It’s the first podcast from New Orleans!  Set up the pillows and sheep skins and nestle in.  This podcast is haunted.  Obviously.  Joy is going to start giving French Quarter tours.  Not really… well maybe.  Hold that thought!

la-ig-stylist_k4qci7ncimage credit: LA Times

Tracy wants to peg her pants and we’re trying to figure out the logistics.  Is there trimming involved?  The LA Times has an article about how hip it is to peg your pants, but that article is from 2008 so…. wait, can we still pull this off? Proper proportions are key!

We talked a lot about Stitch Fix!  Check it!

tracys board

Elise wants to know how are you going to decorate her new apartment.  Tracy is her go-to girl!

Tracy’s Pinterest Board:  The New Old House.  For shopping, Tracy suggests:  CB2, West Elm and Home Goods.

Dine x Design is also a great site for inspiration!


photo cred: A Beautiful Mess

Tracy also mentioned Blueprint copies from A Beautiful Mess.  Cheap and so cool!


Thanks for writing in Nikki!  Happy 30th Birthday!  Check out The Kitchy Kitchen for recipes and entertaining.

Snacks:  Little Sliders from The Candid Appetite

Tracy’s Turkey Meatballs look incredible!

Avocado Hummus would also be nice!

Thank you for joining us for another podcast!  Thank you for all of your emails, calls, and questions!  We’ll be back with more soon!

contact at homefries dot com or (817) 82-fries.  Say hello!

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12 comments on “Welcome To New Orleans!

  1. heather Apr 4, 2014

    Joy- Don’t eat Florida strawberries when they ones from Louisiana kick butt! You can buy them at Rouses and the Crescent City Farmer’s Market and once the season really kicks into gear, on the side of the road. So glad to hear that you are interested in the Edible Schoolyard! Yes- it is the same program Alice started in California. Check out a recent podcast of Louisiana Eats with Poppy Tooker. She interviewed Alice and talked about our schoolyard gardens!

  2. No baby cat photo?!

  3. If you google image “joy the baker cat” there are actual pictures of Joy the Baker’s cat. I find this very hilarious.

  4. Emily Estes Rogers Apr 6, 2014

    First of all, great podcast as usual! Seriously one of the highlights of my week!

    I was just about to say the same thing as Heather (above) – Louisiana has fantastic sweet, juicy strawberries! In fact, the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival is this coming weekend (April 11-13)- a whole festival devoted to celebrating the Louisiana strawberry!

  5. Maggie Apr 8, 2014

    Aaaaand I listened to this one while driving to work after my 39 week OB appointment this morning… Shoving the better part of a box of Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins into my face right around the time you were answering the question about limiting sugary foods for the lady who is 30 weeks pregnant. :) I laughed so hard at the timing. GO ME.

  6. Rhonda Apr 8, 2014

    yay!!!!!!!! Missed y’all!

  7. Emily Apr 9, 2014

    Joy, have you read this piece by Calvin Trillin?
    I like the idea of you and Calvin teaming up for one of his imagined eating tours driving from restaurant to restaurant for the choicest bits of the menus, as in Alice, Let’s eat. (Maybe I just want to do one of those eating tours with him!)

    For the woman at 30 weeks, good luck! I am on the other end of that now (I had my baby in December). I can tell you that the baby’s head is realllly good at squishing down to a manageable size, so even if it is a little big, you’ll be able to do it! Bengal Spice tea
    helped me get through a lot of caffeine and sugar cravings.

    Tracy, I’m having a hard time adjusting post pregnancy from wanting to show off a giant belly to… not wanting to do that. And not really being able to wear my pants. Still haven’t mustered up the motivation to go to the gym though. But, I did wind up with a cute baby, so there’s that!

  8. Andria Apr 9, 2014

    Joy – i feel for you on the “large cat” situation. As the mom of a cat that at his grandest weighed in at 22lbs, I know he got there not so much because of over feeding but because he was mostly all fluff and big bones with a giant head and paws the size of a puma. I worried for years that his “growth spurt” was because I fed him adult cat food instead of kitten food for like a week when he was little and gave him the occasional bite of my food. My vet assured me that sometimes those beasts just grow wild. Also nice tip on the stitch fix. I am all over that. Thanks!

  9. danielle Apr 25, 2014

    Where are the cat pix?

  10. Loved this episode! I live in Houston & I have family from Louisiana so I’m always driving back & forth. Lol, I firmly believe that everyone in Louisiana is cray. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a reaaaally crazy way. But don’t you love the accents?!

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