The Joy the Baker podcast is back (and we’re totally better than ever)!  This week Joy and Tracy discuss life on a Disney cruise, Tracy’s glass ceiling, New Year’s non-resolutions, and eat days… oooh eat day.  It’s a new year.  It’s a new you!  let’s get into it!

Welcome to your home for a week!


These are your new friends!

IMG_0148 copy 1

This must be the adult cove!


The ice cream is the best part.


Tracy rang in the new year in super Disney stylings.

Joy wore gemstones and danced in a living room with friends.

Homefries U is on its way to Palm Springs at the end of April.  We’ve got loads of fun packed into the weekend… including a secret guest speaker!  Be the first to know about it.  Sign up for the mailing list!

Happy New Year!  Let’s make it major together!

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57 comments on “The Glass Ceiling

  1. I’d love some photo taking and editing tips! Happy New Year Joy and Tracy! 😉

  2. Pizza for dessert, that part of the story was so funny and so true that I almost snorted with laughter.

  3. My husband gave me a beautiful new camera for Christmas so I am way interested in any photo taking/editing tips you two have. The very thought of this made me extremely happy.

  4. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a video tutorial on photo editing. A couple years ago my husband and I invested in a beautiful Pentax DSLR–I have a love-hate relationship w/ it…also, I tend to get hostile towards my engineer husband when tries to teach me things…

    Love you guys–also, I’ve been wondering–how do you call in w/ questions or comments? I always love hearing from other listeners on the podcast and would love to leave y’all some love, but I can’t seem to find the contact #?

  5. Yayyyyy – you’re back! Needed something good to stick in my ears.

  6. Diana Jan 5, 2012

    Ooh any East Coast book tour plans? D.C. in particular?

  7. Yes yes YES to a photo workshop on Home Fries!! I have been considering buying Aperture and would love to see how it works and just get some tips and tricks from some photogs I admire! Looking forward to a new year of podcasts (and more!)…..

  8. Veronica Jan 5, 2012

    I am just wondering where Tracy’s purse is from…

    Thank you!!

  9. Kawai Jan 5, 2012

    Finally a photo tutorial I could get into! Can’t wait.

  10. Tracy–I think $60 for a week of cat-feeding is really nice! $10/day seems excessive. It would be one thing if it were dogs she had to walk or something…

    Then again, I don’t live in CA. Maybe child labor is more expensive there. :)

    • $10/day seems excessive to me, too! We often cat-sit for our friends (or they bird-sit for us, which is really just change the food and water every other day), and the most we “pay” each other is to treat the other couple to dinner out when we return home.

      Then again, we’re all recent college grads/ graduate students, so maybe we’re cheap…

  11. Claire Jan 5, 2012

    I agree with Tracy. $10 an hour is PLENTY for feeding a neighbor’s cat once a day. I’m a teenager, and I would be super happy if someone wanted to give me $60 to feed their cat for a week. $10 an hour is well above minimum wage; there are definitely adults with “actual” jobs that make less than that.
    Also, I would love to see a photo tutorial video!

  12. Emily Jan 5, 2012

    Man, I agree with Tracy on the cat feeding thing. When you first brought it up, I thought $20 or $30 total. Seriously. I’m not that old, and as a teenager I would have been thrilled to get $20 for something like that.

  13. Joy the Baker Jan 5, 2012

    maybe i’m just used to everything being Los Angeles expensive.

    • Don’t worry. Casey is on your side :)

    • No! I stand w/ you Joy–for the inconvenience alone, $10.00 is the absolutely minimum…and I live in Louisville, KY–where you can rent a three story house downtown for $1000/month. boom.

    • Emily Jan 5, 2012

      I’m sure that’s the difference. I’m from a small town and we had the same neighbors for years and years and would usually just trade that kind of stuff. Any money to the kids for helping was just a bonus. OH and I just remembered, one time when I was in charge of feeding the neighbors’ cat the food ran out before the end of the week and I tried sticking a slice of bread in her bowl instead. The cat did not touch the bread. Maybe this is another reason why I wasn’t well paid. :)

  14. Amanda Barkey Jan 5, 2012

    Hey girls, first off- Tracy, I really liked hearing you talk about the cruise and all of the giggles. Made me giggle too :)ALSO HAHAHAHA I WAS LAUGHING OUT LOUD at the Ryan Gossling comment, I literally had to play it back. I HEART looking at pictures of him in airports!!! gah! I have a question for you all Real Housewives viewers- what do we think about the 11 min preview shows Bravo puts up a few days before the episode? Have you seen these?! love or hate? I cant not watch them but when I watch them they just leave me wanting more and I get all riled up! Is it just me? As always, LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast!

    • Is that what’s happening??!!! I keep thinking my DVR is broken. It’s been filling me with RAGE!!

      • Amanda Barkey Jan 5, 2012

        YES! Its Andy Cohens way of getting us excited to watch the next episode- guess he tricked you though!

  15. Oh! More protein= less eat days.
    If you’re hungry all the time it means you should bump up your protein intake *I swear I am not a super-healthy know-it-all but this info has totally changed my life/munching schedule….

  16. First of all – I love listening to you guys. I like to listen when I’m cooking in my kitchen alone – it’s like I have great company! Is that weird? Oh well.
    And second, I would love a photo-editing tutorial Tracy! Your photos and graphics are always so fun and beautiful!
    Thanks for all the entertainment ladies!

  17. I’m still interested in seeing a tutorial- you can always learn something new from them, and goodness knows I could still improve my photo editing skills. I love listening to you both and reading your blogs, keep up the great work this year!

  18. Allie Jan 5, 2012

    I would be interested in seeing a photo tutorial from you two! To chime in on the debate about the cat-feeding: I grew up in a Chicago suburb and fed the neighbor’s cats AND changed the litter box, and I only got $5/day. And I was thrilled! I hope this doesn’t mean that I am doomed to hit a glass ceiling :)

  19. Dearest Joy and Tracy,

    You should probably have some sort of financial aid for your Spring Break Homefries U so that I can come all the way from Philadelphia (and bring my dear friend..). Maybe a sponsor of some sort? Seriously. Get some east coast out there and show some love to a poor college student and unemployed new mommy ;)!

    [OR, I can come with my accordion and provide some music entertainment by the pool. Think about it. Email me.]

    • Agreed. Or have an East Coast Homefries U someday!

      I don’t have any musical skills to offer up. I could teach some crafting skills though… 😉

  20. Are you kidding? A photo-editing workshop! Count me waaay IN!!! A scenario in which you do all the learnin’, and just give me the tips I need to know is a dream. Not to mention that improving my photography for blogging, etc., is on my to-do list this year. Yay – can’t wait for the details. :-)

  21. Oh man, I am so excited!

  22. Michaela Jan 6, 2012

    I would LOVE a photography workshop! One of my goals this year is to take more photos and learn more about my camera.

  23. Julie Jan 6, 2012

    I’m pretty pumped about a photography tutorial! I definitely need some accessible/digestable pointers – I’m a total newbie.

  24. Who wouldn’t love a photo editing tutorial from you ladies?! Also, I’m so pumped about Homefries U and simultaneously bummed because I probably won’t be able to afford to go. You should offer a scholarship or have a contest or something. Whoever can send you the best donuts. :)

  25. Kristy Jan 6, 2012

    Wow, I totally remember feeding my neighbors’ cats AND cleaning the litter box as a favor when they went out of town. I should have invoiced them!

  26. maija Jan 6, 2012

    My favorite part was about Ryan Gosling (I just saw Drive this week which was kind of awesome considering it was rather violent) – “he has really nice luggage”!

    I tried to do something different this a.m. I ate breakfast before my shower. It was good except I think it threw off my routine as I went to the bus stop with no wallet. Maybe don’t try changing things on a Friday is what I learned from that.

  27. Nice Pics! I am looking forward to the photo editing course – great idea!

  28. I loved, loved, loved(!) the whole Ryan Gosling discussion…especially Joy sneaking in “I hope luggage is a euphemism for something else…” I was totally thinking the same thing 😉

    Also, it would totally help out my workout if you would make these podcasts closer to 60 minutes, rather than 40-ish. That way I’d want to keep working out after the good podcasting times are over. Then it wouldn’t just be me sweaty and red-faced not having any fun any more trying to convince myself that a full 60 minutes is better than just quitting after 40-ish. It’d be me actually ENJOYING working out! Yay!

  29. Tracy,
    My resolutions last year were to give up celebrity-gossip sites and to not click on pictures of celebrity kids. Then it was amended to ‘mean’ celebrity-gossip sites and to not click on pictures of celebrity kids. A year later, and I’m still going strong. I do check once a day and I still visit JustJared, so I’m not 100% cured, but I feel like those sites aren’t as mean spirited as some others. And no matter how cute little Serephina looks, I DON’T click on the picture.

  30. good for you guys for giving up gossip websites! i still look at them, because i’m working on a more expensive issue – NOT BUYING GOSSIP MAGAZINES. seriously, the amount of money i spent on people and us weekly last year was disgusting. however i only look at the websites at home, not work, because just jared gave my work computer a virus last year, and it was a *very* embarrassing call to IT to explain what happened.

  31. Liz P Jan 8, 2012

    I would love a photography tutorial!

  32. Yes! Would love a photography tutorial!! What a great idea!

  33. Eat Days! I have the same affliction.

    I would be on board for some photo editing how to.

  34. Another great podcastio, ladies! I laughed/wheezed when Joy mentioned waking up at 5:30 to go for a walk, since I was listening to you while running this morning at just that time. You help me forget the pain, and for that I thank you. 😉

    Gotta say, I’m with Tracy on the cat sitting. Especially since the deed had already been done. Obviously the kid wasn’t doing it for the money, or she would have worked out payment beforehand, right? When my neighbor gets my mail when I’m out of town, I don’t pay her. Though I do sometimes bring her back a nice gift as a thank you (which she always says I don’t need to do). Maybe that’s a better idea than just cash, since it’s harder for the recipient to put a price on it?

    My eat day is every Sunday afternoon, since I spend it in the kitchen prepping lunches and dinners for the rest of the week. A week’s worth of food just cannot come out of my kitchen without having to try small (ahem, or large) tastes of it all, right? It’s testing for poison! Not ideal though.


  35. Loved the podcast as always! It helped keep me awake while driving (for the third day!) back from Vermont to Newfoundland. You guys are always so fun and keep me entertained! I would love a photo tutorial sometime, that’s a great idea. I have aperture and am sure I still don’t know all about how it works.
    My new years resolution is to not check my computer when I wake up, but wait until I go in to work/school. We’ll see how it goes – I’m hoping I get out of the house earlier! We’re also going on a rice-and-beans-only diet for a bit for some post-holidays-and-lots-of-hollandaise recovery. Too many amazing eat days.

  36. Nadia Jan 10, 2012


    Your podcast + my walk to the bus station this AM in my snowy part of Canada = a ray of sunshine and warmth in my heart!

    I have too many questions about the Homefries U coming up at the end of April. But I’ll ask you one for now: do I have to be into photo/video editing to be part of the party or is my passion for baking and cooking more than enough? I really want to participate and fill my head with wonderful things as well as meet new people.

    Mucho love.

  37. This just happened and I had to tell you immediately!

    I live with four boys, two of whom are brewers at the awesome brewery in town. Brewer one just walked out of the bathroom after a shower and thanked brewer two for the shower beer. Boys shower with drinks too!

  38. Tracy, I was so on your side with the whole paying the cat sitter thing. I was a teenager not long ago, and I would certainly not even expect to be paid $60 to collect the mail and put a scoop of food in the cat’s dish, let alone $10 a day. Maybe that’s just me though. And really, I would have done it in return for something delicious. :)

  39. I know I’m a little late to post but I wanted to let y’all know that I’d love a podcast about photo taking and such. I feel like it’s what takes blogs to the next level and until I get better (or a better camera it seems) I’ll be stuck.

    Thanks, girls!

  40. “i love seeing ryan gosling at airports. he has such nice luggage.”

  41. Hilary Jan 16, 2012

    OH! I just listened to this podcast (I save them up so I can listen to two at a time, because I love them so much, one always leaves me wanting more)…and YES I would love you two to do tutorials on both photo editing and picture taking! YES PLEASE!!! Start simple, for those of us that don’t know anything beyond automatic camera settings. Love you Tracy and Joy!

  42. I would looooove a podcast about photo editing! Yes please!

  43. Jessie Jan 19, 2012

    Yes please to photo editing tutorials.

    I am TOTALLY with you that $10/day for a 13 year old seems like a lot! If she cleaned the litter box heck yeah to $10, but just checking the mail and feeding the cats?? That’s nothing! She’s 13 what else would she be doing?

  44. Emily Jan 23, 2012

    $10 a day is looooaaaddss!!!
    I feed my neighbours cats when she goes on holiday and we just get her to feed our cats when we go away and all we get is a small souvenir from wherever she went like special candy or something :)

  45. Hey!

    I’ve been catching up on your recent podcasts and I just listened to this one last night. I know other people already brought it up but I just HAD to say that I totally agree with Tracy for the cat-feeding/mail-bringing-in fee!

    I’m 22 and I think 10$/day is waaaaaay a lot! I think maybe $15 or $20 for the week is sufficient. Granted, I did grow up in the suburbs of New York, with a rather stingy (read: Japanese) father. When I was 13 it took me nearly two years to save up $96. Personally I think it’s better to even slightly underpay children for doing chores, so they get an idea of how hard their parents must work to provide for them.

    But maybe this is good– to the neighbor kid you’re now the Cool Neighbors, and you’ll never have to worry about having your car egged on Halloweens when she grows up! Doink.

    ANYWAY I love your podcasts!!

  46. Amalia May 20, 2014

    I am very new to the podcast game, and just wanted to say that I’m glad that your podcast is around. I listened to a fairly recent one and decided that you are my best friend and I in podcast form. I decided that I had to start from the very beginning. (it’s a very good place to start.. 😉

    I live in the Bay Area and commute from Pleasanton to San Jose It is horrible, but not since I found your blog!

    Thank you for making my mornings and evenings more bearable! Now if only I could listen to you at work all day…

    Thanks! -Amalia

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