On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast Joy says the ‘V’ word.  Yea… that one.  Joy and Tracy also discuss how high and low maintenance they are.  Joy = high.  Tracy = low.  Spoiler alert.  Joy and Tracy also got their Katie (as in Holmes) back.  Dawson’s Creek reunion in T-minus 11 months!

We’re sorry to hear about the Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise split…  but maybe this means… I want my Katie back Katie back Katie back.

We went  Chili’s.  Too easy.

Becky of Chipper Things draws I’d Rather Be Short!  It’s Tracy’s favorite.

We took some of your questions!  Michael wants to know how to bake without measuring, and Naomi want to cook in South Korea on two burners.

Michael, Naomi, and EVERYONE should make an Icebox Cake!  This cake from Smitten Kitchen seems just perfect!

Naomi emailed us from South Korea!  Thanks for the love!

No oven in South Korea?  Make some flatbread on the stove top!

Milk Chocolate Chip Pancakes are totally stove top easy!

If you’re without an Onion…I mean OVEN, there’s always Garlic Naan! 

Anna is getting married in October!  Big congratulations lady!  Maybe you should make Brie Pops!  Ps.  Are we invited?

Elena from Venezuela with her son Marcel!  Good luck with the brunch cafe!  We can’t wait to see more pictures!

Big love to you!

When Harry Met Sally good times.

Oh Nora Ephron!  You were the most maj!

 Tom Hanks remembers Nora Ephron. Amaze!

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52 comments on “Why Is Your Dog In A Purse?

  1. Yes! I’m happy there’s someone else out there who understands my pain. I live in Japan where almost no one has an oven. (How do they live?!) I’ve made donuts and every kind of pancake in the sun on the stove top and really spongy cake in my rice cooker! Otherwise, I live vicariously through food blogs for things like cookies and crumbles. Definitely going to try the icebox cake and naan for summer! You ladies are my inspiration

  2. Nori! I moved to Japan, and I couldn’t live without an oven. I bought one. Wanna have a baking party??? (Though it’s really hot right now so I mostly just use my crockpot)

    Also, when that fist bump meets a high five – it’s called a turkey. My younger brother loves to mess up my high fives with that business.

  3. My friend Daniel and I totes abbreviate high maintenance into “hi-may”!He’s absolutely hi-may and I am more low-may. He’s also a total labelslut (If it has a giant Polo logo on it, he’s all about it), whereas I shop at Target and J C Penney and pay no attention to the labels at all.

    Love the podcast!


  5. Oh my gosh, I don’t know how I missed the news about Nora Ephron passing away! That is so sad – I love her movies.

    To the caller who is having a wedding with heavy hors d’oeuvres – I went to a wedding a few years ago that had a mashed potato bar at their cocktail hour. Mashed potatoes served up in martini glasses, with all different toppings. People went bonkers! Since you’re not doing a sit-down meal, something filling like that might be good!

    • Tracy Jul 5, 2012

      I want that!!!!

    • Joy the Baker Jul 5, 2012

      i want that every morning for breakfast!

      • Great podcast. I am sitting upstairs (ignoring Matt) and listening to you both and laughing about the dog / stroller issues. Dog in baby bjorn is just wrong. Just wrong. Good luck with the hair cut Jules! Who knew toe hair was an issue?

    • Katya Jul 5, 2012

      I went to my best friend’s wedding where they had the same thing: different kinds of mashed potatoes and multiple toppings bar served in martini glasses! It was amaze!!!

  6. I’ve made that icebox cake & it’s super good! And I love the suggestion to gentrify a corn dog. Good job Tracy. :)

    • “Gentrify a corn dog” should be a saying. Like “put lipstick on a pig.”
      You bring your ex-con boyfriend home to meet your mom and he’s wearing a suit. Your mom’s all, “You can’t gentrify a corn dog, honey.”

  7. Oh Joy… I’m with you! I worked with someone who would always tell me ‘you look tired’! Like, first thing when I’d get into the office, way to kill my buzz girl!!
    One day I got fed up and told her saying that to someone is the same as saying ‘you look terrible today!’. I don’t know if she stopped saying it to other people but she never said it (or much else) to me after.

  8. Andrea Jul 5, 2012


    Here’s a picture of my fluffy cat, he comes complete with way long toe hair. I like to call him my little fluff nugget :)

  9. Andrea Jul 5, 2012

    oh. . . not sure how to post a picture

  10. One time in the dining center [college days], my cousin saw me and said I looked really hungover. I assured him that I didn’t drink the night prior. He said I just looked really tired. “Uhhh, thanks?”

    THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING MY CALL! I laughed out loud at the bathtub jacuzzi idea. Well done. This made my day. Thank you ladies!

  11. Tracy I totes get the dark house but in a relationship with a “ALL THE LIGHTS IN THE HOUSE MUST BE ON” man….

  12. Lauren Jul 5, 2012

    I need some cat toe fur pics. Adorbs

  13. Ashley Jul 5, 2012

    What’s cool about being short? Well, for starters, you have a song written JUST FOR YOU: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FADxR_aFPa4

  14. maija Jul 5, 2012

    This made me laugh as in my house, I am the lights/sound person & my boyfriend likes it dark & quiet. He can barely stand the noises the fridge makes.

    Also for the caller w/out an oven — what about rice pudding? That seemed like an obvious one to me since she mentioned a rice cooker! And I know Joy has multiple recipes for it on her site (and in her book, too).

  15. So I haven’t made it all the way through the podcast yet, but I noticed on the show notes that a caller asked about cooking without an oven and I just had to share how to bake on a stove top. I learned this when I was serving in the Peace Corps and didn’t have an oven, just a two burner gas top hooked up to a propane tank in my kitchen/living room area.

    You need two large pots of equal size and one medium/small one and a flat stone of some kind or empty tuna fish can with the wrapper removed. You’ll put one large pot on the burner, place the stone (or tuna can) in the pot and then the medium/small one onto of the stone so that it is elevated and air can circulate around it. You’ll place whatever you want to bake in the medium/small pot and cover the large pot with the other large pot (or, I guess a raised lid). In this way, you’ll have created a little oven where hot air can circulate around the cooking vessel! It’s important not to peek at the item baking, as this will let the hot air escape and you’ll have to let it reheat back to temperature, thus increasing the cooking time!

    Hope that helps :)

    This YouTube video shows what I’m talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LMv8Cz2jIQ

  16. I was walking the dog and trying not to look like a looney-girl and hide my grin when you were singing he baby back ribs song and saying the “V” word! Then trying not to trip over he sidewalk as I typed this message. Also, I agree about the restaurant high maint must. I always get your song stuck in my head for days after a podcast. Makes me laugh. Sometimes it’s a combination of that and the Baywatch song. :) Thanks for all your podcasting work!!

  17. i recently made my first ice box cake!!!! can’t even tell you how fast that disappeared. i cheated and used cool whip though:

  18. I just was listening to the part of the podcast where Joy talks about being high maintenance when she goes out to eat and I used to be a waitress and feel the EXACT same way… BUT just wanted to say also that it sounded to me, when she said it, it sounded like wabaitress, as if she said the word in ubby-dubby language…. did I totally imagine that??

  19. Tracy, I am pretty against turning lights on. My mom said, “You and your grandmother both like sitting in the dark.” So maybe Cooper will inherit it from you.

    I totally get the song suck in my head too, but in a good way.

    Thanks for another great podcast! I might have snorted.

    p.s. Where are the pictures from the cafe?

  20. I loved perusing the I’d Rather Be Short site–hilarious! And being a short person myself, I thought this list was tote maj!

    Reasons why I think it’s awesome being short?

    -No ducking for low hanging branches when you’re out walking your dog.
    -All the good cereals are at your eye level.
    -You can wear a regular-length “mini skirt” and it’s still work-appropriate.
    -Short people naturally look younger than tall people.

    Thanks for the awesome podcast as always!

    • I re-posted the link to the site as soon as I saw it. It’s pretty much fabulous. I’m 5’1″ (although my driver’s license says 5’4″ — the DMV believes anything), so I’m all about rockin’ the short girl life.
      My additional suggestions include:
      – Short people handle icy sidewalks better than tall people — if we fall, we’re so close the ground that it doesn’t really matter.
      – Short people are more likely to find spare change on the ground.
      – Short people are LESS likely to step in dog poo on the ground (closer to the ground = more likely to smell poo).
      – And, finally, short people are the perfect 5th party to any car ride — we actually fit in the middle back seat!

      High five? No. Low five! *go shorties*

  21. Oh wait, where are the pics from the mountaintop breakfast cafe in South America? Or maybe I am just blind…..

  22. Sarah Jul 6, 2012

    Hi Joy and Tracy-
    I just wanted to let you know that I made Brie Pops recently and forgot to sprinkle salt on top. They were still INCREDIBLE and very fun to make.
    Love the podcast so much!

  23. Going to a picnic this weekend. Making brie pops for it. For suresies.

  24. Chelsea Jul 6, 2012

    Joy, I totally had my wedding reception at a Mexican restaurant complete with a taco bar!! Everyone loved it! Here’s a picture of the fiesta: https://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/579955_10102460243409301_431008251_n.jpg

  25. I was defs going to tell you guys that everyone says I’m “the worst kind of girl!” but I didn’t know if you guys knew the refference….I’m so glad to knnow that you do! What can I say, I think I’m a low may girl, but probs completely high may!

  26. you guys, last month at my niece’s birthday party i overheard my 72 year old aunt say to my sister-in-law “you look so tired!”. keep in mind my sister-in-law has two high-energy kids, ages 5 & 3. i had to have a little chat with my aunt on the drive home and explain how it’s not really polite to say that, no matter how tired someone looks!

  27. Patti Jul 7, 2012

    High maintenance? In Texas, we call ’em “Jaime”. (Rhymes with Hi-May, y’all.) There is no Lo-May here.

    Love the podcast! My MIL carts her dog around in a stroller, but mostly so the gals in the old folks home won’t give her grief for letting him roam around and possibly, heaven forbid, wee wee on their roses.

  28. Great podcast! I listened to it on my walk and the neighbors probably thought I was crazy just walking around smiling and laughing to myself. I love listener Michael’s nickname for Tracy, Shutts is totally going to stick!

  29. Amanda Barkey Jul 8, 2012

    ahaha I loved when you guys were talking about high vs low maintenance.. so many laughs! I was listening to the podcast and my husband was listening to something on his computer with his ear buds in so I tested him (I am 6 months preggers right now ps) I got him to take his ear buds out and asked him in a whiny pouty voice if he could run out and get me some ridiculous food item and he literally didnt even flinch… just put his ear buds back in. Im obvi pretty lo-may since he didnt even think for a second that I was serious :) Those pregnant ladies drive me nuts- sorry! Im a high maintenance gift receiver too tho I have to say. Also- watch this fist bump rejection… its the best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nZT3vyiHSs (this is what I thought of when Joy talked about her Dad fist bumping.)

  30. Now contemplating marriage as an excuse for brie pops. Previously it was just about a cake and a dress. You’ve upped the ante.

  31. Nora Ephron, South Korea and Pancakes.. I’m so gonna love this episode!


  32. i gotta say – this one really freakin’ cracked me up. tracy – right there with you on the music-turning-down issue. it happens to us, too.

  33. I haven’t read through all the comments, but for Naomi (no, oven…I would cry!) no bake cookies are great and can be made on the stove top. http://forkvsspoon.com/archives/872 They are perfect!
    Love the show ladies!

  34. Loved this episode! I was surprised neither of you brought up being high maintenance in the kitchen. I consider myself a low-maintenance girl in most areas of life, but (like Sally) I like things the way I like them, and I like my kitchen to be very organized, tidy, and stocked with my preferred brands. My boyfriend has had to learn how to properly stack the tupperware, and not to argue with me about buying the expensive dish soap.

    • Tracy Jul 12, 2012

      I’m High Mai in the kitchen as in…GET OUT WHILE I’M WORKING IN HERE.

  35. I doubt anyone caught this, but I’m super impressed that you know that a Tarte Tatin must first be cooked on the stove-top!! My family is actually the owner of the original recipe, so I’m very particular about making them and never share the recipe except orally – but its one of my favourite desserts…caramel-y apples and edges of a buttery crust! yumm…

  36. Love you guys! Thank you for making me smile on a hard day. You are amaze!

  37. So Joy and Tracy, I just have to share what life savers y’all were today. Last night I downloaded four of your podcasts onto my iPod in preparation for the torture I knew would be mine today; jury duty. The first four hours sitting in that miserable room full of sweaty, grumpy people as annoyed as me went so quickly and I actually enjoyed them because I had you guys to listen to. Thank you so much for helping me keep my sanity and giving me some laughs despite the situation :o)

  38. Lee Finlay Jul 18, 2012

    Just got off the treadmill listening to this podcast. I am high maint in one area;bed linens.. The pillow cases have to match the sheets and the fitted and flat sheet have to match and if they don’t, I go through the linen closet until I find all the matching components. I don’t think its totally unreasonable, I just like a nice bed for my husband and I. I love the podcast and I wish I had two girlfriends like you!!!

  39. I have a major confession. I listen to your podcasts at work then read through both of your blogs… in your voice… in my head. Not too weird yet. It gets weird when I stop to get back to my work and start reading API and CFR (I’m an engineer and we love our acronyms) codes in your voices. Granted it makes reading them much more pleasant, but it’s still startling when I realize what I’m doing. Thanks for your smooth as butter voices ladies. You’re slowly invading my life.

  40. Jasmine Mar 29, 2013

    I’m 100% sure you received zero Canadian hate mail from this episode. A) Canadians don’t know how to hate anything and B) we’re all too busy getting excited about being noticed by Californians.

    Love from Ontario!

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