Hooray—it’s time to talk to Lisa Leonard again!  She’s at the SNAP! Conference this week, probably painting or mod podging or basket weaving or something.

Tsh just redesigned Simple Mom, and it was scary but feels SO GOOD.

new blog layout

Lisa finds a lot of inspiration at thrift stores. Love that.

thrift store

When Tsh has writer’s block, she reads. And dumps her brain.

brain dump

Lisa likes the Pioneer Woman’s chicken spaghetti.

Tsh recently did a Whole30, so now they’re one of “those paleo families.”

Here are some of their favorite faith-based bloggers:

…and plenty more that they’ve forgotten at the moment. Oh! (in)courage. Hello. Oh, and hello—our friend Jen Hatmaker. Definitely, definitely her.

Do you have any date night ideas? Who are some of your favorite faith-based bloggers?

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13 comments on “Compliment Sandwich

  1. kristin freeze Apr 20, 2013

    Wow! Thanks for getting to my question today Tsh! I felt like a celebrity:)
    Thanks again for taking your time to do this podcast. I truly look forward to it!

  2. Holy shmokes! I am so, so grateful you answered my question in this podcast on faith and religion (and major props for shortening up that rambling e-mail I sent). Your responses were immensely helpful, and I’ve already listened to them a couple times today.

    Thank you!

  3. This brain dump is brilliant! The spider web format makes so much sense, so it’s easy to add to it, rather than trying to be all proper with an outline. After I listened to podcast I did it (and this is after a week of spring break, so you KNOW my head was full) and I feel so incredible! Thanks!

  4. Tsh! I am listening to this right now at work and I feel like I just wanna hug you and Lisa. I love what you had to say about faith and religion. I also feel like I know less and less. (I was raised by two pastors! My parents also feel like they know less and less. ;)) The only constant thing is Jesus. I really want to ramble about this a lot, but I’m just going to shut my mouth after saying this: I love how genuine you guys were about this, and I absolutely agree. Love the podcast!

  5. Listened to the podcast for the first time today! Love! The new design is fabulous. Nicely done. I just started following (in)courage and love it too.

  6. Anisha Apr 24, 2013

    Hey Tch. I was re-downloading some of your podcasts, and it looks like iTunes is having some trouble with some of them.This could totally just be me (I’m not technology savy at all), but a couple episodes (Be a Good You, Who Do You Think You Are, Your Dreams Can Be Dumb are three examples) wouldn’t load. Again, if its just me, sorry! But if not, I wanted to let you know.



  7. Do you want to know something I absolutely love about your podcast? The way you talk about Turkey. I am an Expat living in Turkey, I’m married to a Turk, so I am here for the long haul, but I love hearing your experiences, because I have had many of them too, and there are so few who can relate.
    This episode was wonderful, I am not an anything (faith-wise) but I loved the way you talked about being able to respect others ideas, and not having all the answers. I wish that more people (of all faiths and nonfaiths) could be at least talk about having the respect to listen to an idea that perhaps you don’t agree with or understand.
    Thank you!
    This isn’t a complement sandwich, because there are only complements!!

  8. Please tell Lisa that the way she spoke about her oldest son warmed my heart. I have an almost 10 year old with CHARGE Syndrome. She gave me courage to take on some travel!

  9. Love, love, love your Podcast and Blog! This was a fantastic episode. I really enjoyed the faith discussion. You and your co-hosts are awesome women! I’ve been listening for a while now as well as reading your blog and it has inspired me greatly, and in a way, helped me get the courage to *finally* start up my own blog.

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