I guess I’ll keep him around. :)

  10. Jenna Dec 29, 2014

    Great podcast. Re: the “look at the big picture” comment on Serial, I think they meant the big picture would be freeing Adnan by building a case that points the finger to someone else or at least casting enough reasonable doubt. But to build that case they would ignore the evidence that doesn’t fit that alternate scenario (like how Jay knew where the car was!), which would be ironic seeing it was one of the things Sarah critcised about Adnan’s original trials!

  11. Holly Dec 29, 2014

    Well I’m just glad that I’m not the only one who thinks hosting is WORK dude.

    I like to direct jobs to the lazy peeps- like my sister who will never do dishes/clean up when my mom hosts, you had better believe I’m on her butt when I’m hosting something at my house. And you must not host young kids often because you didn’t cover when parents think that you are not only the host but also the babysitter.

  12. Katie Dec 29, 2014

    This podcast was a great one to listen to as I host a male houseguest who has a cold!

  13. My favorite is my mother-in-law, who is apparently “allergic” to a wide variety of things, and has an even wider variety of things that either give her stomach problems or make her gassy, which she will proceed to talk about for hours after eating the thing that she didn’t tell you gave her problems. She won’t tell us which foods are the issue because, you know she’s “easy.” HAHAHAHA.
    I started keeping a secret of list of things not to feed her, but last time she visited we served a simple roasted chicken and basic roasted vegetables and she said she had issues because of all of our “organic” foods?!?!
    Luckily, we try to limit her to one (short) visit a year, and the rest of our families are pretty great.

  14. Whitney Dec 30, 2014

    What about the secret rage of realizing the party is hovering around the bucket of ranch dip someone brought — still in the sour cream container — and ignoring your much-researched appetizers? Glory stolen by a flavor packet. Secret shame.

  15. Ohhhh man. I know about the orange juice situation. I had a guest for 8 days (not invited to stay that long–booked tickets without really asking). She made me drive her all around to shop, to the beach, feed her, make her Thanksgiving meal, take her to get her hair cut, drive her 1 hour to the airport at 3:30 in the morning and not one thank you. Not. One. Oh except for obligatory one weeks later when I got the “thanks for everything” note. Never again.

  16. I am so glad you guys are back! I saved the episode for about a week because I wanted to listen while I did some New Year’s Eve deep cleaning (this is always an organization/cleaning time for me, and it reminded me to look back at archives of Tracy’s High Straightanence series).

    I’m lucky enough to not host stay-over guests–we just host a small dinner for my boyfriend’s family before we fly to the east coast to visit my family. That single dinner, though, is always full of my boyfriend’s sister-in-law “baby proofing” my house for her two-year-old son (i.e. moving anything that wasn’t furniture in our living area to our guest room) and digging through our pantry/fridge for acceptable kid food (mind you, we made sliders and finger foods… all things the boys could eat). I love her, I do, we just have very different approaches to how to deal with kids.

  17. Aisha Moore Dec 31, 2014

    Enchiladas is a very common new year’s dish amongst my non-Latino family and friends in LA. We’ve always had either gumbo or enchiladas as the main course at my family shindig. Tomorrow my IG feed will be filled with cheesy gooey deliciousness.

  18. I’m just getting over a cold and would have *loved* to stay home and get well, but we have a major trade show coming up and my clients are unsympathetic jerks. My boss also has been, according to his internal OOO message, at the Consumer Electronics Show since 2012.

  19. Have you read the new interview with Jay and the analysis on the Split the Moon blog (written by Adnan’s friend who got Sara Koenig involved)? Serial is still messing with my head!

  20. Hi Joy and Tracy! Idk if you will even read this, but just wanted to recommend (if you haven’t already) to watch the SNL parody of the Serial podcast. I, for one, loooove the Serial podcast and think the entire issue is very serious, but this parody is just undeniably funny. Thanks! Love you too

  21. Morgan Jan 12, 2015

    You ladies are the best! I regularly read both your blogs and love love love your podcast. Your keepin-it-real honesty is so refreshing. I always thought that food bloggers are so relaxed when they entertain since that is what it looks like in the blog posts, while I am a total stress ball mess whenever I play host. It is so refreshing to hear that you guys get exhausted and stressed too! Thank you for your inspiring amazing supportive honest real awesomeness!

  22. Jackie Jan 14, 2015

    It’s so true that Thank You goes a long way. The message behind it, that, “I see you and acknowledge the hard work you did for me,” can mean so much. So does buying replacement OJ. :)

  23. Everything about this podcast was so amazing and so right!! I laughed incredibly hard. Thank you. Xoxo

  24. Finally got around to listening to this episode, and I have to say, it’s a new favourite of mine! So, so funny. Like an episode of Seinfeld or something, all the hilarious social commentary. Keep it coming!



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