Journaling—why is it such a powerful tool for expression and decompression? Tsh talks with Katie Clemons of Gadanke, a new mom who’s found an outlet in creating unique journals for all sorts of occasions. They talk about books, poetry, online dating, airplanes, living abroad, raising a bilingual child, and unusual houses: Katie currently lives in an airplane hangar.

katie and niklas

Katie’s tiny kitchen in Germany:

Small kitchen remodel: only 36 square feet!

Her tire house:

tire house

Her 720 square-foot hangar house:

living in an airplane hangar


My Mom and Me journal from Gadanke

Tsh’s Summer of Stories:

A Summer of Stories: 10 promots for writing great summertime tales

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One comment on “Born With Wings

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Katie is so sweet! I grew up in Berlin and had to laugh so heard when you talked about Europe (like Spain being close to Germany). It is so funny to hear a foreign perspective.

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