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This week on the Joy the Baker podcast, we’re talking then (the mid 1990’s) and now (2012… like it or not!).  Who did Joy and Tracy have crushes on back then?  What silver foxes do they have crushes on now.

From Giovanni Ribisi and Jared Leto to Ryan Gosling and Mos Def.  Yes!

There was a lot of AOL chatting back in the day. Like… a lot.

TraceDog88 and SayLaVie33.  Ooohhh geez.  Why were we not friends back then!?  We were just a Blues Traveler chat room away.

It’s totally understandable that you’re thinking about holiday entertaining these days.

You’re going to need a cocktail or three.  Duh.  Rosemary Lime Cocktail from Joy.

Serve a French 75 at your party!  Thanks, Tracy!


Sometimes savory leaning treats are the best things at the dessert party.  How about Baked Brie Bites?

Cheddar Cheese Crackers are obsession worthy.  Real.

International travel is tricky.  Comfort is essential.  Fashion is also a big deal if there’s a sweet face you want to hug on the other end.  Joy and Tracy have wildly different ideas on travel fashion.  Joy likes luxury sweats and cashmere.  JCrew get it done!

Oooh geez.  Homemade Twinkie recipe!   Thanks for the tweet PeeWeeHerman!

Lastly… never forget.  Thank you Zach-y G.

Thank you for listening to our Thens and Nows!  We hope you have the most lovely Thanksgiving holiday!  We’d love to see your table spread!  Tweet us pictures @homefries, @joythebaker, and @shutterbean!  We LOVE you!


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30 comments on “Then and Now

  1. Ladies! I had already resigned to the fact that there wouldn’t be a podio cast this week due to stuff-your-face day, but you made this Wednesday/Friday AWESOME! I can proudly say the last concert I attended was Hanson :-)

  2. Steph Nov 21, 2012

    Another drink idea popped into my head when I was listening to the podcast! My friend made it for a party last week, and it was delicious! She made a simple syrup with fresh ginger, and mixed that with pomegranate juice and champagne. It looked so pretty and festive. And champagne is always a good idea!

  3. I definitely used your promo code to order my holiday cards this past weekend. Thank-you :)

  4. Happy Birthday Michael!

  5. Wow. The PeeWeeH?!? You are now immortal. Congratulations!! I don’t follow tons o’ folks, but I DO follow JTB, Shuts, & PWH. Only the best. =)

    So, this will sound odd, but has JTB been getting more sleep, lately? Our Ever-Overworked-and-Fabulously-Productive-Heroic Joy sounds like her perky self again in these last few podcasts. Whatever the reason, I’m LOVING your latest podcasts, and today’s was just FABULOUS. Thanks for keeping me laughing while cleaning the bathroom each morning. =) xoxoxo

  6. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for talking about the train wreck that is X-tina’s fashion these days. I love the voice for the judges personalities more than anything. But personally wish that Jessie J (who seems to be the token female judge for the British version of the Voice) would be a better replacement. Or at least if she would lose the X-tina ring haha. Pinterest, Tastespotting and my reality tv choices are all thanks to you too!

  7. Lizzie Nov 21, 2012

    Ethan Embry, YEAH!!!

    • Tracy Nov 21, 2012

      I noticed that I called him Ethan Randall. And he once WAS Ethan Randall. But I think he go too popular and had to change his name to Embry cuz Randall is a buzzkill for a heartthrob name. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  8. Serious business. Matt was part of the boat house and acutally was in 90-0. He totally did not want to brag. I have to say that this podcast made my day. Total flashback. Alas, some of the music you were talking about listening to back in the 90’s…well I still have to get my fill sometimes now. Gosh, I am a nerd. Happy Thanksgiving to the Homefries crew and HAPPY B-Day to Michael! Loves.

  9. This one will definitely require a repeat listen. So much good stuff! You two are around my age, so all your references resonate with me.

    When I think of what I used to eat in high school, I’m horrified and impressed. I was obsessed with Hawaiian Punch, Pepperoni Pizza Rolls, Hostess honeybuns, Hostess mini blueberry muffins, and Sunny D – California Style. Jeez. Bless 15 year old metabolism.

    And happy birthday, Michael! We need to get you on the podcast for an extended amount of time..

  10. April mae Nov 21, 2012

    I want to say thanks to Joy for admitting the dish soap experience. I have run out of dishwasher detergent before or I should say, often when I run out of dishwasher detergent, I use it as an excuse to wash my dishes in a non-toxic/chemical free way. I simply put some baking powder (You know the box used to keep the fridge fresh–that one.) and some lemon juice in the dishsoap dispenser spot and call it a day. I do that ’til the glasses start to look foggy and then I boogie over to the store and get the soap.

    Clean Confessions,

    April Mae

  11. AOL, IRC, ICQ… What else? Do people still chat on chatrooms anymore?

  12. I cannot confirm or deny that I have used my husband’s Irish Spring bar soap on my hair when I have run out of shampoo…

    Great podcast, ladies! By the way, my first concert didn’t happen till I was an adult because I was a nerdy kid who only listened to classical music. So my first concert was Death Cab for Cutie. Most recent concert was the Kimbra concert.

  13. Tracy, when you said Faith No More, I waited and thought no way the next thing she will say is Billy Idol, but you did. That was my first concert too. I saw them at the Arco Arena. Great podcast ladies and what a nice surprise to have on the holiday week. Dedicated!

  14. Elizabeth T Nov 23, 2012

    So this is totes random but I saw this featured in a blog I follow and thought to share!

    Totes Amaze!

  15. Sarah Nov 25, 2012

    you both are totes amaze.

  16. Great Podcast! I have a 24 year old daughter that hated whenever I got on the phone because she wouldn’t be able to go on AIM because we only had one phone line and if someone was on the phone you couldn’t go online..oohh the Good Ole Days

  17. To the caller:: Here is a link to some ultra-comf pants I LOVE —
    I HAVE 3 PAIRS!!!
    They don’t even have an elastic waistband and just sit on your hips.
    Joy and Tracy, you guys were cracking me up w/ the flight wardrobe talk.
    And I actually AM going to Dubai in the spring……but Harem pants?? I’m with ya, Shutts, not for me.

  18. Ladies! This was such a fun podcast. It totally made me reminisce about my mid-to-late 90s faves. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the party recommendations! I think those drinks definitely have to happen, plus cheese. I’ll have to check them out first for research. I’m thinking of doing a champagne punch too… Wish I could fly you out for the festivities! :)

  19. Taylor Nov 27, 2012

    Yo Joy, where are your harem pants from? I have a pair from American Apparel but since their clothes only fit 8 year olds, I’m kinda in the market for a new more comfy pair…

    • Joy the Baker Nov 28, 2012

      JCrew has some really amazing luxury sweats. i totally hear you on American Apparel being for 8 year olds..

  20. Amanda Maples Nov 27, 2012

    this is ridiculous…. what else would I do when cooking (routinely with a menu and creatively because eating has to be fun), cleaning, figuring out how to care/not care about the digestive systems of my household (including my dog), and oiling my hair and skin (new mexico is dry) I know your podcast has relevance in my future. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do !

  21. fusilliamy Nov 27, 2012

    Joy, the twinkie post inspired me to go back to the beginning on your blog and spend more time than I should admit going through old posts. You made ’08 Obama cookies! How cute are you?!

  22. Hey Joy and Tracey! Love your show, it’s so much fun to listen to, and it keeps me entertained on long runs.
    My family does a fancy-schmancy Christmas Eve dinner (with homemade lobster bisque :)) and this year, I offered to prepare dessert for the group. Past desserts have been pretty involved – one year, my uncle made an 8-layered peanutbutter cake and another year my mom made a multi-layered cheesecake. Usually we’re all too full at the end of dinner to even enjoy dessert, so I wanted to make something that is on the lighter-side. One thought was tiramisu because I can contain it to small portions in cute little cups. What do you all think? Do you know of a good tiramisu recipe?

    Thanks ladies, you’re the best!!!

  23. I’m a frequent long-haul flier, and have a ton of tips for comfy travel. This things are game changers, please learn from my hundreds of thousands of miles of airtravel :)
    – Eye mask, you feel like an idiot but it makes it so much easier to sleep (
    – Noise cancelling headphones, hearing constant noise (think plane engines) drains your energy. If nothing else, wear in-ear buds. I do it the whole flight, even if I’m not listening to anything.
    – Buy (or bring an empty) large water bottle and drink the whole thing on the flight.
    – Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste and brush your teeth after every meal, makes you feel human again.
    – Face wipes, these are really refreshing ({adtype}&Kpid=prod6024615&sst=78a7ec56-be35-b3a9-d3bd-00004538266d)
    – I often bring my own food, because what’s served on airplanes is really salty which can make you bloat. I order a vegetarian non-dairy meal, which is lighter.
    – Even though I want to, I try not to drink alcohol. It really makes a big difference in how you feel when you land, even if you only have one drink.
    – Cashmere socks, nice and cozy for when you kick off your shoes.
    – Neck pillow, again I look like a geek, but I’m asleep so I don’t care.
    – During layovers, I’ll stop at duty free and use the really expensive face creams (La Mer? Don’t mind if I do!). I’ve gotten a facial at the London Heathrow airport – when I arrived home everyone said I looked glowing and rested, even though I hadn’t slept in 2 days.
    – Bring some Airborne or EmergenC to boost your immune system – don’t want to get sick during the little time you’ve got with your man!
    – My go-to plane outfit is a jersey dress over black leggings with ballet flats. Looks pretty cute, and feels like you’re wearing pajamas. You can change your top right before your land if you want to feel fresh.

    Have a great trip!

  24. Grace Nov 28, 2012

    oh my stars. tracy, I LOVE THE HAIRCUT. slgnasignroasdib perfection.

  25. Hey Joy and Tracy,

    First of all, I LOVED this episode!! I’ve been “rollin’ back” and thinkin’ about what “used to be” lately, while talking to friends…. I’m 35, so I was totally trackin’ with things like 90210, NKOTB and hey, let us not forget the infamous “tight roll” jeans!!! I think I lived an entire year with Rave hairspray, a comb and a hairdryer as a means of styling my frock.

    Thanks for keeping it real… Happy Holidays!!!

    PS. Joy, I was a bit relieved to see your site link for THOSE pants with a cashmere sweater I was close to getting the “fashion sweats” as I thought about the possible pairing of M.C. Hammer pants with a cashmere sweater. Phew (wipe brow).

  26. Catching up on podcasts on my long drive home tonight…thanks for keeping me entertained ladies! Zach Morris and Jared Leto…had me cracking up. And Joy, I have thought of using Tide for dish soap too. It happens.

  27. This is the second time listening to this podcast as I work on final projects for my sketching class. I just felt like I had to get this off my chest. When I was like 12 and all my friends were crushing on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I was digging Elijah Wood. You know, he was in Flipper. Just seeing him be best friends with that dolphin smiling his gap toothed grin, I was in love. When I watch LOTR, I get nostalgic. Elijah Wood forever.

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