Hello Friends!
We’re back with another podcast. This week we talk about CONNECTIONS. Can we just try to make things less awkward between people???
What are good ways to connect with people conversationally. As in… let’s ask some good/thought-provoking questions instead of chit-chat/weather talk. Ice breakers & Polar bears!
In this episode, we also talk (briefly) about going to a Gay Halloween Party. Oh, the pressure!
We have our friend, Matt of Matt Bites weigh in via text message. Thank you, MATT!!
And of course, Tracy tries to sex up the Where’s Waldo costume.  #inappropriate #asperusual
On a totally related note,  Don’t Be a Sexy Panda.  Just DON’T.
And while we’re on the subject of Halloween… remember Halloweenie??  Look how small Cooper is!!
How could we forget our Google Searches last year with Why Do I…   NOSTALGIA is great.
Let’s end this with a question. Was the doctor really talking about baby catching? Please weigh in.
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. We appreciate you.
And if you’d like to leave us a voicemail about something awkward, please call 817-82-FRIES


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18 comments on “You Say it First

  1. This is the best start to my Friday I could ask for! Happy to have you ladies back! :)

  2. Oh hi!! This is Dana, the one with the super awkward OBGYN story…I have to say I agree with Tracy because the dude did say “I’m used to slippery things”…no catching involved. But yeah, I’m in the camp that pretty much agrees that any reference to being an OBGYN at a college tour is a little out of left field. Claaaasic dads.

  3. heather Sep 27, 2013

    I hear you, Joy. The awkward dad meant BABIES. :) I feel bad for this guy!

  4. Obvs I loved every second of this podcast. But I think we need to have some hug real talk because I fear I am SUCH A HUGGER HANGER ONNER. Like for reals. Next time I see you both, I expect hug critiques. You can tell me to let go. I can take it.

  5. LOL! Thanks so much for the ideas. I don’t know that I want the connotation of being a bush at the gay Halloween party… although it is super funny. I think I could pull off Lindsay Lohan, that might be the way I have to go (although it is a little four minutes ago). Maybe I can buy one of her movies for like $2 at Walmart and carry it around reminding people who I am (because I imagine she would totally do that).

  6. Mira C Sep 27, 2013

    Oh my gosh… Joy’s choking sound effects are SO FUNNY. (Not that I want you to choke any more, Joy!)

    Giggling at work is exactly what I needed for my Friday afternoon. Thank you so much, ladies!

  7. I didn’t think AwkDad123 was talking about a baby, BUT I think it’s kind of weird either way.

  8. Melanie Sep 27, 2013

    Tracy, thank you for not letting me down on the gorilla costume story. I started laughing when Joy made that comment and then thought, “I can’t believe Tracy’s just gonna let that one slide.” But no, you just made it even better by bringing it up again when I least expected it. Totally made my day.

  9. So many perfect inappropriate moments here and I LOVE it. Also, for the record, I actually popped the L-word first with my boyfriend. It had been in the back of my mind for about two weeks, and after we met each other’s families and everything went stellar-ly (yeah, it’s a word…), I knew this was IT. Turns out, he had been wanting to say it for a little while, too, and just wasn’t sure if we were on the same page. PS, he just moved in and things are still going strong. So don’t be afraid to say it first if you really feel it!

  10. Lizzie Sep 28, 2013

    “Do you like it when it is sunny outside? I mean, come on.” HAHAHAHA

  11. A friend used to always ask me to tell her the “highs and lows” of my days. We would go around a table and everyone would share the lowest point and highest point of their days. It was fun and we got to know a lot about each other. It’s maybe not good for the very first meeting though..

  12. Dudes can say “I love you” too soon, ladies! I’m just saying. My husband said it after 12 days and it BLEW MY DAMN MIND (and I didn’t respond with ILY for a couple more weeks). Sometimes, it works. 😉

  13. joanna Oct 7, 2013

    How is it possible that I literally find myself sitting here with an apple and a jar of peanut butter now after listening to your podcast this morning!?

    Weird!, but makes me smile how you guys obviously influenced my subconciousness :)

  14. I know it’s only been a few weeks but to your loyal listeners it seems like a BAZILLION YEARS since your last podcast. When are you coming back??????!!!!!

    No presh.


  15. HEY joy and tracy! I thought you would love this tumblr: http://whatshouldwecallfoodblogging.tumblr.com/ SO funny

  16. rachael Oct 23, 2013

    joy & tracy – i can only imagine how much you both have going on these days, but do know, i really, really miss the podcast! you make my dreary drives for work manageable! sincerely miss you! i keep checking in for a new one…

  17. I agree with Rachael, I really miss listening to your girls! I also listen to you on my drive to work, been lonely without ya. Cant wait for the next one.

  18. sashaanne Nov 1, 2013

    my friend really likes these cards: http://www.amazon.com/Questions-Before-Marriage-Moving-Card/dp/B005J6SGWY. Marriage is a big thing- maybe you can just suggest they have some of these types of questions before they make that commitment.

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