This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh speaks with Megan from SortaCrunchy.  They talk about the challenges of minimalist living.  Do small closets really help?  The two also talk about the upcoming holiday season and how they deal with well-meaning gift givers when it comes to little kids, eager grandparents, and toys.

Truth in the Tinsel


Jesse Tree

One Thousand Gifts

Consumer Detox

Walking on Water

Post on Well-Meaning Gift Givers at Simple Mom.  (photo from Simple Mom)

Art of Rebekka Seale (photo by the artist)

Olive oil cleansing method: on Sorta Crunchy, and Simple Mom.

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5 comments on “A Simple Holiday Season

  1. I listened to the whole thing! :) Loved hearing you two chat.


  2. Carrie Dec 22, 2011

    Very fun podcast to listen to! Makes me wish we were all sitting around a coffee shop and I could contribute to the conversation… :)

  3. my MIL is one of those crazy grandparents you mentioned about. lol! my husband has had some discussions with her about the quality vs. quantity of gifts during christmas (and birthdays), but i don’t think it has fully sunk in. unfortunately, we have had to re-gift some of the things the kids received from her because it was just too much.

    it was fun listening to you gals :). merry christmas!

  4. Small closets, our in our case no closets and small armoires, do really help you keep minimalist wardrobes. So does living in other countries and seeing how many people get by with so much less stuff, and then what materialism can do to a culture.

    Fun listening to you guys chat!

  5. kmarie Jan 9, 2012

    i missed a few episodes during the holidays, but i just put them on my iPod and can listen for hours while i clean and walk the dog today!

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