Tsh is back after knee surgery, so it’s time for another episode! This time she’s talking again to Kat from Inspired to Action.

Surgery went well. Tsh’s new best friend is an ice cooler.

Kat’s current best friend is her tennis partner, the wall in her backyard.

She also loves her husband’s FitDesk:

Her family is WAY in to March Madness.

A few years ago they filmed their kids’ highly thoughtful bracket selections. ADORABLE.

Tsh grew up around UT football and the Atlanta Braves.

Kat’s got a new site—How They Blog! Sounds awesome.

Don’t forget this valuable lesson:

Jackson’s got a pinstripe suit for the upcoming nuptials of Q and U:

And a Spring Break road trip…

Where on the west coast should Tsh’s family go? Got any ideas?

Are you in to March Madness? Did you grow up around sports, and does that affect whether you’re into them now? And have you ever done the insanity of Disney during Spring Break?

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5 comments on “All These Sports Analogies…

  1. Ellen W Mar 22, 2013

    Tsh – I’m curious, does your son have apraxia? My son was diagnosed at two (he’s now 7) and though he no longer goes to speech or OT, he lags motor skill wise compared to other kids his age. We’re trying soccer this spring.

    I enjoy your podcasts, even after finding out in this episode you went to UT :). Yes, I’m an Aggie.

  2. I live in my hometown in Southern Indiana right outside of Louisville, KY and went to college in North Carolina…will never not love the NCAA tournament! Love it ladies!


  3. HI Ladies. I had to stop by and thank you for this podcast. You had me – very literally- thumping the steering wheel and hollering “YES!!!”
    There was so much takeaway for me. Kat, when you talked about not wanting to be a flash in the pan, I can so relate. As Tsh knows I am patiently blowing on a single glowing coal that keeps threatening to go out. But I’m ignoring the smoke in my eyes and waiting for that flicker of flame that will come with patience. Thank you for the encouragement.
    I also wrote up your quote “You don’t have to be the best, you just have to do your best.” and put it on the fridge for my 2nd grader, who is (like Tate) crazy hard on himself. Top of his class, but not a great loser.
    Lastly, (wow this is long), “How They Blog”?? Pickmepickmepickmepickme. 😉


  4. A favorite from a native Northwestern-er: http://www.skamania.com/
    Stuff to do for the kids, but relaxing for you. Decent weather this time of year.

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