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Beholden to the Style Goddess

The Art of Simple Podcast 24

In This Episode…

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You’ve been waiting forever, and it’s finally here—another podcast!

In this episode, Tsh chats it up with Arianne Segerman of To Think is To Create, along with her latest gig—the editor of the newest channel in Tsh’s blog network, Simple Design.

Tsh’s brother Josh recently posted his fall music faves, and along with Ari, the three of them go gaga for Mumford & Sons’ latest. Have you heard it yet? You must.

Ari’s been dressing for the day she wants to have, thanks to Abby Leigh.

Lindsey Cheney started the crazy popular link party What I Wore Wednesday. And one of their favorite participants is mutual friend Lisa Leonard:

Ari thinks Tsh needs more leopard print in her life—the blue leopard number is no longer being sold (sad!), but here’s something similar. Or to be safe, Tsh can go with these $15 flats from good old Target:

They’re totally smitted with Spotify, even if it does reveal their questionable workout music to the general public.

Ari and Tsh both agreed with Laura’s home trends that are on their way out, but who cares? To them, they’re still in. Especially if you put a bird on it:

An oldie but a goodie.

And Ari’s currently reading The Paris Wife—Tsh would reserve it at the library if she didn’t already have 15 bajillion books on her to-read list. Who are we kidding… it’s being added to the list right now.

What are you reading? What are you wearing this fall? And can you pull off leopard?