In this episode, Tsh chats with Jon and Jenny Acuff!

jon and jenny acuff

Jenny’s working on a new book!

She also likens social media to alchemy.

She and Jon both believe in risk.

And they all love Jeni’s ice cream.

More thoughts from the convo:

A steady job isn’t a failure.

If you have a resume, you’re a brand.

Success kills more leaders than failure.

Risk = not sleeping.

Change always holds hands with awkward.

I dare you to do what’s you’re supposed to do.

Do you think social media is today’s alchemy? How do you handle risk? And where would you live for a year if you had the chance? 

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10 comments on “Burn the Boats

  1. Polly Jan 31, 2014

    As a Columbus native, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Jeni’s for years. It’s a game changer.

  2. That was fun to listen to. Good people. Good job on the interview. You prepared well.

  3. Great podcast!! – a longtime Tsh fan and a new Jon Acuff fan. 😉

  4. Call the Midwife is the BEST SHOW ON TV!! Hah. They were funny!
    Sarah M

    PS-I’d live in the mountains, in a log cabin for a year, just to try it out and soak up the quiet and beauty. :)

  5. Love the Acuffs! I love the social media dichotomy they have going on–Jon’s tweets are why I signed up for Twitter and Jenny thinks it’s alchemy :).

  6. Loved this! I actually went to high school with his two younger brothers in Mass..great family! I love how authentic they both are..very refreshing to hear :)

  7. Loved this one. I’d never heard of them before – now I’m a fan! These episodes have been fun!

  8. Ronica Smith Oct 7, 2014

    I’m a new follower so I’m going back and listening to past episodes now. Just finished listening to this one. First of all, I was impressed that they talked about buying some property in Maine (which is the state I live in). It’s rare to find people outside of New England who even know where Maine is. But I laughed out loud when John said the fee for going to the camp would be turning in your cell phone. If you are at a camp in maine, your cell phone will be useless anyway! A good majority of the state still has little to no cell service, and even less 3-4G. Lol.

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