Things get reeeaaallll rusty on this episode of the Joy the Baker podcast.  This week Joy and Tracy discuss ‘the worst’.  The worst job they’ve ever had.  The worst thing you could ever say to a guy.  The worst uniform you’ve ever had to endure.  And the worst chicken feet you’ve ever had to eat….

Also… what’s it like to have a co-worker named Rusty Johnson?  Tracy knows.  Tracy shares.

Let’s go, friends!  It’s time!

photo credit Shards of China

Tracy ate this.  She considers it among her ‘worsts’.

Joy spent an hour watching the season premier of Bachelor Pad… also the worst.  By ‘worst’ in this sentence, Joy clearly means ‘best’…

And!  Law and Order.

Boom boom POW!


You’ve got HOMEWORK (and lovely Jennifer is waaaay ahead of you)!

Send us a photo of where you listen to the Joy the Baker podcast?  On the train?  In a sailboat?  Walking through the streets of Hoboken?  Please share!  Jennifer (pictured above) listens in the lab (because she’s smarter than all of us).  Seriously.

Joe Friedman also has some kind demands.  Do you think you’re the oldest or youngest podcast listener?  Well… lay it on us!  Comment below if you feel like you’re exceedingly young or old.  From these responses we’ll also know whether or not we need to temper the Rusty Johnson remarks.

 Thank you for listening!  Thank you for helping us make the front page of the iTunes podcast page!  Whoa!  Awesome!!

Thank you for playing along with our antics.  We all LOVE making this for you and are working hard to make you even cooler things in the future.  It’s happening!

Stay rusty.

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39 comments on “You Need to Call Your Friend

  1. 57 here! Hey, that’s not old!!

  2. Love this week’s episode! Props to Jennifer– beat me to posting my picture of listening in lab. Best place to listen (especially if spinning down samples!)

  3. We call that riding up shorts sitch “the triangle.” And it is absolutely something to be avoided.

  4. Jenny Jul 26, 2012

    i listen while running around central park, but i lack the coordination for self photography on the move and i generally look like a crazytown mess, so i’ll spare you ladies the photo. love the podcast!

  5. Super exicted to hear Joe. I gave him a hug through my car radio. Joy, no bigs that Matt is fact checking you…try living with that tattoo :)
    Thanks again for the giggles. Makes my commute to work so much fun.

  6. Met Joe last month. Thought he was a gem!

  7. Oh man, I am awful at taking self-portraits. But for you ladies…I’ll try.

    I also frequently listen to the podcast when I’m in the shower….for all that is decent and good on the internet, I won’t take a picture of that.

  8. Catherine Jul 26, 2012

    I am twenty-one years, nine months, and 15 days. I would think there are younger girls and boys out there listening but who knows, right? Anyway, I generally listen to this in the car whilst going between Chattanooga, TN (school) and Orange Park, FL (home). It’s just me, I-75, and you ladies. Sometimes I stop at a Quick Trip for a Freezoni and Smart Pop. YUM!

  9. Loved this episode!

    And about those awful uniforms… I worked two (3-hour) shifts at Tim Hortons… I couldn’t handle the uniform that involved: tapered, pleated, khakis (provided by Tim), a large short-sleeved button up shirt, a fanny pack, a headset, a hair net, and a visor. I can’t work anywhere that provides the pants. Can’t. Won’t.

    Oh! And I think that telling someone that they just need to “get over it” is the worst… Ugh!

  10. I heart Rusty Johnson.

  11. Hi joy and Tracy! I am fourteen and completely obsessed with your podcast. I started listening a year ago so I think I’m tied with Tracy’s niece (unless this somehow finds it’s way to cooper’s earballs). I constantly make awkward references to your podcasts with my high school friends and then I have to inform them that I listen to two 30 year old baking bloggers chat about their lives– talk about awkward conversations, i just gotta spritz it. but I totally own it because you guys are totes maj and completely hilarious <3

  12. Worst thing to say to a girl. “stop being emotional” or “when are you due?!” while not pregnant.

    Oh, you just said that!

  13. anonymous! Jul 26, 2012

    Real talk confession: The worst thing I have ever said to a man was, “If I were a guy I would have a bigger penis than you.” That was four years ago and I still feel bad.

  14. maggie. Jul 27, 2012

    The worst uniform I ever had to wear was when I worked at 6 Flags and it haunts me still.

    First of all, Wardrobe was run by a scary Austrian woman with a mustache who would become extremely angry if you asked for something in a different size.

    Second, the outfit for all non-management employees consisted of: Standard issue nylon turquoise men’s polos (the summer after I stopped working there, they changed to neon yellow, dodged that bullet) tucked into some seriously awful pleated khaki pants that were constricting at the waist then ballooned out at the hips and tapered back in to the ankles (effectively giving everyone mom-butt, even the dudes), a khaki belt with brass closure (which I regularly “forgot” at home), and topped off with either all-white or all-black tennis shoes.

    The only time I didn’t feel completely self-conscious was in the spring and fall when I could wear a 6 Flags issued sweatshirt pulled down over my hips.

  15. Sarah Jul 27, 2012

    Ok. So. This is random. I just started listening to your podcast last month (thank you to my friend Kristen in Maui!) and I’ve been working my way through all the episodes. I just got to “Pay it Forward” in which you reference cats and bowties in the same conversation (uh…yes). Well! My friend Becca up in Portland, Oregon, happens to be the maker of some totally rad cat bowties. She calls this operation of hers Business Catual. You can check out her etsy shop here: Joy, I think your cat really needs one. He sounds…fancy. Love the podcast. Thanks for podcasting every week!

  16. Tanashati Anderson Jul 29, 2012

    I’m 19 been listening since day one :)

  17. For your visual pleasure…here is a guy in the WORST uniform making lemonade!
    Thanks for making me laugh every time!

    For your viewing pleasure…a dude in the uniform making lemonade.
    Thanks for making me laugh! You are two Zany Gals!
    Love ya!

  19. For those who want to still make a mixtape for their special someone but live in 21st century:

    It’s a simple mp3 player in a cassette-tape shaped housing.

    Cheers from one of the few!

  20. Hey Joy and Tracy! I’m 14 and just started listening this summer. You guys made the drive from the bay area to LA and back a lot more entertaining (and bearable) for me! Your blogs are awesome, and they made me want to start my own. So, yesterday, I did just that! Thanks!

  21. I’m fifteen…
    ack, I’m actually not the youngest! I just noticed two fourteen year olds and I’m sure there’s more than that.
    oh well, I can be the almost-youngest.
    soooooo…you guys are amazing. my mother introduced you to me, and we always make podcast jokes EVERYWHERE that everyone else is like “whaaaaa?” to.
    this is a rather comment just to say that I love your podcast so freakin’ much…but, yeah (:

  22. Chelsea K Jul 31, 2012

    I also listen in the lab! Here I am as close to $1 million as I’ll ever get. That’s right, that microscope was pricey and postdocs are not!

  23. Tracy, I love chicken feet! But that’s the Chinese speaking. My white husband had a rather traumatic experience the first time he tried it, but powered through and likes it now. Yes, the whole idea is so weird and gross, but I like it!

    By the way, I listen to your podcast while gardening. My neighbors think I’m weird when I am laughing out loud and singing along to your opening song. Oh well!

  24. Ooooo, sorry, the chicken feet are freaking me out. Repulsive. I find I can’t eat anything that looks true to the animal (tongue, kidneys, ears). Is that messed up? Anyway I’ve been listening since day one but I’m often a little slow to catch up. I just got around to visiting my Trader Joe’s and am obsessing over Cookie Butter. But the real reason for my comment, beyond always wanting to give you props, is I need your advice. I really want to make a cookie butter frosting or filling for cupcakes. Any tips you can give me for lightening up the texture while maintaining the flavor punch? Thank you ladies..looking forward to the next ep and hearing about your trip to my neck of the woods ;o)

  25. Wow! Thanks Ronni – that looks like EXACTLY what I had in mind!

  26. Worst work uniform: A white tuxedo shirt, black skirt and matching red (RED!) bow tie and cummerbund. This was to serve food at people’s weddings – super classy.

  27. I’m behind by a week, but I’m just listening now and needed to post this off my chest. Worst thing a guy can say to a woman? “That’s not how my mom does it.”


  28. This podcast is my new best friend. Wait, what? I mean, I got through three hours of super boring work stuff (with a smile on my face) on JTB & Shutts alone. The best.

  29. On a road trip with my 9 and 7 year old girls…and we listened to the siren song episode three times…lots of interesting conversations after….found out some things maybe I didn’t want to know. :) They love you both. They think you have nice voices.
    And the worst thing ever said to me- A woman asked me if I was pregnant and when I said I was not she followed up with asking me if I was sure it wasn’t a tumor. Awkward silence.

    • sashaanne Aug 23, 2012

      Oh no! I have a bit of a belly and that’s my worst fear that someone will think I’m preggers. Also, I’m not a huge drinker so often time’s I’ll be drinking a club soda when everyone else is drinking beer or a cocktail- also brings up awkward questions…

  30. Listen while working out, I think I probably look like a crazy person when I laugh out loud! Love you ladies.

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