Tsh is having a good day. Except that she stepped on a Lego. So this episode’s co-host, Kat from Inspired to Action, reminds her that Tim Hawkins swears LEGO on the floor are used to ward off terrorists.

Craving the bubbly without a full-on soda? Tsh swears by their beloved soda stream.

She also encourages Kat to try an amaretto sour—maybe that’ll be her alcoholic drink of choice. Doesn’t taste too much like fermented apple juice.

Goes well while memorizing the Classical Conversations history timeline. Or reading Truth in the Tinsel.

How do you interpret the weather?

No matter, it’s HARD to find motivation to work out in cold weather. Tsh loves the Ease into 5K app.

Darcy’s doing an awesome job keeping us inspired. An awesome goal for racing: DON’T FINISH LAST.

Don’t forget where life begins.

Here are Tsh’s three Christmas playlists for the year.

And right now, Kat’s digging the Amy Grant, Leigh Nash, and Austin Stone Christmas music, along with All Sons & Daughters and Gungor. She’ll even hang out with the youngins and sit on a trash can at a concert.

So how about you: What’s your threshold of too cold to send your kids outside? How do you stay motivated to work out during the winter? And do you have a cocktail recommendation for Kat? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 comments on “Apple juice gone bad

  1. Some weeks ago I read that sugar is the best medicine against a bad cough. So that might be the essential ingredient of Sprite. An old german household remedy for coughs is onion juice with sugar!

    I let the kids go out and play in the snow down to -5°C (I think that’s around 20°F). But we go on foot every day for at least 20 Minutes no matter what weather we have. When we go to the supermarket we go on foot for about an hour altogether. It seems to be really good for our immune system. I like to stop now and then and show the kids something along the way, to talk and listen, to tell fairy tales or to sing with/for them.

    I am still pushing a stroller with my 20 month old so I don’t need to work out. I enjoy knitting, sewing and reading as me-time. But if I have to wait for my four year old to get dressed or so I do some little exercises like some pushups against a wall. If I don’t have laundry to fold or whatever.

    Thanks for the nice episode. I really enjoy listening to your podcast.

    Henriette from Berlin, Germany

    • Sigh… I miss walking everywhere. We Americans barely do that, and it’s sad. And yes, I’ve heard onions are a good remedy, too! Who knew?

  2. I just listened to this as I addressed Christmas cards, loved it. And now I totally get the picture of the Queen saying ‘run’, at first I was like, “what? did something happen that I missed…?”
    I tend to work out more in the winter, focusing on building my core since going for long walks/runs with the stroller just gets cold(for me) and miserable (for my girls). Right now I’m loving a few workouts off Pinterest, and it generally turns into a dance party with my littles. But it keeps us all happy and fit. =)

    I’m really loving this new format, by the way. =)

  3. alusru Dec 17, 2012

    I loved this episode. It was my favorite. :) You and Kat are my 2 favorite mommy bloggers, seriously. So I really enjoyed listening to you two and chuckled along. :) – Ursula

  4. I am enjoying listening to these podcasts, since I first discovered Simple Mom through your cleaning/organizing book. I live in MN, and I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with my third, so any deliberate exercise is playing in the snow (which we do unless the temperature is less than 10) or walking on my non-motorized treadmill before the kiddos wake up.

  5. Hillary Newton Dec 24, 2012

    This podcast is what keeps me motivated to work out in the winter! I save it to listen to on a run, so it’s something I look forward to. Thanks for starting to post them more often. I really enjoy listening.

  6. Hi Tsh. Can you mention again how you make the “cocktail” with apple cider vinegar? Does it have health benefits??

  7. Alaina Jan 7, 2013

    If you want to live in a place of eternal spring/fall weather- move to Quito, Ecuador. Around 70 degrees all year. Warm in sun, cool in shade, no humidity. If we ever move from here I will miss that so much!!

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