Hello friends of ours! Thank you for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast.  We’re well into August and just trying to stay in the mix!  This week we’re discussing a wisdom tooth debacle, the wonders of string cheese, the things no one tells you about being a woman, and how to be polite!  Just the basics.  The hilarious basics.

•  Above is a photo of super delicious Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Pineapple Cream Cheese Frosting.

•  When someone asks you how much you weigh and that weight is going to determine the amount of anesthetic your doctor is going to give you… 20 pounds matters.  These are the lessons that Tracy has learned.  That was a good share.

•  Smoothie talk!  I love this ALOHA green juice powder!

Thirteen Things No One Tells You About Being A Woman & David Sedaris’ talks about book tours & such.

•  How To Be Polite

•  Let’s talk about playlists! Tracy and I have your End of Summer Road Trip Playlists ready for you!  It’s weird and random and awesome… and there’s Eminem, so…. you’re welcome.

•  We want to know who you are!  Leave a comment below with your name, location, and what you do while you’re listening to the podcast!  We really love to hear from you and want to know more!

Thanks for joining us for another podcast!

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Love you bye-bye!

368 comments on “The Wisdom In Our Wisdom Teeth

  1. Valerie Aug 18, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Valerie and I live in Seattle. You ladies are amazing. I’ve been listening to your podcast from the beginning. (I’m one of the lurkers who never comments…. Hi!) Your podcast always makes my commute to and from work roughly a zillion times better. My husband and I moved to Seattle about a year ago and I miss my girlfriends from back home. Listening to your podcast always reminds me of being with them. Thanks for making me feel a little more at home!

  2. Jenna Aug 18, 2014

    Oh my goodness, loving the regularity of the podcasts at the moment! It always makes me so happy to see a new one!

    • Jenna Aug 20, 2014

      Also I’m Jenna, originally from New Zealand and now living in Sydney, Australia, by the way. I either listen to the podcast while walking to or home from work/ the gym or when I’m doing my “cooking for the week” on Sunday afternoons. I sometimes try to save listening to it (delayed gratification?) so I still have it to listen to when I have a long walk to do or a lot of cooking :)

  3. Stacey Aug 18, 2014

    Stacey, 26 from Three Oaks, MI here! I actually listen to the podcast around 2am each day (catching up on old episodes) while I’m prepping and baking. I own a little donut shop (humble brag?) and the podcast makes time fly in the morning!

  4. Marta Aug 18, 2014

    Marta, Poland, mum of one, wife, English translator.I love to listen to the podcast while cooking. You wouldn’t believe how, despite the geographical distance and cultural differences, I relate to most of what you are talking about. You are both awesome, hilarious and most importantly strong ladies and we all know that internet needs more of those so keep it up!!!

  5. Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Liz. I am a Californian currently living in Victoria, British Columbia attending grad school. I listen to the podcast during different times of day. Either waking up and doing things around my apartment or at my desk at school doing data analysis. Sometimes I listen to it when I wake up at 2am from stress dreams and can’t go back to sleep. I stumbled upon this podcast last summer. I am a long time reader of Shutterbean and for some reason was finally convinced to give the podcast a shot. At the beginning of my listening catch up binge, my mom and I were in my car driving from Central California to Vancouver Island. We started listening to episode after episode on the 17 hour drive. The part I remember the most was when we were driving by Mt Shasta and listening to the episode where Joy was talking about moving her sister to Seattle and eating cheesecake while driving in order to stay awake. We were laughing so hard that I almost had to pull over because I couldn’t keep my eyes open from the laughter. My mom is also a avid listener and we always text message our thoughts on the episodes to each other after listening.

    Sorry for writing a novel. In the middle of one of those sleepless nights so I was inspired after listening to the podcast.

    • Tammy Aug 22, 2014

      Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Tammy and I live in DC. I am a newbie to podcasts…why did it take me until 2014 to discover the amazingness of podcasts?! Shameful. I LOVE listening to y’all while I’m working–desk job, not very fun– you two really help get me through the day! And I love checking your individual Instagram accounts.

  6. Kendra Kuhlman Aug 18, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Kendra Kuhlman and I live in Lawrence, KS! I just listened to your latest podcast while running this morning! I’m mom of two and I am a running coach/busy mom. I’ve listened to all of your podcasts and often use the time for listening to savor some “me time” while cooking. I close all the doors and tell the kids “mommy is having some time with Joy the Baker.” Thanks for your weekly lift, humor, and all around inspiring conversations. You ladies are awesome!

  7. Mallory Aug 18, 2014

    Hi gals! My name is Mallory, I live in Boston, MA, and I usually listen to you guys at work or when I’m out and about on the weekends, shopping or exercising You guys are great, and I love listening to you two. Have a good week!

  8. Great episode! I especially enjoyed your discussion about the tenuousness of performing gender roles as domestic-interested women. As a lover of all things domestic AND a proud feminist, I’ve often felt conflicted about my interests, especially when it comes to cooking and being in the home kitchen. I actually started an interview series on my blog called “Women in the Kitchen” in an effort to debunk some of the myths and stereotypes of female domesticity and show that women relate to the kitchen in various ways, many of them positive, all of them unique and complex. To those who might be interested, here’s the link: http://www.domesticdeborah.com/p/feature-favourites.html


    • PS.
      Name: Deborah
      Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
      What I do while I’m listening: I’m a copywriter and I work from home so I always listen to you guys during the day while I’m working.


  9. Julia Aug 18, 2014

    My name is Julia, I’m a 21 year old student at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. I love listening to you guys in the morning when I’m getting ready for class or work. You guys are great, thanks for talking to each other and recording it. :)

  10. Angie Aug 18, 2014

    Yay, i am the first comment!
    My name is angie and i love listening to your podcast 1) as soon as it comes out, not saving for an occasion 2) after i drop off my boys to school 3) late night laundry session.
    Love you guys so much! Thank you.

  11. Allison L Aug 18, 2014

    Hello Joy and Tracy! My name is Allison, I live in the Sacramento CA area. LOVE your podcast. I am a new-ish listener, thanks to a recent post on Joy’s blog. I listen to your podcast in the morning, as I’m making breakfast/getting ready for work. I enjoy the show so much that I’m listening to old episodes from newest to oldest (just finished episode 99). And Tracy, I have to tell you that I made your Sriracha glazed chicken recipe last week – holy deliciousness! Thanks gals! Looking forward to future episodes! :)

  12. Laura Aug 18, 2014

    Hi!! My name is Laura and I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my husband and dog and am 26 years old. I am a bookkeeper and work out of the home of the owners of a small business. Because I work alone, in someone else’s house, it can be really boring (bookkeeping is not a thrill a minute), so your podcast really breaks up my day and helps it go by faster. I look forward to it every week! Side note, on the podcast today about people’s instagram comments, I don’t know when it became ok to share every opinion you have on someone else, especially when its rude like recently happened to both of you. My motto, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Love the podcast and your blogs! -Laura

  13. Hello Joy and Tracy! I’m Jane, I’m living in Chicago. I’ve been a listener for a really long time. I love podcasts in general, and listen to them a lot—when I’m exercising, cleaning/cooking, walking to work, even falling asleep. This is kind of a bummer, but I’ve been listening to you guys a lot right now because I’m going through a breakup, in a new city, and just feeling a little bummed and lonely. You guys are a comfort! Thanks for everything. Keep it up.

    / Jane

    • Polly Aug 19, 2014

      Fellow Chicago listener here :) Sorry about your breakup. I don’t know how new you are to the city, but I’ve had great luck meeting friends through my small gym. A few guy friends also tried that grouper social club thing–basically you bring 2 girlfriends and grouper matches you with 3 dudes or ladies, makes a reservation at a bar/lounge, and buys your first round of drinks. If nothing else, you’ll get some funny stories/awkward moments and free drinks out of the deal.

  14. Kayla Stratton Aug 18, 2014

    Hi! My name is Kayla, and I live in Portland, OR. I listen when I’m working out, getting ready in the morning or for bed, when I’m cooking, just generally doing anything at home. Love you guys!

  15. I listen! :) I’m Julia, and I live in the central valley of California. I’m a big fan of both your blogs, and love your podcast! I’ve been a lurker on Joy’s blog for a few years now (not in a creepy way, promise), and am so glad that I now know and enjoy Tracy’s blog too. I listen to get me through my workday, or on my drives to visit my boyfriend. It’s my favorite! Thank you girls for being so awesome and entertaining!!

  16. Alison M Aug 18, 2014

    Hi!!! I’m Alison and I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I listen to you guys while I am working. My co-workers think I am a little crazy for laughing to myself!!! Best part of the week!!!

  17. Nicole Aug 18, 2014

    Hi there! I live in Michigan and it has been awesome here lately. I mostly listen to your podcast during my daughters morning nap while I clean. Love that you are Mondays. Makes the Monday so enjoyable :) Thanks for doing what you do.

  18. hi! i’m mackenzie, from winnipeg (canada).
    i’ve been listening since alllmost the beginning (once i discovered your podcast i binged on all the episodes i needed to catch up on). i’m a photographer so i work from home – i listen to your hilarious chats while i’m editing, and also on runs when i need to get away from my computer. you guys make both those activities way more enjoyable :)
    love your podcastio + how real you two are!

  19. Holly Aug 18, 2014

    Hi ladies! I’m Holly, 27, live in Virginia Beach, VA and am a personal trainer. I don’t actually read either of your blogs (just because I already read too many), but I love your podcast and hearing you interact with each other. It reminds me of hanging out with my best friend which I don’t get to do as often as I’d like. While I listen, I’m usually cleaning or getting ready for the day. Thanks for the laughs!

  20. Barbara Aug 18, 2014

    I just left the office after a tough 10-hour-workday (mondays are HARD) and was sooo happy to see a new JTB podcast waiting for me! I now listen to you while cooking dinner – greetings from Austria!

  21. Hello, Joy & Tracy! My name is Julianna, and I live in Indian Trail, NC. I have been listening to your podcast only for about a year or so. I started with Episode 100 (Fun-Hundred – remember that one?), and that means I have tons of back episodes to catch up on, if you ever miss a week of podcasting. As I am currently a “stay-at-home wife”, I listen to podcasts to fill my house with other voices, so I don’t feel lonely. I mostly play yours while I am cooking (which I love to do), be it dinner or my lunch or a fun and healthy snack for the week. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  22. Hi Tracy and Joy! My name is Lisa, I live in Philadelphia and I am an event planner for the Wharton School at UPENN, but only since May. Before that I was Lead Sales at a smallish catering company (for 6 years). My mom made me start listening to your show because it cracked her up so much (and I think because you don’t swear – too much – and are “family friendly. She is a nice person like that). We took a road trip together for my birthday in August of 2012 and that’s when I downloaded the Stitcher app so we could listen to it in my car. We listened to every show from the beginning of the podcast for 8 hours straight. We laughed our arses off! Ever since then, I have listened while walking to the train to go to work, or while walking dogs, or on long drives. I guess this week is sort of our anniversary! Love the show!! I have an even better Joy+Tracy story, but I feel like I should email it instead of blowing up this comment box. Keyword: Voice Memos! Much love from Philly, LMB

  23. April Mae Aug 18, 2014

    April Mae here! I am a millennial, BUT I was born in the first year of millennial-ism–so I am youngish and not really all at once. I am a mama of a 3 month old lil’ lady. My daughter and I listen to your podcast from the East Bay of the bay area while she hangs out in the baby carrier and I do household chores. I am not on Facebook or Instagram, I blogged from 2008 – 2012 and it was a lot of work! I quit blogging because it was too hard to do while in grad school. Hats off to you gals for your diligence! Oh and I still have my wisdom teeth…

  24. Hey Tracy + Joy! I’m Caroline from Boston, MA. I listen to you guys while at work, thanks for helping me through Monday :)

  25. Megan Aug 18, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I live in Portland, OR, and I listen while I’m at work, like many others here. It’s a great way to break up a long afternoon at my desk. Feels like I’m listening to a conversation between me and my best friend. :)

  26. Katie Aug 18, 2014

    Hi – I’m Katie, I live in rural Maryland on the edge of the DC suburbs. We bought my grandparents’ home and property – I listen to your podcast lately while canning tomatoes from our big garden or riding on our mower cutting grass. I’ve been listening since almost the beginning, the podcasts have been great lately!

  27. My name is Mary and I live in Frisco, Texas. I listen to your show while I do meal prep and clean up the house during my toddler’s nap time. It’s like having your friends over to hang out for no reason, and the extrovert in me loves that! Keep it up, ladies!

  28. Hey Joy and Tracy!

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover 2 new podcasts in my queue this morning (especially after being down with tonsillitis the last few days!) I’m Hilary from a small town in NW PA, a long-time listener and reader! I used to listen to you when I did my morning walks or during work, now I just do it whenever I’m doing random things around the house! Always keeps it interesting. :) Thanks for the laughs, ladies.

  29. Hi Joy and Tracie! I’m Anna, I’m in Philadelphia PA. I listen to you ladies while I’m at work at Anthropologie Head Quarters. I love it when you talk about Anthro BTW!!! I’m a big fan and I make it my total business to make as many people as possible listen to you guys. So I have someone to talk to about how funny you guys are! I have a new workshop business in Philly newoldfshnd.com. I work very hard all day at my day job and then the other 16 hours a day, I’m blazing towards my real dream!!! Both of your recipes have saved me in a pinch in my catering attempts! If you guys are ever in Philly, please come visit me and let me show you around the Anthro office and our campus.

    I’m so bummed that I’m finally caught up on podcast, I’ve been dragging them out since last Christmas!! The last podcast was hilarious and Tracie you sounded so hyper… I was smiling ear to ear the entire time!!

    Thank you for asking about who we are! Keep up the amazing work!


  30. Hey Joy and Tracy! I’ve been listening since you started the podcast – it’s fun thinking about where I was when I started listening (grad school, Newfoundland, trying to start my own blog, just married, baking often, listening while walking to school).

    I’m 28 and now live in Portland ME and listen to the podcast while I’m at work doing more menial tasks that don’t take all of my brain power – or if there’s a long drive coming up I’ll save up a couple for then to intersperse with savage lovecasts and TAL. I’m a mom of an 8 month old (as of today! Hooray baby month-birthday) and appreciate hearing Tracy’s thoughts on being a mom, and hearing from both of you about life and work. Listening to your podcasts always makes me want to call my best friends, so thank you. I love listening and appreciate all the work you put into the podcast and your blogs!

  31. Samantha Aug 18, 2014

    Hey my name is Sam, I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I listen to your podcast in my apartment while cooking. I’m a home cook. Y’all are way to funny. Keep up the good work :)

  32. Claire Palmer Aug 18, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Claire from Middletown, CT and I just recently started listening to the podcast when I wanted something to listen to on a long drive by myself so I didn’t get lonely (extravert problems). I’m totally hooked now because you ladies are so entertaining and have great recommendations for apps, websites, ect. I mostly listen to your podcast when I’m driving or at work. I’m a graduate student working in a molecular biology lab which can be tedious sometimes and listening to your podcast is just the thing to get me through especially when I have an experiment in the cold room. It’s 4 degrees celsius and I wear a sweat suit I keep in lab over my summer clothes, pretty silly. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs and advice!

  33. Lindsay Aug 18, 2014

    Hi ladies! I’m Lindsay in Atlanta, GA and I like to listen at work while I’m working on taxes!

  34. Nicole Aug 18, 2014

    Hi guys! I’m Nicole and I’m from way (WAY) northern Wisconsin. I listen to you guys (thank you!) while I’m at work at a Chamber of Commerce. I listen to the podcast as my way of psyching myself up to do my least favorite task; the newsletter. It makes it less painful if I can laugh with you guys as I’m doing it.

  35. Linda Aug 18, 2014

    Love you guys and your wisdom! My name is Linda and I’m in Burlingame CA (San Francisco peninsula). I often listen to you while walking my miniature schnauzer, Bebop, or when cooking. I have 3 sons (22, 24 and 30) who are closer to your age than I am, but I relate to much of what you say and enjoy it all. Thanks!

  36. Hiii Joy and Tracy!! I’ve been listening to your show since episode 1 and it’s my favorite podcast! You two are so entertaining as I work alone in my studio painting all day. I’m always excited for a new episode! I’m a watercolor illustrator from a little tiny town in central Illinois and I work from my home studio. Yay for podcasts!

  37. Joanna Aug 18, 2014

    when you ladies were talking about the !3 Things No One Tells You About Being A Woman and how you hate when people say “calm down” I thought about this clip from the satirical “Hotwives of Orlando” https://uk.news.yahoo.com/video/hotwives-orlando-group-calm-down-145300613.html anyways, great episode!

    • Joanna Aug 18, 2014

      also, I’m Joanna from the East Bay Area. I’m currently a stay at home mom to my five month old daughter. I have a degree in fine art and art education, and I grew up working in restaurants. I used to listen to your podcasts while I drove home / barted home from SFState, now I listen while I clean or sew or paint, pretty much any chance I get!

  38. Grace Aug 18, 2014

    I’m Grace from NYC, and plugging this podcast into my ears as I’m leaving the office with numb work-brain, making my way down to the subway, squeezing between sweaty gross bodies on the train, and then walking home…reminds me that I DO have the energy to snap out of work-brain and start thinking about things that matter to me like cocktails and stripes and opinions.

  39. Hi Joy and Tracy,
    I’m Julie, a long time listener in Ashland, Oregon. I used to listen to your podcast while working out, but often found myself laughing obscenely, inviting crazy looks from the folks around me, who weren’t hearing what was going on in my headphones… So now, I often listen in while washing dishes, folding laundry, or cooking at home! My 9 year old stepson will sometimes listen, too. He asks, “is there a new podcast!? The one with Joy the Baker and Tracy Butterbean?!” :)

  40. Hi! I’m Cara from Little Rock, AR. I usually listen to your podcast while prepping dinner and keeping my small children from destroying things. I tend to be way too intense and the podcast is a huge break from taking things too seriously! The Joy the Baker is cookbook one of my favorite gifts to give. Would love to see a Shutterbean cookbook in the near future!

  41. Hey Joy and Tracy! I’m Alicia from Toronto. Every time a podcast is posted I have to stop what I’m doing and listen. Really I can’t help myself. What’s up with that? I’m usually listening while I go through my Feedly in the morning or when I’m writing out my schedule for the week, whatever. It’s like my background music. Maybe that’s weird… but I appreciate listening to your opinions on stuff. Thanks for giving me laughs and also food for thought!

  42. Britt Aug 18, 2014

    Hey Joy & Tracy! My name is Britt and I am from Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada). I am a masters student so I generally listen to the podcast while doing one of two things: 1. reading papers or 2. working in the lab doing microscope work with zooplankton.

    I found the podcast through Joys blog and have subsequently became a huge fan.of the podcast as well as Tracy’s blog. Love the cookbook Joy and can’t wait for the next cookbook to be out. Also hoping to see a cookbook from Shutterbean one day!

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you two!

  43. Katie Aug 18, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy!!! My name is katie and I’m 29 from Alexandria,VA. I got hooked on the podcast over the holidays last year. I love that you both talk about totally important unimportant things and it makes my day! I listened to this episode while walking/running on the treadmill tonight and found myself laughing midstride a few times and the other people in the gym probably thought I was crazy (sorry not sorry). Love the podcasts and both of your blogs!!!!

  44. Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Anna and I live/am from Mt. Pleasant, MI. My favorite time to listen is when I’m out walking/working out. If not then, definitely when I’m at work! I’ve been listening to you two since the beginning (humblebrag?) and I love love love seeing a new one pop up. Keep up the great work!

  45. Hi Joy and Tracy!!!
    My name is Hannah and I am from Sonoma, CA. I usually save your podcasts for Friday mornings and enjoy them with an extra hot double vanilla latte on my weekly drive to Target after I drop my son off at school. I don’t have a lot of time to myself so when I do I fill it with as many of my favorite things as I can. If I just can’t hold off to listening to the two of you, like today, then I listen while I am folding laundry and cleaning the house.
    Thank you for all you do! xo

  46. What a way to make those hard Mondays better! This episode had me laughing out loud! In my car. Alone. With the windows rolled down…people stared, it’s cool. Hi there! I’m Jaime from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I listen on my way to and from work–it always makes going to work less sucky and coming home from work more awesome. :)

  47. Joy! Tracy!

    First thing’s first: You’re the realest. The weekly glimpse of your friendship you continue to offer us is, honestly, a little gift, and as other listeners have commented, a reminder of how special our own girlfriends are. You manage to discuss important topics while keeping it lighthearted with silly anecdotes that we can all relate to. You two have heart and it shows every episode. Thank you for that.

    Oh, and I’m from East Bay outside of SF (hi Tracy! NABES!) and I typically listen while working from home and need a little encouragement, inspiration or laughter.

  48. marge Aug 18, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Marge, I live in Oakland and have been listening since the genesis of the podcast! Mos def, god’s gold, totes burrit and whatnot. I used to listen on the commute to work but now save em for days when I need a little cheering up. Your conversations are just the tickle I need after a hard day, like a good chat with a girlfriend. Thanks for all you do!!!

  49. Annie Aug 18, 2014

    LOVE this episode! Tracy was so hyper and sassy! My name is Annie, I live in Santa Cruz and listen to you while folding laundry and other mind-numbing household chores :)

  50. Hi Tracy and Joy! I’m Rachel from CT. I’m relatively new to your podcast but love it. I feel like we’d definitely be friends in real life. I enjoy listening to your podcast while running and I’m always giggling!

  51. Steph M. Aug 18, 2014

    Joy + Tracy! Steph here, from Chapel Hill, NC. I’m a grad student, closing in on the last 2 years of my program (out of 5)- which I’m super excited about! My research is on how to promote nutrition and physical activity for preschoolers, so it’s always interesting to hear your perspective as a mom, Tracy. I’ve loved the podcast from the start and listen to it whenever an episode pops up, in the kitchen, car, gym, wherever! It always feels like I’m catching up and laughing with old friends when I listen. Which, sometimes makes me feel like a crazy stalker… Thanks for all the great stories, sage advice, and laughs!

  52. Hi! I’m a new listener here at your fun podcast! I live near Washington, DC and I listen your podcast while I’m driving around my three kids and trying to tune them out!

  53. Michelle Aug 18, 2014

    Ladies! I so appreciate everything that you both do…especially this podcast! You bring a lot of fun and inspiration to my days. I am in my late 20’s and live in Des Moines, IA with my husband and our awesome dog. I listen to the podcast while I’m driving or doing my signature slow run on the treadmill. :-) Because of you two, I am that awkward girl who is chuckling by herself in the car and I love it. Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm!

  54. Brooke Aug 18, 2014

    Hi! My name is Brooke, I’m 33 and live in Denver, CO. I have three insane kids and love to listen to your podcast when they’re all (finally!) in bed and I’m scrambling around the house prepping for the next day.

    I’ve listened for about a year and a half and love how much you ladies are podcasting again. Thanks for making my crazy feel more normal.

  55. Hello! I’m Erin, listening from a tiny town about an hour north of Cincinnati, Ohio!

    After hearing about your wisdom teeth story, Tracy, I felt compelled to share mine! I only had Novocain when getting my wisdom teeth out, so I was awake the whole time–even when my dentist braced his knee against my body so as to get better leverage to wrench a stubborn tooth out! It was terrifying! And, my mom didn’t fill my pain pill prescription because she thought Advil would suffice. Silly moms!

  56. My name is Carrie and I live in Omaha! I found you a couple of weeks ago because I’m a podcast junkie and have been planning my own. I can’t remember which rabbit hole led me to you a couple of weeks ago, but I’m sure glad it did. I listen to you on weekends while cleaning or during my drive to and from work. However, I listened to this one tonight while multitasking and had to start it over THREE times, because I kept getting distracted. Worth it!

    • P.S. Omaha is a real city, despite being in Nebraska. We don’t ride horses to work and the only corn I’ve seen in the past few years is growing in my parents’ tiny garden. :) Is it obnoxious that I’m trying to validate our coolness? Ugh. It is, isn’t it? We grow lots of rock stars here! (I can’t stop!)

  57. Hi! My name is Julia and I live in the Bay Area (Holler Tracey!). I listen to you ladies while I work editing manuscripts (day job) or while I am creating hand cut paper art. Thanks for keeping me company!

  58. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    I am a long time blog reader, but a more recent podcast listener. My younger sister kept talking about your podcast and I just had to listen! I’m currently making my way through spring 2012 from the archives, and listen on my way to and from work. This makes my drive so much more bearable! It’s really fun to laugh out loud when I am by myself in the car. I imagine that I have gotten more than a few strange looks while sitting at stoplights 😉 Thanks again for the great entertainment.

    PS: Joy, I really hope you come back to Portland, OR on your new cookbook tour. My sister and I would be there in a heartbeat!

  59. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Liina and I’m from Tartu, Estonia. I listen to your podcast while doing some housework – dishes, dust and ironing.

  60. Shannon Aug 19, 2014

    Well since you asked… My name is Shannon and my husband and I recently relocated from Pittsburgh, PA to just south of Santa Cruz. With 9 animals in our newly purchased minivan (bought so we had a way to get them all out here…)!! So I mostly listen while I am doing some form of cleaning up after them… Haha!!! Thank you for the fun and distraction : )

  61. Hey, Joy and Tracy! Liz here from Palo Alto, CA. I usually listen to you guys while I’m getting ready for work in the morning or winding down in the bathtub/shower (with a drink in hand, duh). Sometimes I listen while I’m doing house chores and my boyfriend will imitate your catch phrases (“totes maj”)! Lately I’ve been playing the podcast as background noise since he’s on a business trip and I’m all alone with our foster dog. She likes to listen too :)
    Real talk: I ended up crying in front of my boss last week and totally thought of you as it was happening. Specifically, the episode where you told listeners NOT to cry at work. Dang it! Then I went home and treated myself to Anthropologie boots. Strangely enough, Susan Miller says work is supposed to be on fire for me this month. Finger crossed!

  62. Chloe Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy!

    My name is Chloe, 27 from London! I love listening to your podcasts at work. This episode perfectly cheered up a rather dull Monday!

    Keep them coming!! xx

  63. Jessica Aug 19, 2014

    Hi! Thanks so much for another hilarious podcast! I am Jessica, 28 years old and live in Kent in the South-East of England. I mainly listen at work but sometimes I get a chance to listen at home…and that feels so luxurious! I read and cook from both your recipes and your podcasts definitely brighten up my weeks!x

  64. Stacey Aug 19, 2014

    Hello, ladies! I’m Stacey, 27 and from Lakeland, Florida. I usually begin listening to your shows as I fall asleep and finish the episodes on my commute to school and to work at the hospital (I’m in nursing school!). I began listening a little less than a year ago, started at episode 1, and truly enjoyed binge listening. Y’all’s podcast is definitely my favorite and I really admire y’all’s confidence, strengths and humor. You have a friend and loyal listener in Central Florida!

  65. Allison Aug 19, 2014

    Allison in Manhattan. I listen running through Central Park in the morning (and on the way to work if I don’t run long enough…). JTB Podcast run day is always my favorite of the week :)

  66. Stefanie Aug 19, 2014

    My name is Stefanie (with and F!) and I’ve only been listening for a few weeks! I’m from the Philadelphia suburbs and I listen while I’m at work. I work in an office with cubicles and I have a crotchety old woman on the other side of my wall who complains all day so I listen to podcasts in my earbuds to drown her out!

  67. Hey, ladies! Thanks for another awesome episode. My name is Ann and I’m a 32-year-old editor living in Indianapolis with my husband and fat tabby cat. (We’re new to the city, so if there are any other JTB listeners in Indy, I’d love to meet you!) I listen to you guys while taking walks around the neighborhood (gotta get those FitBit steps in) and in the car during my commute. You guys are my favorite; when I see a new episode pop up in my feed, it’s like getting a call or email from a good friend.

    • Ann, hi! I’m Julia and I live in Indianapolis and I’m an editor/marketing person, too! Welcome to the city, fellow JTB listener. How long have you lived here? I started listening to the podcast back in the day when it first started, and I mostly listen when I’m at the gym or running outside. That usually makes me the girl who’s laughing out loud at the gym.

  68. Tamar Aug 19, 2014

    Joy and Tracy! My name is Tamar, and I live in Malaysia. I’ve been listening to you two since the very beginning, and have loved you from the start. You are like my two tiny, hilarious friends that I can carry around the world with me in my pocket. I’m a mom of three and we’re a US State Dept family, so, tiny friends, you have been a lot of places. Currently, you are helping to keep me sane as I try to navigate the streets of Kuala Lumpur. It’s left-hand drive here, so there’s a lot of “oh crap oh crap keep left” as I learn, so thank you for helping keep a smile on my face as I dodge motorcycles coming at me from every angle.

  69. Laura H Aug 19, 2014

    Hi guys! My name is Laura – I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan and I usually listen to you guys while working or on the subway! I listen to a bajillion podcasts at my job (I’m a photo editor) and I kind of love how I always get to do something fun while working. Seeing the other people comment from NYC makes me feel camaraderie and wonder who else on the subway is listening 😀 I’ve told a couple of my girl friends about you guys but I don’t feel like anyone else in my life listens to podcasts (I always feel like the biggest nerd when I talk about it. And I’m fine with that!) Thanks for helping the time fly by!

  70. Hannah Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Ladies! My name is Hannah and I listen to the podcast while cooking dinner, cleaning my kitchen or driving to work!

  71. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    I’ve been listening to your podcast since wayyy back when it started. Today I listened whilst making a fondant policeman for a cake. I used to listen at work, or store up a few for long car journeys. I’m from Inverness in Scotland, I’m 28 and a baker, blogger and cat lady (I actually do work in a cattery so it’s official!).
    Any fellow podcast listeners from Scotland say hello :)
    Love your blogs and the podcast!
    Kirsty x

  72. Lou Ann Aug 19, 2014

    Hi! Lou Ann from Cleveland, Ohio. The podcast is my favorite thing to listen to while I’m walking my dog. I am a nurse and HATE the “what do you do” question. (Who wants to hear about your grandmas surgery at a cocktail party! do you want to hear about my tax exemptions, of course not!) Listening to you two is saved for my days off, where I can focus on the important things in life, like superhero powers, road trip stories, and fantasizing about quitting my job to be a recipe tester, my secret talent (I couldn’t pull off the blogging thing – you both are amazing).

  73. Hi! Love your podcast oh-so-much and have been listening since day one :) I’m in Iceland and I work servicing shore excursions for cruise ships that come to Iceland (so I particularly love the podcast where Tracy describes her Disney cruise experience). I listen to your podcast at work when I have to fill out mundane paperwork 😉

  74. Eleanor Aug 19, 2014

    Eleanor/England/listen on my commute to work. Sometimes I’m fully cracking up on the train thanks to you two. I think I hopped on around episode 100, loved it, and went ahead and listened to every back episode. Thank you for the gift of your podcast – its wonderful! xoxox

  75. Autumn Aug 19, 2014

    Hey Joy & Tracy!! My names Autumn, I’m 33 and I live in Fort Lauderdale FL! I’ve only been listening to your podcasts for maybe 2-3 weeks now but have been a long time follower of both your blogs! I’ve made many of your recipes and Tracy even commented on my instagram pic of the Bourbon Salted Caramels I made of hers… they’re soooo good! :) I have a 45 min commute to and from work each day so that’s when I’ve been listening and it makes the drive much more enjoyable! Tracy, I love the different voices you do, they make me giggle 😉 … well I’m so glad I finally started listening to you gals. Keep up the fun chit chats!

  76. carrieloveskeith Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Joy & Tracy! My name is Carrie and I’m in Denver, CO. I just moved last Dec. from Phoenix, so Joy, I totally appreciate all your words about moving and making new friends and leaving the familiarity behind because I can SO relate and it’s strangely comforting knowing someone else gets it and is in it too! I am almost always listening while scrubbing toilets because I have 3 boys age 6, 8 & 9, and listening to the podcast is the only way I can survive cleaning their bathroom :)

    • carrieloveskeith Aug 19, 2014

      Also, Tracy, I totally get you when people tell you what to do. I HATE that! I’ve even had some people in my life go so far as to say, “I’m not going to LET you…” or “I won’t allow you to…” when they’re wanting me to do what they say. UGH!!!

  77. Danielle Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Ladies! Danielle from Ogden, Utah here. I love to listen to you guys on my painful commute, its like having friends in the car with me! (Can you go to everyday podcasts? once a week is not enough…or can one of you call me around 5:30pm mountain time so i can be entertained every day? I would also accept a daily Afflecktion instead of a phone call).
    I am constantly laughing and causing other drivers around me to look at me in weird ways…. thanks for the entertainment, advice, and turning me on to new -useful and/or hilarious- things (ie, #thatlookslikeadick)!

  78. Kayla Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Kayla, I’m 26, and live in Portland OR. I’ve been listening from the beginning and usually download your podcast as soon as I see that a new one is up. I listen on my commute to work, or when I’m taking a walk/at the gym. Your entertaining banter makes the drive (and traffic) much more bearable. My husband doesn’t listen to the podcast regularly, but knows the theme song from when I’ve listened to it in the car. Now he’ll start singing it on random occasions and ask me what you two are up to. It always makes me happy to recount your hilarious convos to him. Thanks for letting us all be a part of your weekly catch ups!

  79. I’m Elle, in London, England by way of the southern U.S. I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning, and I usually listen at work; I’m a scientist. My co-workers still give me the look when I start snort-laughing at my bench, but nowadays they know I’m listening to the podcast. Thanks for keeping it up!

  80. Stasha Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracey! My name is Stasha. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario and I’ve been listening to the podcast for years. I’m one of those people who listens to podcasts while falling asleep- but never to you guys, I’m always laughing way too hard to fall asleep! I save new episodes for my commute and the laughing out loud on the bus usually guarantees me a seat to myself. I listen to old episodes while doing housework. Thank you so much for brightening up me week!

  81. Hi!! I’m Libby and I live in McPherson, KS (smack dab in the middle… and slightly to the right). I have fallen asleep listening to your podcast exactly one time and the dreams! THE DREAMS!! So I don’t go back to that place. Ordinarily, though, I’m cleaning my kitchen when I listen to the podcast.

    • Also, listening to Tracey stop herself from saying naughty words is my FAVORITE PART of every episode.

  82. Kelly Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Kelly – I’m 28 years old and live in Kansas City with my husband of a year and a half and our puppy. I have been listening to your podcast for about 9 months now – you helped me get through the training for my first half marathon! I’m one of those people who needs to distract myself when I’m running, and if I listen to yall then I don’t pay attention to the fact that my legs don’t want to keep going. So, thanks for that! (For the record the half marathon went really well!) Joy, I have your book and just made a cake from it for my friend’s birthday this weekend! I also made Tracy’s farro salad for the dinner that preceded said cake – it’s always a HUGE hit and I’ve made it no less than 5 times this summer. You two are really stinkin great. You’re loved here in Kansas!

  83. Hi ladies! My name is Whitney and I live in Sacramento, CA. I usually listen at work while having my coffee — I’m also in the laughing-alone-in-my-cube club. I might even get a little miffed when people interrupt me with, you know, actual work matters :)

    I’m in total agreement with all of the points you made in this episode: ladies need to support one another, noses sound way too cartilage-y on TV, and nothing good ever happens on WebMD after 9 p.m. Thanks so much for putting these out there!

  84. I’m Jenn, I live in New York, NY. I listen to you when I’m commuting by subway to work or walking around the city, or even at work (genetics lab).

  85. Monika Aug 19, 2014

    Hi ladies! I am Monika and live in Pittsburgh. I love your podcasts! you need to keep them coming, just kidding, you don’t need to but it would be great if you do! ok, you need to 😉 It always makes my day when you guys release one. I listen to your podcasts while I am either running or baking. I feel like I am hanging out with two of my girlfriends while I listen to you guys. Thank you!

    • Laura Aug 26, 2014

      Hey Joy, Tracey, and Monika! I’m Laura and I live north of Pittsburgh, in Cranberry. I’ve listened to JtB and Shuts since the beginning and tend to save episodes for when I’m going on a long run… it’s one of my favorite things to do… just for me. Glad to see another Pittsburgher (sort of). :)

  86. Tiffany Aug 19, 2014

    Hi! My name is Tiffany and I’m an accountant and a mother of 3. I live in Iowa and listen to your podcasts when I run. PS, Tracy I made your nectarine caprese salad earlier this summer and it’s been my obsession ever since.

  87. Hi girls,
    My name is Magda, I’m Polish, but I live in Dublin, Ireland and I listen to you when I either walk to work, or back home. It’s a nice break. It’s funny how we live so far, but may be reading the same books, or talk about the same things.

  88. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Bhiravi, and I live in Berkeley, California. I listen to you guys when I’m doing dishes, baking something, or going out for a run!

  89. Dominique Aug 19, 2014

    Hi! My name is Dominique, I’m 20 and am going to be a junior majoring in Nutrition. I live in Massachusetts. I’ve been listening to your podcast and reading your blogs since I was about 15 and I still love you both! I listen to your weekly podcast on the 1 hour drive to my boyfriends place (we recently became long distance when he graduated) or while cooking!

    P. S. If I remember correctly I believe Tracy was long distance with her now husband for a while and I would love some insight!

    Love you both! :)

  90. Naomi Cota Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Joy & Tracy,

    My name is Naomi and I live in Oakland. I’ve been listening to the podcast since Episode 100. I am so glad Stitcher recommended you! I listen to the show either on my way into SF for work or on my way home. You ladies make that commute/BART trip amazingly enjoyable. Otherwise, I listen to you while I am cleaning my apartment. In a weird way you two make me feel connected to my far away bff because listening to you is like having a conversation with her. Don’t ask me how that works, that’s just how I feel. I’ve even gotten another friend of mine into the podcast and both blogs. Thanks for the little lift of spirits every week and all the amazing recipes and photos!

  91. Hello ladies! My name is Rachel, and I live in Washington, DC, and I’m an editor! I usually listen to your podcast on my commute to work or when I’m grocery shopping every week! I love listening to you guys! Thanks for posting so regularly! I look forward to it every week!

  92. Lizzie Aug 19, 2014

    Hi ladies! My name is Lizzie and I live in the Seattle area. I always listen to your podcast at work, in my beige cubicle, researching donors for a big nonprofit. Sometimes I get deep into my work and lose track your conversations until Tracy does an Oprah impression or one of you busts out a weird non sequitur and I’m just like “…what? Beaver field? What’s going on here?” Keep the randomness coming.

  93. Hi Joy and Tracy! Thanks as always for your brilliant blogging and podcasting. My name is Carly, I’m from (and recently moved back to) Seattle. Normally I listen to you both while cooking, baking, cleaning or during some festive party prepping (sounding pretty domesticated myself right now). Unrelated, but also, since Joy semi-recently moved, I am curious about how you both work to maintain connections with your friends, family and general acquaintances who might not be as near as they once were in your daily life. Thanks for all your beautiful recipes, hard work, honesty and sharing!

  94. Hi ladies! I’m Tara and I live in California. My husband and I are currently (by choice) homeless. So I’ve been listening to your podcasts from a hotel bed or couch. I love listening to you two talk and love hearing how good of friends you are. Your podcasts seriously inspire me SO MUCH! PS: Every time Joy mentions how toned down of a person she has to be, it makes me want to email her and swear a lot and ask if we can be friends. (Not that I don’t want to be friends with both of you, but I’m always like “Ohhhh really? Let’s get weird, Joy!”)

  95. Nancy Aug 19, 2014

    Hey! I’m Lisa’s mom, Nancy. I’m a weaver/artist/health-food-store-worker. I have been ltuned in to your podcasts since the very beginning and am frequently laughing my arse off while listening/weaving.
    PS. Sometimes I swear. Don’t tell Lisa.
    Love, NFB

  96. Kanishka Aug 19, 2014

    Hi! My name is Kanishka and I live in San Francisco. I listen when I’m doing data analysis or something else that doesn’t require reading at work. It really makes the time fly. Sometimes I listen on MUNI while I’m commuting. Side note – I looked at Susan Miller’s forecast for me for August after last week’s podcast and it was eerily spot on. creepy!

  97. Anna Edwards Aug 19, 2014

    Hi ladies! I’m Anna in San Diego, and I listen to the podcast while I’m at work (allowed? I’m not sure…). My desk is a ways away from the rest of the office, but I’m pretty sure people can still hear me laughing out loud and are probably wondering if I’m not a little crazy. Thanks for brightening my workdays!

    • I’m Gretta – I live in San Diego as well and have been a fan of the podcast since the first episode! I listen while I’m folding laundry or washing dishes – it makes mundane tasks become something I look forward too! I love the articles you reference in this show – great topics!

  98. Rebekka Aug 19, 2014

    Rebekka, 24 yo, from Lexington, Kentucky. Just found your podcast after listening to Joy the Baker on The Jess Lively Show. Today I listened to the first half of the podcast on my morning commute and finished it at the gym. It was the first podcast of yours that I had listened to, and I plan on listening to more in the future. Nice to have a few laughs during the day.

  99. Amy here! Touring the west and then relocating from chicago to Denver and about to catch up on the podcasts during the road trip!

  100. Julie Aug 19, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Julie. I’m from Philadelphia, but I’m currently living in semi-rural Tennessee for my husband’s job. I’m an engineer, but I’m taking some time off right now to be a stay at home mom to my toddler. I started listening to the podcast after reading Joy’s blog and then Shutterbean became one of my regular reads too! I listen often when I’m doing something kinda boring like weeding or folding laundry. I LOVE this podcast, but it makes me kinda sad because I want to be drinking wine with you two, not listening on my phone. I’ll have to settle for drinking wine while I listen, which is good too!

  101. Laurie Aug 19, 2014

    Hey ladies! I’m Laurie, and I live in Lake Tahoe. I’m the Food Service Director at a conference center and I regularly use both of your recipes as I plan menus for our guests. They are always big hits! I love listening to the podcasts as I drive, run, or clean. I especially love when I have a few in a row to catch up on. You often have me laughing out loud while I’m by myself, which always feels really good. Thanks for always keeping it real and talking about all the important things!

  102. jamie Aug 19, 2014

    Hello Joy and Tracy! My name is Jamie and I live in Maryland, just outside DC. I love your podcast. I listen at the gym sometimes and often when I’m doing the dishes at night. The way you guys talk about things makes me think about my own life in a different way. Thank you so much for doing it!

  103. Hi!! I’m Alex, 26, from Los Angeles, CA. I used to listen to you guys in my earbuds when I would run (that’s how I would get myself to run… so I could listen to this podcast! I would creep people out while on the treadmill because you guys make me laugh out loud!) but now that I don’t run as much, I listen while working from home. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face!

  104. I’m sorry for commenting again, but I’m really good at jigsaw puzzles!! Like, amazing. I’m so good you guys. OK sorry, I just never get a chance to brag about that (JK I do it all the time).

  105. mrsnashville Aug 19, 2014

    I’m Traci (with the superior spelling 😐 ), I live in southwest Missouri, and these days, I use the podcast to time walk/jogs in the park, pushing my little girl in the stroller (so, you know, it’s a real workout).
    I’m pretty sure I scared the park’s resident trash digger-througher as I was walking around laughing to myself about Tracy’s wisdom teeth story. Of course 19 year old self says to drop 20.
    Keep up the good work, and I’m totally kidding about the name spelling (…).

  106. Rachel Aug 19, 2014

    Hi from Portland, Oregon! I’m Rachel, 32 new to the PNW from Atlanta by way of San Jose, CA! Moved here with my boyfriend and am still working on making new connections with new friends here. I love listening to y’all while making dinner and cleaning…Brings some definite smiles to otherwise solitary tasks! You chicks are amazing. I look forward to each one!

  107. Mira C. Aug 19, 2014

    My name is Mira, I live in Seattle (I met you both at Joy’s book signing, gaaaaaaawwwwddd I was so awkward I’m sorry). I usually listening while cleaning/cooking/doing housework. Your podcast makes anything tedious sooo much more enjoyable. I used to listen to you at the gym, but I was laughing too much too loudly (sorry/not sorry), so I had to stop. I hope you both come back to Seattle if Joy does another signing here!

    Also, PLEASE tell us your charts! Or at least just sun/moon/rising. I’m so curious!

  108. Hi Tracy and Joy!
    I’m Josephine, a 35 year old book designer from Sydney, Australia. I’m mum to two young boys (4 and 2) and work three days a week – this is when I listen to your podcasts. Your fun banter gets me through the afternoon slump! I only started listening this year, but have worked my way through all the podcasts. I often forget that I’m listening to a pre-recorded chat that happened thousands of miles away, and find myself wanting to jump in with comments of my own. You do good work, ladies! Many thanks!

  109. I actually listened to this podcast while falling asleep (in Seattle). And I’m a guy. I feel like this makes me extra weird. Whatever, I always enjoy listening to your perspectives so keep it up!

  110. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Melinda, and I’m a 24-year-old lawyer from Brisbane, Australia. I usually listen to the podcast during my commute to/from work, or if I have a backlog of episodes to get through, I’ll listen while I clean the house or cook on the weekend. Aaaaand… sometimes I’ll set my laptop on the bathroom counter and listen while I wash my hair. I love listening to you guys because your podcast makes me feel really relaxed and cheerful – perfect for all of those mundane tasks!

  111. I’m Kat and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland! I was introduced to you by my lovely friend Fi and I then spread the word to my friend Jane who also loves you! I’m a freelance graphic designer and I listen to you when I’m working in other peoples studios – its so nice and familiar to listen to you when I’m feeling a bit all at sea in a new place! Thanks so much for all your chat – it really brightens up my day :)

  112. knit4many Aug 20, 2014

    How rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Sonia and I’ve been listening here in the mid-west from the beginning. Thanks to you two ladies and The Knitmore Girls podcast I couldn’t resist to see what the fuss about Instagram was. Thanks for that. No way could I leave mean comments on someones pics.
    Meat and potatoes:
    I’m a Scorpio mom, knitter, spinner, who loves to cook and bake.
    I don’t ask anyone what they do for a living when I first meet them. Weird right?
    I listening while knitting, spinning, cooking, doing any chores, driving, lunch breaks, and yes sometimes when I’m going to bed. Of course I end up having to play that episode back the next day.
    As far as the domestic side of life…
    Forget the rest of the noise and be who you are.

  113. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    Who am I? I live in a small town in Norway, I work as a train conduktor. I listen to your podcast when I’m travelling to work. I have a 1,5 hour trainride to get to work. When I’m not at work I experiment with new recepies in my kitchen. Or draw, knit or sew (sow? Pardon my english..) Tnx for entertaining me on my way to work :)
    Best regards Lenore, AKA Captain Drill

    • Wow, loving the community feel here! And to find a fellow norwegian as well, bonkers :) Ny name is Anette, from Trondheim, Norway and I’m an electrical engineer for offshore oil and gas. I listen while driving or while doing house chores like cleaning up my messy kitchen. Been a regular shutterbean follower since 2009 and some of my most loved recipes come from your blog. Thanks to you both for all the laughs and real talk. Dont ever stop!

  114. Dido Devlin Aug 20, 2014

    Hey ladies,
    (Don’t ever tell me to calm down. Just don’t.
    You seem angry – well NOW I am…)
    So, who am I?
    45, ex pastry chef, bourbon lover, baby whisperer, and rabid pie and scone baker. Gluten intolerant, so I shovel all of this into my ungrateful teenagers. Food is love, yes? And if I’m not baking, the love ain’t flowing.
    Unemployed, breast cancer ( no pink ribbon sympathy, please – I’m just trucking and baking on through this crunchiness). Living in Ottawa, capital of Canada.
    Listen to you early mornings when the chemo and drugs don’t let me sleep.
    Tracy, love your stream of consciousness! Joy, love your spirit and Tron.
    Rock on, and leave the haters be.


  115. Amy O'Donnell Aug 20, 2014

    Ok, ladies, since you asked: My name is Amy and I live in Barrington, IL—a northwest suburb of Chicago. Most often, I’m listening to your podcast when I’m cleaning the kitchen or chopping up stuffs for dinner. Last night, I listened to #127 while baking a batch of Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies—it was heaven and super relaxing. Thanks for being consistently amusing. I’m always super glad when a new episode pops up on my phone. :-)

  116. Chelsea Eats Treats Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Chelsea, the blogger behind Chelsea Eats Treats (http://chelseaeatstreats.com) and I love your podcast! I usually listen when I walk my dog and when I walk to the metro/to work in the morning. I live in Arlington, VA, about 1 mile outside Washington DC :) Thanks for making my walks better!

  117. Gillian Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I am from Portland, Maine and listen to you guys while cooking, cleaning, in the car and in the evening when I have a little time to myself. I am at home now with a newborn baby and a toddler and listening to your podcast gives me that brief connection to the outer world and always makes me feel uplifted. You two are so smart and funny and I appreciate you sharing your stories and being so honest!

  118. Joy Scott Aug 20, 2014

    I’m Joy, too! I live in the Philly suburbs (although I lived in Maryland when you two hooked me in after your first podcast.) You both have given me so many smiles and laughs – thank you! I usually listen to your podcast while I’m making dinner for my cute husband. I tried listening to you while at work a few times…but I realized I laughed out loud too often for that. 😉 Saw this posted by Ted and it reminded me of this episode (and reminded me to write in!): http://ideas.ted.com/2014/07/28/how-to-turn-small-talk-into-smart-conversation/ Cheers!

  119. Aimee Chapman Aug 20, 2014

    Hey! My name is Aimee. I am a Children’s book designer working in London, England. I listen to the podcast whilst at work in the studio. My colleagues always wonder what the joke is – as I laugh out loud so much at you guys! Love listening every week whilst googleing American things that I’ve never heard of! :) xx

  120. Shelly Aug 20, 2014

    Hi ladies, I am Shelly SAHM to 5 ages 2-10. I live in Omro, WI, an incredibly tiny town. I love to listen while I’m doing dishes or folding laundry, it makes those tasks much less dreary.

  121. Hi Joy & Tracy! I’m Nikki, I’m 29 and live in the Marina in San Francisco. I listen to your podcast while I’m getting ready for work in the morning and while I’m doing the dishes in my apartment. I met Tracy once at Trader Joe’s… no biggie… Joy, I hope to run into you someday so I can geek out as well :). Thanks for all the laughs and companionship you provide!

  122. Hey their lady friends, my name is Kelsey, I’m a 23 year old living in Los Angeles. I often listen to your lovely ole’ podcast when I’m driving to work, cooking some food, or on a road trip. Nothing passes the time better!

  123. Ellen Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Ellen, and I grew up in the East Bay but am now living in Iowa City, IA while my husband is in grad school. I’ve been listening to the podcast for about a year, and the first one I remember was after Tracy went to Chicago. I had seen Brene Brown’s TED Talk on vulnerability, and I loved what Tracy said about perfectionism. I listen while I am working from home, and I love it because it’s just two women my age having a conversation. Thanks for letting us listen!

  124. Maria Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Maria and I currently live in Atlanta. I have been listening for a couple of years…and am guilty of never leaving comments. I stumbled across your blog Joy, shortly after your trip to Maine, which is where I am from, share a love of fluffy orange kitties (I have one named Marmalade Sally) and thought you were hilarious. I listened to one of your podcasts and I have been hooked ever since. I Usually listen when I am cooking or doing chores around the house. I love you both so much and always feel like I have just hung out with great friends after listening. Thanks and keep it up!

  125. journeyfromself Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Katt and I’m from Missoula, MT but I’ve been in Portland, OR for the last three weeks, and Boulder, CO the two weeks before that – gotta get my travel fix before school starts and I never, ever, ever leave the theatre and dance building ever again. I usually end up listening to my favorite podcast (that’s you guys!) while doing homework or procrastinating homework by cleaning my house. Love you guys!

  126. Lauren Spicer Aug 20, 2014

    Hiii, you guys! My name’s Lauren, 28-year old from Orange County, CA, and you finally got me to leave a comment! I’m notoriously bad at commenting on anythinggg, even though I love both your blogs and the podcast. I’ve been listening since the start of the year, and just got caught up with all the episodes a few weeks ago (yeah, a little sad about it, it was pretty awesome feeling like I had an unlimited supply for a while…). I listen while I drive to work, or while I’m at work, or if I’m reaally lucky, while I take a walk-break during the workday. Hearing you guys chat about things really does make me feel like I’m involved in a conversation with awesome friends who can be just as random as me (which, btw, I very much appreciate, as most of my friends have moved far far away). So thank you! And it’s great seeing all the comments from people in so many different places! (And even a guy! So that’s.. what, 12, now?)

    Tracy, you should go with Joy on her next book tour! (Or at least some of the west coast stops, eh?) And I’ll just.. see you guys then. We’ll hang out. No worries.

  127. Laura Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Laura and I live in Burlington, VT. I love that you lived in Burlington, Joy! VT is great until winter comes and stays for 8 months :( Anyway, I love the podcast and listen to it every week when I’m doing boring tasks at work (I have a desk job). It definitely brightens my day and makes the boring stuff go by faster. It’s always the best when I’m laughing really hard at my desk and people give me the hairy eyeball. Thanks! You guys rock!

  128. Andrea Aug 20, 2014

    Hi! I’m Andrea and I live in Virginia. I listen to your podcast at work, and I always end up doing that weird/creepy silent laugh in my cube :)

  129. Laura "Porter" Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Gals! I’m “Porter” and I live in Oakland. I’ve been listening to you since Jan 2012. I used to listen to you while hiking with my dogs in on Bay Area trails. Now that I’m home with a toddler, I mostly listen to you during my insomniatic bouts at 2-3am. I often giggle at what your talking about and my husband says to me the next morning, “you were ‘sleep-laughing’ last night.”

    Now that I’m not working (an official SAHM), I rely on podcasts to keep me sane by hearing your conversations and adult ‘speak.’ I also love listening to Uhh Yeah Dude (as recommended by you). I really wanted to attend the live podcasting of UYD when they came to Cobbs last month (also hoping to run into Tracy there!) Sadly I missed it due to family obligations.

    You guys should do a live podcasting in the Bay Area when Joy comes to visit! What about at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley? I have a friend who is on the board. Maybe we can make something happen?

    • Staci Magnolia Sep 1, 2014

      Fellow UYD listener here! Do you follow the group on Facebook?

  130. Hi Joy and Tracy! I live in Michigan and love to listen to your podcast while driving, cooking, running, or doing housework. Listening to you ladies makes pairing up socks or getting out for a run a little more bearable. I just started a blog (http://www.happyhealthyrd.com/) and love the insight you give as successful bloggers. I haven’t been blogging for very long but I actually did a post on my fav podcasts and mentioned your podcast! Thanks for doing what you do!

  131. Hey Joy and Tracy! I’m Mason, I’m 18, and I recently moved to Portland, OR. I moved here from Bellingham, WA to start pastry school about a month ago. Both of you are super inspiring for me as bakers, as artists, and as ladies who are fun and funny and always a happy internet presence. So thank you both! And I like listening to your podcast when it’s too quiet around my house- your random conversations remind me of ones I have with my friends (:

  132. Hi Joy & Tracy, this is Jo. I’m a 35 year old mum of one from the South of England. I listen to your podcasts on my drive home from work & when I (occasionally) clean my house. I’ve been listening for a while but still working my way through your back catalogue! Keep up the good work please ladies! x

  133. Jenny Aug 20, 2014

    Hello! My name is Jenny, I’m 23, and I’m from Southern California, but I live in the bay area. While I listened to this podcast I was 3.5 hours into a 5 hour flight back from the east coast. I like the “raw-ness” of the podcast. Sometimes I wish I could chime into the conversation. I have been following both of your blogs for a few years now and I love podcasts and noticed that you had one about a month ago. I’ve loved listening to it while traveling around. Keeps me entertained!
    Just one question, I know saying “calm down” is a trigger for many people. However, my sister and my dad really don’t get along, and sometimes my sister blows tiny things out of proportion with him and when I try to explain his side or whatever she feels like I’m dismissing her feelings. But I don’t feel that way, I just feel like I am logically pointing out the facts of the situation. It’s a tough situation and it has made it so we aren’t as close. Tough one! Should I just listen and let her complain over tiny misinterpretations?

  134. Hi Joy and Tracy – My name is Susan and I live in Northern Wisconsin (Rhinelander) with my husband and our two dogs, Leroy and Franka. I listen to your podcast while walking the dogs in the morning (the podcasts are typically perfectly-timed to match our 2-3 mile walks!). I’ve loved all your conversations — keep it up! :)

  135. W’oh. 135 comments so far. I’m going to have to go through these later.
    I’m Ronni. I’m 38 (wow. typing that out is weird). Husband. A step-mom. Two cats. Taurus. I’m a Tracy (Type A. Stocks up on things (I won’t even tell you how many extra toothbrushes are in my house). Loves Trader Joe’s). I’ve been reading both of your blogs since forever and I’ve been listening to the podcast from show 1. I usually listen on the drive to work. That way I can focus solely on the podcast. Sometimes I’ll listen while cleaning the house.

  136. Hellloooooooo from humid, sticky, all around hot Washington DC! I’m Emily (Emma Lou on the old blog) and I’m currently a nanny while I get my Masters. I listen to the podcast while I walk the kids (two 16 month olds) to the park in the morning. While they swing, I laugh hysterically and the moms look at me like I’m crazzzzzyyyy. Don’t care.

    Also, I drive to NC a lot (what up family obligations) and am working my way through the archives on my road trips.

    Bless you, both.

  137. Wow! I’m reading these replies and everyone’s stories are much cooler than mine…. haha. My name is Kelsey and I live in Long Beach, CA, and work for an Ad Agency in LA. I listen to the podcast on my commute and it makes me so happy! I am totally the person who is laughing out loud in the car and feel like the 3 of us are chatting over cocktails. I started listening because I have a food blog of my own and idolize you both, but you def don’t need one to relate to and laugh with you lovely ladies! Have a great week :)



  138. Hi guys! I’m Kate from San Ramon over the East Bay hills in Nor Cal. I usually listen while driving to work, but my commute’s about to get a lot shorter so I have to figure out something else quickly!

    Tracy, you work in SF and had to explain drinking out of a jar? Have these people not eaten out or been to Target lately?? 😉

  139. Katie, 28. Marietta, pa. When DON’T I listen? Mostly walking my dog along the river trail or chores around the house…. Thanks for making single living significantly less lonely! I can be all by myself and still feel like I have friends right beside me.

  140. Hi ladies! I’m from the suburbs of Boston and I usually listen on the way to/from work. Today you followed me from the car into my kitchen where I sat looking at a pile of save the date samples that all looked the same while avoiding dishes/sitting with a face mask on. It should also be noted that I frequently sing your theme song to myself and have super had it in my head this week. I found your show via JTB’s blog, which I found via Pinterest last year! xoxo

  141. Chelsea Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy & Tracy! I’m Chelsea, a 30-year old content marketer, living in Queens, NY but working for a nonprofit in lower Manhattan, NYC. I am another subway listener, but today my commute went so quickly that I continued listening as I cooked dinner. Well, “cooked”. My husband’s working late, so dinner was Morningstar chicken nuggets. It happens! I’ve been listening since either December 2011 or 2012 (can’t remember, but I know it was shortly before Christmas) and after catching up on the archives, I’ve been listening ever since. It’s like having girlfriends with me for my commute to work or back home!

    And as you can see, for whatever reason, I also always end up listening a few days late, so I never get around to commenting, but this time I felt like I had to! Thanks for the podcast!

  142. Hi Joy & Tracy! My name is Sarah, I am married to the most wonderful man, I am 26, and I live in Carlsbad, California. I usually listen to the podcast while I am at work or while I’m making dinner. I really enjoyed this episode! xo

  143. Lindsay Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Lindsay and I live in Petaluma, CA. I love listening to the podcast while I run or during my commute. I love your candor, different perspectives, and realness. Thank you for doing what you do!

  144. Hi ladies!
    I am also named Joy, I’m 23, and I just started listening to the podcast when I moved to Brooklyn from Savannah this summer. I’ve read JtB for years and I was so jealous of Joy’s move to New Orleans (one of my favorite cities) and wanted to hear more about living there, aaaaand then I was hooked. I listen while I’m working (I’m a freelance illustrator right now) and it helps me forget about how sick of a project I am or how much I want to talk to somebody besides my cat on the days I don’t get to leave my apartment. You ladies are so entertaining and really help the hours fly by when I’m not feeling my work. I feel like I’m having a gab sesh with my cool big sisters, is that weird? I’m glad you asked about your listeners, because I can’t help but feel a little creepy hearing your stories and seeing parts of your lives on your blogs, and you don’t even know I’m there!

  145. Kristin Aug 20, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Kristin and I just relocated to Singapore from Orange County, California. I’ve always listened to your podcasts via headphones while blow drying my hair. Sounds crazy but it makes the process so much more enjoyable. It’s also helped me adjust to my new life in Singapore by giving me some continuity and the comforts of home. Thanks for your funny and quirky views on just about everything – you girls are AMAZING!

  146. Hi, ladies! I’m a single, mid-thirties gal who semi-recently moved to northern NJ. I like to listen at work or when I’m puttering around the house. Joy, I also duck for cover when things are thrown at my head. School gym teachers were not a fan of that move.

  147. Hey girls! Reporting from Germany (American Expat) and I usually listen either during a late night feeding with my lil 3 month old OR in the car on my way to and from yoga OR in random see at throughout the day as I’m trying to get stuff done. And if we are both up and available I live text with my Maj who is in Oklahoma commentary on what lines made us laugh, what advice we would add, etc. You both killed it this week. Thanks for the fun! Christina.

  148. HI! I save up your pod casts and listen to them when i am working. I work as a humanitarian worker, so spend a lot of time in random countries where i do not speak the language. I listened to this pod cast whilst being driven to a refugee camp in Northern Iraq.

  149. Steph Aug 20, 2014

    Hey guys! I’ve been listening almost since day one and both of your blogs are the first stop for me in my feed. I’m a licensed vet tech living in Astoria, NY (if you’re ever down this way I can tell you about every place to eat!) Don’t ever change, unless you want to include more cat pics that is! : )

  150. I’m Katie and I’m a stay-at-home mama from Denver, CO. I listen to you guys when I do the dishes every night (a new listener, so I’m catching up on old episodes). I actually get excited to skip into the kitchen and do the dishes these days. So that’s awesome. Thank you!

    Also, my husband calls you guys (girls) the “Delicious Dish” podcast because he catches snippets from the other room and says you remind him of that SNL skit with Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon and the Schweddy Balls…though you might get a kick out of that.

    Thanks for doing what you do, you always make me laugh!

  151. Hi ladies. Just started listening to your podcast this summer (mostly while folding the mounds of laundry my 8 mos old little boy generates). I’m Meghan and I live in Vancouver, BC. Listening to this episode while making chocolate zucchini loaf to attack the massive zucchini coming out of my garden.

  152. merrell Aug 20, 2014

    Hi ladies, listening to you two makes me feel like I’m with my besties (majs) who are scattered all over the US :) So thanks for being so rad. I’m Merrell and I live in Portland, OR and mostly I listen to the podcast when I am hanging at home, either relaxing on the couch with cucumbers on my eyes drinking a peachy bourbon cocktail or something a little less interesting like doing the dishes. I am a new listener since Joy posted the update on here blog a few weeks ago, and I am hooked! I like to cook and play softball and hang out with my kids and boyfriend. I’m turning 34 tomorrow, so your topics of convo are super applicable – once again, I feel like I’m hanging out with my gal pals. Thanks to you both!

  153. Anna Nelson Aug 20, 2014

    Oh gah I’m so nervous.

  154. Ellen W Aug 20, 2014

    My name is Ellen and I live in Tomball (suburb of Houston), TX with my husband and two sons. I usually listen while I’m out walking or working in the kitchen. I love the podcast and have been a listener since the beginning.

  155. Hi! I am Anna, Italian who lives on Mandalay, Myanmar. I am a teacher here. I clean the house or cook while listening to your podcast.

  156. Hi Joy & Tracy! My name is Danielle and I live in the Boston area. I love your podcast! I always listen at work and it makes my day so much better! You both are so hilarious and I relate to you in so many ways. I work in accounting, have been married forever, and have one six year old son. Listening to Tracy talk about being a wife, working mom, and blogger really hits home with me. The balancing act is not easy. You girls are an inspiration to me! You lift me up each week with your funny stories and musing on totally unimportant thing – which (let’s be real) are totally important! Love both of your blogs and Joy – your recipe for strawberry coffee cake is one of my favorite things in the whole world! My maj also lives far away and listening to you each week make me feel like we are all in this crazy life together! xo

  157. Lindsay Aug 21, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy,
    Your podcast has been playing in my kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa for the past year or so while I do the dishes. It’s been an interesting glimpse into another culture that isn’t coming from mainstream media, thanks for all your entertaining chats!

  158. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Sarah and I live in Frederick, Colorado. It’s about 30 miles north of Denver. I’ve been listening to the show for about three years now and I love it! I like to listen to your podcast when I am commuting to Boulder for work, while I’m cleaning my house on Sundays and at work to make the day go by faster. I especially enjoyed this podcast-loved the discussion about the Thought Catalog article!

  159. Hey ladies! I’m Maggie and I live in Madison, WI currently. I’m a wine rep so I spend A LOT of my day in the car and I would go crazy if I just had to listen to regular radio all the time. I listen to your podcast (and a few others) when I’m driving to my accounts and it always makes me laugh. Something I really believed when I was a kid – that Carly Simon song “You’re so Vain,” – I really, really, really thought the lyrics were “clowns in my coffee” until I was like 20. Scary imagery, right??? I think it’s because I was permanently scarred by the scene in “It” when Tim Curry comes up out of the manhole cover and I thought they could be anywhere. Strange but true

  160. Ello! Nik from the city that birthed Beyonce (that’s seriously the only thing Houston has going for it). Currently finishing up my undergrad. I usually listen to the podcast at work when I should be working or when I’m driving. Lately I’ve been grocery shopping with you guys, which is great but kinda weird when I laugh out loud. Definitely my fav podcast. Also the new Homefries site is great!

  161. Rhonda Aug 21, 2014

    Hi! My name is Rhonda and I live in North Carolina. I’m turning 50 this year — woo hoo (or yikes, depending on the day). I listen to the podcast at work while I’m processing regulatory documents for pharmaceutical clinical trials. I look forward to new Joy the Baker podcasts because you never know exactly how they will go but they usually are fun and interesting. I have to say I feel very cheated that we didn’t get to hear the beaver discussion. I feel robbed. Not really. I enjoy following both blogs but I honestly rarely cook, but it’s fun to look at cooking porn. Keep up the good work!

    • Rhonda Aug 21, 2014

      Oh! Tracy — I started watching Homeland because of you! I was really resisting it for some reason, but you kept talking about how much you liked it so I gave it a try and I LOVE it! I also really like Miranda, a British comedy (we could all use some comedy right about now) — it’s on Hulu. It’s fun and goofy, you might like it. I sound really boring in my post above but I’m not, I swear. And I’m in Raleigh, NC, everyone else put their city except for me. Later!

  162. Stacy Aug 21, 2014

    Hey ladies, I have been listening since the beginning and love your blogs. I listen in Madison, WI. I thoroughly enjoy your real conversations–keep it up. I listen whenever there’s a new podcast–usually in the kitchen.

  163. mariah Aug 21, 2014

    Ha! I think it’s funny that you say that about people listening to podcasts to fall asleep. I was defiantly one of those people when I was single. But not all podcasts are equal. Some are too loud, or mixed terribly, or people have annoying voices. Real talk: the whole reason I started listening to JTB was because it sounded really good! I was hooked, however, at “god’s gold”. Now I listen in the car or when I’m cleaning.

  164. Hi! I’m Amy and I live in DC. I usually listen to you while on the train in the morning when I need a good laugh.

  165. Hi Joy & Tracy! My name is Abby and I live in Longview TX, I always listen to the podcast while I’m working! I have a full time office job and also love to knit and dye yarn (my side gig). twistedowlfiberstudiol.com is my website, go check it out! PS Joy- you picked the hottest place to live! If you ever feel like coming to East Texas (it’s not any cooler here) give me a shout!

  166. Hi Tracy and Joy!
    I’m a forty-something woman from Toronto, Canada and have been listening since before Joy had her first (only?) book tour. Prior to that had been reading JTB blog for years…now I read Shutterbean too :)
    Tracy – you’ll get a kick out of the fact that the phrase “Jepper-depperdoo” is occasionally uttered by me to my cats. Not often, but geez, I have you and Cooper to thank for it. Sue M.

  167. Kelsey Salsbery Aug 21, 2014

    Hellllo ladies! Kelsey from Idaho Falls, ID here. Thanks for making me laugh out loud…all of the time :) Your podcasts have helped me get through many a road trip, work out, cooking session and mundane days at work. Thanks for the realness…and hilariousness…and Instagram booty chattiness.

  168. ‘Whoo are you’ ‘who, who, who, who’ you’ve put The Who in my head now! Anyway I’m Stephanie I live in London, UK. who you are! I’m a relatively new listener, I listen when I am running to work, I’ve done the route so many times now I need you gals with me! I also listen on the days I get the tube to work I trundle along on the grey district line and listen up your stories of new Orleans and California and forget about my day!

  169. Carol Aug 21, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy,
    I’m from Niterói (Rio de Janeiro area), Brazil. I used to listen to you mainly on the bus, going to the lab when I was doing my PhD. But that was when I had old episodes to catch on… Now I usually listen at home, while cooking or cleaning. I can’t listen while driving to work because I get too distracted!

    I wish there were good podcasts like yours, made by women (preferably majs!*) from other countries in the world. It’s so cool to see what’s different and what seems to be universal!
    Keep the good work, both in the podcasts and in the blogs!

    *plural of maj. is it right? 😀

  170. Alexis Aug 21, 2014

    I’m Alexis, in San Antonio, Texas. I usually listen to the podcast when I am at work. Last month I listened while I scraped up vinyl flooring from our kitchen, as we embarked on a DIY kitchen remodel. Boy, did that help me get through it! Every time I listen, you guys talk about something that I can relate to on a weird level, as if we’ve been friends since junior high or something.

    • Alexis Aug 21, 2014

      I also want to say my favorite Real World season was New Orleans. I loved that cutie Danny and the blond girl Kelley (now married to the party of five guy). Their friendship seemed sweet. I also loved Boston and Seattle.

  171. Hi guys! Kat from Boise, Idaho. I’ve been listening to your podcast while I work for a couple of years now. Love the podcast, keep up the good work!

  172. My name is Kali and I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’ve been listening to you guys since the very beginning. Usually, I listen to the podcast when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. So when I’m putting on makeup and straightening my hair. I’m always entertained! I absolutely love the podcast!

  173. Larisa Aug 21, 2014

    Hi Majs! I’m Larisa, 27, raised in the south but living in NYC/Brooklyn for the past five years. I generally save your podcast for a commute when I need a pick-me-up, which means that for the most part I am listening to you on the subway. Also during long errand runs – you’d be surprised how helpful you two are in Ikea.

  174. Shakila Aug 21, 2014

    Hi Ladies! I’m listening from Chicago during my workday. I try to save your podcast for a really boring day when I need cheering up. And I find myself singing your theme at the oddest times.

  175. Jessica Taylor Aug 21, 2014

    Hello Joy and Tracy. My name is Jessica, I’m 39 and live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a rural mail carrier and I listen to the podcast while I’m delivering mail out in the boonies. Your podcast is always the highlight of my week. Love you guys!

  176. Hi! My name is Leah, I live just outside St. Louis. I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple years, but rarely comment. 99% of the time I am working when I listen to your podcast. I like listening because you guys are quirky, and you keep it light. I also enjoy both of your blogs…which led me here. :)

  177. Alexis Aug 21, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Alexis from Philadelphia and my friend from Chicago actually shared your amazing podcast with me – you two remind me of the two of us – long distance maj friends who talk about totally important unimportant things! We usually listen at work while doing mindless tasks and discuss while we’re listening or later in the day. We also drool over your pictures of delicious food. You make my day better and bring a smile to my face! Thank you!

  178. Hey y’all! My name is Sara and I’m a recent college grad that just moved from Orlando to Cleveland. I started listening to y’all when I was at the gym but laughing out loud by myself on an elliptical was not a good look. Now I use the podcast as motivation to clean! Thanks for keeping me laughing!

  179. Sarah Aug 21, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I live in Minneapolis, MN and listen to your podcast when I’m doing chores around the house and need some good ol’ girl talk. I work with beginning sustainable farmers in the upper Midwest and am working on starting up my own apple orchard. I’ve loved your podcast from the beginning and am so thankful for your encouragement of shower drinking, affirming the ladies in your life, and just chasing down the life that you want. Like it’s your j.o.b.

  180. Hi lady friends!!

    My name is Abby and I live in Milwaukee, WI with my finace and striped cat named Leo. I adore your podcast and basically feel like I would love to have cocktails and eat all the snack with you ladies! I usually listen while I’m in the kitchen tinkering with recipes for my blog or driving to work. Love love love you ladies!

  181. Amanda Aug 21, 2014

    Hi! My name is Amanda & I live in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been listening from the start (love it!) and I listen while I’m at work! This sometimes results in me giggling away in my cubicle but it’s worth it!

  182. I’m Anna, 25, living in Carrboro, NC. Generally, I listen while driving to and from work, or while walking around town. While I listened to this particular podcast, however, I was trying to draw a picture of dill (like, the herb) because I’m working on a homemade calendar with a culinary herb for each month (with corresponding recipes). I guess they’ll be good christmas presents if I can ever figure out how the f to draw dill?

    Thanks for the podcasts, they always brighten my days!
    xo, Anna

  183. Jessie Aug 21, 2014

    Hi, Joy and Tracy!! (And Micheal! hah)

    My name is Jessie and I’m in Florida. I listen to your podcast while I’m working! I work at a processing job and you guys help me get through long days. 😉 Also, I’ve listened to you on road trips with my husband and while wrapping Christmas presents (with alcohol. of course). Good times.

    cheers and thanks!


  184. Josie Aug 21, 2014

    My name is Josie, I’m 26 and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been listening to you guys since episode 1!! I’ve listened to you guys in all sorts if crafting or working scenarios, but at the moment you brighten up my commute to work on the train while I knit :) Thanks for all that you do!

  185. I love that you want to know who we are! My name is Kate and I’m 33 with 4 year old twins. I live in Richmond, Va and work as a registered dietitian. I’ve been listening to you for about 2.5 years. Mist often I listen to you while running or in the car. My kids LOVE your theme song, particularly the part about “cutting up underwear” they think its hysterical :)
    Thanks Ladies for all your hard work!

  186. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’ve been listening since the beginning! I have a memory of listening to episode 2 or 3 while packing to go on a trip to visit some family. While I was packing, I was also pondering whether I should talk to a good friend of mine about the fact that we were probably more than just friends. We talked and started dating soon afterwards, and now we’re married!

    Now I usually listen while walking– either walking around my neighborhood for exercise or walking to the grocery or bank or other errands.

  187. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Anna, 26 from London. I usually listen to the podcast at my desk at work (headphones obvs) although today I listened at home when I needed cheering up after a bad haircut. Thanks for cheering me up! X

  188. Jessica Aug 22, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Jessica and I live in a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale. So Joy, I feel your pain with this summer weather. I’m thrilled to be 7 months pregnant, but lately my only way to work out has been in the gym, with a lot of AC. Your podcast has kept me entertained as I get my walk in. I used to listen to a few episodes at a time during solo road trips. It always felt like you guys were in the car with me, telling me your hilarious stories or giving me sage advice. My husband also gets to hear some of your stories, as I love telling him the highlights. Thanks for this awesome show, I also look forward to new episodes :)

  189. Katie Aug 22, 2014

    Hi! I’m Katie, 29, and I live near Rochester, NY. I usually listen on my drive too/from work. This past winter we had a crazy blizzard that caused our office to close early (super unusual, we’re used to the snow), and I was so glad that it worked out so I had a podcast episode to listen to on my harrowing ride home! You helped keep my blood pressure in line!

  190. Hi Joy and Tracy,

    I’m Abby and today is my last day living in Houston, because I’m moving to Chicago tomorrow. :) I’m a 27-year-old risk management consultant, and I mostly listen when I’m cleaning, cooking, or running. I’m a total non-commenter-lurker.

    Keep it up!


    • Welcome to Chicago, Abby! I’m glad you’re coming during the summer, and can experience Chicago a bit in its best season. Fall is also lovely. Winter, eh.

  191. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Mike. I’m a 30 year old gay guy, who lives in Echo Park in LA, CA. I ferment my own food (sourdough, kefir, sauerkraut), garden, cook, walk my dog, hike, and work as an attorney (I ran out things to say). I love listening to your podcast because it reminds me of conversations I would have with my friends.

  192. Kerttu Aug 22, 2014

    Hi Tracy and Joy! My name is Kerttu and I live in Tallinn, Estonia. I work at a cafe and I’m starting my bachelors in information technology this autumn. I’ve been listening to your podcast from the very beginning and you two are just uh-mazing. I usually listen to your podcast on the bus on my way to work or when I’m riding my bike.
    All the best!

  193. Colleen Aug 22, 2014

    Hello Joy & Tracy! I am Colleen and I am a 20 year old college student in Pittsburgh, PA. I usually listen to your podcast either when I am walking to the train station and riding to school or struggling on the elliptical. Your podcasts never fail to make my day, and I am soooo excited every time I see a new one on my feed. I have probably listened to every episode twice, you keep this lonely girl company quite often. Your friendship is so beautiful, and I feel privileged to be on the receiving end of it. xo!

  194. Susan Aug 22, 2014

    Great episode! I had to comment because I’m being so incredibly cliche right now. I’m Susan from Pittsburgh, PA and I’m actually baking cookies while listening to Joy the Baker. Absurd. Normally I’m cleaning, running or driving. Also love discuss the episodes with my long distance maj! As someone who studied Gender Studies at college, I looooove listening to people discuss gender roles and stereotypes. Opinions are so valuable and the discussion is so necessary!! I’m about to be 26 (on Tuesday!) and I’ve been listening from the beginning. Thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the comments about my fellow listeners, this was a great idea. Back to the snickerdoodles…

  195. Tracy, you’re so right about having mixed feelings about being a homemaker. It’s a constant battle of trying to justify it to myself when I naturally want to cook for my boyfriend, and clean my home, and be domestic…all the while trying not to fall into that gender roll even though I want to be there! And I worry about having children and wanting to do everything for them…yet allowing them to grow and learn for themselves. GREAT PODCAST!!!! I love your energy in this one. :)

  196. Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Rebecca and I live in Almonte, ON, Canada. I’ve followed Joy’s blog since probably 2007 and Tracy’s blog shortly after that. I’m 28, live in a house with my boyfriend of 2 years, and listen to your podcast when I walk my dogs, and cook food. Tonight I made yellow curried summer squash and a summer pepper and kale quiche! I don’t fall asleep to you, but I do re-listen to your podcasts because depending on my mood, I might laugh more the second time around. You guys are my FAVOURITE. I’m not kidding. FAVOURITE. Please never stop. Evah.

  197. Oh how did you manage to resist calling this episode “We didn’t talk about beavers!” So funny! I’m Sunday, I’m 30 and I love in Melbourne, Australia. I use the podcast as something to listen to when I’m cooking dinner or cleaning the house. I used to listen to it when I went jogging, but I found myself laughing out loud in mid run so that had to stop. I live the show because you talk about the kinds of things friends call each other to just chat about and I love the way the conversation just evolves as the show goes on.

  198. Chelsea Aug 22, 2014

    Hi! I’m Chelsea from Katy, Texas. I listen to you guys when I clean our church or commute to work. :)

  199. Acacia Aug 22, 2014

    Hey Joy and Tracy, 
    I’m a 28-year-old longtime listener – I just moved to Portland, OR from Northern California. I love listening to the podcast while I’m sitting outside, while painting my nails, or on a walk. You two are very funny and I can relate to so many things you talk about. This was such a good episode – Joy I really liked what you said about asking what people do for a living (or, rather, not asking). I currently don’t work because of a chronic illness but I don’t think my illness defines me. I try to live a full life in spite of my challenges, but that question still trips me up sometimes, especially with someone I don’t know very well. Also great talk about saying you are sorry only when you mean it. Anyway, just some of my thoughts. Thanks! 

  200. Leila Aug 22, 2014

    Hi Tracy and Joy! My name is Leila, I’ve been listening for a couple of years and really enjoy the podcast. I’m currently living in Berkeley and I usually listen to ya’ll while I clean, cook, walk to and from work, and have my lunch break.

  201. Lauren Aug 23, 2014

    Hi I’m Lauren I’m from a small town in Southwest Pennslyvania called Somerset. It’s about a hour and a half from Pittsburgh PA but it’s most well known for Flight 93 crashing in a field in Shanksville PA which is only about 10 miles from Somerset. I’m a newbe to podcasts as well and have only been listening to the Joy the Baker Podcasts for a few weeks. But I have been a long time reader of Joy the Baker Blog. I tend to listen to you and other podcasts in the evening before I go to bed in between watching YouTube videos since I hardly ever turn on my tv anymore.

  202. Hi Tracy! (Hello Joy, also, but you know who I am!) I’m Rachel and I live in the middle of the English countryside. Living here, in London and in Los Angeles I always listen to The Joy The Baker Podcast while I’m ironing, tidying, cleaning the bathroom or baking. I also used to listen to you guys in the bath as I did not have room in my bathroom for my laptop, but I could listen with the door open when I was home alone, but now you’ve been relegated as I have space to watch TV shows in the tub instead!

  203. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    My name is Erin and I’m originally from Rhode Island, but I’m now in grad school in the Netherlands! Usually I listen to you guys while cleaning my apartment or cooking. Usually I’ll make a big one-dish recipe (soup or a casserole) on Sunday afternoons and eat it throughout the week. It can be quite some work doing all the chopping, so I like having you guys on in the background.

    I feel like I’m back home chatting with my girlfriends when I listen to you guys, which I often miss while living abroad. Thanks!

  204. Mandy Aug 23, 2014

    Hey, ladies!
    My name is Mandy and I live in Baton Rouge. It’s only an hour from New Orleans. I moved here about a year ago from Nashville. Love the culture and people. I’m with you on the heat, Joy. My hair is crazy and I consume a lot of Popsicles. I listen to the podcast will running errands, working out, and cooking. Love having you all in my ears. Is that weird? Haha! Thanks for the laughs.

  205. hey i’m shelly and i live in lakewood, ohio (its the first suburb west of Cleveland for some geographic reference) i usually listen to the podcast while i’m cleaning my kitchen or folding laundry. your conversation takes my head away from the menial task at hand!! thanks for that!

  206. Alexis Aug 23, 2014

    Hi ladies! I’m Alexis from NY’s Southern Tier. I’m a 30-ish 😉 year old goldsmith/silversmith/jeweler. I listen to the podcast while I working in my studio and sometimes while I’m in the kitchen. This morning I made Joy’s orange chocolate scone recipe yet again. Delish! Thanks for bringing some awesome into my day.

  207. Hi, I was listening to podcast #127. You asked to let you know where listeners live and what they do while listening to you. My name is Sharon and I live in central Pennsylvania. My college age daughter listens to you and I asked her to program your podcast into my phone. So now when I have to do some mindless, boring task, such as cleaning, I can tune in and enjoy. Since my daughter is now away at college, I also feel a little closer to her knowing we are listening to the same thing. Thanks for your funny insights!

  208. Tasia Crawford Aug 23, 2014

    Hello Ladies! I’m Tasia. I live in Portland, OR, in a part of town called Montavilla, which hoity-toity people pronounce Monta-VEE-ya, which cracks me up to no end, because Montavilla is short for MOunt TAbor VILLAge. Mount Tabor is our dormant volcano! We have one of those! Neat. I listen to your podcast while I run to work on Saturday mornings. It’s a good ten mile run, fun times. I love listening to the sweet happy banter of your friendship. It reminds me to Keep It Light. Profound advice. My almost two-year old daughter Evie is obsessed with baking (first words every morning: MAKE DOUGH) and so your recipes, besides being a hoot to read, have come in handy at 5 AM many, many times. Love you bunches!

  209. Hello! I’m Erin and I live in Seattle. I listened to this episode while riding the train from Seattle to Santa Barbara but I usually listen while I’m falling asleep or while working on my computer!

  210. Hi Joy & Tracy! I’m Anna (anyone else notice that there are a lot of people named Anna introducing themselves?), I’m 29, and I moved to Redondo Beach, CA late last year from Philadelphia when my husband was relocated. I have been listening since podcast #1 from my desk at work, back in PA as a home decor product designer (working on picture frames, candles, and decorative wall art), and now here in LA at a stationery company, designing artwork and patterns for decorative storage, greeting cards, journals etc. Both of the companies I’ve worked for distribute to national chains like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, TJ Maxx and Michaels. So if you’ve ever wondered who designs those picture frames that say Live Laugh Love on them, or those storage boxes with peacocks on them, that’s me (and all the lovely people I work with)! I love having the company of your conversations while I am working, and you guys have been full of wonderful laughs and advice, especially lately while I adjust to living in a new city at the same time as Joy. I only wish you hadn’t left LA right as I was leaving Joy! Thanks so much for your podcast! I hope to meet you on your next book tour!

  211. Stephanie Aug 23, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Stephanie and I live in Chicago. You answered a question of mine way back when. It was about blazers and how to wear them with a coat in the winter. I usually listen to the podcast on my morning commute downtown. I don’t even try to hide the smile or the burst of laughter that’s caused from Tracy’s hilarious, inappropriate comments. I love it. Sometimes I save your podcast for Fridays to add an extra dose of happy to the day. Thanks again for talking words and making this podcast!

  212. Natalie Aug 23, 2014

    Yo! Thanks for the wisdom teeth stories, ladies. When I had mine out I remember being in recovery and laughing and crying at the same time. My mom told me after that I grabbed the tech’s sleeve and asked her where I could get more of whatever they gave me… hmmm.
    Also, thanks for the carrot cake cupcake recipe! I love carrot cake. We even served it at our wedding.
    I’m in Minneapolis and usually listen while running or cleaning-you guys make both go faster :)

  213. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Liz! I’m currently living in Seattle, WA. I love listening to you ladies when I’m out walking my dog in the morning. You two always make me smile and it’s a great way to start my day. I’ve been following both your blogs for some time now, but I’m fairly new to listening to the podcast, so I’ve been doing a lot of catch up on old episode. Which proves to be very funny sometimes – like when Tracy explains to Joy about what Pinterest is. Can’t imagine that same conversation happening in 2014! Thanks for doing what you do and for being you! XO

  214. Ladies, my name is Lucy and I am a longtime listener of the podcast and avid reader of both of your tremendous blogs. I am originally from the midwest but now I listen to you from Helsinki, Finland. I recommend you guys to basically everyone here, they mostly get introduced to you by what I choose to bake for various occasions :) You guys definitely bring me closer to home, usually I listen when I am cooking but this week I binge-listened during a furniture painting project (whose idea was it to start one of those…) Keep up the great work!

    • Laura Aug 26, 2014

      Wow! Cool that someone else is also listening from Helsinki! :) But how the heck did you end up here? :)

  215. Hi Joy and Tracy, my name is Kate and I live in London, I’ve been listening to you guys for what feel like years now and since my move to London I’ve been listening while walking home from work. Tracy’s anesthetic story from this podcast made me laugh out loud (in public) and I continued grinning all the way home! Thank you for making me smile and for being so honest, it always makes my day!

  216. Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Caitlin and I’m in New Orleans. I’m a PhD student and I usually listen while at my computer doing work, but this time I’m listening at home on the weekend while my husband is still sleeping. I have a dog and a cat, and I have lived in the NOLA area almost my whole life but will most likely move after I finish my degree.

  217. Christina Aug 24, 2014

    Christina! Northern California (what what!) and I listen to you guys while I jog (mostly walk, let’s be real).

  218. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m a twenty-something grad student living in Finland and have been listening to you (almost) from the very beginning. I love your podcast and mostly listen to it on my way to work. There’s no better podcast to start the day with!

    Keep up the awesomeness,

  219. Hey ladies! I’m Keely. I’m a mom of three, I live in Oklahoma, and I listen to y’all when I’m taking a walk (and I laugh out loud) or with one earbud in while I’m driving my kids around. I got my sister hooked on your podcast as well, and we like to think that your podcast is basically what ours would be, if we ever made one. (Which we won’t, because no one wants to listen to us quiz each other on movie and TV quotes.) Love your show and your blogs and your IG feeds!

  220. Ciara Aug 24, 2014

    Hi Tracy and Joy! I’m Ciara (pronounced Keira-sidenote when Cooper didn’t like his swim teacher Caoimhe’s name I laughed so hard as that was what I was almost called) Anyway, I’m a 24 year old science researcher in Worcester, MA and I either hoard your podcasts for long drives to visit my family/friends/bf (no one lives close to me :/), while cleaning my house or while doing particularly boring data entry or yeast dissections. I’ve loved listening since the beginning and have gotten two of my closest friends listening too :) You guys are MAJOR!!

  221. Hi, it’s Tara from Chicago! I listen while driving in the car. Usually on the way to teach yoga. I’m new-ish to the podcast, within the past few months. The theme music is very catchy, I find myself humming it long after I’ve listened.

    • Becky Sep 17, 2014

      Hey Tara! I’m from Chicago too! Northwest suburbs. How do you do?

  222. I am a mom of 2 boys and just moved from Louisville, Kentucky to Orlando, Florida this summer for my husbands new job. I listen to your amazing, real, funny, interesting, witty, and entertaining podcast on my runs. Sometimes (meaning on more than one occasion) I have busted out laughing while passing someone because you both crack me up in the best way possible. Thanks for putting on a podcast that makes me feel like I am hanging out with friends. Keep up the great work ladies!

  223. Hi! I’m Jenn and I live in Santa Monica with my bf. I’m a costumer for tv and film, originally from Las Vegas, tv watcher, book reader, and have terrible taste in music. But I’m learning to love to cook (I’ve always loved to eat), and I just bought my first big girl camera so I can learn how to take great pictures (hopefully – I’m not sure about this one). I listened to 3 of your podcasts in my car while I was driving to Las Vegas to see my Dad. It was my first time listening to your podcast – or any podcast for that matter, maybe I need to get on this – and it really made my 4 hour drive fly by. You girls are silly and hilarious and I really enjoyed listening. Can’t wait to drive back on Wednesday and listen to more episodes!!!

  224. Jenny K Aug 24, 2014

    Hi Joy & Tracy! My name is Jenny & I live in El Cerrito, CA. I have been listening to your podcast since 2011, always look forward to new episodes.
    I’m a stay at home mama and usually listen to your show while doing chores or I save them for a fun listening experience on a road trip.
    Thanks again for taking the time for these podcasts! You totally shine!

  225. Hi Joy & Tracy! I live in Walnut Ridge, AR, with my husband (Andrew) and 2-year-old son, Parker. I listen to you while Parker & I are out and about running errands. I think he thinks (?) y’all are real people in the car with us because I laugh at everything you say. I’m sure you hear this all the time – but it feels like we’re friends, which is really awesome because most of my girlfriends live a good ways away. So thanks :)

  226. Aisha Moore Aug 25, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I am originally from LA and went to undergrad at Berkeley but I now live in DC. Your podcast keeps me from being homesick! I mostly listen to you while I am walking my dog or when washing the dishes. My husband thinks I am cray cray because I laughed for almost 20 mins over Joy’s revelation of the “Minnie Ripperton.”

  227. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Cat, 25 years old, and I live in Berkeley, CA. I always listen to your podcast when I’m getting ready in the morning – putting on makeup, letting the dog out, etc. It definitely makes my Monday mornings better!


  228. Melissa Aug 25, 2014

    I’m Melissa! 29, living in Columbus, Ohio. I started listening while I was working in a job where I traveled a lot. (The very first podcast I ever came across was the infamous T-Flo episode…a classic). Life has changed a lot since I first became a listener. Now I’m married and have a 10 month old son and I stay home with him for the time being. Still loving the podcasts! You guys are great and I feel like I know you! Keep them coming!

  229. Nanehe Aug 25, 2014

    Tracy! JOY! I absolutely LOVE you both so much! My name is Nanehe and I’ve been listening to you since 2011. You helped me through my break up and after my now husband and I got back together I got him addicted to you too! We can’t get enough! <3

    Oh and my husband is from Illiniois, I was born in Ethiopia, raised in PA, currently live in Kansas City and on our way to Portland :-)

  230. Rebecca Aug 25, 2014

    Hi ladies! I like in Lawrence, KS and I usually listen to your show when I’m cleaning or exercising. I too, recently moved to my current location and miss my friends who live in other places. Listening to your show definitely reminds me of good times spent being silly with them.

  231. For reasons unnamed, I had stopped listening to a lot of podcasts for a few months. Naturally, I chose to binge on some HOMEFRIES. Because, duh.

    Hi there! I’m Jenn, aka heartsy, from Monterey Bay, California. Have you ever noticed those soloist who are sitting in their cars either smirking or laughing or in some type of creepily-staring deep thought? You know the type, they look like they’ve got secrets and it drives you bananas because you want to know what their hiding?! Yeah. That’s me in my car waiting to go into work or a store or even allowing myself ten more minutes before walking into greet my husband at home. Totally being the creeper with secrets who is just listening to two fabulous women!

    I am actually typing this now, in my car, as I’ve just finished listening to this episode & these two girls parked to me are giving me that look. The one that says, “We feel bad for you sitting alone in your car. Quick, Jane, she looked over. Drive away before she casts a spell!”

    Don’t worry, girls, my eyes are glazed over from tear-laughing. I’m just hungover on Joy & Tracy.

    Yeah. This comment makes me seem like a bigger creep now. Whoops!

  232. Caitlyn Aug 26, 2014

    Hello Joy and Tracy! My name is Caitlyn, I moved to the Bay Area about two years ago and grew up in So Cal.
    I’m a bakery ops manager and I love listening to you guys while I’m doing my admin work or when I’m at home doing laundry or dishes. Thank you for all the giggles!

  233. Lauren Aug 26, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Lauren and I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. I much prefer to being above ground than taking the subway so I walk a couple of miles to and from work everyday; your podcast is a part of a slew of others I listen to on a regular basis. I’ve been listening since the beginning and look forward to many more, thanks for making me look like a maniac when I laugh out loud to myself walking down the street 😉

  234. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Jackie and I live in Marrakech, Morocco (I’m American) with my husband and three little kids. I love listening to your podcast while I’m cooking dinner. I usually put a movie on for my kids, shut the door to the kitchen and have a little bit of quiet time before the chaos of dinner ensues. :) I really enjoy your podcast because my days are usually either filled with speaking to my littles, or speaking Arabic with friends. There is not much hilariously awesome, mindless friend talk that happens here and your podcast is great for me, in that way! Thanks so much! You all are great!!

  235. I’m a little late to the party, but…
    My name is Allyn (sounds like Alan) and I’m a southern transplant currently living in NYC and making plans to move back to Nashville because, well, NASHVILLE. It’s the best.
    I listen to the podcast while I’m cooking for the week on Sundays and washing mountains of dishes.
    The day I’m reunited with a dishwasher will be glorious.
    Seriously though, you ladies make me laugh and enjoy even dishwashing, which is crazy.
    Also, I had this whole thought process the other day that if I heard Tracy’s laugh in an airport, I would totally know it’s her and I’d so want to run up and say hi/be so afraid of being a stalker.
    Those are normal thoughts to have, right?!

  236. Lauren Aug 26, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Lauren. Living in Denver, from San Luis Obispo CA. I usually listen in my car to and from school–one podcast usually gets me through a day of driving, but right now I’m listening while packing for camping and cleaning up the house. I also listen to Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia and This American Life.

  237. Hi! I’m Jess and while I’m currently working at home, I usually listed to the JTB podcast while I drive to work! It keeps me from screaming and/or shaking my fist at fellow drivers while sitting in traffic. Love hanging with ya’ll every week!!

  238. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    My name is Lauren Davis (the BlackBetty part of the MustacheMachine & BlackBetty) and I live in Columbus, Ohio.

    Generally, I listen to your podcast while at work and I’m editing photos. You guys have gotten me through a ton of photo editing/logging/keywording/etc. I’m actually pretty sure if I didn’t listen to you two while I’m working I would have gone insane from my crazy work responsibilities by now.

    Thank you so much for making my work days amazing! And my at home photography editing days great too.

    I love your podcast! :)

  239. Melissa Aug 26, 2014

    I’m Melissa and I live in Vancouver. I discovered you (Joy) on the Lively Show and have been listening to your podcast ever since… on my runs… in the car… in my elevator… when I’m walking… You make me happy (especially Tracy’s laugh….)! Thanks for being you and sharing yourselves with us. M

  240. Hi Joy and Tracy!

    My name is Joy and I live in the Hudson Valley of New York. I just found your podcast this spring and super quickly listened to them all and now excitedly wait for new episodes.

    I listen to your podcast while doing a bunch of stuff at my desk at home. I lost my job about a year and a half ago and so I’ve been looking for work and doing freelance projects (and surfing the web) for hours every day at my desk, and listening to you two is like having two of my friends over while I work away. I also sometimes go for long walks and listen to you on my ipod.

    I truly love listening to your podcasts. They bring a smile to my face and are a welcome respite from the loneliness that unemployment and freelancing from home can sometimes bring.

  241. I’m late to reply, but I love your podcast! I live in Iowa, and usually listen to your podcast while I cook. :) I’m also currently listening to your “Get Down w/ Your Bad Self” playlist. :)

  242. I’m Jessica from St. Louis. I usually listen while I’m supposed to be working. I used to work in an office, but we moved and now I work from my apartment, so you guys have gone from tiny voices on my headphones to actual voices from my computer speakers. Love you guys :)

  243. Hi Joy and Tracy! I started listening to the podcast in the fall of 2011 when I became a stay at home mom. We had just traveled abroad to pick up our daughter, so not only was I totally jet-lagged, but also alone at home with a baby for the first time. Mangled and kinda lonely… babies aren’t great conversationalists. In the early days I used to listen while playing on the floor with Ruby and now we almost always are cooking together when we listen. I always feel like I am hanging out with you all and it’s a good thing.

    Thanks for keeping it real, but also kid listenable! Rubes LOVES the theme song, but prefers the older version better.

  244. Ha! I almost died when Tracy brought up how David Sedaris talks to his fans. I was at a book signing once and he wrote in my book “nice tits.” I read it as I walked away and couldn’t help but look back at him. He gave me the weirdest Sedaris smirk you could imagine. Love him.

  245. Hi Ladies! Love the podcast. I am Sarah O. aka The Cyclist’s Wife. I live in Sacramento, CA. While listening to the podcast I’m usually cooking, cleaning, driving or exercising. :)

  246. Mackenzie Aug 26, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracey, I’m Mackenzie and I live in Dunedin, New Zealand! You’re podcast is superrrrrrb! I always listen while walking to and from uni and when crocheting! It’s the best and I look forward to a new podcast each time. You gals are great- keep it up!

  247. Emily Aug 26, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy,
    I’m Emily, I live in New Orleans (I always hope I’ll spot Joy whenever I go anywhere near the French Quarter). I am 29, I have three kids, and I’m a school librarian. I have been listening to the podcast from the very beginning! I listen while I’m doing housework, waiting in my kids’ carpool line, cooking, or running/walking. I have never been able to get through one of your podcasts without bursting into laughter at some point- thank you so much for that!

  248. Laura Aug 26, 2014

    Hello Joy and Tracy! I lovelovelove your podcast! I’m 25-year old Laura from Helsinki Finland. I listen to your podcast while biking to work. Thanks to you I look forward going to work because I get to listen to your all your funny stories! Many times I laugh out loud and get strange looks from other people 😀

  249. A little late, but better than never! Hi ladies, my name is Anne and I live in Southern California (pretty sad that you moved Joy, now I have fewer chances to meet you). Joy and Tracy, you guys bring such enjoyment to my mornings. I listen to the podcast while I work shipment in my retail job before the store opens. I would go brain dead folding clothes if it weren’t for you ladies- love you both for putting a smile in my face that early in the morning! I’ve been following the podcast since it’s inception and appreciate every new episode that comes out (thank you Michael); they get better every time. 😀

    PS. One of these days I will have to submit a question to you ladies. I love the insight if not the joking around that ensues.

  250. Hey Joy and Tracey!
    So pleased to meet you! I’m Meg – I’m 33 and I live in Sydney. I’ve been listening since the beginning and love nothing more than setting up in the kitchen with a new recipe (and a glass of wine) and your company for some down time and giggles. Sometimes you walk home with me from the yoga studio, and on occasion I’ll take you for a run in Centennial Park. But mostly the kitchen and the wine xx

  251. Kimberlee Neville Aug 27, 2014

    Hi, I’m Kim from Chicago. I’ve followed both blogs for a while but this was my first podcast listen… I had to know the wisdom teeth story! It’s so great to hear your voices. Over the course of a day I’ve listened to this podcast on my commute to work, my lunch hour and a little at my desk (I have a loud talking co-worker). Thanks ladies!

  252. Sandra Aug 27, 2014

    Hi Tracy. Hi Joy. I’m Sandra. I’m 53 and I used to live in Boston but now live in a small town on a lake in New Hampshire. I’ve been listening to your podcast while I cook since Episode One. Your conversations help keep me relevant and up-to-date with my daughter’s world. She’s 21, a senior at Barnard College in Manhattan, and listens to Homefries while running. We both appreciate the great advice and insights you share for younger ladies. If only you could help me understand my 24 year old son.

  253. Hi, Ladies! A big thanks for creating these podcasts! I love listening to the two of you banter and converse about real-world and everyday life stuff. Things we all think about while we zone out in front of our work computers or chat about with our sisters and girlfriends. I look forward to tuning in while I’m making dinner, cleaning my mess of a house, or just hanging out on the couch with my dog (he thinks you’re great too!). Oh, and keep those Afflecktions coming – love those!

  254. Amanda Hartman Aug 27, 2014

    Hi! Just finished this episode and thought I would comment. My name is Amanda and I’m from Reno, NV. I’m 23 years old and a medical student and your podcast is a reward for getting my studying done each day! I listen to your podcast after I’m done studying, when I can’t fit anymore new info in my brain, and it’s a really great incentive to finish yet another powerpoint each day. You guys are inspiring and hilarious. Thank you for creating this podcast and keeping it going!

  255. Mandy Aug 27, 2014

    Hi ladies, Mandy here and I listen all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. I listen to you while I work or when I’m cooking/baking. Thanks for the laughs.

  256. cerrissa Aug 27, 2014

    Hi! I’m Cerrissa, 31 in NYC. Originally from down south. I concur with one of the other commenters – you guys remind me of the girlfriends I grew up with that still make me laugh so hard I cry :)

    Loved the wisdom of the wisdom teeth. I had mine out when I was 12 (my teeth were very mature for my age, ha) and I remember waking up and just crying for my best friend. My mom said that my friend did not want to see me in the state I was in. Ouch! Blunt… but probably true.

    To: Tracy
    Re: teddy
    Never let go!!

  257. I was a little late listening to this podcast, but I am introducing myself now! My name is Alyssa. I’m 30. I live in Los Angeles (kind of). I’ve thought about calling in a few times – especially when you were talking about how to pronounce New Orleans – but I just never got around to it. Usually I listen on my drive to work or while I’m taking care of house stuff. We’re expecting a baby boy in December, so I listened to this particular podcast while working on the little dude’s room.

  258. I live in Morgantown, WV and I listen to your podcast while I walk during my lunch hour at work. Since the birth of my son last year, I have to make the most of every spare minute in the day. I’m so glad you guys are back to your weekly podcast, because my office is in a most empty 1970’s mall so it is really depressing scenery to view when I walk. Listening to the podcast keeps me entertained. I have listened to every single podcast during these walks over the last year and a half.

  259. Sarah Aug 27, 2014

    Hello, ladies! My name is Sarah and I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I started listening a couple of months (maybe 3?) after you started. I found you through Joy’s blog and kept forgetting to listen, but then I downloaded every single episode I had missed and listened to them all.

    I listen mostly when I’m in the car. There have been times I was dying with laughter and other drivers must have thought I was nuts. You kept me company when I was pregnant and experiencing my afternoon morning sickness, and it helped keep my mind off how awful I felt.

    I’m glad you’re back to podcasting more regularly and I look forward to each new episode!

  260. Keneisha Aug 27, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy…I’m from Chicago IL and I listen to your podcast while at work. Its makes the day go by so much faster. Love the podcast :)

  261. Hi ladies! I started listening a few years ago, I actually had a few moments when I would tag Tracy on Instagram (before everything got super crazy for you both with fans) and she liked my photos (@tractormom) and I just about fell off my chair; made my day, thanks! I love the podcast. I save them up and listen to them in my tractor. Yes, that’s correct. I’m a sixth generation organic dairy farmer in southern VT; we ship to Organic Valley. Which in my opinion creates the best damn pasture butter for baking. Ever. 😉 We also hold the account with Trader Joe’s that provides all of the fluid milk, so Tracy, anytime you buy organic dairy at Trader Joe’s you’re supporting me, in a way, Yay!
    During the summer, aside from hanging with my two lil guys (4 and seven months) I log A LOT of hours in the tractor haying and with a teething baby there is nothing better to keep me awake than listening to you two; makes me giggle. I also save up episodes of The Splendid Table, I figure what could be better for tractor listening than the podcast “for people who love to eat,” and the podcast about “incredibly important unimportant things.” I have some fun parallels to Tracy that make it super entertaining for me to listen; my husband and I just moved back into the house where I grew up (bought it from my parents) and are renovating it and my eldest son sounds a lot like Cooper. I love everything about what you’re both doing and think you should both be commended for making this into everything it’s become!!

  262. Katie B. Aug 27, 2014

    Hey! Katie here from Seattle:) I am usually doing dishes or feeding the baby while listening to you….love this podcast so much!

  263. Hi Joy and Tracy! A little bit late, but I just finished this podcast today. My name is Emily, age 31, from Connecticut. I absolutely LOVE your podcast, and both of your blogs. I am a longtime reader and listener :) I love to listen to the podcast on my commute home from work- I think of it as my reward for getting through the workday, haha. I also love to listen when I’m on road trips, and also at the gym… although that one’s a little dangerous, as I get strange looks when I bust out laughing, usually several times during your podcasts!

  264. Denise Aug 27, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Denise and I live in Manitoba, Canada! I listen to your podcasts in my vehicle as I drive to and from work. I have a 15 minute drive, one way, and I find listening to you two chat is a wonderful way to start and end my day! I also appreciate your perspective on topics as I relate to your pop culture references as I am a similar age! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your lives with all of us ,

  265. Hi Joy and Tracy! A bit late, but here I am! I’m Lucia, 24, and I live in Italy. I listen to your podcast since the very beginning, usually while driving to work in the morning.

  266. Caitlin Aug 28, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy, I’m a week late but thought id chime in. I’m from Minnesota but live in Australia so you’re a little slice of home I can listen to! I have an 18 month old so listen while I’m out and about with her or madly getting things done while she’s asleep. I always get excited when you put a new podcast up and it goes to the top of my queue. And now I’m about to keep listening to your newest one while I work on a quilt!

  267. Hi ladies! My name is Nikki. I’m 30 and live in Richmond, Virginia. I listen to your podcasts a lot when I’m getting ready in the morning or while driving to work. You are my favorite podcast!

  268. Tanya B Aug 28, 2014

    My name is Tanya, and I live in Loganville, GA. I am about 45 minutes east of Atlanta. When I started listening to y’all, I was at work, but the quickly became a problem with all the giggling and snorting coming from my cube. :) Now I listen to y’all driving to and from work. It is a looooong drive, and y’all help the time pass by quickly.

  269. Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Katie and I live near Richmond, VA. I love listening to your podcast. I moved to the East coast a few years ago and listening to you reminds me of hanging out with my friends I so dearly miss. Most often I am at home working while I listen. It makes working so much more enjoyable! Or I will listen while I take my pup on a walk. Thanks for your commitment to your podcast!

  270. Rachel Aug 28, 2014

    Hey guys! Your podcast is AMAZING. My name is Rachel, I’m 26, live in New Jersey, and I listen to your podcast in my car on my way to and from med school. You two are a calming influence and I don’t know what I would do without you!

  271. Joy and Tracy…long time listener, first time commenter! My name is Nicole and I live in NYC. I discovered the podcast only a few weeks ago and totally binged on ALL the episodes. I have an insanely boring desk job and you guys have made my work day bearable – like for real. I’m so inspired by both of you in so many ways. I love the variety of topics you discuss and the wise advice you give to your listeners. I always laugh when Tracy does her “that’s C-razy!” voice! Haha keep on doing what you’re doing, you are much appreciated!

  272. Hi guys! My name is Emma and I’m living up in Humboldt county. I’m currently studying zoology at HSU and am working in a deli, cooking on the weekends. Whenever I work my opening shift (6am – 230) I listen to you guys until the customers roll in. Joy sounds so much like my friend AnnaMarie it kills me! I don’t have a whole lot of girlfriends so it’s nice to be able to listen in on some girl talk. Much love to y’all

  273. Julianne Aug 28, 2014

    Hi! I’m Julianne and I really love your podcast. I’m a food blog groupie and trying to start my own blog right now, so you guys are both super inspiring to me. I live in Tacoma, WA and listen to your podcast whenever I’m cleaning or cooking – I always look forward to it! :)

  274. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Kelsey and I live in Madison, WI. Sometimes I listen to your podcast on the bus on the way to or from work but lately I’ve been studying for the LSAT while on the bus and I just can’t focus on studying when I’m giggling with you guys, so instead I’ve been listening at work :) Sometimes my friend April and I will have discussions about how hilarious the podcast is. I love the podcast and both of your blogs! Keep on keeping it real!

  275. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Catherine and currently live in the south suburbs of Chicago though my husband and I are moving to Nashville in two weeks! I mostly listen to your podcast while I’m doing housework or working out. I always need a good distraction when I’m doing those two tasks. 😉

  276. Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Hannah and I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I used to listen to your podcast while working away in my cubicle (which made work so much more tolerable!) but now I listen while I travel around the US with my husband who plays golf. We were at a tournament in New Orleans recently and I had everyone on the lookout for you Joy, but we weren’t so lucky!! Probably would have creeped you out anyway haha :)
    Love your podcast, ladies!!!

  277. Sarah Aug 29, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Sarah, 21, living in Kent, WA. (South of Seattle) Lately, I have been listening to your podcast at work! I have the most boring job (data entry) but hopefully will have a real accounting job in the near future (because accounting is fun). You guys really make the time go by and it is much appreciated! I love your crazy antics and always find myself giggling at my desk. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment! You guys are great :)

  278. Garnet Aug 29, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Garnet and I live in Whitehorse, Yukon. I listen while I garden and do housework and sometimes I take you along on the trails near my home when I take my husky pup for a run. Picture me laughing out loud on a trail in the middle of nowhere – you guys are hilarious. I really enjoy the podcast and both of your blogs, so thanks for all that you do!

  279. Hi ladies- I’m kate, from Portland, Oregon. I started listening to you back when I lived in D.C. year ago. I’m very close in age to yall, and living the single lady life. Like Joy, I have a cat that wants to be all up in my business, and like Tracy, I like my cocktails, potty mouth and inappropriate mind. I’m sure everyone says this- but I definitely feel like we’d be friends in real life given the chance! Keep up the great work ladies, I love the blogs and the podcast (and the cookbooks!)

  280. Katie L Aug 29, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy :) My name is Katie and I live in a place called Otatara in New Zealand, right at the bottom of the South Island – originally i am from Oxford, England. I listen to your podcasts while doing jobs around the house, driving or even at work – i find it helps me to stop getting distracted :). At the moment it’s got the extra job of helping me over any patches of lonliness while i settle into my new home after my marriage break up (thankfully very amicable so no having to deal with nastiness). Perhaps you guys could discuss what you do when you’re feeling lonely. I have plenty of friends in the area, but am an introvert (who loves people) so spending time with them all the (erm) time would just be draining, and putting off the inevitable lonliness when i have to go home for bed etc!
    I have my blind cat for company, but still it’s a whole lot more time alone than i am used to!

  281. Miranda Aug 29, 2014

    Hey, my name is Miranda. I currently live near Charlotte, NC but originally from Sacramento, CA. Have listened since the beginning. I usually listen on Friday nights when my kids are in bed and I sew. I really like having some California real talk. My husband thinks its cool. That’s for keeping it real and going on. Don’t listen to the negative crazies. Take care. Mir.

  282. Ingrid Aug 30, 2014

    Hi Ladies! I know I am a little late to the party but here it goes anyway, I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I got hooked on your podcast at the suggestion of my big sis (who is my Maj ;). I listen in the car on my commutes to/from work or while exercising.

  283. Hi Joy and Tracy! It’s me, Rachel, from West Hartford, CT! I’m a mom of two, professor, writer, blogger (www.roguecheerios.com), wife, etc. I have been listening since the beginning–you ladies were my saving grace when my youngest was a baby three years ago–loved the reference to “you have to call your friend” in today’s episode–that has to be one of my favorites! I was hooked instantly! I listen when I’m doing dishes, cleaning, hanging out, puttering, and I do a LOT of talking to the podcast, chiming in, finishing sentences, and plain wishing I was recording with you guys. It was so great to meet Joy two years ago on her trip to Boston and I keep hoping you’ll come east to New England for a retreat or conference so I can convene a fan club for you (there a numbers of JTB listeners in my little village). Loved this and every episode and hoping you both have a great Labor Day!!

  284. Stephanie Aug 30, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I live near Chicago and love listening to you guys when I’m cleaning or picking up around the house. If it weren’t for your podcast I’d probably never get my butt off the couch! You two are hilarious and it’s nice to hear your friendship every week.

  285. Hi Joy and Tracy,

    I’m Alex and I live in NYC. I usually listen to the podcast while running errands around the neighborhood, or while working out at home. I once wrote to your show about how my new (at the time) boyfriend’s family kept calling me by the wrong name and your advice was to be more memorable. Update – it’s been about a year since any of them got my name wrong and even better, we are about to get married! Thanks for the great show!

  286. Hello lovely ladies! I’m Laura, I’m 34 and live in Vancouver, BC and have been listening to your podcast since episode 1. I was a blog reader of Joy’s before that and the podcast introduced me to Tracy’s blog Shutterbean too, which is now one of my other fave food blogs! I listen to your podcast either while hiking or cooking, usually. Although today, it was while folding laundry :)

  287. Hey Joy and Tracy! I’m Anna and I live in Kansas. I love creeping on you two on instagram. (Your pictures never make me feel bad about my life :-) I typically listen to your podcast when I am doing the dishes, in my garden or, like right now, making tomato wine sauce to freeze. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  288. Hi Joy and Tracy,
    My name is Natalie and I’m from Newcastle, Australia. I listen to you guys on my days at home, especially while I’m doing housework. I have an anxiety disorder that makes me feel horribly guilty and self-loathy when I’m home alone, since I only work 3 days a week due to a serious lack of jobs in my field, and I’m an on-call casual at one of my jobs (where work is drying up). Listening to you guys stops my brain from being a douche-canoe, makes me laugh, and keeps the anxiety at bay. So thank you for helping a random stranger on the other side of the world cope with life :)
    This post is way over-sharey and earnest – sorry bout that.
    I hope you guys have a lovely day :)

  289. Edith Sep 1, 2014

    Hey girls! I am Edith, originally from Austria but now I live in Dublin, Ireland. I am 21 and study psychology (no, I am not analysing you :D). Without your podcasts I would probably never do any housework, I listen to you lovely ladies while I am cleaning and tidying the apartment (why is cleaning the bathroom so awful urghh). So please keep dem podcasts coming :)

  290. Staci Magnolia Sep 1, 2014

    Hey Everyone! This is Staci Magnolia from Spring Lake, NJ. I’m 33, I have a sweet boyfriend an no children. I’m less than a mile from the beach and just over an hour away from Manhattan. I’ve been listening for a few years and you even featured one of my calls in 2012. I listen mostly while I’m doing chores around the house (because it makes them so much easier!) and in the car sometimes as well. I am also a huge Uhh Yeah Dude fan. If anyone else is in NJ, please feel free to say hello! New friends are always welcome. Keep up the lovely chats ladies!

  291. Sarah Sep 1, 2014

    Hi you guys! My name’s Sarah + I currently live in Seattle…moved here about 2 years ago from Oakland, CA. I agree with folks who’ve mentioned that listening to your podcast feels just like hanging out with your best buds, so thanks for that. :) I listen while doing chores*, cooking/baking, and during my commute*.

    *Makes the above not only bearable, but something to look forward to!!!

  292. Molly C. Sep 1, 2014

    Molly/Columbia,MO/Stay at home mom to 2 boys. (Got a shout out a couple years ago as your “big pregnant fan” with my dog, Timriggins). I listen to you guys in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep because I’ve been up with a baby. It helps me to relax and fall back asleep. Sometimes you guys are too funny and my husband gets annoyed with me laughing in bed. I also listen on the off-chance I’m in my car alone. You guys are great!

  293. Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Kara, 21 a student currently in Davis, CA. I’ve been listening to your podcast since spring 2013. I’m weird where I have to listen or watch things from the very beginning so it took me several months to catch up/I really liked binge-listening to you. I love listening to you when I’m doing things by myself (ie running (but mostly walking), driving, designing, folding laundry etc). This often leads me to laugh or smile to no one in particular but I’m totally cool with that. Thanks for keeping my earballs entertained! Keep on podcasting! :)

  294. Kendra Sep 2, 2014

    Hi Ladies!
    My name is Kendra and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have been listening to the podcast for a long, long time and I think I have pretty much listened through all of the archives at this point. I am an accountant and I now often listen at work or when I am at home cooking or cleaning. A couple of years back when I ended a long term relationship, and lived alone for the first time in many years, I listened to your podcast while cooking or cleaning or baking, and I just generally felt like I had some friends around during a very difficult and lonely time. You gals are the best! Keep doing what you are doing!!
    Kendra :-)

  295. Michelle Sep 2, 2014

    Hi Joy and Tracy!!! I’m a 31 year old who lives in Maryland. I am married and a mother of one and have been listening to your podcast for a long, long time!! Maybe since the beginning? I’ve heard them all! I work in a very quiet office and listen to your podcasts at work on my headphones – it helps me get through the day! I’m about your age and I think that might be why I find your podcasts relatable? :-)

  296. Jessica Sep 2, 2014

    A little late responding, but still wanted to reply. I’m Jessica, currently live in Eastern PA, but am originally from California. (Yay for CA girls!) It’s about equal that I listen to the podcast either knitting or cleaning. I’ll also listen to you gals traveling, if there’s an episode available. (My other podcast love is RadioLab.)
    I love that the podcast gives a voice to both of your blogs, which I had found first. And I really like that each of you has your own distinct personality, but still have such a great relationship together. Reminds me of my girlfriends, who I currently live very far from.
    I also wanted to say – a few podcasts or so back, you were talking about book signings, and Joy mentioned that you like to find something unique about each person you meet. Well, I had your cookbook signed up at King Arthur (it was the round two after your first signing was pushed back from that travel snafu), and you complemented the scarf I was wearing (which I knit), and said that Tracy would have loved it, especially if it had been black and white. At the time I loved that you had noticed it, and made me that much more connected from our meeting. Anyway, this is long, but thanks for being real, and doing what you do. You two are awesome!

    • Joy the Baker Sep 2, 2014

      such a lovely comment! and i totally remember you and your scarf!!! complimenting little things about people helps me remember them! so cool! so happy that you’re part of the community.

  297. Just listened to this podcast today on a flight from JFK to FLL. My name is Karis, I live in Miami and I travel frequently for work, so I listen to your podcasts most often while in airports or on flights. The only downside is the strange looks from fellow passengers when I laugh out loud.

  298. Leah Harper Sep 2, 2014

    Just listening to this episode because I listen to you all while I walk. I get about half an episode in on my 30 min evening walk. It’s my perfect alone time but also like girl time. Hearing you two chat about all aspects of life from silky to serious is just like like old times with my best gal pals. THANK YOU for the mini retreat via your podcasts. Leah in Tulsa, OK

  299. Louise Sep 3, 2014

    I am Louise and live in Austin, TX! I listen to you guys at random times when I need a giggle or when I’m flying on a plane and trying to ignore a fellow passenger or some turbulence!
    Love the show! :)

  300. Elisabeth Freymann Sep 3, 2014

    Hello from Germany! As I am writing this your latest episode is on… which reminded me of the fact I had planned on commenting here. :) My name is Elisabeth, I’m 24 years old and I love both of your blogs and the podcast! It’s usually playing when I’m busy in the kitchen (cookies, nom nom nom :)), when I’m on long train or car rides or sometimes when I’m on the treadmill in the gym. The podcast might or might not have made me laugh out loud and get some strange glances from the weird treadmill lady next to me 😉 Also, the podcast helps me not to forget English and keeps my memories of studying in the States for a semester alive (and makes me long for a trip back there even more!!!).

    Keep it up! <3

  301. Mariana Sep 4, 2014

    Hello Joy and Tracy, and everyone. I am Mariana, a Portuguese living in Prague, Czech Rep, where I do some science for a living.
    I follow both your blogs for a while (love good food eheh) and listen to your podcast prob for a year now. I usually listen to you girls on my lunch break, when I eat at my desk at work.
    I really like to listen to your really important unimportant stuff, you just sounds so honest and I love the way you talk to each other, your friendship really comes through, for some reason I like it. Also, sometimes you girls can be quite funny 😉
    see you next week

  302. Hi Joy & Tracy! My name is Kaileen Elise, I live in Austin, TX and I blog over at http://www.kaileenelise.com and http://www.happyliving.com/blog – I’m always doing something different when I listen to your podcast. This morning you ladies were on while I was cooking breakfast: egg scramble with spinach, cherry tomatoes, and salsa with a side of guacamole… and then I finished the podcast while putting on my makeup. I simply adore you ladies! You’re a perfect blend of entertaining, silly, real, and insightful. Thanks so much for sharing your uniqueness with the world!

  303. Christina Sep 4, 2014

    Hello, I’m Christina and I’m in Austin,Tx, I listen to the podcast while cleaning or working(desk job). While I’m at work your podcast is the only thing that keeps me from checking the clock ;).

  304. Kristen Sep 4, 2014

    Hi Joy & Tracy! My name is Kristen, I’m 28, and I live in Maui, Hawaii. I’ve been listening since the first podcast, and I usually listen when I’m relaxing at the beach with a beer. Thank you for doing what you do! Your podcasts always brighten my day. :-)

  305. Hi Joy and Tracy! Love the podcast! My name is Pam and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’ve been listening for about a year or so. I usually listen while at work or out for a walk. I generally save up a bunch of podcasts and then listen to the last several at once :) I’m 30 years old, am an accountant, and have a pug.

  306. holly Sep 6, 2014

    A reply…better late than never? My name is Holly and I live in Cleveland, OH. I’m 36, been married 10 years and have two boys – 6 & 4 yrs old. I found you girls by searching iTunes for weight watchers and your podcast Weight Watchers for Words came up. Lucky me!!!! Your podcasts and blogs are way more interesting than WW 😉 Like so many of your followers, my maj moved away, so listening to the two of you makes me think about our friendship. Love you both and all that you have produced for your fans.

  307. Hello ladies! A little late to the party, but I am Judi, long time reader of both of your blogs, and listener from the very beginning. I get so excited when I see a new episode on my phone! I love listening in the car on my way to and from work. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, the land of ‘it’s going to be summer here until Halloween.” I haven’t seen anyone else comment from here, so if you’re out there, say something!! I so love the community you have created and how you keep it real. xoxo

  308. Hi ladies! My name is Erin and I live in Charleston, SC! I listen to your podcast on my way to and from work or sometimes I save up episodes to binge if I know I’m going on a road trip! The problem is I love your podcast SO MUCH that I can’t find any others I love to listen to… Listening to you two is just like hanging out with friends :)

  309. nicola Sep 8, 2014

    Hello there! Nicola from Portland Oregon. I love listening to you when I am walking home from work. Such a nice way to decompress. Loved the topic on this post about conversations. I am one of those people who does not like to talk about my work because it does not represent who I am. It is also an unusual position that people don’t understand, so I end up talking more about it than I would care to! In France, asking what a person does for work is considered rude. Fascinating, sorta love it!

  310. A bit late, but I’m Kaley (obvs). I’m 27, and I live in Spain, though I’m from Indiana originally. I’ve been listening to you gals since the very beginning! I just got back from a run in the hot Madrid sun, and you kept me entertained. Just wanted to say hi!

    • Jessica Sep 10, 2014

      Hi Joy and Tracy! I’m Jessica, and I’m 32 and live in Brooklyn. I love listening to your podcast and reading both your blogs. I started by reading Joy’s blog, then started listening to the podcast, then started reading Shutterbean as well. I usually listen to the podcast either on my commute to work in the subway or when I’m running.

      I started running last year when you guys talked about the couch to 5K app on the podcast and managed to get to the point of running 5K by last fall and I listened to the podcast while running. I started up again this summer after a long winter off and I’m back at 2.5 miles now (hoping to get back up to 5k in the next month) and still like to listen to the podcast while running. It distracts me and makes me forget how much I hate running!

      Thanks for the inspiration!

  311. Helena Sep 13, 2014

    Hiya! I was binge listening the August episodes after a summer spent in Italy without any interwebz. I’m a Finn living in London, UK, mom of 2, wife of 1. Usually I listen to the podcast whilst tidying up the kitchen after dinner or on Saturday mornings whilst having coffee. You two make me laugh!

  312. Hey guys! I am Cortnee and I live in Los Angeles. I just discovered you guys last week (thanks to google auto fill when starting to google Joy the Baker) and have already listened to like 20 podcasts. You guys have the relatable fun (slightly inappropriate)ness that I have been craving in podcasts! I listen to you on the way to work (where I work with Mr. Jonathan Melendez ;)) and it makes me actually enjoy my hour long commute! Anyways, thanks for being awesome and reminding me of my ridiculous chats with my best friend :)

  313. Hi, I’m Rob and live in Phoenix with my wife and 3 kids. I started listening to the podcast because of Joy’s blog (great food pics, BTW!) and was curious to hear what you sounded like. I also have a podcast and enjoy hearing your insights and experiences. But mostly, I keep listening because it’s such a fun podcast!

  314. Becky Sep 17, 2014

    Hello Ladies! I’m Becky, I’m from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I just moved up here so I would love to connect and maybe make some new friends. I’m binge listening because I’ve been out of the loop and so I’m a bit behind on this. I usually listen to you guys in the car on my way to work but my commute is way shorter now from moving so your podcast lasts me all week! I hope you are doing swell and enjoying the start of fall.

  315. I’m a little late on commenting on this episode, but wanted to let you know my name is Erin and I live in Toronto, Canada. I listen to your podcast on my way to work and often stifle my laughter so as to not seem crazy while riding public transport :) I like to let myself get a little behind in listening so I know there is always at least one episode waiting for me.

  316. danielle Sep 19, 2014

    I’m Danielle in Portland. I almost always listen at work. I probably work a hell of a lot slower, but it’s way more fun. Right now I am writing a meeting agenda. I’ll probably binge listen to everything I am behind on. Back from getting married/honeymooning and I’m several weeks behind.

  317. Jessica Sep 21, 2014

    Hi Ladies,
    Way late to post on this podcast, but just now catching up on your podcasts from the last few months. I’m Jessica from DC, and I love to listen to your podcast while I cook, bake or clean. I’m been with your podcast since the beginning – it’s always reminded me of hanging out with my friends. Thanks for being fun and funny (I love your laughs!) and welcoming all of us in to your lives.

  318. thanks for making me laugh every week! your podcast is definitely one of my favorites.

  319. Marie Sep 25, 2014

    Besssttttt podcast ever! This is my new favorite episode. Love from Marie from Norway, listening since the very start :)

  320. I know I’m late but I’m Jen and I live in Peoria Illinois. I work in system support and business process solutions. My husband is a city fireman. Yum. I like to listen to your podcasts when I have easier data entry jobs to do. They are my sweet treat. It feels like a good convo with my friends. I have to work hard to not jump in sometimes. Cause that would be weird…. I also try not to snort too loudly as I have co workers nearby.

  321. Hellllllo! I’m Erin, long time listener and blog follower. I live in Seattle (am originally from MN) and I’m usually listening to the blog while in the kitchen or doing stuff around my apartment. Love the podcast, always have! Thanks for being awesome!

  322. Hi Joy and Tracy! (Only about two months late in listening to this one!) I’ve been a podcast listener since the beginning and you guys are hilarious! I missed loads recently so I’ve had a treat in listening to lots at once. ( I was going to save them for an epic plane ride from Scotland to New Zealand in November, but I just couldn’t wait) So I listen to you while I’m at work (trying not to chortle to myself in a room full of people) or while cooking.
    I’m from Perth, Scotland, but soon will be listening from Nelson, New Zealand. (At least for a little while!)
    I love listening to you both – it’s like having coffee and cake with friends……or cocktails! Thanks for what you do! Rachael

  323. CINTHIA HDEZ Oct 7, 2014


  324. I’m late to the party, but thought I’d leave a comment anyway. Love listening to you guys! Your conversations remind me of the ones my best friend from high school and I used to have. The only part that frustrates me is that I keep wanting to horn in on the convo while I’m listening…but that’s not possible. So I end up laughing and talking to the computer like a crazy. Anyway, your podcasts keep me company while I sew, which is great because I know it’s not time for a break until it’s over. Oh, and I live outside of Houston, but grew up in the CA Bay Area.

  325. This is me: http://phoebefrance.net/ My husband (nerd love: https://twitter.com/unthinkingly) found Joy’s blog a few years ago for recipes, and her funny posts would cheer me up on days when I was feeling like I need a dose of “be a good mom to yourself.” I started listening to your podcast this fall, in the Cal Berkeley library stacks while I was scanning art history books for my comps exams. After hours and hours in the basement scanning esoteric texts (albeit with very pretty pictures of Angkorian temples), I had gone through too many TEDs and Radiolabs. Working on a dissertation means a lot of alone time, a lot of getting way deep into your own head, and I just wanted to feel the love that Friday. The comfort ladies in Marin…OMG right?…I was hooked. You two say the kind of stuff that’s in my head, but mostly you gotta filter when you open your mouth. Friends have been trying to get me to start my own blog for years, or at least blog write for someone else, and you two are really inspiring. Step 1: get out of your head sometimes and into the world. One check for today. !

  326. Laura Nov 25, 2014

    Hiii! I’m totally late! My name is Laura and I’m from Barcelona (Spain). I study Architecture and I usually listen to your podcast when I’m working on projects, which takes a loooooot of time! I’ve been listening to your podcast since last year and it really helped me to get work done!Thanks for the podcasts!

  327. I just spent 15 minutes looking for the “grill master” pic. I had to see the controversy.

    Love listening to you two. I feel like I’m having a conversation with my good friends.

    I’m Rachel, from Burbank, CA. I often listen while doing housework or work that I don’t have to think too much about. Or sometimes my husband and I listen while on road trips.

  328. My name is Amanda and I live north of Toronto, Ontario. My husband and I just bought our first house – a 1903 farmhouse on almost an acre of land in rural Ontario. For the last six years I’ve been blogging about crafts, decor, recipes and our two rescue dogs on my blog Small Home Big Start.

    I’m a long time reader of both your blogs, but it wasn’t until recently that I got into the whole podcast thing, and that’s when I saw that you ladies do one, so I started listening. Now I’m HOOKED. Now I listen to you whenever I’m driving (you’re my morning and afternoon commute hosts!) and on especially dull days at work for a pick me up. I drove by a friend of mine the other day and she wanted to know what I was laughing about so hard in my car. It was you gals. Hope that you’ll be back with some more gems soon :)

  329. Hi Joy and Tracy. I just got finished listening to this podcast, Loved IT!, and had to say hello, since you wanted to know. I’m Katie Lyn from a little town of 737 people in Northern California. Like way north. Almost to the Oregon border north. I am a blogger/writer/personal assistant…. I feel like I should add in adorable badass since that is my new motto.
    And I listen to your podcast when I hang laundry or more recently, when I water and/or pick grapes. My parents own a micro farm so summer is the picking season.
    Anyways, love the podcasts. I only started listening to them in the past month, even though I knew about it. Just was a bit lazy in loading them onto my mp3 player. Now I’m hooked.

  330. Hi Joy and Tracy! My name is Katie Lyn and I live in a small town, 737people, way up in Northern California. Like almost to the Oregon border, California. I’m a writer/blogger/personal assistant, and as it’s my new motto, adorable badass. I absolutely love your podcasts, and I’m finding new material to write about on my blog because of them. I have only started listening in the past month, even though I knew about them and have been following Joy’s baking for a while, but just hadn’t gotten around to listening. Now I’m hooked.
    I usually listen while I hang laundry, or lately because it’s picking season on my parent’s micro farm, picking grapes. Or watering. Or any mundane thing. But I bet they would put me to sleep because any sort of talking knocks me out. But since I love to listen, I try to keep it to daytime listening. (and PS. If you have two comments from me, it’s because I hit a back button and had to rewrite because I wasn’t sure it posted…..sigh)

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