Hello friends!  Thank you for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast.  This week were talking about flakes (people that cancel plans not the cold cereal), doomsday preppers, and reality television.  Also, do you know what a Brony is?  Test your sub-culture knowledge with this episode!


•  I googled “why are people so flaky” and this came up:  The 10 Reasons Your Friend Is Flaky.  Excuses, excuses.

The Preparedness Podcast with Rob Hanus.

•  Doomsday Preppers.  Do we need to add gas masks to our Amazon carts?

 Doomsday Preppers is a good show to watch if you want apocalyptic dreams.

•  Don’t come for me unless I send for you.  Kenya Moore for President.

•  Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.  We are genuinely fascinated.

•  Tracy’s Pineapple Gin Cocktail.  Taco friendly.

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42 comments on “The GIFs That Keep On Giving

  1. Sarah Sep 22, 2014

    Hi ladies- I wanted to share an experience related to flaking. A close friend of mine told me last winter that she had noticed a pattern of flakiness emerging with me, and that she was hurt by that. She expressed how important our friendship was to her, and asked me if I had any explanation or issues that we needed to work out. While I was initially caught off guard and felt a little defensive (work has been insane!! I just moved!! new boyfriend!! etc etc), but I so appreciate that she called me on it and told me straight up what she needed from me. Since this conversation about six months ago I’ve gotten my act together and stopped flaking, and our friendship feels renewed and energized. I wanted to share, because sometimes brutal honesty can break the cycle! Thanks again for all the podcast goodness.

  2. Rhonda Sep 23, 2014

    This was fun. Love it when your podcasts get educational. :)

  3. shelby Sep 23, 2014

    I was so excited to share the American Juggalo documentary on Vimeo with you guys but at the very end Tracy dropped a hint that maybe ya’ll have already watched it. It’s so good!

  4. Seriously, watch the Bronies movie as soon as you get a chance–it’s riveting and so heartwarming. And no one was more skeptical about the whole weird phenomenon than I was!

    I was obsessed with Doomsday Preppers for a while, but it started to stress me out so much that I had to stop watching :)

  5. I can’t believe you guys didn’t know what a Brony was! Oh man, I could’ve been your cool internet friend for like 10 seconds. Damn. Sadly, I don’t know of any other fun subculture stuff to make me cool.

    I read somewhere else that cell phones make us flaky. It’s easier to flake out on the party when we can text and say “Uh… sorry” when normally (without a cell phone) we’d just have to show up and deal with the fact that maybe we didn’t want to go to the party or whatever. So now I try to pretend I don’t have a cell phone when it’s time to go to a party/commitment I don’t feel like going to at the moment because I know once I get there, I’ll probably have fun. And if I’m not having fun, I can leave after making an appearance and then I’m just a social weirdo and not a flake. Right? :)

  6. Ellen Sep 24, 2014

    Hi ladies! I loved your discussion about flakiness, and as an uber-planner myself, I relate to Tracy’s relief when someone else cancels. Tracy, remember how that was one of the options on the introversion quiz that you included on an I Love Lists post recently? And for Joy: there is an eye roll GIF on #myfriendsaremarried, posted just this morning!

  7. Thanks for the shout out on your podcast! If you have any questions on prepping, I’d be happy to answer them.

  8. Emily Sep 25, 2014

    I’m a librarian at a university, and Joy I love it when you talk about your college librarian. You’ve mentioned her before, and it makes me feel good to think how influential that person was for you and reminds me what I’m here for.

    Also, about a year ago a girl I know posted on Facebook something on the lines of, “I don’t like to RSVP because something better might come along later. Just being honest.” I was sooo upset when I read this silly thing she posted publicly, because I had invited her to things before and waited until the last second to hear back from her on whether or not she was coming. It really changed my view of her.

  9. Hi Ladies! I just finished listening to this episode and I think my family would blow your mind! I am an extreme couponer…my father-in-law is a doomsday prepper…and my brother-in-law is a brony. That entire sentence is true.

  10. melanie Sep 25, 2014

    just learned about the app called “gif keyboard” it’s a global keyboard with millions of gifs to easily add to messages etc! love it already. immediately had to share it after listening to this podcast :) love you guys!

    • Tracy Sep 25, 2014


      • LisaH Oct 14, 2014

        Also, the app Relay is really great. It’s a messaging app for you and your pals to communicate exclusively through gifs. It’s the only way my sister and I can express the true horrors of a Monday.

        Keep up the great work ladies :)

  11. So, after listening to your podcast and pondering, I googled the pronunciation of GIF…did you know that there’s a huge debate about this? It’s either GIF the way you pronounced it or like JIF the peanut butter…so an alternate title of this podcast could be “Choosy moms choose [animated] GIFs”. 😛

  12. Responding to your subculture request Tracy!:
    So, I am a Canadian who goes to grad school in NYC, but! I’m currently on an exchange in Japan! And a weird sub-culture thing here is “Kawaii” which means cute, but its not just regular ‘cute’. Its like contact lenses with larger coloured irises, and maid cafes, and girls who wear pigtails, and all the cute-y anime drawing on everything….. Basically, my dude friends love it, but i am struggling to come to terms with this in my feminist mind lol…. Its also a WHOLE culture here… super big amongst teens. Anyway, google it!

  13. Jenna Sep 26, 2014

    Great podcast! I think there are times in life when you might give a friend a pass for being flaky (they have a newborn baby, they’re going through a really tough life event) but if someone’s flaking out on you for no good reason then they’re not worth your time (as by flaking because they can’t be bothered hanging out with you or they think they have something better to do they clearly don’t think you’re worth their time & so screw that)! Harder to do when you’re in a new place & trying to make new friends but similarly to staying single while you find a guy who treats you right rather then putting up with a guy who treats you like crap I think it’s worth waiting to find some true friends who treat you the way you deserve to be treated and value your friendship. Apparently I have strong feelings about this… Haha

  14. Carrie Sep 26, 2014

    I listened to your preparedness podcast. We just recently got to move back into our house after being hit by a major tornado ten months ago.. The three things we learned to put in our preparedness kits are a spare pare of shoes (we were barefoot in our basement when the tornado hit), heavy duty work gloves and a cell phone charger that charges via a hand crank or a solar powered weather radio…. Love your show!!

    • Joy the Baker Sep 27, 2014

      good suggestions!!!! so glad you’re safe. for real.

  15. The topic of Bronies has been covered at length on the Howard Stern show (of course). You can find audio of Howard talking about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUcjKln4zhc

  16. I did NOT know you could text GIFs… This is going to change e v e r y t h i n g.

  17. Hi ladies! Just began listening to the podcast and wanted to say how much I enjoy it! As a stay at home mom to an almost 1 year old little boy, I’m always on the hunt for podcasts to listen to. Yours is educational, funny, and as someone who loves to cook, your podcast is just perfect for me. Thank you for this wonderful podcast!

  18. Congratulations to the family with the newly adopted baby – my baby is named Juniper too!! I love hearing the name out there, I think all the Junipers are going to grow up into awesome kids.

  19. Guys. Please listen to your podcast on the apple podcast app in 1.5 speed. Please please please. It’s my new favorite.

    • Tracy Oct 21, 2014

      Are you saying that I talk slow normally? Because you’re right.

  20. Chelsea Eats Treats Oct 17, 2014

    Hey Joy and Tracy! I haven’t seen a new podcast from you guys in a while – are you taking a break or is something wrong with my app? Love you guys!!

    • Tracy Oct 21, 2014

      Thanks for checking in with us! Joy is currently traveling for book tour and focusing on that right now so we’re hoping to find some time soon to sit down and podcast! Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate it!

  21. jackye Oct 20, 2014

    Freaking out right now – Nate Diesel is on WWE Divas on a date with Rosa! I had no idea who to tell since none of my friends would even know who Nate Diesel is and I realized I had to share it with you amazing ladies! Seriously. Nate. Diesel.

  22. I recently started listening to you guys on my way to or from work …I have followed Joy’s blog for years and the recipes never let me down … since starting to listen I now read Tracy’s too … so fun :) I moved last year to Miami from Boston and I miss being away from a lot of my long time friends … listening to you guys is like an hour of shooting the S&*! with my friends back home and I appreciate it. I finally got around to listening to your latest pod-cast and your talk about Bronies made me think of the Bob’s Burger episode and I had to comment … if you haven’t seen it yet watch “The Equestranauts” … it is very funny.

    Thanks again for making my commute to work a little more bearable …

  23. Meghan B Oct 28, 2014

    Joy! Tracy! I was listening to the podcast while I made some quinoa and roasted broccoli for dinner last night (pluses of being a single lady). I typically think your listener question answers are excellent, funny, and on point; but last night I was so disappointed by your answer to the girl who called in about making friends at school when you start a few years later than others. I felt like you totally disregarded how important having a social life at school is, I’m not talking for the purposes of partying ./ tequila / etc, but just that having a group of friends can make you feel secure, happy,and personally fulfilled, everyone needs a maj! Also, it’s legitimately difficult to make friends at school, and you didn’t acknowledge that once. It was weird to hear about online opportunities to make friends– what about student activities night? Volunteering for something you feel passionate about? Anyway, it was just kind of a bummer. I’m a faithful listener and blog reader (Tracy has given me excellent recipe advice) and this is the first time something didn’t sit right with me… so it’s a pretty good record :-)). Thanks for listening!

    • Tracy Nov 9, 2014

      I’m sorry that this episode left you with a bad feeling. We’ve talked about making friends in college several times on our podcast. It’s actually a very common question we get! If we didn’t answer the question thoroughly in this particular episode, I can guarantee you we’ve tried to be helpful in the past by recommending people find student groups that interest them. I think I may have recommended online groups because in my brain I imagine that colleges are far more technical and computer based now than when I attended.

      I graduated college in 2001 and I was in school with two of my best friends from high school so my experience is rather different from someone currently attending college and looking for friends. Everyone has different points of view. We’re just sharing our own. Thank YOU for listening!

  24. Jasmine Nov 9, 2014

    Hi Joy & Tracy!
    Thoroughly enjoy your podcast and both your blogs so much! Hoping for a new episode soon :) Congrats in the new cookbook Joy!!

  25. Lee Ashley Nov 17, 2014

    *late to the party*

    Here’s a good one for your subculture query… The 2007 documentary “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.” Who knew there was so much going on in the arcade gaming community? Seriously, this movie will have you riveted. Enjoy :)

  26. Katie Nov 23, 2014

    Joy & Tracy— Hope all in your lives is happy and healthy! Missing you guys and I check everyday for a new podcast. I’d seriously pay a subscription to listen to you fab ladies! You make my commute to work, walking my doggy, or putting away laundry extra fun and light. Can’t wait to hear new stuff soon!

    • Melissa Dec 1, 2014

      I second Katie’s comment from November 23rd. I’ve been heading back in the archives and just listened to you two as you discovered the words “selfie” and “yolo”…. I love it…

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