Oh you know… just another Joy the Baker podcast for your ears!  This week on the podcast we discuss the time-honored tradition: YOLO.  You Only Live Once.  Oooh all of the things we justify with this phrase.  Mostly we justify pizza and gin.  No one said this was going to be glamorous.

Get you YOLO on with a bit of Drake (explicit) and Thought Catalog!

We also offer a hearty pep-talk (should you be in the market), and help a listener plan her 25th birthday party!  No bigs!

When in doubt… Calm the F Down.  This print needs to get all up in my office.

We YOLO the heck out of pizza.

Joy has been on a two day YOLO pizza bender because of this fine fine recipe for No Knead Pizza Crust on Tracy’s blog.   No Knead it! 

It’s so thin and melty!  Oh man.  It just goes down too easy (especially in the middle of the night after a weird nightmare).

Oh Sofie!  You are the most darling!  We’re so proud of your for rocking a blazer on the first day of Jr. High!  You’re amazing.  You’re totally going to be President.  You’re kicking off light RIGHT!  We heart you!

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59 comments on “Yolo

  1. Kylee Aug 16, 2012

    If you two ever happen to be in Cleveland (I know, long shot there haha), you should go to Melt where they make a grilled cheese with a slice of lasagna ON IT. It’s called The Godfather. I think Garfield and Joy would flip for this. It’s a definite YOLO!

  2. fusilliamy Aug 16, 2012

    Ohhh geeze. Tuesday night I YOLO’d a dollar store bag of Rolos like there was no tomorrow *and* I was only living once. So many things wrong with this. It wasn’t my proudest moment and I’m not sure why I’m admitting this publicly…I’ll blame that on the YOLO too.

    Fun listening once again. I was laughing and smiling on my way to work! :)

  3. Michelle Stotz Aug 16, 2012

    I got SO excited this morning when I realized that it was Thursday that I hummed your theme song all through the starbucks line! Also, Yolo is how I live my entire life, and it definitely does not always have to be a negative thing. It gave me and my husband the courage to pick up and move across the country with no job, and it was the best decision ever (we have jobs now)! Yolo!

  4. Susan Aug 16, 2012

    It’s amazing how timely your podcast can be for me! I’m in the middle of a big life decision and I’m 23. Your pep talk totally helped me. It was like 2 other people who don’t know me, across the country, were speaking my thoughts. I have to do what makes me happy and it so helps to hear that out loud.

    I work with teenagers and they say YOLO everyday, all day and it usually just makes me smile and shake my head in bemusement. But today, gosh darn it, its time for some YOLO in my life.

    Also, its 80 degrees outside but in honor of how much this podcast helped my brain this morning I’m going to rock a blazer. And probably make some pizza…

    Thanks Joy and Tracy for the pep talk :-)

  5. Definitely YOLO’d about 2 pitches of beer on Saturday. YOLO needs to go away…it’s destructive. I could’ve eaten so much cake for all those beer calories!

    P.S. That pizza looks AMAZE. I want it right now.

  6. My birthday is coming up as well, and it’s the big 50! I kinda sorta cant believe it. I really cant believe it! And no, I don’t have gray hair guys… I’ve been dropping hints about my birthday party this whole year. I never celebrate my birthday, it’s not a big deal. But this one I definitely do want to celebrate! YOLO!!

    • Joy the Baker Aug 17, 2012

      you deserve it Melba! happy birthday (almost) to you!!

  7. In response to Janelle’s question about the birthday party, my best friend Heather just had the most amazing birthday party. Joy and Tracy talked about a pot luck, but Heather’s solution will really help with the perfectionist/control portion of the party!

    Heather invited each of us to her house for her birthday. She said that she did not want any gifts, except for the gift of an amazing meal with her closest friends. With the invitation she gave each of us a recipe to cook and bring to the party. It was amazing! She was able to craft an great menu where everything went together perfectly (a dangerous trap of the potluck avoided!).

    All Heather and her husband had to do was clean the house, and they graciously provided the beverages for the night.

    It was a special night that we will all remember. And an idea I plan to use many times in the future.

    Happy Birthday!

    • Tracy Aug 16, 2012

      I love this idea. What did you bring to Heather’s house?

      • My partner and I brought this Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese, and Pistachios: http://goo.gl/MK8O4…it was really good (but think it was missing something, haven’t figured out what yet).

        I love your show and blogs. Thank you for all the hard work you both put into your passions!

    • Joy the Baker Aug 17, 2012

      what a wonderful idea!!! thanks for sharing that Matt!

  8. OMG! A hypercolor shirt and Blossom hat?! I am so guilty of that.

  9. Hmmm, yolo? I might just have to get a wrist tattoo with that. I mean, why not, YOLO!

  10. 100% relate to Tracy’s food/body YOLO.

  11. There was that one time I was in Las Vegas and I asked a 22-year-old what “YOLO” is because, you know, I’m 30. #rodeojuice

  12. Thank you girls for a great podcast! i like the positive part of YOLO, when i get bored of cooking always the same stuff I force myself to try new things, because… well …YOLO! (freezer burrits great way to start!) Listening from Spain!

  13. Sarah L. Aug 17, 2012

    I had a YOLO moment yesterday afternoon. A spoon and a jar of Nutella. Yes!

    In fact, the other day my husband looked in the cabinet and asked how long we have had Nutella and who is eating it? Because I eat it in hiding and he has no idea. Right.

  14. We always YOLO trips. In fact, I think we’re going to book a trip to Iceland here really soon and we’re SO excited! YOLO!

    BTW, Sofie is so cute in that blazer. YOLO!

    • Joy the Baker Aug 17, 2012

      you’re going to YOLO Iceland!?!? that’s incredible! you inspire!

  15. Valerie Aug 17, 2012

    You ladies sure have had a lot of disagreements the past few podcasts lol Hope everything is ok. Love you guys anyway!! That was a great pep-talk, thanks for being real! I also love how you endorse blazers so much — let’s get these ladies looking great and profesh! 😉

    • Joy the Baker Aug 17, 2012

      wouldn’t our podcast be soooo boring if tracy and i just agreed on everything? snoozefest.

  16. I YOLO poutine, do you know poutine?? The great Canadian dish of hand cut fries, cheese curds and gravy poured over top. It’s hard to say no to a big plate of that deliciousness let me tell you!!!

  17. Between my very hilarious toddler thinking you guys were saying “marco polo” the entire episode and me nodding/giggling greatly in agreement with tracey bringing up how she couldn’t get the idea of joy sitting next to garfield the cat during some olympic viewing (i thought of it many times too and giggled over the last week) – I just had to say, you girls always hit a happy nerve with me. mwah!

  18. PS: I totally wore blazers in junior high – oh, the 90s. (aka oh, we’re getting old)

  19. listening to this podcast made me realize what one of my true YOLO moments is in life: concerts! i can justify spending waaaayyyyy too much money on tickets for a variety of reasons, including: i might only see them once/need to be close to the stage/what if they never come back/jay-z AND kanye?!! strangely i did not YOLO drake’s OVOfest earlier this month, although my co-worker went and said there were YOLO signs all over the place.

  20. Beth Dimsdale Aug 17, 2012

    I think I’m going to YOLO my 30th, which will be this coming Wednesday the 22nd, GO LEO’S!!!!! haha! I’m getting treated to a fancy dinner and kind of considering ordering two desserts since I can’t decide on one! Also any dress advice from you ladies would be awesome I love both your styles and I’m sure you both rocked you 30th bday with style! Love you ladies! xoxo

  21. Thank you guys SO much for answering my question! Totes made my day :) Couldn’t agree more with what you said-that includes the poster! 😉

  22. Caitlin Aug 18, 2012

    happy birthday to Tracy!!! it’s my birthday too, we should both totally YOLO all day long

  23. Your pep-talk totally pepped me up and I wasn’t even directed at me! You said some things we all need to hear! I love listening to you guys when I’m on a walk and today (with some beautiful weather) I felt incredibly inspired by the podcast. Thanks!

  24. Elizabeth T Aug 19, 2012

    I was listening to this podcast on my drive down to Atlantic City, NJ to meet up with my family for a weekend vacation. THAT night we were walking along the boardwalk, and among the novelty shirts, I saw one emblazoned with “YOLO”! Also shirts that said “Call me maybe.” There are things I love about the shore, and then there are things I could do without…

  25. So apparently PSA are trying to use “YOLO” in their commercials! Like, “Wear a seatbelt – YOLO!” or “always use a condom – YOLO!” How funny/horrible is that?! Its like they are ruining YOLO, and exploiting YOLO! Anyway, just had to let you girls know!

  26. Mira C. Aug 20, 2012

    I have been meaning to write a comment for a long time (Aries! My sirens song is to jump off bridges and ferries into the ocean!), but this episode totally inspired me. This was one of my favorite episodes to date! Sooooooo funny.

    I YOLO’ed by moving to China on my own for a year after high school, and I am about to YOLO it up again by going to Argentina for six months to study penguins. I had to quit my job, and it will be really hard to be apart from my partner for that long, but, well, YOLO!

    Do you two have a PO box I can send a postcard to from South America? That might be a fun way for your listeners to connect to you. :)

  27. Nicole Aug 20, 2012

    I just yolo’d a clarisonic thanks to you, Tracy. I may have also thrown in there some lip gloss and other stuff too. YOLO!

  28. You ladies to move to my county – YOLO county! You know how we do it! :)

  29. Love this podcast! Every time I heard yall say “YOLO!”, I also couldn’t help but think of “Marco…Polo!” Maybe a new game in the making? Marco Yolo? :)

    Btw, I’m in the process of finally making Joy’s cinnamon sugar pull apart bread and plan to YOLO the heck out of it!

  30. I YOLOed an impromptu trip to Washington DC this weekend WHILST listening to the YOLO podcast on the plane. The bf kept giving me weird looks when I would giggle uncontrollably. So much YOLO this weekend. So. Much. YOLO.

  31. totally YOLO’d college life again – my BFF from undergrad and I visited our alma mater 7 years after graduation just for breadsticks. YOLO Campus Pollyeyes BGSU

  32. just in case you guys didn’t happen to see my instagram photo in the billions of pictures im sure you’re tagged in, here’s a link. I don’t know if we’re just slow in maine, but i had never seen these before and all of a sudden they were EVERYWHERE. thought of you two :)


  33. sarah Aug 21, 2012

    i can’t remember which week tracy talked about infinity scarves, but i have a tip! you can turn any scarf into an infinity scarf by tying a few of the fringe strands together (this is my favorite way to do it) or by pinning the end together with a pretty pin. this is my favorite way to wear scarves!

  34. My YOLO story goes back to my college days. A very good friend of my husband (at the time my husband was just my BF) had this major crush on one of my friends who always seemed to have a boyfriend. One night at a party, he heard that my friend was fighting with her current boyfriend. He was chatting her up all night trying to make his move. At the end of the night a small crowd formed around the two of them, because we all wanted to see how he was going to “seal the deal.” His move to try and get her to come home with him was, “You only live once.” Needless to say, YOLO is NOT a good pick-up/seal the deal line.

  35. I thought of the podcast this weekend after celebrating a friend’s birthday. I may have embarassed the heck outta my boyfriend who claims I was a tad bit flirty with a group of tatted up muscle-heads. YOLO?

    Earlier in the weekend, I definitely enjoyed some boozy pops I finally got around to making. http://nancybakes.blogspot.com/2012/08/raspberry-limoncello-popsicles.html
    They taste like summer, and can be a check on my bucket list.

    Thanks for the weekly awesomeness!

  36. Aimee Aug 21, 2012

    Divorced at 24…YOLO!! But now happily remarried for 8 years to Mr. Right with two sweet kids. Also, pretty sure all 4 years of college, aka: shrooming, one or two acid trips, being a vegan for a minute, lots of cider beer, barfing on the dance floor at the bar…YOLO!!!!!!!

  37. Try as I may, YOLO really stresses out my inner perfectionist. Instead of “YOLO-so go for it!!!”, I hear “YOLO-so you better not mess it up by doing things you will regret!”

  38. Marie Baars Aug 21, 2012

    Oh my… I just took a 2 week job working at a major city fair giving demonstrations to kids and city folk about milking cows and the birthing process of cows. I am a dairy farmer but i am not sure if I know enough about the subject, but I figured….YOLO right? I start tomorrow! Ah YOLO is putting me outside of my comfort zone fo sho!

  39. I just have to thank you for a Very awkward moment I had at work just now. Listening to this YoLO episode and while smirking at a funny thing that was said, I looked up from my desk as a coworker turned to look in my direction. He smirked back and kept looking at me. I had to take out my headphones and tell him sorry I was listening to a podcast and he was like ” oh, I thought we had a moment there.” Ah! Instant red face and awkward laugh! So, yeah, I blame that on you guys, lol!

  40. YOLT just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  41. Jenny K Aug 22, 2012

    My college roommate’s brother and I had a YOLO moment on St. Patricks Day 11 years ago. We’ve been together for the ever since and are married with 2 beautiful kids :) And now I have my best-friend as my sister-in-law! So glad we YOLO’d :)

  42. Tobi Belch Aug 25, 2012

    Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys, but you should really watch this video.

  43. Rebecca A E Sep 11, 2012

    Joy…I also get knee sweat. All the time. My boyfriend makes fun of me. It’s maj. It’s just the skin on skin!? Ps- I YOLO’d a large fry, Reece’s pieces and mac&cheese. It was a stress eat. I’m not proud of it. THANKS FOR KEEPING IT REAL. For real.

  44. Just ran across this new tshirt from Jeph Jacques of QC 😉 Yolo! http://www.topatoco.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TO&Product_Code=QC-YOLO&Category_Code=QC

    Love you guys xx


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