What have we here?  Oooh you know… just the 65th episode of the most important/unimportant podcast ever!  On this episode of the Joy the Baker podcast, Joy and Tracy long-spritz some girl talk.  They talk about everything from ex-boyfriend emails, to friend diets, and bachelorette parties.  How many times does Tracy say ‘penis’?  More than once….

 I Accidentally Saw a Picture of You.  This infamous post is now titled I Accidentally Sent You An Email After I Accidentally Saw A Post You Wrote After You Accidentally Saw A Picture Of Me.

Whoa… that’s a mind-full.

He just wanted hummus.

Tracy and Joy are on what they’re calling The Friend Diet.  We text each other everything we eat.  It’s all about accountability!  It looks a little like this:


Is Joy really going to dress up as Elijah Wood for Halloween?  Does that even make any sense at all!?

And back to lunches!!!

Tracy has all sorts of ideas for you if you’re in a lunch rut!

Lunch Ideas Part ONE & TWO

Let’s talk cookbooks for dudes:

Everyday Food Magazine. Get it. Tracy SWEARS BY IT.
The Gourmet Cookbook.  Solid recipes for everything, ever.

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31 comments on “The Friend Diet

  1. Another cookbook for dudes idea: Cooking for Geeks (http://amzn.to/SDMRp6). My gentleman has it and it’s solid, though formatted more for pasty engineer types than manly-men. Yay food science! (PS. that remind me — I always though you guys would like this: http://goo.gl/VRMmx)

  2. Okay ladies, I haven’t listened yet but this is hilarious. A few weeks ago I decided to stop eating my feelings (we are going through a lot right now so Casey and I will sit down and eat like 6 cupcakes and a bag of snack sized snickers in one sitting). For the past 2 weeks my friend who lives 11 hrs away and I (she’s in Spokane an I’m in the Salt Lake City suburbs) have been texting out meals and shots of the treadmill screen to prove we’re making good choices. Glad we’re not the only ones…

  3. I totally did the friend diet—except with my sister who lives far away. And it works SO well! It totally steps up your accountability. It was super successful until we went on vacation together to NYC and stuffed our faces and had no accountability whatsoever. Fail. This podcast has inspired me to try it again!

  4. “I’m going to emoji your life so hard.” -Joy the Baker Awesome. :-)

  5. On the real, back in March my bestie and I did “The Friend Diet.” It was aces for both of us. It totally made us more conscious of what we were putting in our bodies. “Oh god, do I really want to send Claire a photo of an entire sheet of cookies? No. No, I do not. THE SHAME. Okay, just one cookie.”

  6. oh. my. gosh. you are a pair of GENIUSES!
    the friend diet?!?!!?!!? this is amazing… i need to make a friend to friend-diet with. Perhaps I’ll do it with my sister.

  7. Janine Sep 20, 2012

    Love, Love, your idea of the friend diet (non diet) I think you should keep showing us your texts. I don’t know why but it’s inspiring.

  8. Thanks for taking my question, Tracy and Joy! Hearing what you had to say was amazing, and I feel a lot better about the situation now. I love you two!

    • Nina — I had the same first love situation when I was in high school. We decided to go to different colleges and “broke up” at the end of the summer only because we were going to be apart and to avoid the “turkey drop.” But we called, emailed, and talked everyday anyway and decided to be together even if we weren’t together.

      People told me I shouldn’t “limit” myself, but you know if what you have is worth more than the freedom to makeout with the cute guy on your floor. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stay home because you have a ld boyfriend. I fell in love with friends, explored new places, got drunk at late-night parties, and never felt like I missed any opportunities because I was in a long-d relationship.

      And on Sunday we’re getting married to celebrate our ten-year anniversary. If it is right, high-school sweethearts can work out!

  9. Jayne Sep 20, 2012

    I just read the show notes. I haven’t even listened to the podcast and I feel giggly already. LOL. This is going to be good!

  10. Andrea Sep 20, 2012

    You would be so ashamed to be my friend if you saw what I ate. You would come to my home and put dishwashing soap on everything to prevent me from eating it all. Then you would take out my trash to make sure I didnt delve into an all-time low. Then we would get mani-pedis and pretend that all never happened.

  11. Maija Sep 21, 2012

    Is it wrong that the Rev Management guy who is french… hums Joy the Baker podcast music because I WAS HUMMING IT!!!! BWAHAHA!!! We are officially friends!

  12. Joy. Please for the love of everything dress up like E Wood for Hallows….My husband is threatening me with the idea of being Guy Fieri….can you say flair hair and flames?

  13. Joy, you should do what Ellen did and crash a bachelorette party:

    Also, ten thumbs up on the I Accidentally Saw Your Picture essay.

  14. Amanda Barkey Sep 21, 2012

    I second the Everyday Food Mag recommendation… simple recipes and seasonal food articles that I think would help out a guy for sure! Also Everyday Food makes cookbooks and I would suggest those too… Fresh Flavor Fast is a good one with really simple and delicious recipes.

  15. Sofie T. Sep 21, 2012

    I spent a weekend in Hangzhou, China this summer and we found a delicious little Middle Eastern restaurant. Their menu was full of funny Chinglish typos, but our favorite was that the hummus appetizer was listed as “homos” or “homos with meat”. 😉

  16. I had to phone my mom when I heard this podcast. This “friend dieT” is the exact thing she told me to do when I wanted to loose some weight. She did it more simple. Just writing anything you eat all day in a notebook. It is even recommended in serious diet books. Your version is even better and fun! Good riddance with the extra pounds!

  17. Monique Sep 22, 2012

    Everyday Food is worth it!

  18. I was speed walking today and listening to your podcast and heard my name and then my question read out loud! I think I started walking even faster!!!! It was exciting, surprising, helpful and appreciated! All the suggestions for cookbooks for my 21 year old son were great and I look forward to him sharing the love (and more texts involving photos of food) with me. Thanks for the suggestions and all the laughs today. Love to listen! Also, your image of my arms going back and forth and back and forth is SO right and made me laugh out loud at myself.

  19. Great podcast as always ladies! Technical question (maybe for Michael): why do the podcast dates no longer show up on my iPhone/iTunes? They used to be arranged chronologically but the newer ones don’t come with a date attached and go alphabetically. I liked the chronological order!

  20. mnels2 Sep 24, 2012

    I’m a relatively new listener, but I was going back through some old episodes and listened to “Halloweenie” while running errands. It was especially hilarious because my sister also sported a homemade ace of spades costume once. Then, at Target, I saw Halloween-themed Sixlets and couldn’t stop laughing. Heads up, Joy! I also wanted to report my secret hippie behavior of making my own kefir from a weird brain-looking seed and milk. Thanks for the awesome work, ladies!

  21. um, LOVE the brief convo about get-ready songs for work presentations, scary things, etc. mine right now is Spiderwebs, by No Doubt. currently, i’m listening to it while drinking a face-sized mug of coffee and gearing up for my first day flying solo as a teacher. (i’m a student teacher, and the teacher i work with is out today and you should all say a prayer to the god of well-behaved kids).

    also i was listening to the podcast in my car yesterday, and the volume was a bit loud, and so i broadcast “PENIS-ENHANCED” to the parking lot of the elementary school i work at.

  22. You guys don’t like tahini?? But it’s SO GOOD. Give it another try. I drizzle a bit on salads, on a grilled cheese, etc etc. You’re foodies! You will like it! 😉

  23. Friend diet started today! Hated to have to confess that reeses cup…I think this will work! You rock!

  24. I love the podcast and listen to it every week. Love the awkward moments when an ex gets in touch! hummus? haha. not a red flag though, just awkward. :) but i’ve made hummus before – yes the tahini is a stumbling block because it comes in a much bigger jar than you need for one or 10 batches! but basically, tahini, chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. though I’ve been meaning to try it without tahini and see what the result is…

  25. I’ve been making hummus for many years, and have found that leaving the tahini out actually makes it more appealing to kids. Tahini can be a little strong. I think the biggest secret to good hummus is a blender or food processor that will really smooth out those chick peas. Here is my recipe. It has never failed me : )

    1 16 oz can garbanzo beans, drained (reserve the liquid)
    3 tablespoons mild tasting, light-flavored olive oil (this is important)
    3 tablespoons lemon juice
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2-4 cloves freshly minced garlic

    Blend, blend, blend. You can add a little of the garbanzo liquid it too dry. I like to add another T. of olive oil if I want it to be more creamy.

    Can serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of Hungarian paprika……

  26. First of all. LOVE you guys. I’ve been listening to you two for 5 straight hours while drinking gin, high straightening my linen closet, and writing my blog post for tomorrow. I know this is sooo last month, but I just heard you guys talk about faking a bachelorette party. True life my friends and I did that when we were spring breaking in Munich at a beer garden. If only I could attach pictures. It was CRAZY and involved a drunken sailor, a beyond drunk hobo who called himself a lord and Asian tourists. The aforementioned Lord and I had a lovely father daughter dance with me in a veil and fake wedding ring. One of the best moments of my time abroad.


  27. Cayla Mar 5, 2013

    I bought tahini for a hummus recipe, and then I was all, “What am I going to do with the rest of this?” So I tried it on buttered toast, like peanut butter, and YUM. Fabulous. Also very, very good when a glob of it is stirred into hot rice noodles with soy sauce, garlic, chile flakes, and some sesame seeds. Delicious.

    • Tracy Mar 6, 2013

      You can make the most amazing salad dressing with it too!

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