We’ve really hit our stride on our 81st episode!  We’re in it to win it!

On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast Joy and Tracy discuss microwave onion flu cures, long distance relationships, counter-top ovens, and early in-laws.  We also say ‘hot-bod’ three more times than you’d probably like to hear.  For that we’re eternally regretful… yet, unable to stop ourselves.

KitchenAid Convection Countertop Oven can get you back to full cookie-making capacity in no time.  Also… imagine all the cookies you can make in your bedroom.  So many!     Should you want to learn the quirks of your old oven, start with an oven thermometer.

Crock-Pots will save your life, newlyweds! 

Also, grill some sausage and vegetables.  Make dinner simple!

Maybe this is the SOFT BLAZE!! At Old Navy you could wear under your winter sleeping bag coat??

Joy and Tracy are the wrong people to ask about two coat wearing.

Throw a blazer under that joint!

We thank you for listening to another podcast!  We hope you’re happy, healthy, warm, and blazing!  Put an onion in your ear!

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23 comments on “The Flu is a Jerk

  1. You ladies made me laugh about ovens. Well done!!!!

    I have A LOT to say to the newlywed! I’m not a newlywed but I’ve lived with my boyfriend for over four years and we had this struggle for a long time (I swear, we’d never fight save for chores and duties around the house). What we finally agreed to was that I’d be in charge of dinner three nights a week, and he was in charge the other three. I had to stop worrying about it and putting that responsibility solely on my plate. Usually, when it’s his night, we go out or he grabs us Chipotle salads, but I don’t care AT ALL because it means I don’t have to think about it that night. If we’re both slammed, as well as on that seventh night, we just help ourselves or eat leftovers or one of us goes out with friends. We used to stick with scheduled “nights” but typically, we just alternate nights so no one is overwhelmed. It’s worked really well! If only we could get that chore and housecleaning schedule divided up now…

    Great podcast, my friends!!!

  2. First, Joy, sorry you got sick, and am glad to learn you are getting better. Second about Grandma’s comment, wow. I wonder if she was feeling that when she gets to parties, she’s ignored a lot and feels out of place? “Old folks” sometimes aren’t included conversation, or activities, and can be left sitting on the couch while the celebrants indulge themselves around them. Her comment does sound rude, but maybe if she was welcomed and a few minutes spent with her, maybe it won’t be too bad. Maybe she’d be able to do something, like set the tables, or fold the napkins, or watch the birthday boy. Family is family. Be the better person. Be a good example to your child. Remember, they will be picking the nursing home your spend your final years in.

  3. i love listening to your podcasts, always insightful and have me rolling. One thing, the letter about the grandma coming over early for the party. In our home, we agree that grandma’s can pretty much do what they please (ok, to a point).You know they’ve reached a certain age where they kinda believe that too – ok my granny says thats true for her and all her friends. (i’m secretly looking forward to the day when I can go out in my cat pajamas and curlers and just be accepted as a crazy old lady, lol) But really, they are grandma’s. She probably has other plans with the seniors or doesn’t like to drive during the day/night/freeway or something. Whatever reason she can’t be there on time, she’s got a point she’s not there for the adults – its about the kids ( the kids love granny) and they usually don’t stay long anyways. My granny’s crazy and may show up unannounced but really are we going to throw granny out and get mad about it? We don’t, we just shake our heads and go on with our day with granny in tow and remember why she’s granny. Ok, thats my two cents.

  4. Michelle S. Jan 24, 2013

    You ladies are too funny!
    As a former Nebraska native, I’d like to tell your other listening that you absolutely can blaze with a coat! Men have been winter blazing for centuries. I believe it’s traditionally called an “overcoat?” A looser peacoat that fits over your blazer without bunching works best, and you can use a scarf to hide the second colar. :)

    • I was coming to say the same thing, but from Denver. It’s a little bulky, but none of my winter coats flatter my figure anyway and I love blazing in office which is ALWAYS cold. I too use a scarf to hide that I’m wearing two coats. So, “I concur!”

  5. Who are the flu shot people? I was told if you are normally a healthy person you should NOT get the flu shot. If you get it every year it lowers your immune systems natural ability to fight the flu. I say no flu shot! Sorry you got sick though Joy. :( Re the early grandma – here is my in-law advice. If you don’t like it, say something. If you hold on to your feelings it will just make the situation worse. You can approach unreasonable people in a nice way and if they want to have a negative response it’s their problem. I would say, “I really appreciate that you want to come over for our child’s birthday, but I will be using the morning to get ready for the party, so it would be great if we could schedule another day where you will have more time with our kid”. If she says no to that then I would just say, “well I’m really sorry but it just won’t work for us at that time”. I get referred to as “her” and “she” too. It’s annoying and although I totally agree with Tracy that your husband should be your advocate, but, if the behavior is being directed at you individually, then you have to be the one to address it. It’s a sucky situation. I feel your pain.

    • Thanks Sarah! (and Joy and Tracy!) Sarah this is pretty much exactly what happened. We offered to have her over another day when she could have him all to herself. We explained that time she wanted to show up was actually his nap time and if skipped his nap he was going to be a hot mess when the party actually started. She is not happy with us at the moment, but I am sure it will eventually blow over as these things do!
      A few clarifiers. This is my husand’s grandmother, which I know probably makes you think she is extra old, but she is actually 60s/same age as my parents (she had my mother-in-law at a young age and my mother-in-law had my husband at a young age.)
      I did talk to my husband and tell him his flaky hinting did not help the situation, and he agreed. I think the situation was intensified for me because it came at the end of a string of commentary on our parenting(we are being too strick, we are not strick enough, we are hiding him from everyone) and that we are being selfish for thinking we may only want one child.

  6. Becky P. Jan 24, 2013

    Joy, I’m sorry you’re sick; that stinks! Our postman suggested we try leaving onions open around work in December because our whole office was sick. I thought it was a weird suggestion at the time but may have to try it sometime. I have some advice for the newlywed. Dinner in our house has been a challenge too. Both my boyfriend and I work all day and want healthy good dinners but come home tired and not wanting to spend a lot of effort on it. We do two things that I think might help her. One, we make preparing dinner an “us” activity. Instead of having one of us slaving alone in the kitchen, we sometimes share the prep work. It gives us time to catch up after a day of work and makes doing a bigger, more complicated recipe simpler because we’re splitting the work. The other thing that we really like to do is make big chicken salads. I freeze chicken breasts in individual bags, pull one out in the morning before work, put some olive oil and seasonings in the bag to marinate the chicken while it defrosts in the fridge all day. When we get home, I cut the veggies for the salads and my guy grills the chicken on his big manly grill outside. It lets him play with his grill and gives us a really yummy and healthy dinner. This works because we live in Florida and we can grill outside all year long, but, if you live in a colder clime, you could just as easily put the chicken or fish or beef on a foreman or grill pan and have an easy clean up dinner.

  7. I am totally cracking up. My oven has been broken for two years.. I got an awesome convection oven and I do everything in it. My oven is only used for storage. I thought I was the only one! Thanks for the great podcast!

  8. your podcast is my sanity some days. i love it! i try to save it up and listen during my pathetic little 30 min runs (my second baby is 6 months old. . i’ll get stronger.) i love both of your blogs and ya’ll are just so funny and real yet inspiring at the same time. keep ’em coming!

    hope you feel better soon Joy!!! my babies and i JUSt got over being sick. not fun!

  9. Listened to the ‘cast on my commute this morning. My earballs got a treat. 😉

    My aunt gifted me with a convection counter top oven seven years ago and – knock on wood – it’s still going strong. I bake everything in it – cakes, bread, cookies, and yes, pizza. I practically taught myself to cook and bake with that oven. So I’m with Joy on this one. A counter top oven is cheap and portable and definitely less of a hassle than messing about with oven thermometers and an oven door that won’t close!

    As for the cooking/cleaning conundrum, I rarely feel like cooking after a long day at work, but I could never do popcorn or nachos and call that dinner. I would be sooo hungry and dissatisfied and sad! I believe in two things:
    1. Cooking several meals on a weekend and freezing them to eat the following week.
    2. Rotisserie chicken from the deli.

    Cooking on a weekend is much more enjoyable because you’re less harried, and you’ll have the time and desire to make more than one meal too. Just remember to bring it down to the fridge to thaw in the morning, and after reheating, it’s as good as a freshly cooked meal.

    Rotisserie chicken from the deli. Need I say more? Add a salad (which takes no time to make fresh) on the side and call it dinner. The leftovers are great in sandwiches, salads, pasta…the list goes on! Not every meal has to be made from scratch. Get help whenever possible. Just my two cents.

  10. Worst part about listening to the JTB podcast first thing on Thursday?

    It means you don’t have anything to listen to on Friday :(

  11. Sofie T Jan 25, 2013

    Hope you feel better soon, Joy! In the meantime, here’s a funny (semi-serious) ranking of cold meds. :) http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/193215/what-is-the-best-cold-medicine-to-take-for-pleasure-this-flu-season/

  12. Forever trying to find some quicker dinner ideas… I was intrigued by Tracy’s staggered(? am I using that correctly?) cooking with the potatoes, sausages and broccoli. What temp do you start those at? Thanks!

  13. Brianna Jan 26, 2013

    I just started listening to your podcast and I have fell in love with it! I’m thirteen turning fourteen in March. I got Joy’s cookbook for Christmas and I absolutely love everything I have made out of it so far. I have a question in juicing….can you juice without a juicer? Like a blender or…? Because I’m interested in doing it but I do not have a juicer and I cannot afford one. Thanks so much! Love you guys!

  14. Elizabeth T Jan 27, 2013

    I’m already a thin person and a typical winter down coat in a small size still leaves room to wear a blazer underneath. Maybe buy a jacket in a larger size than you normally would, so that there’s room to add another layer?
    It does sound like a weird concept, though, layering a jacket under a jacket.

    Also, thanks for tackling kitchen quirks! For several years before moving out, I was able to use my parents’ commercial grade electric oven with framed glass doors and a touch panel, but now that I’m in my own apartment, I’m stuck with the old fashioned gas ovens where you’d probably need a thermometer to accurately gauge the temperature. I guess I could use my toaster oven on its bake setting :] Cookies for one?

  15. GIRLS, I was totally thinking about the computer chip right before you said that!! haha! My mom is a big natural remedy gal and she sticks garlic pieces in our ears. Smelly, but it works. I was pretty sick this past week (the flu IS a jerk and congestion is a nag) and my she sent me home with elderberry syrup that she MADE HERSELF! She’s pretty fantastic. Best tasting med ever.

    I’m never going to look at hot Italian sausage again without hearing “hot bod” in my head… 😉

  16. Sofie T Jan 28, 2013

    This SNL video made me think of y’all! YOLO all the way. 😀 http://youtu.be/z5Otla5157c

  17. Katie K Jan 29, 2013

    I loooooove looooove the podcast, but Joy, Tracy, your comments about the flu shot were making me cringe! As a medical student and someone with a compromised immune system, I’m begging you guys to consider getting the flu shot in the future! I know a lot of people are wary of what they see as “unnecessary” medication or treatment, so I’m not here to start fights with anyone, just here to provide a slightly different perspective. Getting the flu shot is not just about keeping yourself sick, it’s about protecting the elderly and babies and sick kids and people like me who have crappy immune systems and are at the highest risk from severe and even fatal complications from the flu. You have to have a strong immune system for the vaccine to even work, so these groups can’t protect themselves. The flu that’s going around this season (and here in the midwest, causing ERs to turn away non-flu patients!) was included in this year’s vaccine, and it’s not too late to get it. There are some people who have unpleasant flu-like (not the flu!) reactions to the vaccine, but the great majority of people won’t have any reaction except a slightly sore arm. Just something for people to consider when they are deciding whether or not to get the flu shot.

    Okay, off my soapbox. In response to my fellow Chicagoan, you can definitely blaze under a down coat! You may have noticed that when the temps dip below freezing, most people in the city throw fashion to the wind. While I don’t necessarily approve of this trend, I think there’s one good thing to take from their example: your winter outerwear is for the OUTside. At a certain point, it’s more function than fashion, and you’re going to take it all off inside anyway. So why not wear a blazer underneath? Also, it won’t be warm enough for just a blazer until April. If we’re lucky. I don’t know about you, but I can’t confine the blaze to so few months of the year.

  18. Jessica Gunsell Feb 4, 2013

    Loved the suggestion for the Old Navy soft blazer…I’ve been looking for the perfect blazer for my football player like shoulders, and what do you know, this one was perfect! Wearing it to work today. :-) Now look who’s blazen!

  19. lashly Feb 22, 2013

    FOR REAL! when I was listening to this podcast I was driving through FREEZING Germany and wishing I had a traveling oven! totally AWESOME! thanks for the inspirational thought, and all the laughs!

  20. Regarding blazers in winter: You keep a blazer or two at your office, maybe your favourite, most versatile one. That way you can comfortably get to work in your sleeping bag coat, maybe with a thin sweater underneath, and when you get to work you can still look polished for meetings etc. Or you can just wear it for the full day, if your office is freezing, like mine. Also, if you want to you can definitely wear a blazer under a parka. I’m from Canada, I know these things. With you all and the 3/4 sleeve shirts. Hate them.

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