Welcome to another week of ear-ball madness!  This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy discuss their major, first of the month, shared obsession.  ASTROLOGY ZONE!  What sort of gems does astrologer Susan Miller have in store for us this month?  Will Tracy get pregnant and Joy get fired?

We’ll also discuss flirting (we’re talking about you Dustin!) … and how eye contact goes a long way.  Also, don’t let a dude smoke in your car.  Just don’t.

We’ve got solstice talk (Joy is clearly confused!) , shout outs, anniversaries… and the worst typo you’ve ever EVER seen.  Like… every.

Thanks for this awesome spirit animal rendition!  Moose on a bike!  Totes Joy.

Elena!  Best of luck with your Venezuelan Brunch Cafe!

You can totally do it!  Here are a few recipes to get you on your way!

Brown Butter Strawberry Banana Bread!  

Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls!

Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits!  

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

Sour Cream Coffee Cake!!!

Coconut Maple Granola

THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your emails!  We love hearing from you!  We love the pictures you share of your view of the world!  All three of us are genuinely excited to make this podcast for you every week.  We make it for YOU and it’s such an awesome privilege to feel connected to you!  high-five!

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134 comments on “What’s Your Sign?

  1. Betsy Jun 21, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy!! Hello from Cincinnati! I love listening to your podcasts while I’m at work redacting documents or copying, which I guess mean I get paid to listen to you two be awesome on a weekly basis. I have a question/best idea ever for you two. For as much as you two talk about Cookie Butter, I had to go try it. I did, and it’s damn good. I was struck with an idea yesterday that you probably both already thought up, but if not, hear me out: Cookie Butter buttercream icing. I mean, you can have peanut butter buttercream, no? Also nutella buttercream (divine!)? So I thought why not? My question, however, is what cupcake would you pair it with? Do I go the delicate route with a nice vanilla cupcake, or all out with something chocolatey? For a work function I was considering Joy’s vegan chocolate avocado cake made into cupcakes with the experimental Cookie Butter buttercream icing. Anyhow, keep doing what you two are doing because I love listening to it! If you swing through Cincinnati, we’ll have some bourbon together. Thanks, bye!

  2. greetings from an english taurean! my mum says the main thing about my star sign is a deep, deeeep love of food (also evident in my granny, who eats her pudding first).

    i absolutely love your podcasts, they brighten the rainy days over here!! this one had me snorting aloud into my tea. keep up the awesome, inspiring work, your blogs are 2 of my favourites! xxx

  3. I am an aries. And an interesting fact, my husband is an aries, too. Right after we got married I was applying for my passport and the woman helping me saw our birthdays and told me without hesitation that our marriage was doomed because we were born a week and a year apart. I always took it as a good sign that we were exactly one year and one week apart, but this woman single-handedly put doubt in very young mind. Well, so far we’ve been married 6 years. Take that passport lady.

    Tracy, every morning I wake up HUNGRY. I totally feel your pain. My husband wakes up and eats a banana and is ready to tackle the day. I need more.

  4. Virgo here, ladies!

  5. I am totally obsessed with astrology (Capricorn here!) and so is my boyfriend (Pisces). The two of us have this weird game we’ve been playing for years where we try to figure out the astrological signs of strangers. It started about five years ago when we first met (the obsession with astrology was something we had in common), we used to watch a TON of movies together and after a while we started getting into the habit of trying to guess what an actor’s astrological sign was and checking it on IMDB (and we got pretty good!). After a while we branched out to trying to guess the astrological signs of other people in the theater. “That guy with the hat and the tattoos, TOTAL Gemini”. We’re weirdos I know. I can’t resist though, I do the same thing when I start reading a new blog, I HAVE TO to a “birthday” search to check what sign they are to check against my predictions. It’s a sickness.

  6. Brittany Jun 21, 2012

    I’m a Gemini and my best friend is a Capricorn. She turned me on to you guys because she said you guys are us..which five minutes into your first podcast I realized immediately. I now listen to you every day at work when I’m faced with super boring tasks. You guys keep me laughing out loud at my desk and thinking of all the good times with my best friend through even the worst days. Thanks for brightening my day :)

  7. I read Astrology zone because you told me to, and I do everything you tell me to, of course. It said if I am artistic it will take off this month. I have always been the creative type, but I picked up my paint brushes for the first time in years this past week. It also said something surprising would happen on June 20th (yesterday). My husband surprised me with tickets to a Def Leopard concert. I have never been a big fan of rock, but I had the best time, also surprising! Maybe there’s something to this Astrology thing!

  8. I’m also a Gemini – with my birthday only 4 days after Joy’s! And, Tracy, you completely cracked me up with your comments about Geminis loving skincare/beauty products – because I’m totally there. I’m even a Mary Kay consultant I love them so much! “Hi, I love skincare and makeup products – so let me share them with you.” :-)

    Thank you for another fantastic podcast ladies. You make my Thursday mornings totes awesome!

  9. Can’t wait to listen, but in the meantime I totally read my Astrology Zone business and I’m so glad it approves of my vacation at the end of August and now I know not to go on any dates until July. Whew!

  10. Hi Joy and Tracy! I just finished listening to this podcast. I listen to the podcasts while I do yoga on my own at the gym. When Joy was talking about her shake/shave typo I happened to be in a headstand. I was laughing so hard I nearly fell over. I wish I had taken a picture of my yoga mat at the gym since this is generally where I listen to you lovely ladies. Next time.

    I am a Pisces.

    Thanks for good ear time!

  11. virgo! i love astrology too. i used to try and guess people’s signs. i haven’t been as into astrology recently as i used to but am getting inspired to get back into it! and tracy, i’m definitely hungry in the morning too. also, i have a friend that says she gets super full from eating a large apple – like it’s basically a meal to her. that’s crazy talk to me.

  12. Katie Jun 21, 2012


  13. guys. guys. guys. seriously… how didn’t i know about this earlier?? i’m a pisces, and i’m transitioning between second and third year of medical school… and astrology zone was totally right on. i took my first set of boards on june 18th… and i kind of wish i’d read this before! i think it’s time to get back into astrology. also, you’re totally my favorite. the end.

  14. Nicole Jun 21, 2012

    Capricorn here! I just have to tell you, when you were helping Nicole (not me) with her question and were saying “Hi, Nicole!” I waved at my computer with a huge smile. Thank god there’s a partition between me and my officemate.

    • Hi Nicole- They were talking to me and I almost died with laughter and crying on the way to the airport. I am glad you smiled!
      BYW….great name. Lets be friends!

  15. Heather Jun 21, 2012

    Ya’ll have caused Astrology Zone to crash! That is serious power. I’m a Taurus! Thanks for making Thursday mornings the shiz.

  16. P.S. I’m a Capricorn!

  17. Aries what what!

    Ramming my way through life!

  18. Betty Jun 21, 2012

    Another Virgo representin’! I do hope the typo in the sentence describing the typo was intentional. Hehehehe.

  19. Pisces, through and through. I’m also a Rabbit on the Chinese calendar, which is pretty much spot on as well.

    And, I’ve been reading Susan Miller for yeeeeeeears. My mom got me into it. It tends to be right a lot of times…except for anything related to relationships. It’s always saying I’ll meet someone, and I never do. Other than that, though, pretty spot on.

    ALSO, loved the call from the 17 year old. Exactly what I was trying to figure out when I was that age!

    • Oh! Also, as a high school teacher, I can confirm that girls still wear corset tops and other non-clothing to school. It’s…..awful.

  20. Libra here!

  21. BTW. I totally didn’t yell. I’m not a yeller.

  22. Virgo, what what!

    Also, the typo in the third paragraph made me giggle. You silly kids.

  23. Kmarie Jun 21, 2012

    LEO! Hi Tracy!
    This was my favorite podcast! I liked that you told us some inside info about the podcast (that Michael said the astrology bit was boring and you had to do it over). I hope one day, you guys let us hear some of your early practice podcasts that didn’t air :)
    I also loved hearing you both die laughing about Joy’s typo!

    • I think the behind the scenes stuff is fun and interesting. Someday we will have to explain more about how we work together.

  24. Leo, too… Tracy, I fret about my haircuts, too…
    I have long been a believer of astrology signs giving cues to personality traits, but have never believed much on the horoscopes. However, I read June’s horoscope and there was a major one for me that was spot on the date…. I gasped. Outloud.

  25. Amanda W. Jun 21, 2012

    Joy and Tracy, you have totes converted me! Astrology zone is eerily, eerily spot on for my summer. I’m a cancer by the way…

    Oh, and Tracy, I was up starving everyday! I had to train myself to be able to function when I go out to breakfast. I used to have to eat something before I left the house for fear of having a melt down while waiting in line. I’m prevailed and can now wait…a little while at least!

    I appreciate YOU! You rock my socks off, ladies.

  26. I think Emmalou (sp?) and Dustin need to start writing or something!

    I’m a Pisces! My Astrology Zone was spot on–I can’t wait till the end of the month where it says I can go shopping for home stuff! That should be fun.

    By the way, I was doing the crossword puzzle today and the clue was “ear parts” for a 5 letter word. I thought the word was “balls” as in ear balls…because they ARE ear parts in my book!

  27. Ciara Jun 21, 2012

    I’m a virgo and was also going to write virgo what what?! until i saw like three other virgos had done the same……awkward sauce.

  28. Karly W Jun 21, 2012

    I’m a scorpio!

  29. Sarah McG Jun 21, 2012

    I’m a Capricorn but don’t know much about astrology- I do know that I love the podcast and it’s the highlight of my week!

  30. I’m a Libra!
    Also totes addicted to Astrology Zone now! The newsletter for June was dead on.
    Also also, yay Michael! I’d love future podcastios where you talk more about the behind the scenes goodness.

  31. I’m a capricorn, and my sister who listens with me is a Virgo :)

  32. Oh my god after writing the above comment I went and read my horoscope on the site and OH MY GOD YOU ARE RIGHT! IT IS SO SPOT ON!

  33. Don’t be embarrassed! At least your typo resulted in a VERY funny story :)

    I’m an Aries , but I think I’m right on the verge of being the next sign…I’m April 18th. Although, aren’t Aries people supposed to have tempers? That unfortunately describes me…

    • Maggie –

      They’re called “Cusp” Birthday, and being an April 19th girl myself I’m also on the Aries/Taurus cusp…. I prefer to pick my more favorite of the two when presented with both. Though I’ve been told I’m more Taurus than Aries – I don’t know how I feel about that


  34. Amanda Barkey Jun 21, 2012

    bahahaha I totally read the shave your groove thang typo but it was late at night and I was too tired to even comment… I just laughed out loud to myself in my quiet house and went to bed… made my night :)

  35. I’m a Sagittarius on the cusp, so I have a touch of know-it-all Scorpio in me.

    Also, Astrology Zone? Yeah I just read the May forecast for Sags and had a smack-my-head moment. She totally called out something for me regarding business/partnerships. Yeah. I’ll be reading that regularly.

  36. Hey guys! I made Tracy’s Salmon cream cheese recently, and it was HEAVEN! I must of ate my stash of bagels in two days because of this stuff! Look here! http://thepalatablemisspreece.com/2012/05/08/smoked-salmon-cream-cheese/

    Still loving your podcasts, keep going :)

  37. Molly Jun 22, 2012

    Scorpio :)

  38. Lauren Jun 22, 2012

    Virgo! Love listening to you both.

  39. Elisabeth Jun 22, 2012

    I’m a Virgo!
    And from Bonn, Germany so there’s another pin you can add to your imaginary map of world-wide-listeners! :-)
    Love the podcast, thanks for all the hard work you Ladies (and Gentleman of course) put into it!

  40. latasha Jun 22, 2012

    leo here!! august 14th in fact :)

  41. Kelly Jun 22, 2012

    Yay for astrology zone! That Susan Miller is SPOT on… I wonder what HER sign is?!
    I’m a Sagittarius myself, but you ladies seem to have a lot of ‘earth’ sign listeners… interesting! I loved all the astro talk, but I’m a little disappointed that the name of this episode is not ‘Shave Your Groove Thing’ Ha..
    Too funny!! Keep up the great work :))

    PS.. when can we expect another episode of We’re About to Be Friends?

  42. Not only am I one of only 2 cancers to respond to this post so far, but today (june 22) is my birthday! Thanks for starting my day off on a positive note :)

  43. I’m a Libra!

  44. Cancer. I don’t really buy into astrology but once-in-a-while things seem creepily spot on. Let’s hope Susan Miller is spot on with this statement “the course of your career will improve, thanks to Mars’ faster orbit” as I have two job interviews next week! Also, one time, at band camp (just kidding – it was a grown-up slumber party), I did our personology charts just for giggles. Mine said I should choose web design as my career path – I had been working in web design for about 5 years! I promptly walked away from that devil book.

  45. August 17 birthday here! Tracy and I are almost birthday sisters. :) My parents are Geminis (BOTH of them so I often joke that I had four parents growing up) and my husband is a Scorpio… so I know aaaall about the personalities making up this podcast. Maybe that’s why I like it – it’s the same balance as my life. :)

    • Tracy Jun 22, 2012

      oooh birthday neighbor! were you born in 79 too? That would be crazy. Also…I’m ready for July. June has been blah!

  46. Oh, and Astrology Zone? LOVE IT. Right now I’m just counting the days until July 1 because she told me June was going to suck… and it is SO SUCKING.

  47. You guys rock my world.

  48. Capricorn! I generally think astrology is bs but Ms. Miller’s predictions for June were eerily correct… except for finding love, no luck on that front.

  49. Emily D. Jun 22, 2012

    I am a Pieces, and my personality generally fits, but horoscopes are usually waaaaaaay off.

  50. Oh ladies! I have to fess up. I didn’t draw that moose on a bike– although I wish I could draw that well. It was actually one of a set of greeting cards I bought at Anthropologie forever ago. Embarrassing! I promise I’m not a plagiarist, at least not on purpose. But I’m glad you liked it!

  51. Jesse Jun 22, 2012

    Hi, I am an Aries.

  52. I’m a Gemini and I’m listening from Saudi Arabia! I’m obsessed with Astrology Zone too. I print out my horoscope for the months and highlight all the important dates with multiple color highlighters…

  53. Sandra Jun 22, 2012

    My sign is Cancer (only just because my birthday is July 21st).
    It’s strange to see so few of this sign have replied, shy I guess….:)
    Love from Holland

  54. louise Jun 22, 2012

    Sagittarius! And I hate the word ‘moist’ too :)

    and I thought your typo was going to be ‘shake my gross thing’

    too funny!

  55. kelly Jun 22, 2012

    I’m a pisces and I’m married to a Gemini and our daughter is a Leo:)

  56. maija Jun 22, 2012

    I’m a Scorpio! It was so funny listening to you talk about Scorpios, as it felt like you were talking specifically about me. I am always driving people crazy because I am stubborn about things that I am right about. But the thing is – it’s true, I am always right! I won’t fight about it if I don’t strongly believe that I am.

    Susan Miller was pretty spot on for June so far. It was fun to read now that the month’s nearly over, so I could see what was accurate. Good timing on directing us to this!

  57. Wendy Jun 22, 2012

    Taurus! April 24… Am I really the only stubborn Bull here?

  58. Marilyn Jun 22, 2012

    Taurus, taurus, taurus!!!!!

  59. Pisces ftw! and by the way I am dying, crying, and rolling on the floor laughing about the WORST typo ever, sooooo funny Joy! Thanks for sharing and making it real :)

  60. Caitlin M. Jun 22, 2012

    Joy and Tracy! i was once super into astrology, and i’m less obsessed now but i remember all about it and proud to say i am a PISCES!! woot. which also means the astrology books will tell you i would have my feelings hurt by the teasey leo! i don’t believe everything i read though. love the podcast

  61. Aries!!! And I needed this pod cast- I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages!!

    I am freaked out. Astrology zone TOTALLY WORKS!
    I’m a Capricorn, by the way :)
    LOVE the podcast!

  63. I’m telling you, we need a “Ladies be Blazin'” t-shirt. Boom boom POW!

  64. Katie Jun 23, 2012

    I’m a cancer, feeling proud to be in the minority up in here!

  65. Laura Jun 23, 2012

    I’m a capricorn! I love you guys (Joy, Tracy, Michael) and am so thankful for you! You make my morning runs so much more bearable… Thank you for that!

  66. Whoa, lots of Capricorn listeners. I’m another one!

    I hope Elena makes Tracy’s Coconut Maple Granola. I make a new batch every other week. It’s the only kind I eat anymore. And Joy, thanks for reminding me of your Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits. I made them today and…I love you. That’s all.

  67. OMG… I love Astrology Zone… I’ve been translating the “cancer” newsletter into spanish every month for a friend for a year and a half…

    i’m also a cancer so i get to read mine while translating hers…

    anyway, loved today’s podcast and your ideas for Elena.. Suerte Elena con tu café en Venezuela!

    I´ll be doing my summer bucket list in my blog (so ill be tweeting the link) 😛

    as always… you are TOTES MAJ!!!

  68. Leo!

    A funny thing happened when I was listening to this podcast… I was walking down a fairly empty street, and about a block away from me there was this couple standing on the corner making out. As I walked closer to them I was making fun of them a little in my head, because why stand right on the corner in a residential neighborhood and do this awkward makeout session… but anyhow, just as I got near them, Joy announced her amazing typo and I just BURST out laughing. Obviously the couple thought I was laughing at them and they kind of jumped apart, which made me laugh even harder as I scurried away.

    On a totally separate note: I’m so glad you answered Elena’s question, because I’ve been wanting to call in with a similar one – my sister is hosting my day-after-wedding brunch, but obviously no one has time to be baking that morning or the day before, so I was going to ask about what brunch items freeze well. So, perfect! Just one follow-up though – when you freeze banana bread or similar items, do you just defrost at room temp, or in the fridge?

    thanks, and keep up the great work!

  69. Staci Magnolia Jun 24, 2012

    Tracy, I’m curious, what is Casey?
    ((I haven’t listened to the rest of the podcast yet so maybe you disclose that.))
    Joy, you know who else is a LEO? Your friend Jah from Uhh Yeah Dude!

    • Tracy Jun 25, 2012

      Casey is a pisces! We aren’t supposed to work out but SCREW YOU, ASTROLOGY.

    • ooohhhh jah! he actually looks like a lion… so that totally makes sense!

      • Staci Magnolia Jun 27, 2012

        Tracy — I’ve always had male Pisces friends! Somehow it works! I’m 8/22, for the record. Cusp baby but soooooo a Leo.

        Joy — I am seeing them live in Boston soon, CAN’T WAIT!!!!

        • Tracy Jun 27, 2012

          It’s cuz we love how clever/witty and humorous Pisces are!

  70. Lindsey Jun 25, 2012

    You ladies are the best! I’ve shared you with so many people now, and I feel like it makes me even cooler to be the one to introduce people to your hilarious and awesome podcast and blogs. I’m a Capricorn, and while listening today, I checked my astrologyzone.com forecast and have to say that she was SPOT ON about June! Amazing. Can’t wait for next week’s podcast, and can’t wait to read Susan Miller’s July predictions for goats like myself!
    Thanks so much!

  71. Barbara Jun 25, 2012

    Hi, you guys! I’m an Aquarius! Thanks for cluing me in about Astrology Zone! I LOVE it! It was a good time for me to get into it because apparently I’m entering a very good period regarding love. I hope it pans out the way she says it could. I have been talking to someone new recently, so…we’ll see :)

    This is totally another topic from a while back, but my siren song is that when I’m waiting for the train here in Boston I am SOOO tempted to throw my book and/or ipod (whichever is in my hand at that moment) down into the train tracks!! I actually back up a little bit and hold on to them tighter when this feeling takes over! It’s like the listener who said that she holds on to her keys tight because she is tempted to throw them into the water when she’s on the ferry! That whole topic cracked me up! I love you guys…so much!!!

  72. I’m a Capricorn, and I share a birthday with Ricky Martin! Dude the description of the Gemini is totes my sister! She’s four days younger than Joy. Every time I see her she’s trying a new skin care line. Cray cray.

  73. Scorpio and I share a birthday with Vivien Leigh.

  74. aries w/virgo moon and gemini ascendant :) this was my first time listening, i enjoyed it!

  75. Amy S. Jun 25, 2012

    I am literally wiping happy tears from my eyes about the typo and Cooper’s mis-speak! I need these laughs on a blah-Monday. Thanks girlies!

    P.S.-I’m a virgo…

  76. LEO! High 5 to Tracy!! August 16.
    Much love from Corning, NY

  77. Caitlin Jun 25, 2012

    Tracy, my birthday is August 18 too!! I would always hear you talk about being a Leo born in August and I always wondered! I used to fight my interest in astrology, but I’m going to have to check out this Astrology Zone…

  78. I’m a Sagittarius (obsessed with Astrology Zone. apparently my month of stress ends tomorrow, which is kind of great). As to epic embarrassing typos, when i was in high school and had to get tech help from our computer teacher, i emailed my mother the following INSANELY INAPPROPRIATE typo: “it’s fine, mom, he suck a disk in the computer”. mom said she cried laughing. i, meanwhile, crawled under a desk and died. i think hideous typo moments are a rite of passage at this point.

  79. Kelsey Jun 26, 2012

    Leo! August 13.

  80. Libra here, but I’m on the cusp so I always read Scorpio too.

  81. Dear Joy & Tracy, (Possible name combo, Troy?–eww nevermind.)

    I am seeing stars after checking out Astrology Zone. Here’s why, I feel like Susan Miller gently caressed my cheek while she told me, “You have an extraordinary chart, with layer upon layer of signals that from now on, life is about to become joyous and softer, and far more romantic than anything you’ve experienced over past years.” I thought, “AWESOME!! It’s prolly ’cause my lover boy and I are tying the knot on July 21st!” However, then I went to the Love and Life section of the Astrology Zone website and Susan punched me in the face. She socked it to me when she told me Aquarius and Taurus are, “…not an easy match, unless you have some extra earth signs in your horoscope to compensate. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs, a tough combination because neither of you is likely to budge from your position. Pure stubbornness could kill your union.” Sweet–thanks Sue! I guess all we can do is pray we’re extra earthy–whatever that means…maybe a good roll in the dirt will do the trick?!

    Aside from Susie’s 1/2 great 1/2 awful news, I thought I might suggest some new words. I know you two like to speak in clippings–ya know “Toats Maje,” “Cra-Cra,” Et cetrea… The words, I am about to suggest are not clippings, but are quite fun. Number one, “Hamajang,” this is an old school, Hawaiian word which means, messed up. For example, “Shaving your groove thing at some else’s house is hammajang!” Number two, I made up–it’s “Shmarmadon”. A shmarmadon is a creeper-dude on the beach, on the dance floor, Et cetrea… Number three, now my man
    came up with this one and I LOVE it, “Prehistoric Mellows,” which takes the adjective, “mellow” and turns it into a noun. Prehistoric mellows are the really old leathery people who live on the beach or have become ex-pats and now live in Baja or Costa Rica. I can actually picture a prehistoric mellow wearing a neon green Boom-Boom shirt.

    The Longest Comment Ever,

    April Mae

  82. Hi Joy & Tracy! Love listening to your show and cackling away to myself as I walk around Dublin. This morning I was heading down the street when a little old man passed me by on the pavement carefully balancing two HUGE trays of eggs in his arms; there must have been around 50 eggs there … the sirens were doing opera.

  83. Julia Jun 27, 2012


    Boom boom pow.

  84. Andrea Adams Jun 27, 2012

    Leo here! My birthday is July 26th — same as Sandra Bullock and Kevin Spacey.

  85. OMG bodysuits & flannels?! My high school wardrobe! What about the half cowboy boots & glitter belts?? And now thank you for getting me hooked on Astrology Zone, I just read my June Virgo horoscope and it was creepily accurate. Joy, I love that the Moose is your power animal. I’m going to send you some of my favorite Moose photos from Idaho/Montana.

  86. Tanashati Jun 27, 2012

    Libra listener here!

  87. I’m totes a Virgo which I used to fight but now totally heart. I have to say Astrology Zone is good but I like to kick it old school as well – Linda Goodman’s love signs was required reading for me and my BFF in college. Thanks for keeping me company while I do boring work stuff – you guys are awesometastic!

  88. HOLLA Tracy! Leo, too!
    I totally get your clean-freak-ness, and I defs am crazy picky about my hair and my haircuts. Sadly, I just moved away from a fabulous hairdresser that I just found, and now imma have to find a new one all over again.. ahhh! AND I have super short hair, so it really matters! (No baseball caps or ponytails for me, if she decides she’s going to punish me cause I’m super pretty….. )

    • Tracy Jun 28, 2012

      It seems like whenever I find a good stylist, something happens! I move…they move salons…SUCKS. Still looking for a good one. Sigh…

  89. geez. i was at a book club last night and someone there swore by astrology zone. now i have to follow her on twitter!

  90. Alison M Jun 28, 2012


  91. And now I am addicted to astrology zone :) (total gemini here) Love the show ladies!

  92. Jackie H Jun 28, 2012

    Another Gemini here!

  93. Sergio Jun 29, 2012

    Another Aquarius here. Cheers

  94. I’m a full blown Scorpio, really. Smack in the middle of the sign.

  95. You ladies are enlightening my life! I’m a Sag. Warrior all the way.

  96. Maria Jul 1, 2012


  97. amy cate Jul 2, 2012

    Capricorn! Actually I’m a Sag/Cap cusp – what does that mean, Cap with a touch of Sag? I’m December 22. I love Astrology Zone, thanks for turning me on to it. I was so excited to check the forecast for July. Yay! Love you ladies.

  98. Kalena Boller Jul 3, 2012

    So, Joy, how about this for a snack of interesting?

    I was born on May 25th, which makes you and I not only Gemini but Birthday Sisters as well! I find it so amazing! Not only that, but my sister, Lauren, is a Leo like Tracey. She ALSO is obsessed with astrology. She is my best friend. She makes me laugh. She’s totally corny but super smart. According to her, Leo and Gemini are a match made in the stars.

    So I was slowly getting into this subject with her when I came across this episode. Astrology zone was so accurate it was scary. She even flipped out because she JUST got pregnant! I was so hooked that I checked the sight every hour on July 1st and 2nd until it was back up with the new forecasts. Three days in and it hasn’t missed a beat. I smell a new favorite pastime.

    LOVE your show, you two! Keep it up!

  99. Libra here too! :)

  100. Danielle Jul 6, 2012

    I’m a Scorpio! Hard core. All the way.

    Love you guys!

  101. November Scorpio (and a Tiger)!

  102. Katya Jul 10, 2012

    I am an Aries. Totally suit the description on all kinds astrologic websites, which I love to follow and will definitely try out the link you posted. March 23rd here.

  103. I’ve been reading Astrology zone for at least 3 years now!!! I cannot believe I have found others as obsessed with it as I am. It’s always right (ok 90% of the time) haha. Glad to see Im not alone. I’m a taurus to the tee!
    Susan Miller rocks…she has such a pleasant and kind tone to her writing. Feels like home. I swear it’s like therapy to read. I always get excited at the start of a new month…

  104. Hi, I’m Cortnie and I’m a Cancer. I think you girls have got me hooked on Astrology Zone!!

    Tracy, I could eat from the moment I get up until I go to bed. This includes espresso.

    Joy, I was laugh/crying about the ‘shave my groove thing’. Don’t be mad.

    Love you girls!!

  105. First of all, Joy, I am also a Gemini. Jekyll and Hyde persona? That is me. Nickname: Moody McGee. Whateves. It’s totes cool. Question for Tracy: I JUST moved into a new space, a four bedroom duplex. W00t w00t! My question is: how do you effectively organize a closet, the length of a wall? I’m now a spoiled lady and I need a bit of help! Thanks ladies. 😉

    • Tracy Jul 17, 2012

      send me pictures!! I gotta see what you’re working with! contact[at]shutterbean.com

  106. Hi! I just found this podcast and I really really love it!! 😀 You guys are like, my rolemodels!!! EEP!! I’m a cancer, by the way. just wanted to say hiiiiii :)

  107. Hey ladies, Late response here. I’m listening to all the podcasts in reverse order since I just discovered this amazing treasure a few weeks ago. I was listening to this one today and was tickled when I heard Joy’s birthday is May 25, May 26th-er here. Yay Gemini unite. I am also INFJ as well so we might as well be twinsies. Hot Bod, can you guys never stop saying that. I love it.

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