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Thank you for joining us for another podcast!  We spent some of our Labor Day holiday laboring on this podcast for you.  Let’s talk about what the different days of the week mean for us.  Let’s talk about Autumn (NOT Fall).  Let’s talk about earthquake and hurricane preparation because nature gets crazy at us sometimes.  We love that you joined us for a chat!

•  What day of the week were you born on?  I’m a Manic Monday.  Tracy is a Souped-Up Saturday.

•  Should I put this Carry-On Kitchen in my hurricane emergency kit?  Other little gems in my emergency kit include a campfire stove, a campfire coffee pot, water, bourbon, and bandaids.


•  What should Stephanie make for her new job Bake-Off?  Tracy suggests Maple Bacon Doughnuts or Cornflake Marshmallow Cookies 

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27 comments on “These Are The Days Of The Week

  1. Roxanna Sep 2, 2014

    I’m already laughing at the title. Hehehe.

  2. Just popping in to say – You can do it, Joy!! Your fall/winter sounds insane, but take it one day at a time and you will not only make it, but kill it! xox

  3. So I live in So Cal and have a “Go bag.” like in case theres an earthquake or wildfire and I have to go. I used this post (http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2012/07/build-your-72-hour-kit-in-52-weeks.html) to create mine. IT was easy to do things one at a time, especially when making 2 bags (me and hubs). I also have little bags in each car with a change of clothes and 2000 calorie bars and a blanket. Just in case we got stuck in the car in the mountains (we are close to big bear). The car one came in handy when I went camping though, and forgot a sweatshirt. Sweatpants = sweatshirt. hahaha (http://instagram.com/p/otcEeIlj0O/?modal=true)

    Love the podcast!

    • Joy the Baker Sep 9, 2014

      haha! this is really a great suggestion! you must be prepared since you’re married to a fireman!

      • haha that could be it! We also have his “strike team bag,” because he can get less than a couple hours notice about leaving for a week go to on a fire. It has a change of clothes and toiletries and all that. I love your nice shampoo and conditioner in your bag though, great idea!

  4. Whoa! Listening to you guys talking about emergency preparedness made me reeeeaaalllly glad that I live in the midwest, where natural disasters are kind of rare. Just… Just don’t get squished by an earthquake or swept away by a hurricane, okay? We’d miss you.

  5. Hello ladies, I just wanted to introduce you to a little TV program called The Great British Bake Off, it really is the best thing ever. Please look it up and marvel at the soggy bottoms and bad puns. Lots of offices in the uk are gripped by baking fever at the moment and I assume that’s what Stephanie who emailed in was entering into. It involves a little old lady called Mary Berry and a silver fox called Paul Hollywood judging ametuer baking. I think you’ll love it!

    • Jessica Sep 5, 2014

      Kate! Good call! It is such a sweet show with really lovely presenters (Mel and Sue are hilarious) and doesn’t feel as manic or staged as all other cooking competitions. It’s fantastic!

      • Joy the Baker Sep 9, 2014

        totally going to check it out! thank you!

        • It would make my day to hear you and Tracy pointing out all the hilariousness of that program! Last week they made giant pies, like wedding cakes… But pie!

    • Oh, I have to find that! I was glued to The Great American Bake Off on tv last summer, but sadly it was not renewed.

  6. Mindy Sep 5, 2014

    Joy, now that you’re a New Orleans-er you should read Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward! It’s about a poor family in rural Louisiana preparing for Hurricane Katrina. It’s a really affecting story. Jesmyn Ward also wrote another great one called Men We Reaped. Check it. :)

    • Joy the Baker Sep 9, 2014

      ooh! i really like these suggestions! thank you.

  7. My dad was at Candlestick Park when the ’89 quake hit and was stuck in the parking lot for over 3 hours, so after that he always kept water, energy bars and a blanket in the car. I also have those Tasty Bite meals in my go bag, since they don’t need water and you can warm them up by stuffing them down your shirt, like military MREs 😀

  8. So, I’m a Monday girl, also…and I’m laughing over this line: “Girls born on a Monday grow up to be very good wives.” I’m going to tell BOTH of my ex-husbands that it was clearly their fault….

  9. Danielle Sep 9, 2014

    Joy, you totally need to turn that brunch recipe inspiration into a cheesy jalapeño POPOVER. Please!

  10. I love this Aspen…

  11. I actually was in labor with my daughter on Labor Day : ) AND . . . . I thought of this fun little song when you were talking about Wednesday’s child: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh6Oz-L156c

  12. Katie Sep 13, 2014

    So I’m a little late with this, but you’ve been asking for your listeners to tell you who they are…so I’m a senior at the University of CT, and I absolutely love your podcast!! My boss told me about how much she loves you two, and she got me hooked!! I tell all my friends about you and make them listen with me. You are so hilarious and make the hard days studying in the library just a little better! And not gonna lie, I may have fallen asleep to you guys once or twice, lol. Love you ladies, thanks for being you!!

  13. Too true. Today is MONDAY. Monday all around. Have I mentioned how many different types of food I’ve spilt on myself thus far?

    Anyway, after listening to this podcast, I went back a couple years to October 4th 2012. And had to laugh because at the very beginning of the podcast, y’all decided that it is fall, not autumn. :)

    Love it. I’ve never made up my mind on that one.

    • Joy the Baker Sep 15, 2014

      hahahha! it’s a good thing we’re not politicians! good luck with the rest on Monday. hang in there!

  14. So I’m a Thursday’s child…pretty accurate. I just got a promotion at my job after being there less than a year and am in a leadership role. And also, people tend to tell me I’m crazy as they are laughing…*shrugs shoulders* Who wants normal anyways?

  15. Thanks for the recommendations ladies. Bacon and Maple Syrup being purchased today, also loitering over the buy it now button for the momofuku book!

  16. Totally love the cover photo for this one!

    That rolling pin is amazing – what does it say??

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