It’s another raging good time on the Joy the Baker Podcast this week!  We kid you not.  This week we discuss the six (totally important, unimportant) things that need to get done before summer escapes us. These things include wearing white, breaking into pools, and dancing in public.  What could go wrong?  The doggie paddle… that’s what can go wrong.

Last week we YOLOed.  Tracy YOLOed some Rolos for her birthday.  It was definitely the right thing to do.

Tracy is all about the infinity scarves.  Joy is NOT all about American Apparel.

Gentlemen, we will continue to talk about nailpolish if you don’t write us and give us other things to talk about.  It’s up to you.  If you want us to talk about football… we’ll try.  Seriously.  Let’s do this!

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35 comments on “Weight Watchers for Words

  1. Um I think you should both discuss your favorite beauty products. And most lipstick names are named after food for some reason, so that’s how it can relate to your lives. BOOM. Steez.

  2. Hi Ladies, love your podcast and listen to ya every week. I love when you talk about food. I’m a Mexican living in Slovakia. So it is interesting to hear when you start mixing things over and make me think… hmm gotta try this. But gotta tell ya, I also enjoy the lady talk (yes, nail polish included) I love to go shopping with my wife and this gives me ideas on what she might have in her head. Gotta tell you that she likes when I give her suggestions and thanks to you i can give some. Also, i like when you ladies give the real talk about life experiences (Son, husband, boyfriend, etc). Keep the good work and Yolo that Rolo.

  3. Love the podcast!

    I’ve met so many great friends through my book club! I hope you do too, Joy!
    I’m loving your autum fashion ideas! And nail polish colours!
    Hope you had a great birthday Tracy!

    See (listen to) you gals next week!

  4. Rachel Aug 23, 2012

    My husband and I get the “when are you going to have kids?” question ALL. THE. TIME. I am currently in graduate school, so we just tell them that I have to graduate and get a job before we can discuss having kids. So my advice to Megan is to have(or make up) some sort of goal you/your spouse need to achieve before having kids, and just tell you family that. “We need to be more financially stable first” or “I need to be more settled in my job first” etc.

  5. Marie Baars Aug 23, 2012

    Oh my, I get the same question as Megan alllll the time. Only I am just 22! The problem for us is that we actually have serious fertility issues and may never be able to have kids! I totally make people feel awkward about it! It’s such an insensitive and really nosy question. My usual response is either that the timing isn’t right for us or ” that’s not something we are into talking about with many people yet”. Own your answer! Be confident. Use one sentence to dismiss it and move on. Done.

  6. Megan Aug 23, 2012

    Joy and Tracy, you guys are awesome. Thanks so much for taking my question. I am totally going to own it and be awkward. Or maybe I’ll solicit sponsorships – great idea Tracy! But seriously, it is such a passive-aggressive/nosy/insensitive thing (like Marie, I don’t even know if I CAN have kids)! It’s hard to be diplomatic sometimes and not just say what I’m actually thinking (too much profanity). But I will be graceful and to the point, and then I am going to YOLO the heck out of my weekend.

    • I love this! Me and my boyfriend are beginning to get strange questions like this. I’m 21 for goodness sake! YOLO is the only way to get through it all!

  7. Loved this podcast! You guys kept me company on a very long, very hot walk of my neighbor’s dog. You managed to make both extreme heat and physical activity bearable :)

    Joy – you mentioned green nail polish. If you find a good fall green, please share the brand with your listeners! I tried on 3 different green polishes at the drugstore the other night and they were sadly all too sheer.

  8. My Weight Watchers meetings is sometimes dotted with how to maximize your ww points with wine and cheese as well as earning “activity points” with your partner. It’s kinda awesome.

    Thanks for another great podcast!

  9. I loved this podcast” no surprise since you were talking about nail polish, autumn fashions and book clubs! All my favs!!

    Can’t wait till next week!

  10. hannabird Aug 24, 2012

    Our book club meets at the same time as our eat cheese and drink wine club, because we’re busy ladies. Not surprisingly, we had to move meetings from Wednesdays to Fridays because showing up to work the next day was getting too hard.

  11. Jenny Aug 24, 2012

    Tracy is so right. Take it from a mama of two, people just can’t leave you alone when it comes to having kids. Even while I still was pregnant with my second child, I got pestered about trying for a third. “Another boy?! You’ll have to try for a girl next time!” (oh, geez…) Every couple has the right to decide what’s right for their family, and there’s no shame in whatever choice is made, so own it! You can still be tactful while being honest. I tell people that I am totally happy with my boys and our family truly feels complete. It’s hard to argue with that!

    p.s. I wish I were in your book club, Joy. We could totally be friends.

  12. Linda Aug 25, 2012

    Realizing what stores or brands work for your individual body type makes such a difference. It is easy to blame your shape rather than just say “this is clearly not for me” and find what is. (Like Joy and American Apparel). But once you make that switch you can look great and feel so much better about yourself! Keep it up ladies.

  13. The “children” questions are so insensitive. I actually think that these questions are just as bad as the “when are you due” questions. We can’t have kids and I just straight up tell people that if they ask. I agree that you have to own your answer without being unkind.

    Joy and Tracy I am a new listener and I am loving your podcasts… I am actually going back and listening to your earlier ones as well. Great work ladies!

  14. YOLO! I’m a little late in posting this (I meant to do it last week). On my jr./sr. class trip this summer two friends and I were walking around Philadelphia in complete randomness, awesomeness, and confusion. We are all from different small towns in MN, so Philly was totes berserk to us! Every time we ran across the streets we yelled “YOLO!!!” in preparation of our imminate death by car crash (which seemed likely, considering one of my friends scorns crosswalks and refused to use them, except for maybe two times!) Obviously we all survived Philly, but we continued to use the phrase in D.C., Virginia Beach, and all the little cities in between. At Virginia Beach (our last big stop) we immortalized some of our favorite phrases in the sand, and of course YOLO made it. Check out the photos!
    P.S. Thanks for answering my call-in back in June!! I listened to that podcast for the first time while on the class trip and totally freaked out (in an awesome way). Will definitely be checking out cute guys’ feet to see which way they’re pointed, haha. :)

  15. Hey Tracy! This is totally random, but you mentioned on the podcast that you were looking for a nice new winter jacket! And I just bought myself one here:
    I had been searching FOR EVER for a nicer winter jacket that I actually liked, and this etsy seller is the only place I found that I actually really liked the jackets. (I am from Canada so a cute winter jacket is VERY important.) Anyway, I thought I’d share since I looked at way too many Burberry jackets before I found a jacket I could settle on price-wise. Anyway, hope this helps! And awesome podcast, as usual! You two are the best!

  16. Dear Joy and Tracy and Michael,
    I just wanted to thank you so so much for making this podcast. I spent the past year teaching English in France, and while living abroad was an amazing experience, being far from home with minimal Internet access was sometimes sad and lonely. Whenever the Internet did work, I would download your podcast and listen to episodes (usually more than once) and just savor the feeling of cracking up in English with some girlfriends. Thanks so much for sharing your hearts, minds, and especially your laughter with me and the world!
    A very grateful fellow American,
    Ingrid (PS my italian roommate listened with me a few times, and she totes learned some new English phrases haha)

    • courtneylaurel Sep 3, 2012

      I did the same! I got hooked while teaching in Normandy. It was comforting.

  17. We’ve been getting the “when are you having a child?” questions lately. I think it’s because my sister-in-law who got married a year after we did just had a baby and it’s on everyone’s mind. I politely say that “it will happen when it happens!” I feel like it’s a nice way of saying “none of your business” without outright saying it. I have a friend who can’t get pregnant and she breaks down crying any time someone asks, so maybe I’m a little more sensitive to it. What people do in their bedrooms is none of my business!

  18. Hey Joy and Tracy! Saw this on one of my favorite blogs– Nerd Boyfriend— and thought of you 😉 #MosDef

  19. I’m all for nail polish talk but if you ever want to talk sports from a girls perspective, I can help :-p Football rules my world!!

  20. Hey guys, long time listener, first time commenter (Makes it sound like I’m addressing a radio show, so 90’s (is that 90’s?))
    Me and my boyfriend are travelling from Australia to America in January. He has never even left Australia before (crazy!) and we are firstly wondering what you guys would recommend to do in LA and San Fran (and anywhere in between).

    I was also wondering what you guys think are the quintessential California desserts?
    Thank you so much for the fun!
    Love Rachel

    • Elyse Aug 31, 2012

      Just to second this comment – I am from New Zealand and will also be in the US next January! Any recommendations you guys have would be fantastic, and I hope you have a fabulous trip Rachel!


  21. HI Joy and Tracy! I just came across your podcast recently, and I love it! I am 30 million weeks pregnant and in need of some awesome distraction, and your podcasts are perfect! Love your blogs too! Cheers!

  22. Love the podcast! I had a great YOLO experience: a Traditional New England Clambake. I wrote all about it on my blog,

  23. best comment ever!! :)

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