Tyler Florence... TFlo… We’re comin’ for ya.  This would be a whole lot easier if you weren’t playing so hard to get.  Just sayin’.

This week on the Joy the Baker podcast we sort out all kind of fun things.  We discuss how to approach economical cooking… and convince you to take your Kitchen Aid mixer away to college with you.

First!  A shoutout to our most lovely and loyal listened Joe Friedman.

Joe is a cooool 86 years old, and listens to us ramble about Tyler Florence and nail polish.  He’s a gemstone.

Hi, Joe!!  We love you!

Tracy made Dick Clark’s Corn Fritters.

Dick Clark was a man on his blaze.  We’ll miss you!

We’re reading An Everlasting Meal.  It’s teaching us how to save our onions and boil our water.

It’s quietly revolutionary.

In other awesome news, Tracy is doing awesome things on High Straightenence:  How to Stay Organized in the Kitchen.

We’re About to Be Friends with Tsh Oxenreider from Simple Mom will be up this week!  She talks about business, love, and her ultimate dinner party.

We blaze like no other!

Thank you so much for playing Blazer homework with us!  You wore your blazers out last Friday!  Big love to you!

Next weeks homework:  tell us your favorite moment from the last year of podcasting!!  Leave us a comment and spill it!  Can’t think of a favorite moment…?  Catch up on all the podcasts on itunes!

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157 comments on “Tiers of Tears

  1. Jamie Lauren Gem Apr 19, 2012

    A Kitchenaid bowl would make a blimming great punch bowl. Just saying.


  2. Rachel Apr 19, 2012

    One of my most favorite podcast moments is the Most Def, “Just say his name” clip. It totally made me laugh out loud at my desk, which was a little awkward because I share an “office” with about 8 other people who then looked at me strangely because I was laughing alone at my desk.

    • yes!!!! this was mine as well– i still laugh when i think of it, and i think of it nearly every time I hear someone say “most def!”

  3. Oh my gosh, all you ladies wearing blazers are rockin it! I want to be friends with all of you so we can share clothes and you can give me fashion advice. Looking sharp!

  4. I loved the episode where you talked about coconut oil, kale, & natural products. Hippies for life! :-)

  5. Yes! We be blazin’!

    My favorite podcast moment was the Boozy Susan episode where you guys get your real talk on about not being the drunk one at a work party. Loved it. <3

  6. Maria Apr 19, 2012

    OMG! the Mos Def moment is a classic. I think that’s when I fell in love you all!

  7. Thanks for a great listen. I loved the ears for balls balls for ears, and the earring quandary. Of course, your first episode about Gods Gold will always make me smile. I also have to say that Tracy’s story about her dancing at a wedding or accidently “tooting” infront of her brother’s friend, made me say “real life talk.”

    You two have invaded my life in a good way and now my husband refers to Tracy as (Shuts) and Joy as (JTB.) Just so ya know! Love to you both.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      aaahahhahaha! ‘Shuts’ has me totally cracking up! love to you!

  8. The Mos Def moment was priceless! In fact, it inspired the following email string between myself and a friend soon after:

    [regarding bowling night]

    Friend: Can we refer to my ball the big lebowski?

    Me: Mos def. And I don’t mean the extremely attractive rapper/actor.

    Friend: I just had to google him, agreed on the attractiveness :-)

    Me: Seriously!? Did you miss the 90s or something?

    Friend: I blame the generational gap

    (Note that she’s only got three years on me.)

  9. Tanashati Apr 19, 2012

    Yayyy you took my call :)
    Thanks for the advice guys, I am driving all the way to Georgia!!
    I will update you on my popularity status/imaginary status when I get there!

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      thanks for calling in! happy driving to Georgia! be safe and make soooo many cookies!

  10. Yes! Take your beloved KitchenAid!! Some may laugh at first but you will end up being the envy of everyone on campus. KA owners unite!!

  11. Ashley Apr 19, 2012

    Fave moment? The Breathing Room podcast when Joy and Tracy were imaging a Joe the Baker male stripper. Joy coyly asks “Why the rolling pin” and Tracy states “That’s not a rolling pin”.

    I DIED.

    Love all your episodes, ladies! Congrats on almost hitting that 1 year mark…what a year it’s been!

    JTB 4 EVA

    • Yes! There are so many random moments when the conversation takes a turn and it ends up with me laughing uncontrollably.

  12. I was trying to figure out my favorite moment and then happened the ears for balls debacle. And that was suddenly my new favorite.

    So many moments have made me nearly pee my pants laughing while on the elliptical machine at the gym. I’m sure all the dudes there who spend all their time pumping iron think I’m a major freak. Let them.

  13. Emily Apr 19, 2012

    I just bought “Chez Panisse Vegetables” by Alice Waters and “An Everlasting Meal.” Can’t WAIT for farmers’ market season!

  14. Hands down it’s the Mos Def moment b/c I was totally with Tracy. I was like, “So tell us already Joy!”…and then I was laughing so hard.

  15. I LOVED when you guys talked about the olden days and those crazy temperature whatever clothes?! I randomly think of that all the time and how embarrassing that would have been for me if I wore them. Real talk- I had a bad sweating problem in my pre-teen years. No I didn’t smell. And that is probably why I think of those clothes you talked about all the time.
    Sorry for the personal details.
    Basically you guys make me happy. Especially when I’m bored to tears at work. You wipe those tears away?? Weird. K.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      between the tears and the sweat, you’ve got a lot going on. hahaa… i kid i kid. hyper color clothes were a nightmare… let’s just be real.

  16. Favorite moment in JTB (yeah, I abbreviated) podcasting. Definitely the Joe the Baker and Mime Stripper talk. BTW, what did you two do for Valentine’s Day? Joy did you send anything to Tracy at work?

    I’m giggling just thinking about Joe the Baker.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      i didn’t send tracy anything to work… but i totally need to send her a savings bond asap.

  17. I love the Valentine’s day episode when “Shucking” get’s WAY out of control! Joy gets so uncomfortable and I love that Tracy pushes it even further with her sexy voice.
    You guys are great! Listening to your podcast I feel like I’m just hanging out with my friends at a coffeeshop. With pastries. And pie!

  18. My favorite podcast is “Strawberry Cheesecake on a Roadtrip.” Joy’s account of her roadtrip with her sister is SO FUNNY!! I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself. “LAUREN! EAT SOMETHING!! I’M NOT HUNGRY!!!!”” “You need to buy me a doughnut immediately…. because that cheesecake did not satisfy….” my word I laughed so hard!

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      hahahaa! that’s exactly how it went down… no good.

  19. manderling Apr 19, 2012

    I LAID MY HORN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Joe the Baker!! :)

  21. I think my all-time favorite show thus far has been episode #14: We Are Not the Cool Kids. I think about this podcast ALL the time! I was rolling laughing reminiscing with you about the unfortunate hiccup in our fashion history known as the 90’s. And that image of the hypercolor leggings still haunts me. I’m glad to know that I can relate to you both on so many levels – including as a once flower hat, overall, Dock Martin, scrunchie wearing fool.

  22. And a question…
    Tracy – I love that you addressed the challenge of taking advantage of natural light for your blog photos. This was actually something I was going to ask about a few weeks ago. As a working mom I tend to only have time in the evenings to work on my blog and this has prevented me from doing posts as frequently as I would like. By the time I can work on a project and photograph it the sun has already gone down. Do you ever use artificial light when you get caught in this situation?

  23. One of my favorite moments is shucking for Valentine’s Day. That conversation takes a turn and is hilarious.

  24. SHUCKING!!

  25. The Mos Def conversation is a good one! Also last summer I painted our entryway while listening to several Joy the Baker podcasts and often times while I’m standing in the entryway a snippet of your conversations will pop back into my mind. Mostly the one about Red Flags!

    P.S. I asked my husband some of your Would you Rather questions the other night. I had to find out his answer to the cry/pee all the time question. He answered that question instantly – pee all the time. He said it was because if he was crying all the time he wouldn’t be able to see to drive. And he was okay with having to carry a bag around all the time.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      this is amazing! i love that we’re just talking like bags of pee…. like it’s totally a normal thing.

  26. Oh so many favorite moments! I listen to you guys in the mornings while I shelve books at work, and the only other people in the store are the cleaning crew. I actually snorted and fell off a step stool at the Mos Def moment. I was crouched in the back corner trying to pull off a quiet hysterical laugh so the cleaners wouldn’t think I was nuts. And I had to hide in the elevator during the mime strippers in Breathing Room and the entire Shucking conversation because I couldn’t control myself! It’s hysterical when you guys get a little out of control and things take an inappropriate turn. Thanks for making 7am shifts a little more bearable.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      i love the images you’ve put in my head. just too good! thanks for being such a loyal listener/laugher.

  27. P.S. I couldn’t wait to take my KitchenAid off to my first apartment this year! I barely have any counter space but Beatrice (my mixer) is well worth it!

  28. Mos Def.

    Hands downs. Laughed so hard I gave myself the hiccups.

  29. Ciara Apr 19, 2012

    I don’t really have a favorite moment….its more of a recurring moment. i love love the last few seconds of each podcast where you guys have a “last word off” and it just gets awkward and random and hysterical.

    Also as a current senior in college i fully support the bringing a kitchenaid to school move. Not only will you constantly have delicious treats for yourself that will be 25x better than what your school will have you will also accumulate the MOST guy friends. and gal friends. and everyone will be in awe of your skills, because even making a boxed brownie mix is miraculous. totes do it.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      tracy has given me the last word for the past couple weeks. it’s feels amazing.
      and totally good mixer advice. major!

  30. Berenice Apr 19, 2012

    I love all your podcasts!!! Too funny! Definitely loved this one, ears for balls?? You have no idea how much you ladies make me laugh, seriously drying of laughter. It is now one of my favorites. Also the Mos Def moment and the Would You Rather podcast. Thanks for making my day a whole lot better. Love you guys!!!

  31. I was a big fan of “Totes burrit.” I say it all the time now. Pretty much everything you say makes me die of laughter.

    But Mos Def was my favorite overall.

    And that girl must, MUST take her mixer to college in the fall. She’ll be the talk of the dorm, for sure.

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      i also refer to burritos a lot… just so i can say totes burrit.

  32. I don’t even need to think about this: my favourite podcast moment (which made me embarrassingly laugh out loud in a pharmacy). It was when Tracy asked if Joy fancied any celebrity men and Joy said “Mos Def”.
    The rest is history.

  33. Your Road Trip podcast is my favorite episode ever. Its my cure for a stressful morning at work. Joy wearing fat jeans, driving Budgie while eating strawberry cheesecake, dried apricots, etc…. never fails to reset my smile for the afternoon.

    My most favorite-est excerpt is from the Guilty pleasures podcast though – “I have a guilty pleasure with peanut butter and i like to stick my whole hand in the jar, and i do it in the closet, and my cat likes to put his paw under the door when i’m doing it” – Shutterbean (in the ‘sexy’ voice)

    Just…Gold. God’s Gold.

  34. The roadtrip episode is definitely my fave! Ohhh Joy, your cheesecake story. I had to force multiple people to listen to it because I loved it so! Other favorite moments… when Tracy came out with that embarrassing story about her brother jumping on her. And last week when Tracy asked if cookie butter was like chewed up cookies and Joy said, “Tracy, no!” Tracy, you are so hilarious. You two are adorable together!

  35. Megan Wallace Apr 19, 2012

    I would love to wear a blazer, but with all my tattoos, I fear I would just look like a lesbian. That would be ok, if I was

    • Joy the Baker Apr 20, 2012

      i have the same worry when i tuck a shirt into jeans. i totally get it. blazer are classic though.. totes class.

  36. Too many good times. Most exciting: You said my name at the end of (I think) the “Some Breathing Room” episode because I left an iTunes review. I was at work and almost peed my pants. Maybe I should get me one of those pee backpacks.

  37. Its not a laugh out loud moment, but learning to shave with coconut oil on the Hippie show SAVED MY LEG SKIN!!! Also, argan oil makes some people look like a wet cat… and by some people I mean me. I loved the whole Hippie episode. It was my favorite so far!

  38. Julia Apr 20, 2012

    I brought my kitchenaid mixer with me to my college dorm; it’s an older model and is a retro yellow color. First, I just have to say, it instantly makes my room feel so much more homey. Not only can I make endless yummy treats but it’s a great decoration piece also! The only problem is that I have no counters, seriously whoever designed this kitchen did not know what they were doing. So, whenever I use my mixer I need to put it ON TOP of my stove; it can be a complicated mess but I’ll do anything for some homemade cookies :)

  39. I was just listening to the latest “Because show” and I just realized something and had to write you a comment here. I want to thank you that you don’t say “you know” all the time like those guys!!! Don’t get me wrong their show is nice (well I prefer yours) but… I can’t stand the “you know”s! It’s great that you have your own way of dealing with your pauses and all. Keep it up! Death to “you know”!!

  40. Oh! Sorry, I meant to say the “Table set” (not the “Because show”) A looooooooot of “you know”s… ugh!

  41. Ladies, I love you both dearly. Thank you for this podcast. That’s from my heart.

    My favourite moment is WHENEVER either of you says “are you a dancer?” “do you wanna share a salad?”. That was a good episode, and I crack up laughing whenever it’s brought up.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing.

    Love Claire x

  42. The first podcast I listened to discussed hypercolor clothing and I knew I was in the right place, listening to the right people.
    There are lots of great conversation moments, but I particularly love hearing you chuckle. Both of you chuckle a lot and it always makes me smile — hearing people laugh to/at themselves it the best sound.

  43. Hi! I would have to say the beginning of the TFlo awesomeness was my favorite. Tyler Florence actually is one of my all-time favorite Food Network people, but I kind of love it when you guys make fun of him.
    The first time I heard you call him “TFlo,” I practically peed my pants in laughter while I was supposed to be looking up data about water pollution at my internship.
    That’s all. Thanks for making my Thursdays so much brighter (and funnier at inappropriate times).

  44. I looooved it when you guys talked about red flags. For at least three months after listening to that podcast, I would see random things and think, ‘red flag!’

    Thanks for doing what you do. I’m living life on a budget right now and don’t have TV (which is actually pretty nice), but I look forward to listening to your podcast every week just like I used to look forward to watching my favorite shows. (Wow sorry for the borderline run-on sentence.) Cheers!

    PS- Just made the first batch of Tracy’s ‘strodka’ because the warm weather has finalllly made it to New England. Can’t wait to mix it up with some lemonade this weekend :)

  45. Kelsey Apr 20, 2012

    I brought my kitchen aid mixer to the dorms (and to every tiny apartment since)- go for it! Always.

  46. Jenny Apr 20, 2012

    1) mos def
    2) cure your peeps!
    3) tracy’s embarrassing moment running into a pole in the rain at a rest stop in europe. i’ve re-listened to that episode at least twice more and i’m always cracking up in a subway car packed with stern-faced new yorkers. love it.

  47. I’ve only started listening three or four podcasts ago, so I have quite a bit to catch up on! That is a lot of hours 😉

  48. Shower cocktails is by far my favourite joke/moment/reocurring theme of JTBP. After that episode my sister called me up, amazed, saying “Did you know Joy and Tracy says we can have cocktails in the shower?!” We can indeed. Can and will.
    And a word that always makes me smile now is “Schpr-IH-tzeehrr”.

    Other than those, in no particular order:
    Boozy Susan, Mos Def, the Stale Peeps, Salad-sharers and Dancers, God’s Gold, Inner Hippie, #Blazerlove, Truffle Salt and every time you say “See what I did there?”/”I see what you did there!”. Oh, and the first time you acknowledged the fact that you did actually fight for the last word.

    I also love it when one of your old jokes pops up in a new episode and I’m all like “We have an inside joke now!”

    • Tracy Apr 20, 2012

      hooooray for inside jokes. YOU KNOW THEM!!! Thank you for listening to us (so intently!) we love you!

  49. There is one episode where you talked about a cat eating his feelings and every time I think of that I start to giggle.

  50. Sarah R Apr 20, 2012

    I’m partial to the creeper morning show host debacle. Oh my stars, that got real awkward real quick – and hilarious! (I can still hear him say “MYyy GooOODness” super smarm style) It’s totally the kind of bizarro thing that would happen to me. I swear, the weirdos come out of the woodwork for me! (ex. I was once talking to my friend at a bar when I noticed that some guy’s nose was about 1 inch away from my head, smelling my hair with a vengeance. Attractive enough guy, super awkward approach. He asked if he could come back to my place, “not for anything R-rated, maybe just PG13″. Turned out he was homeless.)

  51. dustin Apr 20, 2012

    one of my favorite (its so hard to pick just one!)moments in this whole entire awesome podcast is when Tracy told that hilarious story about her brother receiving the check memo. I laughed so hard when she said it read “reimbursement for your chlamydia test”!

  52. They’re ALL so good! Its hard to pick the moments that made me laugh the most…Ok, here we go: the tv host ‘Ghost’ debacle had me dying with laughter (sooo awkward! and the hostess in plastic wrap!?!), your red flags episode especially with Joy finding out about the treehouse situation, 20 questions with ‘Are you a dancer?’, and of course the strawberry cheesecake incident.

    Love you both for real- this podcast has become an essential part of my week. I can’t wait for podcast #50 which should come out almost for my birthday. What a lovely treat!

  53. I’m looking through all those Blazin’ pictures and I’m really sad I don’t own a blazer!!! I’m totally going shopping this weekend.

    My favorite part(s):
    *drinking in the shower. Never did it before, but now I do!
    *Red Flags – keeping me sharp ladies!
    *Awkward tv show spots….that guy was waaaaayyy too into it. And I feel like your awkward giggle is exactly how I would do it. And the part where you leaned away! I’m literally “laughing out loud” right now!
    *and finally!! The call from a listener about how one of her friends has a stray chin hair. I don’t know what kind of messed up part of my brain loves that conversation, but it does!

  54. Susan A. Apr 21, 2012

    I laughed so hard during the stripper conversation that I woke my roommate up. She was in another room. Down the hallway.

  55. Stacey Apr 21, 2012

    Mos Def….all the way. The best JTB moment ever. And I loved the intro where Joy talked about making Catland for Jules, the orange monster. And any moment where Tracy makes Joy uncomfortable by taking the conversation somewhere dirty. Ha! Love you guys!

  56. So, I was browsing hulu, clicked a link about Anne Hathaway, and heard the E reporter use the term “LBs”.

    I couldn’t help but think that Tracy has something to do with this!

    you can hear her at about 28 seconds into the vid:

  57. butter is like… God’s gold…
    wait- isn’t gold God’s gold?
    favorite moment! also, just thought you should know that itunes says that people that subscribe to you also listen to “fatties on ice” what the…. and the curiosity ensues…

  58. dayna Apr 22, 2012

    Dudes! The song is “Fighter” by Xtina! (Ya, I spelled it like that.) p.s. this is totally embarrassing to admit, but Glee is my horrible guilty pleasure, and they totally just did a version of this song and it is super pumping me up right now! (And I kinda like it way better than the original….)

    Also, amazing podcast ladies, like normal! :) And don’t worry Tracey! I am so organized-anal, but if you see my desk at home.. it is totally a mess. This summer I’m planning on reading through all the high-straitenance posts while I clean it!

  59. Girls, I can’t believe that it has been almost a year!
    I’m Italian and my English is improving because of you :-))

    So, my favourite moments…
    I laughed out loud for the rogue chin hair awkaward conversation, for the tree house toilet situation and, last but not least, for the whole “would you rather” podcast (ear for balls included).

    I also enjoyed and found useful the “embrace your inner hippie” podcast, the “red flags” podcast and the “pay it forward” podcast.

    P.S. There’s also a whole strawberry cheesecake eaten on the road that has made me smile 😉

    Love you both and always.

  60. Marie Baars Apr 22, 2012

    Favorite moments,, oh man, just reading other peoples made me think of so many more!
    1) boozy Susan… So funny Ohmy.
    2) mos def
    3) laid my horn down…I was painting my office when I was listening to that podcast and I almost died laughing.
    4) spritzer…” t- do you like that word? J- not when you say it” you gotta get in then get out.

  61. My favorite moment (among so, so many) is when you guys discussed the problems of hypercolor tights and clothing on “We are not the cool kids”. So funny because it’s so true! Love you gals so much, this podcast is the best:)

  62. Hilary Apr 22, 2012

    My favorite podcast moment was the “God’s Gold” conversation as well. And all of Tracy’s Oprah voice shout-outs. You ladies always crack me up and help me be less nerdy-mom (at least I think so). Love ya!

  63. Jillian Apr 22, 2012

    God’s Gold without a doubt. In my head when I’m creaming butter and sugar I’m totally thinking GOD’S GOLD.

    • Jillian Apr 22, 2012

      That’s a lie. It’s definitely Ghost when the show host got super inappropriate with Joy.

  64. In no particular order:
    -the tree house “rustic” Hawaii resort
    -Boozy Susan (and all other convos related to inappropriate drunkenness)
    -the discussion of the Tahoe restaurant that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (because all the local ones here in utah I’ve been to are exactly the same!)
    -the witty banter that took place regarding the message I left on the guilty pleasures episode. Okay, that one’s probably my fave, and by probably I mean yes.

  65. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, but the shucking conversation was hilarious! Congrats on a year of podcasting!

  66. Did you hear – TFlo is publishing “Tyler Makes Pancakes” – a children’s book!

  67. Cynthia Apr 23, 2012

    My favorite funniest moments: Most Def moment was great, so was the valentine’s day shucking, and then there’s the “Ghost” TV host – all moments that make me embarrass myself laughing just thinking about them.
    My favorite useful moment: Long-distance relationships (since my sis lives in China now).
    My favorite podcast-related moment that didn’t occur on the podcast: When I was at a meeting with our company’s VIPs and I said “no bigs” to the boss’s boss! (I think it would have gone without notice if I had been blazen that day, but I was wearing a sweater instead).

    • Meggie Apr 26, 2012

      I also have a podcast-related non-podcast moment! I work at a grocery store (maybe Tracy’s favorite) and on Monday, a woman went through my line and bought a tub of delicious brownies and a bottle of wine. She looked sheepish and said to me “Please don’t judge.” Without even thinking, my immediate response was “Oh please, I would never. Mondays are hard.” Obviously, I was laughing to myself because I knew what I was referencing, but this woman literally dropped the credit card pen, looked at me with an open mouth, and asked if I listen to the Joy the Baker podcast!! I couldn’t even believe it! So glad you guys are so famous, TOTES deserved!!!

  68. Look at all those blazin’ ladies! They look sharp, each and every one. You asked which episodes were my favorite, and I think they are the ones in which you discuss dating. Dating is a subject that I love to hate. The red flag episode comes to mind, and Joy, there was one when you mentioned that people don’t really date any more, it couldn’t have been said at a more relevant time. I had just ranted about that on my blog!

    Oh and major red flag that I’ve been meaning to share since that episode: When a guy has an entire facebook photo album of himself only… Red flag!

  69. My fav JTBP (that’s Joy the Baker Podcost of course) moment is definitely when you ladies were discussing sending each other surprise strippers. I still remember almost choking when Tracy mentioned Joe the Baker and Joy exclaiming “that’s not a rolling pin!” I happened to be running at the time. Laughing that hard when your heart rate is that high? I don’t recommend it. You ladies kill me!

  70. I love all your podcasts and look forward to them each week (or I have a bad habit of stock piling and listening for hours on long drives to my parent’s or on long runs). Any who…some of my favorites have been the infamous ‘mos def’ situation…I was totally with Tracy on this one! Would you rather was a total classic and when you discussed sending each others strippers had me rolling.
    Thanks for the laughs ladies!

  71. While I’m thinking of a favorite podcast moment, I wanted to stop by and say thank you for connecting me to such a great network of bloggers…I stop by homefries and just by reading through the comments, I’ve found so many new blogs to follow. Real talk-I love you guys! :)

  72. So I don’t remember where specific things came from but there was an episode where Joy says “whaaaat put that GRAVY on it.” and I say it uh, OFTEN. Also thank you for bringing “boo-ya-KAH” into my life.

    Pretty much I’m saying your podcast brightened my life.

  73. Joe the Baker and mime strippers still crack me up! that’s not a rolling pin…….

  74. My fave episode was the pay it forward one…..Joy, you’re sister is absolutely hillarious! No bigs!

  75. my favorite moment is definitely “because mondays are hard,” because i repeat that as a little mantra in my head on mondays. after that, it has to be any time we get to hear the oprah voice, or we get a new abbreviation, like LBs, or totes burrit. love love love the podcast every week!

  76. Yoshie Apr 23, 2012

    Funniest moment by far happened during Episode 16 “Long Distance Relationships” when Joy and Tracy were discussing their last meals. As a fellow carb lover, I was laughing so hard when Tracy started talking about her “death by dough.” That is totally how I would want to go out too!

  77. Joy when you talked about how men no longer properly ask women out on dates, I knew I had a new lesson to teach my two boys. My 16 year old son asked my permission to ask the girl he likes out on a date. I told him of course! but he had to do so by looking her in the eye and asking her out on a proper date, none of that texting ‘you wanna hang out on saturday?’ business. He did! They are currently a couple and her father told me how much he appreciated my son being such a gentleman :)

  78. my favourite podcast was ‘we are not the cool kids’ because like joy, i rocked my blossom hats like a champ. but my favourite moment is any podcast after joy says “and with me as always is my friend tracy from shutterbean.com” and tracey says “whuuut uppp” like a true OG. makes me laugh every single time.

  79. CarrieLovesKeith Apr 23, 2012

    This is just way too hard to pick one. First of all, the Hippy podcast CHANGED my LIFE!! I seriously need to listen to that one again and take notes on all the great tips you guys had. I was listening to the “We are not the cool kids” the other day and was laughing hysterically. Tracy, we did op-talk, too, only you add “op” to every letter. I just remember telling a boy over and over in 5th grade, “Sop, Hop, U, Top, U, Pop” (“shut up”)… yeah, I wasn’t a cool kid, either (obviously).

    I think Tracy’s story about the creepy guy with the gold Mickey on the Disney cruise was hilarious!! And, yeah, the Mos Def moment was just… epic! :)

  80. Cristina Apr 23, 2012

    It is really hard to pick just one favourite, that is why I go with three.
    1. the Valentines Day episode where you were talking about Joe the Baker and all the wiggling he would be doing. I so hope that I will not be confronted with something similar on my hen night
    2. one of the very first episodes when you were talking about peeing in the shower, I craked down laughing in the train on my way home
    3. the story of the torret room mate! Great, I was in the gym while listening to that podcast and just had to stop running as I was laughing so hard.
    oh, and not to forget, that I felt sooo ashamed with your “never cry in front of your boss episode” because that had just happend the evening before. Jeez, I cried in front of my boss… I still feel ashamed.

    Thank you Joy & Tracey for all the laughs, the delicous recipies and the style guide ;o)

  81. Ladies, I totes love you! TOTES LOVE! But in all seriousness, I have to say you guys are amazing! I listen to you on my walk to work and I’m laughing out loud like a mad woman, I’m sure other people have red flags going off when they look at me!

    Favourite episode moments – red flags, mos def and omg – CATLAND!

    Keep it up!

    P.S. Sundays is totally my veggie prep day! and Baking Soda shampoo is amazing!

  82. Alison Apr 24, 2012

    My favourite moment hands down is the Mos Def moment! That was just hilarious. Anytime I see him in something all I can think of is the two of you!!!

    Also I am currently curing come peeps from Easter. I am hoping they taste as delicious as you say!!! Thanks for the podcast. It really brightens my week!

  83. Ok, I was going to give you “Mos def” as my favorite moment. Most definitely. And then Joy just asked “Would you rather have balls for ears or ears for balls?” and I died. THAT is my favorite moment of the podcast.

    Imagining sparkly earring-bedazzled balls made it worse. Thanks, Joy & Tracy.

  84. I love all the slang. Totes, maj, etc. but my all-time favorite (and I can’t remember which podcast it’s from) is when Tracy asks “Did a plane just fly over?” and Joy says “No, that was a helicopter… I mean, heck-icopter.” So funny! I say heck-icopter all the time now.

  85. Rachel Apr 24, 2012

    Red flag…. BING!

  86. I have 3 fav moments from JTB Podcast:
    1. thick in the middle episode: standing pants. Totally been there.
    2. oh my god, I could NOT stop laughing during the awkwardness that was the Ghost moment for Joy.
    3. the term ‘snack coordinator’.

    Happy (almost) 1 year!

  87. Marie Baars Apr 24, 2012

    Ok, I just watched joy’s apple crisp demo from that morning show…oh my so awkward. So funny. So inappropriate! Oh myyy. I Had to watch it again to believe my eyes. True story.

  88. Kalila Apr 25, 2012

    I definitely LOVED the episode where you talked about fashion ruts/various phases you went through. I DEFINITELY had a weird hippie phase in my early teens. There were a lot of drawstring tie-dye pants going on, and they were awkward. Also, the balls for ears/ears for balls comment; your podcast has me awkwardly giggling at work ALL THE TIME.

  89. Perhaps I am boring but my favorite episode was the hippie one where you guys talked about homemade beauty concoctions. I am so not a hippie but I like to make up beauty concoctions too and got a few good ideas from you guys. HOWEVER, I am still having trouble using coconut oil to shave my legs. Despite Tracy’s advice that I keep it to a very thin application it STILL gunks up my razor. I have thus discontinued use of the coconut oil but continue to experiment in the bathroom-kitchen. More beauty-related/tips and tricks episodes please!

  90. My favourite moment has to be when Joy scolded Tracy for taking that “free” container of salt from the sales clerk at her store. I was walking home from the supermarket and I actually had to put my bags down, I was laughing so hard.

    Oh! And also, Tracy’s embarassing Italy story. The combination of her story and Joy’s infectious laugh was too good for words!

  91. There are so many good moments it’s kind of ridiculous. A few of my favorites are when Joy was telling Tracy about catland, the embarrassing moments when Tracy ran into a pole in Italy and when a homeless man gave Joy her underwear at the laundromat, and of course Joe the Baker. Hilarious! Happy One Year!!

  92. Hey there you two! I have so LOVED listening to you over the past year. Always makes my day. One of my fave podcasts is one from recently, episode #43. It makes me laugh every time I hear about Joy’s encounter with the man-bait recipe on live television. Lot’s of gems in that podcast-Mos Def! Thanks for adding a little bit more joy (and Tracey!) into the world.

  93. dayna Apr 25, 2012

    p.p.s.: I had to mention my favorite moment on the show: It was very hard to pick, but if imma pick just one I would have to say the conversation about octa-baby Cooper (Tracey was talking about his Halloween costume)… in the Halloween episode I think? omg, I literally had to stop what I was doing until my laughing fit was over! I just kept picturing a baby with multiple baby doll limbs sticking out in all directions! So funny and disturbing!

    Also, most def was the MOS DEF moment. Def.

  94. Domini Apr 26, 2012

    I am a new listener but am totally in love with the podcast. The earball conversation is going to be one that I will conjure anytime I need to laugh so hard that I nearly pee myself like a small excitable dog.

  95. T Flo tweeted you guys! AND he said he’ll call! Ahhhh!

  96. Mariah Osborne Apr 26, 2012

    I love when Tracy refers to her carb craziness. When she referred to her legs as batards. The fist time you guys said T Flo. When Tracy said the Peeps were like eating sand in her sandwich and then Joy mocks her about it in the next episode; “You were all- ‘sandinmysandwich’…” That makes me laugh every time.

    Over all, each episode makes me laugh, and each episode has a outstanding moment so it’s hard to pick just one!

  97. Definitely the Mos Def moment and then the moment when Joy’s cat attacked her mid-podcast and Joy screamed, not that I want Joy to get hurt, no not at all, but it was a hilarious real life moment and I can relate since I have a cat and have been randomly attacked myself. Oh and also p.s. I TOTALLY want to go trick or treating with Tracy, baguettes instead of candy? Yes, please! Love you guys!!

  98. Totes Joe the Baker and Monday’s are hard. Your podcasts light up everything!!

  99. I was lucky enough to stumbleupon Joy’s blog a week or two before the first Joy the Baker Podcastio was…podcasted. I had never listened to a podcast before, but something about the way Joy spoke on her blog made me think I’d like it…damn good timing! I have listened to every episode, a couple more than once. I also talked my husband into listening during a long trip and he now listens to it WITHOUT me! Favorites eps are hard to pick, (red flags maybe?) moments and sayings are much easier. I was totes with Tracy about Mos Def, I had to go back and relisten a couple of times :) Others are “Are you a dancer?” and “I can see you!”. Actually I kinda feel like I need to go back to the first podcast and start over, I know there are so many more!!

  100. I have learned so much from you guys, about life, baking and cooking, etc. I have many favorite moments, but I think my favorite episode that made me laugh the most was “That’s Not Your Wheelchair.” Want some real talk? (See, I can’t stop using phrases like that…!) When Tracy was explaining about her trip overseas and how she walked straight into that post, I laughed so hard that I actually farted…thank GOD I was home and the only one who heard it was my husband.

    Yeah, and now I just shared it with everyone reading these comments. Anyway…

    I love when you guys laugh, because I start laughing too. The whole “Joe the Baker” comment had me laughing so hard at work I started crying, which isn’t a good look for a therapist when she’s about to go get a client. Long story (er, comment) short, I love you guys and am so happy I found the podcast last July. Here’s to many more! :)

  101. Oh! Sorry…one more thing. I LOVE when Tracy says something somewhat inappropriate, and Joy is all like “no, no…you’ve gone too far.” I love it.

  102. Emily D. Apr 27, 2012

    I forget what episode it was from, but I definitely remember Joy saying never to chew gum in the bathroom. And now I think of it whenever I already have gum in my mouth and have to go.

  103. There are so many good moments and so many mentioned already.
    Shuckers had me laughing out loud, so very loud.
    I still cannot believe you were talking about, like bags of pee.
    Mos Def still has me cracking up.
    Leg Candy. I love how Tracy was totally against that.

    BTW, my 8 year old daughter asked me the other day if I made up the ‘totes’ thing. I said no and she was sooo disappointed! She’d been using it with her friends at school trying to be all cool. Thought she was stealing my ‘thing’. LOL!

    Keep it up ladies, you make my Fridays! Although…I should save them for Mondays, cause you know….Mondays are HARD!

    Love you all!

  104. Lin in PA Apr 28, 2012

    Favorite moments are too numerous to recall. But one that come to mind is when Joy was on a local news program in the mid west somewhere and the host of the show was flirting with her in a somewhat creepy way. What happened was pretty funny, but the way it totally freaked you out was hi-larious.

    I would like to give advice to Amber on home cooking for less $. Rather than finding a recipe that looks good and buying the ingredients and making it, look around at what you already have on hand, what’s on sale that week. Also, consider what’s in season, and therefore not only cheaper than other things, but also fresh and delicious. Then find a recipe that uses those things.

    The recipe centric method usually results for me in buying a really expensive ingredient, or buying a jar of something, using a little bit of it and then never using it again.

    You could also check out books like The Tightwad Gazette, which has some recipes, though sometimes she takes the joke too far. I got a toffee recipe from her that I use a lot. Around here we all grew up with a Mennonite cookbook called More With Less, (though my friend Rachael’s family called it Cooking, More or Less).

    Anyway girls,keep up the good work.

  105. My absolute favorite moment was during the V-Day episode when Tracy is stuck on shucking, and Joy just tried to explain what her V-Day had been like. I had to pull off the highway at some random exit because I laughed so hard I cried.

  106. Morgan Carr Apr 28, 2012

    Hey ladies! First off, I love you guys and your podcast! I look forward to listening to y’all every week. Anyway, I’m about to get out of spring classes and I’m making a trip up to Vegas to visit my best girlfriend and we’ve decided to embark on a journey to LA before I help her move back to Texas! (yes, I’m flying to her and driving the 23 hours back with her. That’s 5 years of friendship ha!). So I wanted to see if y’all had any recommendations on good places to stay and places to visit, cool things to do, places to eat, etc. We’re both from Texas and I’ve never even been to California (I’ve wanted to go for years!) so I know I need to make it an epic trip. Any help would be amazing. Thanks guys!


  107. Long Distance Relationships! I’m in a LDR similar to Tracy’s circa ’98 college graduation/moving LDR. And, let’s be real, this whole business of graduating from college and is stressful and awkward without the “moving across the country and leaving my friends and family to live with my boyfriend for the first time in a teeny 1 bedroom apartment” aspect. To make it even more crazytown, I’m putting off grad school for a year to live with him (I will not build resentment, I will not do it!)… I’ve been about a hangnail away from a nervous breakdown about it all term, and hearing how Tracy came out on the other side successful both professionally and relationship-wise was way way way more helpful and necessary that I can say, and I wanted to say thanks!

  108. Elena Apr 29, 2012

    So many favorite episodes… you guys are my guilty pleasure…. the hippie tips one was great… but many others where you talk about “serious” stuff but with your supper fun touch… I totally relate to Joy’s love for being an independent woman… I was like her about two years ago, when I got pregnant!! I had a lovely and super fun baby boy.. and now I’m like Tracy! Loving family life but also begin for some ME time! Gosh… I totally hear you girl! and I appreciate that you (Tracy) articulate how great but also overwhelming it’s to be a mom, wife AND professional woman…! I also like how different and honest you girls are, I’m talking about Tracy’s fancy salt episode, and Joy’s dating vulnerabilities… we’ve all have been there… at least sort of…
    May I suggest a homework, can you ask us to suggest 10 or so questions to you?? And then you choose 10 and answer them, of course! And may I also suggest that you guys post pictures of your favorites gadgets??
    Wish you many more fun episodes!
    Love from Merida Venezuela!

  109. Maggie Apr 29, 2012

    How do I choose?? This feels cruel. Nevertheless. Tracy’s embarrassing moment in “That’s Not Your Wheelchair” made me about five days younger it made me laugh so hard. And I promise it wasn’t Schadenfreude. It was just the way she told it; it was too funny. That whole enitre episode is amazing though. Including Joy’s laundromat story, the story of how you two met, the absolutely fair and deserved Rocco DiSpirito rant, the talk about summer dressed (a year-around topic), about boys and dates, and favorite cookbooks, etc. Thank you!!

  110. I have to follow the crowd here and vote for Joe the Baker, dusting himself with flour. Or, perhaps, the moment when Joy expressed her surprise that the game “Draw Something” hasn’t just devolved into a neverending stream of penis drawings.

    …not sure what those choices say about me.

  111. meeshapie Apr 29, 2012

    I have so many favorites! I tend to listen (and relisten) to podcasts while I run. This week, I relistened to the episode with the Mos Def comment and pre-laughed (since I knew it was coming) and snorted loud enough to disturb another runner (actually a group of runners…okay, navy recruits). It was cool though. they didn’t ask me if i was a dancer though.

  112. Too many favorite moments from the podcast:

    Joe the Baker

    That’s not a messenger bag

    Joy talking about her TV appearance and the ghost situation.


    Any time Tracey uses her sexy voice.

  113. Phoebe Rosen May 2, 2012

    Sooooo much deep love for this podcast.

    My favortie, FAVORITE moment was on the roadtrip episode, where you were talking about how you were eating for two, are you were like,

    “Lauren! Eat something!
    I’m not hungry.
    she’d eat an apricot
    she’d eat like a bit of cheesecake

    My sister and I LITERALLY quote that like weekly. So enduring.

  114. Kate M. May 2, 2012

    Ok, I haven’t even listened to this podcast yet, but I just had to comment with my favorite moment(s) from the past year:
    To preface this I loved you guys before the podcast, but the following moments mark when I fell in love with you a little/lottle more:

    Any time you talked about Blossom or wearing Bib overalls! – that was my childhood!!

    The Mos Def moment!!! so funny I had to tell it to a friend who doesn’t listen to podcasts and now we reference it ALL the time!!

    and most recently, The Like the Movie Ghost moment!!!! whoa! I’ve never laughed so much and been so horrified at the same time!!!

  115. Phoebe Rosen May 2, 2012

    waitwaitwait I have to say one more—I love love loooove Tracy’s story about Cooper’s first time trick or treating, where you rang the doorbell, the person opened the door, and he just walked right in. Oh my god. So beyond funny. I tell people who don’t listen to the podcast that story, like, regularly….

  116. I needed to listen to this SOO much!! I’m in a really weird situation with a guy and it is filling me with all kinds of nervous angst…ya know, like when you can’t eat, and your heart beats a little faster when you get a message and you think its him….and I’m on edge all the time. just reading all of the comments with the fav moments and hearing your voices made me forget even if just for an hour, and gosh it feels so good to laugh!!!! So, thank you! 😀

  117. Tempa May 2, 2012

    Favorite Moment: Mos Def!
    Favorite Podcast: Embrace Your Inner Hippie

    One year of podcasting! That’s cray! Thanks, you two, for real talk, tips, and random silliness.
    Here are a few of the things that I do now because of Joy and Tracy:
    • Wash my hair with baking soda once a week (it works!)
    • Rock a blazer on the regs like nobody’s blazeness.
    • Drink in the shower (coffee, water, white russian… whatevs)
    • Say “No bigs”
    • Take pictures facing down at my shoes
    • Buy chia seed kombucha… and use it as a mixer (kombucha + bourbon = a pretty amazing cocktail and healthy, right?)
    • Get creative with nail polish (mint green? sure., bright orange? why not?, light grey with one pale pink pinkie? Hells Yes!)
    Thanks Joy and Tracy! I hope the two of you continue to podcast it up for our earballs!

  118. Favorite Moments:

    Tracy’s compulsion to squeeze chocolate Easter bunnies as a child.

    Joy’s refusal to date Vegan dudes because their thighs are too small (which I totally get- I hate when boys thighs are smaller than mine.)

    Favorite podcast so far: Would you rather? I was laughing the entire time. You ladies are too funny!

    Bonus: The episode when Joy talked about her lipgloss called sex machine. My boyfriend was listening to that one with me and he died laughing. He couldn’t believe she said that. haha.

  119. Where to start!
    Definitely the drinking in the shower… you guys even responded to my tweet about it. Sweet!

    And… the episode where Joy talks about the hairdresser she has gone to for years. The one that knows when you’ve cheated on her with another hairdresser.

    Oh, and Tracy? Thanks to you I use the word situation in a much different context. Such as, I need to look into my pen situation.

    Love you guys!

  120. One of my favorite moments has to be when you talked about a mime stripper. Hilarious!

    I’m excited for a new episode. I listen to your podcast while I clean house, and my house is in desperate need of a cleaning!

  121. Congrats on (almost) 50 podcasts!! I’ve only missed one or two, and that says a lot I think, cause I’m not that committed to much else!

    It’s way to hard to pick a favorite moment…here are a few.

    ~ I totally still call it ‘God’s Gold’.
    ~ The whole debate about how much to tip/pay the cat sitter (Tracy was right).
    ~ Joy’s binge eating while road-tripping. (I do the same)
    ~ anything ‘red flag’.
    ~ Joy’s holiday casserole and her aunt
    ~ Cooper-isms (I have little boys, ‘course I get it.)

    Keep up the great work!


  122. “ear balls” is from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! =)

  123. My favorite moments are the awkward anti-Patrick Swaze moment Joy had with a stranger and when Tracy broke the news to Joy (and myself) that we are NOT the target audience for Anthropologie.

  124. All this lady blazing totes forced me to go out and buy not one but two blazers. I blame you all…in the most awesome way possible. 😀

  125. “The freezer is a magical place” That’s a good soundbyte right there.

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