This week, Joy and Tracy play the time-honored game Would You Rather…?

Would you rather have no fingers, or all thumbs?

Would you rather find true love or a truly large amount of money?

Would you rather be a tree or live in a tree?  Wait… what?  Do people actually want to be trees?

Joy and Tracy get to the nitty gritty.  Real life.  Real talk.  As always.

Joy the Baker at CakeSpy Shop in Seattle.  Three book tour days in Seattle were GREAT!

Joy signed ballet slippers.  Ooooh.  If only they were podcast listeners.

Joy and Jesse from CakeSpy at Cakespy shop!


Joy between two dudes.  Why was this so hard?  Why was this so awkward?

Ugh… I dunno.

Also.  Why is Joy’s hand as big as her face.  That’s almost embarrassing.

Post-signing cocktail!  Boom Boom Pow!

Tracy and Michael are obsessed with Draw Something.

It’s like Pictionary… in real-time… with strangers.


The Lorax… that’s dang clever.

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50 comments on “Would You Rather

  1. I definitely just had to put my hand up in front of my face to compare and see if my hand was as big as my face. :)

    So fun, I love CakeSpy’s cookbook!

  2. Katie Mar 21, 2012

    Hand to face, FO SHO!

  3. Can’t wait to listen to this today while making Joy’s Mocha Coffee Coffee Cake and awaiting the arrival of my Joy the Baker Cookbook en route from Amazon. If you make a special book tour stop in Memphis, I might even buy a second one for you to sign. And I’ll wear a blazer. You can sign that, too.

    • Joy the Baker Mar 22, 2012

      aaahhh! i’ve never signed someone’s blazer! i don’t think i could…

      • Tracy Mar 22, 2012

        you didn’t think you could sign ballet shoes but you did…

  4. Katerina Mar 22, 2012

    Hey, everybody’s hand is as big as their face! It’s a rule you learn in life drawing!

  5. question. did you guys come up with these Would You Rathers?? i mean, some pretty clever questions here. tough choices. oh and if i could take back anything i say, i’d probably take back 89.3% of what i say. or something. and i’d have more friends. what. i’m not sure i’d want to know details of everyone’s conversations…

  6. I’ve apparently angered the draw something gods. Out of the first two games I played, one gentleman provided the clue “in witch [sic] state is hollywood?” The answer, as it turns out, was “Florida.” And a second stranger wrote the word “wrestle” – yes, the “clue” was the answer.

    My double-whammy samurai/global positioning Japan drawing was wasted on that clown.

    • Tracy Mar 22, 2012

      why do people cheat?????? I don’t get it. Also, don’t look at that arm on Bon Jovi. I’m totally not proud of that elephant trunk.

    • Heidi Mar 22, 2012

      How hard is it to draw Florida?? But I agree, just draw and leave the silly messages out of it!

    • Joy the Baker Mar 22, 2012

      oh my god you guys… seriously?

  7. Melanie Mar 22, 2012

    Love the picture of Joy between two dudes! My friends and I were huddled under the stairs watching that moment unfold, and we thought it was totally cute! :)

  8. As always, love the podcast! Joy, are you going to look back on your hipster phase ten years from now like you do your skater and sporty phase? Things always look ridiculous ten years from now. I’m totally going to have to try the drawing game, that’s all I need is another time suck!

  9. Joy, I was sooooo very excited (like a fat kid) to get my Enjoy gift this month. I wish you and Tracey could come to Memphis – it’s not too far from the Loo.

  10. It was so much fun getting to meet Joy at Cake Spy headquarters! And I can see the back of my head in the photo!

  11. dayna Mar 22, 2012

    Joy! I love your nail polish! (also, book-signing, professional-lady outfit!) That is all.

  12. Maggie Mar 22, 2012

    Aaaa!!!!! I’m so upset I’m going to be out of NY when Joy is going to be here!!!!!!!!! But I’m so excited to listen to this this evening before bed!!! I looked at the pictures and captions as a preview and I can’t stop smiling.
    And by the way, I had heard you girls talking about your hands and I have plumber-hands compared to you two. I’ve seen ’em. Like in that video where Joy talks about making pie with her sister and dad, her hands are constantly front and center and they are very elegant and lady-like.

  13. OK, I was almost the one with perma-tears (of laughter) during this episode. Particularly choice were the continuous ear hair and the backpack of urine. Real talk……..except, well……not really.

  14. “If I’m a fairy that cannot fly, does that mean I’m like one of those ravers?”
    Oh my gosh. I died. Best line of the podcast.

  15. Hey ladies love the podcast. Just wondering (joy) if you did any major eating in Portland? I don’t know if you this (you probably do) but Portland is like a mecca for foodies. i also hear you are going to Chicago, which is also another super food town. Do you have any places you plan to hit??? just asking. Thanks ladies once again this podcastio is “totes bonkers”

    p.s tracy shutterbean your “sexy” voice is super sexy.

    • Joy the Baker Mar 22, 2012

      i didn’t hit any major food places in portland. i was there for too short a time. i went to ken’s artisan bakery… is that an exciting thing?

  16. Love Draw Something! But I love listening to you guys more, I couldn’t wait for your podcast since its been a while.

    For your would you rather question about flying or breathing under water, I pondered about breathing under water but then I thought omg, I’d never have to be stuck in traffic because I could just fly wherever I needed to go. No gas money needed either! Clear choice.

  17. I think the hardest/worst/best “would you rather” is: Would you rather have scales or a pouch?

  18. This episode had me cracking up even more than usual. And I def checked my face-to-hand ratio.

    Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this lovely podcast! I save it for times when I DO NOT want to be sitting at my desk working (ie Friday afternoon) and listening to you gets me through it. I just had a totally productive 43 minutes! Thanks bunches!

  19. LMAO on the never stuck in traffic quote above… Love it!

  20. We just got hooked this week to Draw Something! Tracy, good job calling out the cheaters. My husband and I have been calling out those people that are just writing out the word! The bums…is it really that hard to draw??

    Loved the podcast, ladies!

  21. I’m totally getting this game!

    Another great podcast!!

  22. Steph Mar 23, 2012

    Tracy looks exactly like carey mulligan in that top photo…

    • Tracy Mar 29, 2012

      oooh. thank you! I like her a lot. She was so good in An Education

  23. Ahhh… I am so glad I have this for my 45 minute commute (one way) every day. I will be listening to this episode tomorrow AM! I decided to go ahead and comment because I know I’ll enjoy it :) Just like you know you’ll have a good time anytime you go into a Williams Sonoma or Target :)

    • I did listen! Thank you for reintroducing the word “bonkers” to my daily life. My staff really appreciates it!

  24. I love listening to your podcast. I generally stockpile a few weeks so I can listen to a few at a time – generally while doing long runs on Sundays (marathon in May – I say this as I freak out). This episode made me laugh so hard that I had to stop and catch my breath. People stared. I guess a runner laughing and smiling isn’t normal. They probably thought I was crazy…Any ways, thank you for the laughs – running while smiling makes the whole process easier! Don’t touch the backpack! Hahahaha

  25. Courtney Mar 27, 2012

    Tomorrow is my last day at work with a couple of my classes, teaching English to French high schoolers, and I was trying to think of something fun for our last day (other than bringing them chocolate shortbread…for 8 am class…eewww? whatever, they’ll eat it). Turns out, THIS is what I’m gonna do. “Would you rather”. They never realize how hysterical they are, so I’m looking forward to this. Thanks for the idea!

  26. boomshakalaka. Still got it. Drawsome.

    Also, I like to ask my guy friends if they would rather sport a rat tail or pencil mustache upon meeting their girlfriends’ parents. They usually go with the pencil ‘stache. Personally, I would choose the former.

  27. I think everyone that rad these show notes has now put their hand in front of their face to compare. I thought my hands were quite small but no, they are apparently massive.
    It looks like the book tour is going amazingly well! I hope one day you’ll be able to come to the UK because God knows you’ve got fans everywhere here. I have literally bonded with strangers in teashops when I’ve seen them reading Joy’s blog or when I’ve been listening to the podcast. You have given me stranger-friends.
    I found myself playing along to the extent that I was looking up plastic surgery as corrective mediums to decide which one of the many deformities you kept listening I would prefer (PREFER!) to have.

  28. Melanie Apr 2, 2012

    I totally heart Draw Something and cannot wait to find you, Tracey!!!

  29. Kaitlin Apr 3, 2012

    I’m a dancer in Seattle and I would have totally been at your book signing if I wasn’t on tour that weekend!! Bummer. I can’t believe those girls weren’t on it. I would have brought a salad…to share!

  30. i adore Draw Something. Am completely obsessed. I hate the cheaters. I delete them immediately. What is the point??? As always, great podcaste!

  31. Would you rather, inspired some hilarious coversation in my house! Tracy, you got me hooked on Draw Something and now I am out of control. I tell myself I can only play for 20 minutes and an hour and half go by….Joy and Tracy, I wish you would come to Phoenix, AZ!! We love you!

  32. Crying instead of peeing is definitely the better option. It’s waaaay more sanitary!

    Someone should definitely write a sci-fi novel based on the character you guys just accidentally made. All thumbs, ear hair, three eyes, breathing underwater… the list goes on. I don’t usually read sci-fi novels, but if I did that would be a good one. Also, if you’re going to be living underwater, it doesn’t matter if you’re nude, right?

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