joy the baker episode 3

This week, Joy and Tracy tackle what to cook for boys, who pays on a first date, and why you should never buy generic q-tips.  They’ll also discuss why Joy is a 30 year old woman with a Silly Band… a single silly band bracelet.  It’s a problem.  Check it out.

Here’s what Tracy cooks for her boys:

Babyback Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce.  Whaaaat!?

Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Brown Butter Biscuits and Gravy.  Delush.

and Sausage Cheddar Biscuits.  Breakfast!

joy the baker episode 3

Here’s how Joy cooks for a special someone:

Shrimp and Grits.  Too easy.

Chocolate Pecan Oatmeal Cookies

Peanut Butter Blondies with Milk Chocolate Buttercream

Chive Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie.  Yea… that happened.

peep toe

Yea… this picture is supposed to be blurry.  It’s art.

Peep that.


This is a silly band.  It’s shaped like a wombat forever and always.

In case Joy’s haphazard description of a wombat was less than satisfactory, a wombat is a short-legged marsupial from Australia.  If a wombat had a rapper name, it would be Shorty-Lo.


Email us questions and such!  We like you!

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60 comments on “Cooking for Boys and Wombats

  1. Love you girls!:) you made my day today!

  2. Paola Jun 1, 2011

    You guys are hilarious!

  3. Cindy Jun 1, 2011

    You guys make me giggle. LOVE IT!

  4. Sarah Mitchell Jun 1, 2011

    You are great company at work — I type, I design, I laugh (quietly).

  5. I keep laughing at my desk at work because of 1. The Q-Tip incident (I’ve totally had that crisis!) 2. Don’t go full boob! Wear a shirt!

    And I’m so all about the peep-toes with tights. Holla.

  6. Amanda Jun 1, 2011

    I loved the tips section. You both are awesome!

  7. I completely adore this podcast. I listen to it while I clean my apartment and I can’t help but laugh and jot down the tips. =]

    Keep it up girlies!!

    Also, I can’t date vegan boys either. They be jerksss

  8. Kristen Jun 1, 2011

    I’m about oooo, 25 min in to this podcast, and I love it. I want to eat shrimp and grits (and I don’t even eat pork!!) and I have a multicolored seahorse silly band. Yeah, right with you Joy. Now back to listening!

  9. Joy, I totally do that reach for the purse “Oh, do you want to split the bill?” thing on first dates. I thought I was the only one!

  10. I love this podcasts, I am getting adicted!!! love love love

  11. OMG – totally agree with the boys pay and girls reach move. I do it all the time, even now that we’re offical BF/GF. Coffee, driving, dinner ..the reach and look – get’s him every time ;D Opps, emoticons, toally love them… sbi. (sorry ’bout it) ;D can’t wait for the next pod-cast. And I would like to pre-order two tickets to the International Joy & Tracy Pancakes and Housewives (on loop) extravagaza…IJTPAHE? I’m there.

  12. hooray for ‘cured’ peeps.
    gotta eat them after the bag has been open for awhile.
    I thought I was the only person who did that!

  13. I would definitely come to your convention! Sounds like so much fun!

  14. I totally want to come to your conference! You guys crack me up!

  15. Dear girls,

    I am dating this boy. He is a brilliant and very sweet boy with a pierced ear and a beard (I’ve never had a beardy boy before).

    Here’s the thing: he doesn’t like chocolate.

    I know.

    Can I trust him? What do I make for him that’s dessert-ey?

    – Di

  16. Love the Podcast! Joy, yours is my favorite Blog to stalk. Sounds creepy, but I’m going with it. My Husband made homemade BBQ sauce for memorial day, to slather on kosher chicken quarters. It was tasty, but I’m anxiously awaiting your recipe. He also made me a homemade cherry pie and vegan cornbread. Ok, now I’m bragging. Anyway, love your work & keep it comin’ !!

  17. Oh my! You NEED to have a conference/convention. What a fabulous idea. Joy, I will never forget your downtown LA rooftop picnic. The Q-tip story made me crack up. You two are great, I look forward to next week…

  18. Alice Barnes Jun 2, 2011

    I have that Fortune – Telling book. Bought for me and my best friend as my maiden name is Telling and hers is….. Fortune. In fact my sister’s first kiss was with her brother. I so wanted them to get married and double-barrel their names! :)

  19. You girls rock – love your work!

    Speaking of wombats you should check out their tunes – v. cute engish indie band!

  20. Helen Jun 2, 2011

    I LOVE your podcasts! Seriously, you guys are hilarious! Great life-tips!!
    What are peeps?? (I’m guessing you can’t get them here in the UK!)
    Can’t wait til next week :-)

    btw – I’d LOVE for you to do a podcast cook-along – that would be amazing.

  21. OMG you guys are hilarious!! It is so good I’m the only one in the office today because I seriously CRACKED up!

  22. Vegan boys. Yeah, no. Sign me up for the International I Can’t Believe This is a Real Convention Convention!

  23. You guys are so great! I am a total expert at the reach for the purse move, I’m so glad that others do that!

  24. ahh hahah you guys are hilarious, i love that i get more of joy the baker than just your blog joy! yayy

  25. Oh. My. God. I have to come to the best international conference ever. Please. Make this happen. You two rock.

    Ps- People who care about baking totally care about tights and peep toe pumps. Best combo ever.

  26. Whoah, you guys really rock! Can’t stop laughing even after listening to your podcast. Great work guys, keep it up.

  27. Hi girls! I love Homefries and the light topics that entertain me and give me discussions for my husband and I to chat about. I’m a new blogger and really like this format in addition to the regular blog format. I have listened to every pod cast thus far and truly enjoy them!
    Thanks for making me smile and helping me de-stress!

  28. Oh my goodness. You should label these as not safe to listen to while driving because I was cracking up so hard I’m pretty sure I may have swerved out of my lane.

    Seriously though, Joy and Tracy, you two are stars.

    And can I be the first to sign up for the “International” I Can’t Believe this is a Legitimate Convention Convention? IICBTIALCC 2011. Catchy. (So excited for the nacho fountain.)

  29. Jessica Jun 3, 2011

    Life lesson re: making Joy and Tracy podcasts:
    Please make all of them an hour long! I love them!

  30. Erin Louise Jun 3, 2011

    First…Joy…I do that weird spelling random words in my head too…I suppose I have that twitch as well.
    Second…I am a baker at a coffee shop and totally care about what you girls have to say…even if it has nothing to do with baking…these podcasts are becoming my baking soundtrack :)
    Third…well…I just love you two!

  31. Hilray Jun 3, 2011

    I want to be your best friend. That is all. I thought I loved the Joy the Baker blog a ton, but this whole podcast thing takes it to a whole other level! I would totally attend this conference too, no lie.

  32. I love listening to your podcasts over lunch! And dinner. And even though I can’t stand listening to anyone or anything over breakfast I’ll give you girls a chance and listen to your next podcast in the morning. I love it! As I’m from Austria I’m seriously hoping that your International whatever is really going to be INTERNATIONAL ; ) Thanks!

  33. Sarah Jun 3, 2011

    Dear Joy and Tracy,

    Your podcast is the best thing that ever happened to my morning subway ride. I laughed all the way from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side. I love it!

    Thanks for helping me get many confused/nervous looks from my fellow A-train riders.


  34. Joy; you’re insane. Love it.

  35. I. Love. You. Girls. These podcasts were the best idea ever! I’m now one of those commuters that rides the metro (DC) laughing and giggling all the way to work. I am constantly catching myself trying to hold back a smirk as I walk down the city streets! Thank you for making me smile every week – It makes my day!

    P.S. Count me in for the International I Can’t Believe This is a Legitimate Convention Convention (IICBTIALCC)!! :)

  36. Jessica Jun 4, 2011

    I love the safety dance Tracy! Own it!

  37. I LOVE your podcast. I’ve listened to all three, and on the third one, I actually laughed out loud. You two are so funny and witty. Keep it coming! Thanks for the entertainment!

  38. Meghan Jun 4, 2011

    You two are hilarious, love it =] Also, how can I get an invitation to your convention? Seriously…
    Keep up the good work ladies!

  39. This podcast totally brightens up my journey to work. So I might laugh out loud on the train sometimes and get weird looks from my fellow commuters… so what. Love it!
    P.S. What is a peep please? I am from the UK and am intruiged by these little stale beauties.

  40. Esther Jun 6, 2011

    @Kay -you are so lucky you have never had a peep. :) I personally hate marshmallows so I really really really really dislike peeps.
    you girls are fantastic. I just sit here giggling while listening. I’m only 20 and am in college and so I’m just starting to cook for myself and set up life and it’s amazing how many things I already have in common with you. KEEP IT UP!

  41. Holly Jun 7, 2011

    Um, Joy, not to get to personal, but your thighs are certainly not ample if the arty peep toe photo is to believed!

    Thanks for the podcast. You made me smile.

    • joythebaker Jun 7, 2011

      i look hella skinny in that photo. i dunno. it’s not entirely accurate.

  42. Heather E Jun 7, 2011

    Please please please put me down on that list for your conference. I’m down with the bourbon fountain. Seriously, please have a conference, so I can come! :)

  43. I love the wombat. And since there are no silly bandz in europe right now I learnt something new!
    Education on Joy the baker Podcast…
    Apart from that I could volunteer in your international conference to make it more international – if you’re interested.

  44. Kieran Jun 11, 2011

    thanks for the rollicking show. Have you seen these sillybands?

  45. I hecka love your watch, Joy, just sayin’. You girls are hilarious! I’ve listened to all the episodes so far and am totally enjoying your randomness. Keep it up! :)

  46. Totally cracked up at this episode! And I’ve sent you an email Joy so you can send me your address… I’ve got a pack of BAKING bandz for ya!!!

  47. Oh yeah, and forgot to mention…gonna have to find the recipe on your blog for the cookie dough cupcakes! Hubby wants me to make him some after listening to your podcasts!

  48. 1. boys should always pay for the first date dinner! YOU GO GIRL! it is ok to have standards! you gotta have them! 😉
    2. i wanna come to your cool house weekend workshop on food blogging – i’ll do dishes!! 😉

  49. Becky Jun 23, 2011

    Love the podcasts! I listen at work and it makes me giggle and feel like I have good friends close by. I am also proud to say I was there for the infamous soup night :)

  50. Hello Tracy Shutterbean and Joy T. Baker–

    You should have a conference for people who blog and have no idea what they are doing. It would be a success, I’m sure. I would feel like a total idiot going to a “real” blogger conference as the only people who read my blog are my aunts and husband.

    So, think of us lowly bloggers just starting out, and plan that conference. I would come.

    p.s. I’m serious.

    • homefries Jun 27, 2011

      Hi Leslie! Stay tuned. We may have some good news for you very soon!

  51. Ladies, I just finished listening to podcast numero 3. Friggin’ hilarious! Totally enjoying the podcasts. I commented to my husband that I want you both to be my new best friends. Cereals.

    And Tracy, I’m kinda with you on the tights and peep toes. Love me some peep toes, but sans tights :) I just can’t pull it off.

  52. Melanie Jul 12, 2011

    Ladies, your third podcast made me laugh out loud … more times than I could count! I’m now addicted to your podcasts and once I catch up, I’ll be a regular listener and I know I’ll eagerly await each new podcast as it is released.

    P.S. Joy, I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your website when I was looking for a homemade peanut butter recipe. I’ve now made many of your sweet and savory recipes. I get so many compliments on your recipes – keep them coming!

  53. Wendy Aug 9, 2011

    OMG! I love you guys. I just discovered the podcast… usually I just look at the pretty pictures and the recipes on the Joy’s blog. Now I’m subscribed to Tracy’s also. And I’m going back through catching up on the past episodes. Knitting while I listen. So, I totally just bought Q-tips the other day and I forced myself to pay the extra buck for Q-tips instead of cotton swabs! I’ve also done that thing where I stick one in my ear and then realize it didn’t have a cotton tip… ugh!

  54. Oh I have to say, going to your guys convention would be amazing!! You have to do one soon. SO many people will go. Including me :)

  55. Doh! I just bought generic Q-tips because I couldn’t find the REAL ones. I think Target purposefully hides the good stuff on some obscure isle like “auto care” where no one will ever find them and displays the Up and Up swabs right on the end of the beauty isle so that people will finally buy them out of frustration just so they can stop searching for Q-tips and get on with their lives. AND. To make things worse- The package has about 4,000 swabs in it so it will take me approximately 11 years to finish this package. Maybe you two could give us some suggestions on what to do to use up our crappy generic cotton swabs? Please?

  56. Cooking for your manslice is pretty excellent – but cooking for his friends is like ultimate secret weapon sauce. Rolling up with baked goods for hordes of hungry college men makes you their fave – proven method. Also thanks for the shrimp and grits recommendation – you’ve brought such tastiness into my life.

  57. Jasmine Mar 20, 2013

    Middle finger silly bandz exist! Keep up the great work ladies!

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