In this episode, Tsh talks to Dr. Corey Allan, the creator of  Corey is also a husband, father, author, and Marriage and Family Therapist.

Here’s Corey’s popular guest  post about having ‘the talk’ with your children.

Here are two books by Corey:



Other books referred to in the show:



And don’t miss Corey’s podcast:

Sexy Marriage Radio

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6 comments on “A Healthy Marriage

  1. Alexis Apr 18, 2012

    Loved this episode! Thanks for making this one!

  2. Hi Tsh,

    I love your podcast. Even as a german I can understand nearly every word. Thank you so much for the really good quality!

    But I was hoping to find information about the “five love languages”.

    Regards from Berlin, Germany

  3. This was the first episode I listened to and it changed my life. I know that is a dramatic statement and it wasn’t a i’m now a millionaire kind of change but most certainly a lightbulb/Oprah A-Ha! moment! When Dr Allan said it was impossible to not communicate, I was stunned. I usually blame my husband for not communicating but Dr Allan’s statement completely changed my perspective and allowed my husband and I to have a great conversation about the different ways we each communicate. It has really helped our marriage.

    Thank you so much for this episode.

  4. SUCH a great informative podcast! I would love to hear more collaborations with you guys.

  5. steph r Jun 15, 2012

    A great podcast. Thank you so much. The link to Corey’s post about having the talk is broken. I tried to search and had no luck either. I really want to read the post. Can you please fix it. Thanks so much.

  6. Loved listening! Please bring him back around!! I’m the same way as him– I used to be a night person but my husband is a morning person so… we go to bed at 9:30 because he’s exhausted by then! Funny how that works. We don’t even have any kids yet.

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