Shine bright like a diamond!  We made you another podcast!  This week Joy and Tracy discuss gift-giving… and they’re basically up a creek without a paddle.  Good thing there are mason jars and infused vodkas.  First, however… Tracy needs to talk about her awesomely creepy painter and Joy has to talk about her obsession with Rihanna.

Song we’re over:

Fun. – Some Nights

Song we’re obsessed with:

Joy, Tracy, and producer Michael started group texting… now they’re kinda hooked.

It’s mostly just a group text about Grumpy Cat…

If you’re not into Grumpy Cat… inform yourself here.


Tracy has some great 40 married year old man gift ideas!  Fire starter… twisted fire starter.

Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter

Michael chimes in with his geek brain.  ThinkGeek!

Pineapple Gin Punch!

Chocolate Peppermint Swirl Cake is totally gluten-free!

 Also gluten-free are Tracy’s Flourless Coconut Chocolate Drops!

We’re in FOODIE CRUSH this month! YAY

Thank you for listening to the podcast!  We hope your days are great and your nights have chocolate and cocktails in them!

Thanks for showing us your Minted cards!  We heart you major!

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47 comments on “Well Yo-Played

  1. Aeshna Dec 13, 2012

    Joy its so funny you’re obsessed with Rihanna because I think you look a lot like her!

  2. Judi Setzer Dec 13, 2012

    I’m making joy’s salted caramel and putting it in mason jars… yum! : )

  3. I have a lot to say:

    1. I am so into that Rihanna song it’s unreal. My yoga teacher plays it a lot, and usually follows it up with Katy Perry’s Wide Awake. Um, makes my life.

    2. Regarding that SNL performance by Fun, I referred to them as hipster muppets. Also, I felt like the lead singer just wanted me to look at his coat. I SEE YOUR JACKET.

    3. Tracy, do you think painter dude maybe didn’t want your whole house to smell like paint? It’d explain the air freshener AND the candles.

    Loved this episode! Love you both!

    • brandi Dec 13, 2012

      that’s exactly what i was thinking re: painter. my first thought was that it was a courtesy, although the smell of paint pretty much cuts through anything. still, i think it’s best to assume that it was a nice (but odd) gesture.

    • Your comment on Fun’s lead singer’s coat made me laugh and so curious, I had to Youtube the video. You’re right. He WAS trying to get everyone to look at this coat. Hahaha. And his mouth. It really is large!

      • Joy the Baker Dec 15, 2012

        i really hope there’s a tumblr about this dude’s coat. that would be awesome.

  4. I just saw your feature in Foodie Crush, you go ladies!

  5. Thank you for answering my question! Both recipes look incredible. I am also more of a fan of recipes that are gluten-free by nature. Y’all are the best!

  6. I got my boss a marshmallow gun for the holidays last year, then an airzooka for his birthday. He loves them! Sometimes we have marshmallow wars in the hallway.

  7. Megan Dec 13, 2012

    I don’t understand why there isn’t a “reply to sender” vs “reply to all” on group texts like there is for email. I know it’s super convenient to send a group text so everyone can see the cute picture of your kid, but no one wants to hear every response. I know you can turn group text on and off but that’s a pain to do if you want to use it sometimes. And for conversations about grumpy cat, the reply to all choice would be perfect. :)

  8. 1. Laugh talkers make me NUTS. I v. occasionally worked w/1 years ago & was so relieved when she transferred. Very odd and pretty off-putting verbal tic, but I assume it stemmed from insecurity, so I’d never call anyone on it, ‘course… or I’d just be a non-laugh-talking jerk-face. =)

    2. I MUST comment re: mice. Yo soy biologist and dealing with/advising re: mice used to be a tiny part of my job in the NPS (as the resident bio-science dork).

    a) Tracy’s husband is TOTALLY focused where “integrated pest management” professionals go. Smarty. The #1 principle of IPM (ooh, new acroynm!) is “mechanical exclusion.” So, find where they get in, and close it.

    b) If the person can borrow a cat, it’s a GENIUS way to get rid of mice, and just the scent of the cat will keep other mice away for long afterwards. Friends who live in areas where poison is not allowed (e.g., in National Parks) will borrow kitties (indoors only) for a few days & the job is DONE.

    c) PLEASE don’t use anti-coagulants (poison bait that you can buy & that exterminators will probably use) ’cause then when other species eat the poisoned rats and mice, they also get stick and die. Recently more has been learned about this, and even mountain lions are getting poisoned from the stuff. Pretty crazy.

    d) freaky biology factoid for fun, there are actual formulas to guide you on how many rats (not mice) are around based on how many you see. I think Tracy wondered about this. And it’s SHOCKING how much larger the # is re: how many are there v. how many you see. =) Good times!

    e) keeping food in baggies will not deter mice–they’ll eat right through that. The beloved mason jar, tins, tupperware, etc. will all work. Sometimes I’d have someone complain that there were mice in their office and they had chocolate bars just floating around in their desk. *sigh* =)

    3. JEEZE, stop already. Loved the show!! =) xoxobb

  9. For the caller looking for gin ideas- In my pantry right now I have gin being infused with cranberries. I plan to gift it with a jar of Tracy’s candied orange peels and a recipe for a cranberry-orange cocktail!

  10. Joy! An awesome winter cocktail is the Boulevardier, it’s a Negroni made with bourbon instead of gin! So delicious!

  11. I also think that he was trying to cover the paint smell. I’ve had painter’s do that, open windows, use smelly stuff, etc. Please give us an update after you confront him, I’m very curious!

  12. brandi Dec 13, 2012

    tracy, your pineapple gin punch reminds me of the blueprint pineapple apple mint juice, which i always thought would make an excellent cocktail. since they’re like $9/pop, i could never bring myself to actually purchase one for the purpose of boozing. your recipe seems like the perfect, more affordable replacement!

  13. Jolisa Dec 13, 2012

    I totally said ’emo’ for ‘imo’ just this week.bwahahahaha …you guys are awesome as always!

  14. I love idea of a winter negroni! I’m a negroni lover to the max, so a cold weather version would be totes maj!

  15. Francesca Dec 13, 2012

    Tracy I think the painter was smoking in your house!! He lit the candles just in case you smelled smoke, and this way he could blame the smell on the candles!

    • Joy the Baker Dec 15, 2012

      we totally have an update to the painter story! next podcast!

    • Sarah Dec 18, 2012

      That’s what I thought too. Dude was gettin’ high and painting, then having a delicious yogurt snack. Or maybe not smoking pot, but just cigarettes. However, cig smoke smell usually sticks around longer and stronger in a house.

  16. Tracy: The painter is a pot smoker!

  17. Oh I actually got even more into fun. after the SNL show. I suspected they were hipsters (the punctuation in the band name was the main clue), so it was nice to see hipsters get all passionate and not try to pretend like they don’t care.
    The mouth on the singer is remarkable though.

  18. Hey Joy! I was thinking about your Winter Negroni and thinking that maybe you could use Cynar instead of Campari since the flavor is spicier and earthier…kinda bitter-ish, but sweet too. Shhh, my mom puts it in vegan egg nog around this time of year. Love that woman.

    As usual, the podcast made me pee! You ladies are DE BEST!! XO

  19. I’m making the peanut butter bacon cookies! All the guys at work love them!

  20. Sarah R Dec 14, 2012

    Yep, I agree with Francesca and Megan. My mind instantly went to suspicions of smoking, one kind or another. There’s no other reason I can think of that a dude would light a bunch of candles and spray room spray. Cover up!

  21. Love the discussion about what to bring a new mom…I PROMISE this isn’t just a way for me to link to my own blog, but when I had a baby this past year, I had some other bloggers do posts on “New-Mama-Meals” – loved their ideas, especially the granola bars b/c if you’re new-mama friend is nursing, she’s going to want some hand-held food in the middle of the night.

    Also, someone brought me this Greek salad and I LOVED the change of pace from pasta…plus, I now bring it to families deconstructed, so if they have a picky kid, the kid can just put what they want in it…

    Love the show! You guys get me through the mounds and mounds of dishes I always seem to be doing.

  22. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love the podcast. I have called in to ask questions, done my homework, love to read your blogs, and I will continue to do so.

    But this episode put me over the edge a teensy bit. I feel that there have been multiple times throughout the podcast when there are long, detailed discussions of “the help” hired to clean, repair, paint, etc. During these discussions these individuals are belittled and somewhat dehumanized, which I’m sure is completely unintentional of Joy and Tracy.

    I love you guys but please remember that we don’t all have to deal with such massive problems as having our hired painter light candles in our living room. We simply have to paint that living room ourselves.

    Thanks so much,


  23. Maybe he was just trying to cover up some of the paint fumes for you?

  24. Natalie Dec 15, 2012

    Just so you know, y’all taught my 1 year old to say, “Aww shucks!” Maybe we listened to 5 JTB podcasts in a row? So what. Thanks!

  25. Painter Guy just didn’t want your house to smell like paint so he lit candles, sprayed air freshener and probably opened the sliding door to air your house out :-)

  26. sasha Dec 16, 2012

    Now I really want an update on the painter. Once my housemate had a house guest who used all my candles and I can home to them lite with no one around. It was everything I could do not to yell, but explain calmly that I didn’t want my apartment to burn down.

  27. Natalia Dec 17, 2012

    If there was a mouse in my house I would most definitely leave the house and wait for it to get old and die…
    I really don’t like laugh talkers either!!!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I have been baking cookies last week from both your websites and my family thinks I should open a bakery!!!! haha
    Really, those hazelnut espresso cookies, and apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies have been a hit, amazing… I’m baking the cranberry orange & pecan coffee cake as we speak.

    All the best from Barcelona

  28. Just listened to the podcast (while baking enamel jewellery).
    I hope noone said it already as I don’t have time to read all comments before mine, but, Joy, you could change your name to “Joy the Bradshaw” because Sex-and-the-City Carry has the same shoe issue. (Remember the episode with the party where they stole her Choo’s?)

  29. Ugh, Rihanna has captured me. I am a member of her Navy before I even wanted to – but I’m happy! She’s so catchy!!!! Your podcast is interesting and I mean this in a super non creepy weird (like someone who calls you by accident then calls back to say it) but you have a nice voice!

  30. Grumpy Cat cracks me up! I don’t think my last comment went through :(. But yeah I can’t stop finding Grumpy Cat pictures either! Umm, I’m a Rihanna Navy member without even meaning to be – she is just so catchy. I have her on repeat now, no joke.

  31. The meal I always take to people is green chili chicken enchiladas, and I posted the recipe on my blog today. Everyone loves this dish, and it can easily be prepared ahead of time and baked or frozen.

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