Let’s talk publishing! In this episode Tsh is talking with her friend and literary agent Jenni Burke, who works with the firm DC Jacobson.

Jenni Burke
(photo credit: the lovely Nish Weiseth)

Useful links:

2014 Writer’s Market Guide

2014 Christian Writer’s Market Guide

…or you can subscribe to the database online!

Here’s DC Jacobson’s submission guideline.

Michael Hyatt has ebooks on writing a winning book proposal.

Mary DeMuth has an ebook on writing a nonfiction proposal, too.

And if you’re interested, here’s a podcast episode with Emily Freeman, where we talk about book publishing as authors.

Questions for Jenni? Ask her on Twitter!

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One comment on “A Chat with my Literary Agent

  1. Sarah Aug 5, 2014

    so… why can we no longer download these podcasts? I don’t have internet service at home, so I typically download at the library, and then listen to my heart’s content at home while I chill. Help, please!

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