Woohoo—(finally) a new podcast episode! In this first one of the year, Tsh talks with her dear friend Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky and Hopeologie. Listen in as they talk about artists who are influencing them right now, writing and books (of course), and a new segment with the brilliant title, What’s Making Us Happy.

Head here for the show notes.

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One comment on “Coffee in my Soul

  1. In most of Australia, winter is pretty mild and there’s no snow, so the whole white Christmas is just part of the magical Christmas to us. Plus we’ve got some Aussie versions of Christmas carols but they are mostly novelty songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz_KlcDXvqQ

    This is my favourite ‘serious’ Australian Christmas carol http://tww.id.au/christmas/carol-day.html

    It’s not like winter is all the depressing, though I’m a big fan of Summer.

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