Myquillyn‘s back! And she’s put in windows in the barn:

barn windows

inside the barn


Here’s the latest farm update.

Plus… her book—it’s here!

nesting place

Order it here (great Mama’s Day gift!).

Oh, and Lindsay Letters did the beautiful lettering…


Here’s Hopeologie! It really is great.

…and don’t forget about the Ultimate Bundles e-book sale! It’s really a sweet deal, but it lasts only a few days. Get yours!

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2 comments on “All the Sheets!

  1. Wow, was super-thrilled to hear you answer my question, thanks Tsh! :o))) (bit star-struck and blushing now) Great answer, thank you and thanks for all you do. You’re very much appreciated!

  2. I just wanted to offer a little feedback from a new listener. I haven’t gone back and listened to too many previous podcasts, so I understand that there is a context that I may be missing. But as a relatively new listener to your podcast, I felt a little lost listening to this podcast. I wish you had had your guest give us some background on who she is. I would also have liked to have heard an overview of what her book is actually about. I felt like I was listening to a conversation between people who know each other well and what’s going on with each other’s lives, but without any context or background I feel a bit like “And why do I care about this?” as I’m listening. I heard a lot about the behind-the-scenes of her book, but not much about the topic/theme of the book. Feel free to take my comments with a grain of salt :-), but I did want to let you know that while I want to like this podcast, I’m having trouble connecting at times with the guests. I loved the Susan Wise Bauer podcast, and as I think about the difference between this one and that one, I think it’s that there were focused questions on a theme that Susan was able to address. It wasn’t simply a conversation between friends that I was overhearing but had no context for. I hope that makes sense! I’m not upset, I just want to give you some feedback on my experience with the main interview on this podcast.

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